Why There?

While surfing the tabs this morning, I ran across this article [Link] entitled “Burger King employee fired for denying deaf woman service.” The related story is that a deaf woman who had keyed her desired purchase items on her phone at a Burger Kink drive-through got stercus-slammed by the order taker. 

I have to admit that I am a bit confused here as to why the woman keyed her order other than to set a frame for communication? If so, it’s a good gambit – but probably antagonistic; otherwise, I’m at  a loss.

Anyway, she evidently got crap back from the burger-minion.

I won’t proceed further with the tale, since presumably if you’re reading this, you can read the article. But what does engage me is a question: why are there never (almost never?) mass shootings at fast food “restaurants?” (I use the quotes because I get the heebie-geebies calling a burger sty (or a chicken sewer) a restaurant. Restaurant implies both good food and good service and neither are purveyed by fast food joints.

Anyway, fast food joints seem naturals for mass shootings. They are horrible places run by horrible corporations who mistreat both customers and employees and the idea of putting both out of their misery seems a mitzvah. Oh, and by the way, making sure the fast food joint will go bankrupt sine die. 

The World Wonders.

The Essence of Loyalty

Over the weekout, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “State Dept. IG: Appointees Retaliated Against Career Feds Over Perceived ‘Disloyalty’.”

Seems that some “diplomacy wonks” were discriminated against by the regime’s political appointees – most of whom are incompetent, criminal, and wasters of money. (Often illegally, but then they political appointees.)

The story is that the political appointees thought the civil service types were disloyal to the regime.

This is not news, at least to those of us who have served. Every political appointee considers every civil servant to be disloyal for the simple reason that almost all civil servants are loyal to the constitution and the government as a whole.

NOT to political appointees.

Political appointees, on the other hand, are only concerned about themselves and they are biblical in their assessments: “he who is not for you is against you.”

In most cases, the civil servants are against the political appointees because the latter are committing criminal acts and expecting them to be ignored. 


Arresting apolitical appointee for misappropriation or even actual theft – that would be NEWS!

Reading Tyranny

This afternoon, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “13 books from high school worth rereading as an adult.” Having survived the stress of navigating Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill, in and around the recent resessioning of the public (and private?) schules, I was strung tight and skimmed through the article.

The list of the 13 books is:

  6. 1984 — GEORGE ORWELL








I have to admit that it was the high schule teaser more than anything that cemented my attention. I have written previously about the nature of public education in Huntsville in the early ’60’s and how the better teachers were the ones without educational credentials. Some of the teachers, notably the teachers of grammar and literature did have educational credential because they were (almost) universally women and they were realists (at least in this regard) who knew the scant (vanishingly so) chances of making a living doing literature or syntax other than as a school teacher. 

At the wrong end of over a half-century of Newtonian time, I have to admit to remembering few books assigned to be read in high school. One was “Moll Flanders” and it was assigned in a literature class. I can admit that I missed almost everything in the book because it was too orthogonal to my reality and too unengaging for my memory. I did learn some bits from the movie, and I have to also admit that I was too uninterested to even bother with the available cram books on this book. Quite frankly, if it wasn’t a science book or a science fiction book, my head wasn’t present in those days. In matter of fact, in retrospect, I likely was part of the majority since almost all the book reading assignments were student’s choice. In this azimuth, I remember Philip Jose Farmer’s “Dare” and struggling to ignore the parts that were too racy for Containment Amerika and the relief that the teacher either hadn’t read the book (probability of order 0.99) or at least didn’t call me out.

In terms of majority, many of my friends in high schule and college were of similar mind; we wanted even our fiction to be substantiated in reasonableness, if not fact. And too much of the literature offered by our literature teachers and non-NERD fellows just plain wasn’t. If anything, we practiced a depth of skepticism well beyond our years. 

I don’t know how many of these books (above) were written after my high schule years. I can admit to reading a few:

  • The Jungle – wasn’t assigned but I was intrigued by a reference to it in our high schule American history textbook;
  • 1984 – I don’t recall when I read it, I think in college and then because it was recommended by a fellow student. Anyway, I have a distrust for IOT to this day;
  • Fahrenheit 451 – I tried to read this. I failed. Totally orthogonal.

I have to admit to having heard of about half of the others, and trying to read them years later but failing. The universal seemed to be struggling to read the first chapter, putting the book down, and some time later disposing of it by returning to the library or giving it away or trading it at a used book store.

I also don’t blame the authors. My attention is quite narrow and definitely not biddable under many circumstances. I still marvel that I survived public schule. Between information throttling and dilution I still feel like a piece of Damascus steel. 

This is one of the things that makes me glad I am ORF. I know the curriculum in public schools is much more totalitarian and less tolerant than in my day. And I weep for people who are INTRO and NERD. 

And no, I still don’t expect to get anything out of re-reading those schule books. I’ll stick to simple stuff like physics and maths. In my mind, no one today can match the compositions of McCracken or Ruel Churchill, but I keep looking. 


Street Wisdom

Was reading Undernews [Link] this morning. (And yes, I know the author is considered a “Damn Yankee Liberal S***********” in Alibam but sometimes you can add liberal to Repulsian Oligarch Tyrant and get a more accurate view of the news.) Noticed this picture:

and realized that I should check out the school supplies at Walgreens next I am there. (Which will probably be tomorrow because they are having a sale on OTC and supplements and FD SCP has given me a list.)

I have to admit that I have a mild liking for Walgreens. Yes, they are a nasty, polluting, autarkic corporation but for some unfathomable reason they still maintain a moderate level of quality in their goods. Which makes them 10dB or better than MalWart or lots of other “drug stores.” Most of which mostly sell crap masquerading as wellness stuff. 

Excuse me. It ain’t that good. It’s stercus.

I first started using Walgreens when I was a Freshman at the Campus of the Black Warrior. That relationship continued at the other campuses in following years. So by the time I got kicked out of college for the third – and next to last – time, I had plenty of data.

But I don’t usually buy school supplies there. But I have a melon list and since I’ll be there tomorrow anyway.

I wonder if they card?

And, no, the only school I attend these days is the one where I am teacher and student. Permanently – it seems – assigned to the left aft corner. And I get a special hat to wear.

And, no, I didn’t drink much beer as an undergraduate. In those days on the campus of the Black Warrior, beer had to be imported from Missississippi and it was basically polluted water. I made do with diluted reagent grade ethanol. 

Graduate school is another matter. The common view at the Campus of the Boneyard was that you couldn’t do physics without beer. At least on Fridays. Or so a Nobel Laureate told me.

Maths Life Failure

This morning, I was engaged in converse with a colleague, Magnetic Inductance Force, when he mentioned that half of humans are acalculate – maths blind. I was aware of this but for some reason my mind was filled with the vision that half of humanity will never accomplish anything other than telling their high schule children that they will never use algebra after high schule.

I related this to my colleague and he shook his head, relying “Some of them may be organ donors and die early.”

I could not disagree.

Tardigrades in Space

The Repulsians are going to take away their own firearms?

Is this a massive maskarovka project on the part of the Repulsians or have they discovered that it is only a short step for the whackadoodles to go from brown skinned (possibly) illegals to suited thieves? 

I’m not going to comment further on this since I have already agreed with Chicken Man (aka Neil deGrasse Tyson) who rightly identifies the problem as something other than discorporation. In my mind it somehow equates to the British practice of occupying towns with troops – and occasionally having a one-sided brawl with some of the inhabitants thereof. Like the recent (?) incident in Boston. 

I could go on to mimic Chicken Man and talk about how minuscule the effects of abortion are since the probability of any child being critical to society is less than 10EXP-6. Not that I am advocating killing pre-humans, but I think that is a decision for the primary parent-to-be and negating that decision making is helping to assure the extinction of the species. By reducing our moral fiber. I know the religionists will cry it’s a sin but isn’t the negation of free will a larger one? Not that I have any idea how to measure either and transcend linguistic badinage.

I have said before that the best argument – to my INTRO STEM brain, at least – for the free and open purchase of firearms is their inefficiency and ineffectiveness. (And I won’t dwell on the latter in detail) Lest the whackadoodles with actual cognitive and learning capacity brew up their own weapons of wider destruction. (I hate the social and governmental misuse of “weapons of mass destruction” since none of what they include other than nuclear devices actually ‘destroy’ mass.) But do we really want incidents where all the folks in the MalWart are killed?  And have to Chernobyl the ground for a millennium? Or is that question too hard for the brain deteriorated mystics? 

On which azimuth, I was asked by a colleague – Displacement Current Magnetic Field – whether it was possible to deprecate decry anyone without being “racist?” I have been considering this and have noticed several factors. One is that there is a bifurcation: simply put, “race” is a false – as demonstrated by scientific validation – concept and hence any “racist” comment is inherent void; but many BOGs (and a few GEEKs and NERDs) still subscribe to the idea of race and hence give it a social “reality” which is for that population more “real” than actual reality. Which they will experience as climate change exterminates the human species.

Because of that social reality, racism is pseudo-real but nonetheless potent. And in that regard, since race is a totally false concept, any distinction between the self and others – the ultimate reduction of Us-And-Them to Me-And-Thee – is racist and thus any criticism of anyone other than an identical (as in genetically) sibling is inherent racist. But because of that universality, also completely meaningless and impotent.

Which is probably an accurate description of both this blot and humanity. 


I learned yesterday that Amazing and FeDeX are parting ways.


Of the three main delivery services, FeDeX is the worst. It is at least 10dB worse than UPS who, in turn, is at least 10 dB worse than USPS!

I have stated previously, that FeDeX manages to accurately deliver to my house in Greater Metropolitan Arab about 0.25 of the deliver trials. In 0.75 of the instances, they deliver somewhere else. I have ceased to even try for reimpursement; now I just ask a vendor who their delivery agent is and if they answer FeDeX, I try very hard to find that product elsewhere.

FeDeX delivery people are rude (because the corporate oligarchs make them be – I have had some who apologized for theri bosses,) they neither knock nor ring the doorbell nor send an email, and they dump the delivery willy-nilly anywhere they please – once in the middle of the driveway during a torrential rain that destroyed the box and its contents.

So roast in Tartarus, FeDeX!

For once, Amazon did a GOOD thing!

Resistance Applied

I was taken aback this morning to read in the New Yawk Times [Link] that Jamie Schrieffer had discorporated. 

Schrieffer was a third of the BCS gang who offered the first solid theory of superconductivity. The other two were John Bardeen and Leon Cooper. Jamie was John’s graduate student at the time.And I believe Cooper was a post-doc.

The basics of BCS theory are what we call entanglement these days, which is closely related to chemical bonding and atomic structure. Basically, BCS is built on the idea of Cooper Pairs which are a pair of electrons in a solid that are bonded or entangled.

I met Jamie when I was a grad student at the Campus of the Boneyard. He was very kind and personable to a young, gawky grad student from the Dark Former Confederacy. This was my first view of adult physics and I have treasured that interaction.

Gone, but not yet forgotten.

Chicken Roast

There are times when I get so disgusted with human, especially Amerikan, society that I waste mentition cycles considering how much better the world would be with fewer BOGs.

Lots fewer BOGs. Like only enough to do the jobs that NERDs and GEEKs don’t want to do. Like collecting rubbish. But not driving the nitroglycerine truck. 

If you don’t get the difference then you may want to check your BOG quotient. 

Which brings us to the recent matter of Chicken Man aka Neil deGrasse Tyson. Yesterday he tried to put the El Paso and Dayton massacres (let’s call a shovel what it is) into a rational, analytical context. Unfortunately, the BOGgerate answered back with hormones and drug abuse.[Link][Link]

The latter article illustrates one of the greatest fallacies of BOGs. It’s what I like to call the Car Salesman fallacy. The substance is: if you ask a car salesman if you need a new car, what do you think his answer will be? 

Tyson tweeted (do we call someone who tweets a twit? Or someone who follows tweets?) what most GEEKs and NERDs know about the numbers. But he didn’t – evidently – consider the tweet from the standpoint of irrational, hormone and drug drunk Putzes. As evidenced by the response. 

I would like to say that I am surprised that anyone who deals with the public doing outreach like he does would walk into this tar pit. But I suppose it’s understandable, mostly because he spends all day trying to uplift BOGs and the experience deteriorates the higher faculties. 

Which brings us back to the need for fewer BOGs. Which is also not rational since they haven’t got sense not to destroy the planet and the species. 

Which is significant.