Alabama Political Maskirovka

I’m back! Took me a while to get over the terrors of the End-of-Year Holidays. But the opening of the 2020 election season in Alibam raised my spirits and bruised my ribs.

maskirovka  is a Russian word that (simply) means deception. As such it is inherently a form of prevarication. What the Bubbas call “lyin.” And while the Russians use it primarily in a military context, in the Yankee Republic it fits best with our beloved (?????) politicians.

In fact, it’s a skill that Alibam politicians excel at.

Example 1: The Alibam Republican Irishman who is running for the senate claims that “he won’t allow the Left to remove “our” President.” This one gets the blatant appeal to STUPIDITY award since the impeachment will be over long before the election, much less his being seated in the Senate – if he gets enough Bubbas to vote for him.

Example 2: The award for the best maskirovka  goes to the former Attorney General – who is also running for the same Senate seat. He has a masterful prevarication denigrating the Democruds while studiously avoiding any mention that he has never done anything in his career to improve the lives of Alibam citizens – except for the few millionaires who have contributed to his election coffers. If anything, the best thing the current President ever did for Alibam was to remove this Schmuck from his senate seat.

Example 3: The award for the most hilarious maskirovka goes to the television commercial (and its backers) who are practicing character assassination on Alibam’s Democrud Senator for actually having integrity and treating the impeachment trial honestly. Evidently, the Alibam Repulsian Apparat has the morals of a psychopath with AIDS. I could also mention that this Senator has done more for the citizens of Alibam in his one (partial) term than either of the last two Repulsians Senators have done in their entire careers. 

Of course, that isn’t hard since both of them only took care of their millionaire contributors.