Message 9

Advice to Fartus Maximus (and any other POL:) Never disagree with a spook, especially a chief spook. They can be wrong but you can never be right.

Also, never argue with spooks; the people who depend on them are not going to support you. 

Through the Night

Well, the snow may have been a Barnum prevarication but the colding is not, despite the mooing of all the Repulsian Red Necks over “proof” that climate change is false. This is what happens when we let the acalculate handicapped have the vote.

That was humor. Galgenhumor, of course, but humor nonetheless. 

FD SCP and I survived the night but we still have one more to withstand before we can return to a semblance of regularity. And not the alimentary variety. 

Yesterday I also got subjected to all sorts of Repulsian myrmidon snideness about the Democruds causing the shutdown and how building a sieve across our southron border would be cheaper that the shutdown. Evidently all of them suffer a psychotic break over the actual fact that Fartus Maximus created the conditions of shutdown. No wonder being an evilgelical is a requirement to be a Repulsian – the fewer gray cells the better.

Hence I was quite amused this morning when the spook chiefs called Fartus maximus out on how whacked his statements about INTEL have been. Once more demonstrating that one can tell that a POL is prevaricating if his/her mouth is open. 

On the unamusing side, I also saw an article that indicated the administration is pettily persecuting the furloughed civil servants who declined to work for zilch and had to take other employment. Typical POL arrogance and hatred, it seems. I now fear more than ever that the revenge of the civil service will be horrible and terrible. For the POLs. 

On that note I have to arise and walk about a bit to thaw the ice in my feet. One more reason to hate old age.

Message 8

This is for all of the Pols inside the district. Not just Fartus Maximus.

I fear you have doomed yourselves. This shutdown has gone on long enough that you have exhausted the patience and good will of the civil service.

The last few POTUS who did this were abysmal failures. But none have done it to this magnitude.

Better start bringing your own TP.

Message 7

I saw this morning on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver at gym that Fartus Maximus is enjoying a delightful breakfast of shoe, or, maybe, foot. 

Shoulda read Sam Rayburn’s bio.

Isn’t there a legalism that if a POTUS goes bonkers, he/she can be jacketed and put in an elastic room? And isn’t keeping the guvmint closed a sign of nutso or plain illegality? 

Time to warm up a small room. 

Message 6

One of the few good things about the government shutdown is that it demonstrates how much more competent and effective the civil servants are than the elected (political) officials. 

In Memorium

I have been sitting (Gentile) Shiva since Saturday. One of my colleagues, Mass Magnetic Field, a colonel in the Yankee Army of Occupation, discorporated last week. He was a righteous mensch. 

In my day of higher education, you could not learn physics without being introduced to Judaism. As an introvert, I found Shiva much more palatable than hymn belting, bible thumping funerals: extrovert orgies of irrationality and group grope. Or at least so they seem to a three sigma Introvert. And being raised Baptist, so overlaps had to be adjusted.

The Winter is Here and it looks ill.


Surprising Stuff?

Weather a bit better this morning but after looking at the long range NWS foretelling I am considering migrating to Merury. 

Also ran across an article [Link] ranking the states of the Yankee republic according to the education of their populations. The first state on the list is Massachusetts. Alibam is number 46 and Mississippi is last. 

This is an amazingly good result. Normally Alibam and Mississippi vie for last. Perhaps because of Nawth Alibam? 

Certainly this is not pleasing to the pols in Muntgum They want an ignorant populace who steadfastly vote as told and do not look askance at tax monies being donated to the folks who paid into the pols’ election coffers. 

This is reflected in the fact that the state’s premiere institution of “higher education” primarily depends on purveying (sports) pornography for its continued existence. And the state legislature’s continual pruning of the higher education budget over the last couple of decades. If there is anything that the government of Alibam does not support it is higher education. 

First Natters of the Week

I do dislike when the temperature gets into negative numbers – Celsius scale, because Fahrenheit is whacked and increasingly irrelevant, which is probably why so many who support Fartus Maximus cherish it. 

FD SCP and I survived the night but not well, at least on my part. When one is a home owner – increasingly not a Millennial thing I am told – one worries about one’s plumbing once the temperature goes negative. So I was up several times reaffirming the integrity of the faucet drips. Which may translate into a nap or so today if my panic level recedes.

On which note, I can note that the NWS nailed the morning temperature while the local weather beavers [Link] had a two degreeF error, on the bad side! And yes, I used the “F” scale because the local weather beavers also don’t talk Celsius.

Speaking of talking, I saw the video of the Kentuck adolescent Slime BOG confronting the AmerInd elder and I heard this morning that the teen had denied evil-doing. Personally, I applaud the elder’s self-control. If some slime BOG had leered at me that way, my inclination would have been, in medieval terms, “to clave him from the nave to the chaps.” Even if the fool is innocent, he is likely now staring at a collapsed future; the only colleges he is likely to get accepted to are the Evilgelical diploma mills. If he isn’t innocent, then he will likely make an excellent evilgelical toady.  I suspect more the latter because my years as a manager reading people indicated to me that towards the end he realized he had vertically copulated and was in a nasty situation.

While we’re being perceptive, I will broach a subject that I haven’t seen touched (yet?) It would seem that Fartus Maximus has doomed himself. From what I read, the civil service is unhappy with his behavior and lack of intelligence. This may seem like simple penury but from experience I know that, in general, the civil service is as much a calling as military service and that every POTUS who has flopped in the last half century has done so largely because of an unsympathizing civil service. 

As the Romans observed “Don’t Facere Impetum the Vestal Virgins!” But to give Fartus Maximus his due, history is clearly alien to his mind. 

Dark of the Mind

I was reading my email this afternoon and one eLetter had a [Link] to an article entitled “MEGAPIXELS: A fiery end for the old Tappan Zee Bridge.” 

You may wonder why an Alibam boy, still resident in that third world state, has an interest in a Yankee bridge?

There was a time when I had to go up to the Hudson High School for Wayward Boys (and now, Girls,) at least once a year to “further” their education. That normally involed flying into New Yawk City, driving across the Hudson and then motoring up to the schule along the west bank.

But once, I got whacked by the traffic and got off the interstate on the east side of the Hudson and had to drive upon that side as far as the Tappen Zee bridge, where I went across.

Which I did. And was the most frightened I had ever been while awake. There was a moderate haze, but so wide is the Hudson at that point that I got on the bridge unable to see the western shore and so lost sight of the eastern as well. And because of the geometry of the roadway, was effectively unable to see the river as well.

A panic set in. Happily the traffic was light, being away from rush hours, so the only distraction I had was the abyss and the interminable bridge. I thought several times that I had died and gone to some religionist tartarus. At least once every second the idea of doing a hard right and plunging through the rail into the Hudson played out in my head. Time took on that quality of stationary. There was only the bridge, the car, and the nothingness. So sparse was the traffic that the other cars seemed phantoms. 

And then suddenly the western shore loomed and my mind collapsed into the usual state of fear associated with government travel. Still, I recall little else of the trip. Nothing of lecturing students, but I can talk differential equations in my sleep, and frequently do, according to FD SCP.

Happily, a few trips later, they opened a real airport near the schule and my driving was largely restricted to the naturally creepy forest of up-state New Yawk.

Podcast Protection

Attention: [Link]

This is why I wear on-ear BOTN headphones at gym.

And yes, the gym has a rule against allowing children access. But it’s not the children. It’s the BOGs. Who have the self control of children with none of their rationality. Or cuteness. 

Incidentally, I have found out why so few BOGs listen to podcasts. First of all, all those older than Millennial don’t know how to use RSS and download a podcast. The Millennials have apps on their cellular devices, but have ruptured ear drums from years of ear bud yanking and excessive audio volume. (But they are amusing searching frantically for somewhere at gym to recharge their cellulars after throwing away their battery potential on loudness.)