Thor’s day. Guy with a big hammer. So big (?) only he could lift. Last day of gym. Late. Overslept. Retired. Minor.

Varied the routine a bit. Still listened to a Linux podcast but this time an episode of “The Linux Action Show”. Surprising. No profanity and the grammar was passable. Not much useful, mostly small business stuff except for a bit about one of the hosts (protagonists?) shifting his wife to Linux on a MacBook. Didn’t finish. Information density too low. Client dependency the major problem. Ah well, that’s the nature of marriage.

Speaking of which, I note a new reformation. [Link] Seems that a lot of Protestant sects/churches are wrestling with the whole Gay (LGBT?) thing. Amusingly reminiscent of Luther and the Papists. Obviously amusing in the sense of galgenhumor or something similar. However ridiculous people may be with their religion it’s their religion and not to be laughed at to their faces. They will likely become violent and the next thing you know your head is on the floor. Yes, beheading isn’t just for Muslims any more.

I noticed this last year when the first wave of LGBT marriage swept through. Big coverage (for such things) by the local news media of the churches in Huntsville trying to decide if they really were Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Major bifurcation. Some said they’d welcome LGBT members and perform marriages. Others made noises about abomination and cleansing. No beheadings, at least in the coverage.

Intriguingly the tone of the mediaists (the news readers and such) was more the latter than the former. Definitely gave the impression that they couldn’t understand why they had to cover this nasty, nauseating stuff and why any good Amerikan Alibamian would want to see/hear it. 

This is going to get worse, I fear. The emerging tactic among the county probate judges, who evidently predominantly fall into the abomination mode, is that they will sell licenses, mostly because they will get put down and jailed if they don’t, but they won’t execute marriage rites. (I suspect that’s the public maskarovka. Marriages of good – hetero – Christianist couples will still happen but in seclusion and open secret.) So much for government responsive to the needs of the citizenry. Of course, my sense of the majority of Alibam’s elected politicians is that they would like to declare LGBT NOT citizens and send them to camps to be turned into dog chow or some such.

And no, I didn’t vote for any of them although in several instances that meant I didn’t vote for anyone for that office. Politics in Alibam is VERY fascist.

I suspect the probate judges will rationalize this by saying that they were never comfortable with executing the rites that rightfully should have been done by a thumper. Never mind that a good third of the citizenry are Nones. Folks who span a spectrum from atheist to can’t-abide-the-hypocrisy-of-organized-religion. Folks who still want to marry but not under the auspices of some theo-fascist sect. 

But I am still amused with the idea of the fiction of the “brotherhood” of Christianist/Protestant (no pretesting permitted on church grounds or among the membership) denominations. Hopefully the split will be limited to rhetoric and amusement. No troops and pogroms and massacres and such. 

But this is Amerika and the old Confederacy has always been a hot bed of ethnic purity.