Digital Stupidity Confirmed

Starting early cleaning tabs. First, a grievous evil may have been righted. [Link] The Lenovo people are usually pretty good about supporting Linux. It has been fairly easy to take one of their lapboxes, blow away the cancer that is Winders on it, and install the Linux distro of choice. Even though they have gone to UEFI, their implementation works well with uncertified distros.

But not recently. In an apparent subjugation to MegaHard, their YOGA lapboxes have been untouchable. Which has likely hurt their business. The Two-Percentum are not without a certain Linusesque inclination to expression. But supposedly the exclusion was an error (???) and has now been corrected.

I tend not to buy latest and greatest. Mostly because I’m frugal. And the one time in the last year I bought a new, contemporary box, it was as rotten as cardboard shoes in a monsoon. So I crated it back up and saved it for some needy Winders serf.

In the same scan, I noted a rather overdone article on the security of internet appliances. [Link] Too much of this article is about physical burglary angst, which is quickly, less than one sentence in, boring. The sort of boring that makes you wish the author had been mugged in the burglary.

But the point, not well associated with the burglary, that we can’t trust the manufacturers of IOT appliances is valid if untrustworthy in such a sob sister.

ANyway, my natural distrust of things BOGish is being confirmed in the wake of the recent DNS DOS assault. I am – barely – willing to accept microprocessor controlled appliances but not if they’re connected to the internet. Or even to my network.

Especially since I turn my cellular telephone off as soon as I get home since it won’t work under my metal roof.

Arrival Celebration

Fall has officially arrived in Greater Metropolitan Arab.

The Arab Electron Uncooperative just did a hard reset about fifteen minutes ago and I am FINALLY getting my deskboxes back on-line.

Evidently they have unrequited envy of the Water Board for getting smashed to squashed stercus for removing Fluoride. 

So they arbitrarily turned off the electron flow WITHOUT WARNING.

Ferd Schmucks.

Reverse Effect

I have already had a blot about how the Realtor advertisements have the opposite effect of they are intended of, namely that they come across as an advertisement for “The Onion Router” and not prevaricating fraudists misselling crappy houses.

Now the attention is on FaceScroll. I ran across this article [Link] entitled “Facebook’s Targeted Ads Could Be Used To Exclude Certain Races.” The article goes on to rant about the fallacious nonsense that is the idea of racism. That’s all right. It’s basically a almost all BOG site anyway but it does give some useful insight into the minds of contemporary BOGs.

But in this case I had to marvel at the good fortune of those humans who were so excluded. My response to almost all of the advertisements on the FaceScroll is intense nausea. Usually I can control it but sometimes I have to stop and steam clean my keyboard. 

Needless to say that I almost never buy anything advertised by FaceScroll. In fact, in most instances, I avoid that brand completely. So the advertisement has a negative effect.

It alienates me.

Which is hardly the intent of the minions of FaceScroll and its greedy paying customers.

But it is the effect. 

Generally I leave the advertisements alone. I only block them f they are morally or ethically offensive.

But I wonder if I can induce FaceScroll to pay for a new keyboard?

Pond Politics

As I sat in the car park next my gym out in sprawling Scant City awaiting the arrival of the gym clerk who opens, I had scant distraction other than reading the electronic billboard at the pharmacy next the gym. One of the ePages it displayed claimed that this pharmacy, a particular disreputable one frequently associated with the illegal sale of controlled substance, had “the shortest wait time around.”

I reflected on how almost all pharmacies in the area make this claim. And clearly it is rubbish. There has been no testing, no analysis, no validation nor verification, only blatant propaganda.

Then I considered the nature of the current campaign for POTUS. I discount the two candidates playing Shakespearean character hiding behind drapery, waiting to be run through by some courtier. But of the two projected by the ruling parties, our own versions of Communism in action, both are running the same kind of campaigns as the pharmacies.

Lots of claims, mostly rubbish. No actual data other than hearsay and fiction. And no analysis. Only “I will be the best POTUS and that other fellow will be the worse.”

And the choices are poor: between a necrophiliac – not in the usual sense of sexual congress with the dead but reversed, a dead person still walking and dreaming of congress – and a weird sister. Shakespeare couldn’t have do this person (?) justice and he did better than most. But still someone who has retailed their soul. Assuming there was one to begin with?

Now that I’ve insulted the faithful, pray return to your asentient existence. Your search for better will fail because neither is what you dream.

Ice Cube DNA

Seven Day. Decidedly on the upper edge of a phase transition in BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! According to the temperature sensor it was 49 degF but my Southron body is still summer (?) adapted and was clothed in three outer layers. And I was decidedly chilled. Still chilled in fact even five minutes after returning to Castellum SCP. 

But it was a good walk. If a bit boring. The edge of BRRRRRRRRR! kept me from thinking much and besides I have to reassay outside in half an hour to obtain breakfast supplies for FD SCP. 

So I will limit myself this blot to one article [Link] entitled “Windows 10 market share fell in September”. This was actually a quite informative article even for the Register which is much more informative than Amerikan news rags. Hard to admit but Amerikan journalism has shaded over from Yellow to Orange. Which now gives us a handy rhyme of Journalism with Orange. Why? Because they are. 

Also why I blew away the American news app on my cellular telephone and replaced it with a British one. 

Anyway, it seems that the fraction of measured/sampled PCs running WX actually went down last month. Not by much. Depends on the measuring agent for one thing. But at most about 4E-3. So no disaster for MegaHard quite yet. But they do appear to be in deepening kimshe. 

The primary informative part of the article is that WVII is still the primary instantiation of Winders at somewhere between 0.35 and 0.55. The combination does not bode well for MegaHard. The ship of Bill has struck an ice cube, size yet to be determined.

The variation has to do with uncertainties and measurement assumptions. Like that every box hits their server harvesting. And their data is accurately representative. But it’s the only game in town. So we live with it.

Of course the big thing is slablets, most running Googleoid. Which pretends to be Linux but isn’t. It’s evil linux at best and every thing I learn about it makes it worse. But again, only a few choices and the other are worse. Like the Amerikan presidential candidates.

One of my colleagues made a joke this week. He claimed that Bogs were Junk DNA in Action. Not very accurate but definitely appealing. It would explain a whole bunch. 

But the presidental candidates go far beyond Boggery and Junk DNA. They go to levels that make pond scum seem like higher life forms. And like Android, we’re gonna be stuck with one of them. 

Ice Cream Musings

A bit less BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! this morning than yester. So I was distracted less by the shivers and a need to keep firm control of my jaw. So more opportunity to cogitate. My short walk encompassed several thoughts, some of which need a bit more nurturing.

But it did occur to me that one of our problems in this country is the holding the delusion that we can pick which of the two realities we accept.

What two realities? Why, physical reality and social reality, of course. And only Nerds and a few Geeks accept both. Mostly, the Bogs exclusively, it seems, ignore/deny physical reality and only embrace social reality. 

This is reflected in almost everything we see and do. Our politicians deny physical reality to the point of actually suppressing and abusing science. Scientists are terrorists in the mind of the politician. Political office holders seem bent on the destruction of Amerikan science. All they seem to care about positively is advancing their positions in social reality.

This political behavior is an epitome of general life. Bogs ignore science and do everything they can to avoid it. It is impossible now to get any decent science education in the public schules. Only commissars are permitted to “teach” science courses. Only in the most insulated of universities is science still taught.

Modern life does everything it can to ignore physical reality. Media presentations, dramatic and commercial alike, deny science and present wild unreality as actuality.

I can only hope that other countries will retain sanity and save humanity.

But not in Amerika. 

Making Travel Hurt

Had to put my motorcar in hospital yesterday for a transplant. More of this balloon nonsense of incompetent manufacturing. And since US231 is a “bloody mess” of road muckers making travel painful for the citizenry – courtesy of a bit of pork from the state Council of Thieves – I went via US431 which increases the distance by 0.25 but decreases the wrack and ruin on me. And then I had to molder in what is laughingly called a “Quiet Room” for a not too interminable period of time before being able to return to Greater Metropolitan Arab.

Which meant that I got exposed to a lot of “media” rubbish yesterday. And that’s the basis of this blot.

Second of all, I perceived a transmission over the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver last evening of a news item on “air rage”. Seems the corporate masters of the air want to make the punishments for bad behavior – in their determination – uniform over the planet. This is rather more adventurous even than drug laws which are uniformly strict but dis-jointly applied. 

My initial reaction was that the corporate masters would catch more flies with honey than acetic acid solution. IOW, if people are raging then instead of bottling up their rage so that when it does manifest it’s in the form of guillotines and firing parties, just moderate the causes of the irritation.

This, of course, might reduce their profits and thus with typically microscopic planning, would be impossible to even contemplate. So thumb screws and iron maidens it will be. I would be concerned that if people are going to be threatened with twenty years of prison, probably in some tartarus hole of a country with a 0.99 convict death fraction, some will decide they need to take a few myrmidons of evil capitalism with them. Which will also reduce profits.

But then I thought secondly about the videos I had seen leading into the news reading and I realized that all of the example incidents were perpetrated by people who had the appearance and behavior of neotenous adolescents.

Which brought me to the first of all which was listening as I returned from the motorcar hospital to GMA on a satellite wireless channel. This was a “comedy” (???) monologue about the behavior of teenagers. A tirade – never more than briefly humorous – of the obliviousness to communication and learning and the emotional maelstroms. Which is closely the behavior of air rage.

It then occurred that during most of human existence, ever since we came down out of the trees, we were Hunter-Gatherers, and therefore we evolved pretty much in that mold. And in HG bands of 25-50 people where almost no one lived past 45, teenagers were much more determining members of society.

In effect, Civilization if a conspiracy to dis-empower teenagers. Throughout recorded history, the age at which adolescents become “adults” has steadily increased. 

Which means that there is reduced pressure on adolescents to develop adult behavior. And we have a lot of people in our environment of society-is-the-only-reality where chronological adults are really neotenous teenagers. 

If so, trying to punish air rage is already a lost cause. 

Just like trying to find adults to operate pickup trucks.


Things I HATE about the Internet 1

I buy stuff on-line. Almost everyone does. Except maybe the luddites and the very senior ORF who don’t computer. And the merchants I buy from know what I bought obviously.

So why do they send me advertisements for products that aren’t available in my size?

Point in case: Amazing this morning sent me an eMail advertisement of shoes similar to some I have bought previous. They know my size, which happens to be a Narrow. Of the six shoe variants offered in the advertisement, NONE are made in Narrow width.

To plagiarize Laugh-In, Amazing gets the Fickle Finger of Stupidity award for the week. 

One step closer to the Junk folder.

Maiming the Kids bis

Brief respite to slurp some sustenance – the jaw is whacked a bit thanks to modern Amerikan Corporatist breakfast food – so back to tab hawgin’ and commentin’

Next, [Link] an article entitled “What If Evolution Bred Reality Out Of Us?” with the quote:

“Given an arbitrary world and arbitrary fitness functions, an organism that sees reality as it is will never be more fit than an organism of equal complexity that sees none of reality but that is just tuned to fitness.”

This means that so long as we can construe an environment where rationality is not advantageous, the irrational may out-survive the rational. Which since family size and irrationality seem positively correlated in contemporary society, means that the irrational will inherit the planet for the brief period between the die-off of the rational and the exhaustion of the planets livibility by abuse.

Sic Transit Gloria Hebi

Second, [Link] entitled “Bad at maths? Blame your PARENTS: An adult’s number skills ‘rub off’ on their children, say scientists” explains why parents stupid enough to tell their kids that Algebra is worthless and needn’t be learnt propagate acalcula. 

The evidence mounts.

Maiming the Kids

Seven Day. Air temperature nicely lower. Almost brisk. Would have been a good walk save for the water wasters.

It being ice cream day I am hawgin’ a few tabs and so comments are in order.

Ran across an article [Link] entitled “Let grad students teach science to kids: Column” that set me to thinking. In particluar I was taken by the statement:

“Most K-5 teachers do not have adequate science training. This is understandable, because you don’t need a degree in a hard science such as chemistry to have the qualities desirable in elementary school teachers — compassion, patience and the ability to work with inattentive children. As a result, K-5 teachers often place more emphasis on the topics with which they are more familiar, such as reading and math.”

My first thought was that one may substitute “primary/secondary school” for “K-5”. In the last ten years I have met one that’s “1” – high schule teacher who had adequate training. He taught physical science in a private high schule and had a bachelor’s in physics from a state university and a supplementally obtained teaching certification. 

Now I don’t claim to meet a lot of public schule science teachers but I meet a few and the environment is dismal. They aren’t all as bad as the quack who had two semester of freshman service physics and was teaching AP physics in what passes in Alibam for a first rate high schule but almost all are bad enough to be harming the kids. 


But I also admit that the idea of siccing grad students on primary and secondary students doesn’t strike me as good either. To use the old adage, grad students are supposed to be learning more and more about less and less. So having them teach wee bairns would be balancing. But it would also diverting and probably corrupting on both ends. So I can say I think we would be better off with primary students taught by educationalists who have better training and reserve the grad students for the secondary students.

But I still think we need to end the practice of secondary schule teachers being educationalists first and knowledgeable last. You can’t uplift students with ignorance.

Gad, we have a nation that is mostly shit. Good intentions do lead to tartarus.