Grammar Credibility

Survived the excursion to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Not sure if season or new dash-cam but the stupidity density was especially low yesterday. Only one schmucklet and he/she will shortly be on a shaming web site. 

But I did notice something yesterday morning while listening to podcast. Because of the season I had to listen to a different one than usual. Can’t stand these brain-absent holiday specials. Anyway, talking about measels’ effect on immune system and the nit-brian speaking said (approximately) “the immuno-suppression of the immune system…” 

Instant credibility vacuum. Nothing that the noid said after was the least bit credible or trustable. And this from a post-doc. (Questionable in other ways, but not – hopefully – technically) Complete waste of everyone’s time and all because of a minor grammar glitch.

Don’t use the same noun root in one expression without due care.

I hear these every day but mostly from news readers. Who have scant credibility anyway. After all, they are journalists with cosmetics. Mouths without brains. Eyes without intelligence. 

But nerds speaking such? Embarrassing. Perhaps an indication of how the universities have rotted as factories?

Firing parties need to be formed.

Christmas Hurts

I ran across an article [Link] last week entitled “5 facts about Christmas in America.” It’s about a PEW Poll and the first question asked whether Christmas was a religious/religionist or cultural holiday? The second part is whacked in my opinion since culture is supposed to be about survival rules and christmas clearly is counter-survival.

But then it occurred that if the occurrence of christmas is religion/religionist then that is part pf the reason why organizational commitment is waning.

Christmas is hurtful. Stressful. Damaging. It’s the most hurtful of the holidays and has horrible result. I am still not recovered from it. Too many EXTROs (who are relatives,) who seem to delight in torturing the INTROs.

I still have wounds, and maybe illness.

And I once more pledged to leave town next year.

Christmas is ruining family and religion. 

Is that good?

Monday Richness

Once more into week in. And the weather beavers are foretelling another spate of rain. This time only five centimeters or so. Matybe.

So it seems meet that I do what I should have done yesterday and clear a few tabs.

First, an article [Link] on how seniors are messing up their medication scheduling. Scant wonder. I am pretty good at scheduling. I lay out a schedule, then I use a client that does scheduling, then I compare and refine. And it still isn’t easy. Because the physicians can’t be bothered to discuss medications with patients, probably because patients are in too much of a hurry to escape before something gets added to a day already consumed by medicalist requirements, and the information handed out by pharmacies is more about legal protection for them than helping patients.

Case in point. Several of my medications say to take their incremental dose with “a cup of water”. Is that a figurative more than a sip or actually a quarter-liter? And if I drink a quarter-liter per pill so instructed my dihydrogen oxide daily consumption is up around four liters which is itself a bit risky and definitely has ill effects.

But no one is working to help with this problem, perhaps because those who have the medicalist knowledge can’t do scheduling and don’t have time to devote to every senior that way. 

Next, my colleague Magnetic Inductance Force sent me a link to an article entitled “Android on the desktop: Not really “good,” but better than you’d think”.  Having used Android on slablets, I am not about to use it as a desktop, sans ANY OTHER CHOICE. Well, maybe. If left to a choice between Android and Winders (akin to choosing between the Hillary and the Donald) I would be highly conflicted. Let me put it another way: leave my Debian based KDE desktop FC? Sooner would I give up the cellular phone and the tablet. They are not very good at what they do on a touch screen so why should I want them for real work?

Can one do real work on a slablet. My considered opinion is NYET!

But the question I raise is how much longer are we going to be sold the lie that there is one OS/GUI/DTE for all screen sizes/computers/tasks? It’s distracting us from doing things efficiently and effectively. 

Lastly, an article [Link] entitled “Hating parts of Star Trek is an essential part of loving Star Trek.” This after I saw this morning that the latest segment of Star Wars has broken a billion American of inflow. Not bad for a racist, sexist, slavist story line. That’s the primary reason for liking Star Trek. From the get go it’s about freedom and self-determination and sentient rights. 

But yes, there are some bits not to be liked. For one, I find TNG to be sadly deficient compared to any other ST segment. Even the prequel with that time travel actor. Although, as always, all the cool is concentrated in the techies and Vulcans. It is hard to find why humans are the least bit noteworthy for anything but being amateurs. Which is a whole lot. And I know that puts me at odds with many, but that’s also part of the richness of ST. 

And ST is a whole lot richer  than SW. Just calculate the entropy of their collected societies. 

Selah. Sit and await the rain.

No Ice

Ice Cream day. Warm. Very not winter. Wonder how the Party of Denial views this? Ostrich-like? Avoidance. Difinitely! 

Amerikan government has now reached the point that any activity other than collecting money and funneling it to rich patrons is ignored.

I need some cheering and none is to be seen. The only positive is having survived the recent Stressmas.

And that seems questionable.

After the Pogrom

Saturn’s Day. And the rain abated enough for me to have constitutional. Despite the paths being more than wetted and the drainage ditches gurgling and spitting. In fact I discovered a couple I had been unaware of just from their noise. 

Yesterday was horrible. It rained so much that every leak in the roof was made apparent. Most of these are drying leaks and correct themselves once the wood has absorbed a bit of water. But yesterday the rain came so muchly that wetted became drip and drop. 

At least the worst (?) (hopefully!) day of the year is past and I may enjoy a bit of solitude and silence for a while. At least until the next holiday when I have to endure relatives and suppress thoughts of discorporation. 

I have decided that I do not like holidays. With being ORF I have scant need of holidays and many reasons need them to go away. Accesses to medical care and merchants being at or near the top of the list.

They have their uses but I am not sure those uses are still valid. Especially now that so many corporations are ignoring them. Yesterday’s blogs were shot through with discussions of how to avoid the holiday and what services and access were still present despite the inertia of the event.

Part of it is likely also the commonality of the observance. I enjoy private moments of reflection but have no need to be exposed to ear piercing bairns or nattering parents. And the food. Dire digestive distress! Almost as bad as the sinus drainage last evening. 

Enough. On to a brighter (if not bright) future.

Day of Joy and Merry???????

Freya’s day. And the observance of the holiday of Christmas. Highly conflicted. So far as I can tell by library research, the actual birthday of Joshua ben Joseph was sometime in March. So the old saw, often attributed to the Nazis, of the early organizational church taking over the Winter Solstice, with all the benefits thereby. 

Good philosophy, evil organization.

But what does the day matter? Isn’t it the social aspects?

Of course part of the conflict is the commercialization. Which grew out of the social aspects. The gift giving and cards and drunken brawls and such. So we are programmed from childhood to associate this day with the greatest benefice of loot for the calendar year. Even bigger than birthday anniversary loot. Exceeded only by graduation loot (maybe) and marriage loot (shared and too often, then days, lost)

So the spirit is often smothered in the materialism and consumerism and other pseudo-religions.

Not that there isn’t a great deal of pseudo to organized religion. But not going there.

The other aspect is stress. Not sure why having merriment has become stressful but it has. Too much planning and effort and control and regimentation and civilization. Very NAZI. Especially by parents.

And even as adults we can’t escape it. For a variety of reasons.

So I took solice in a couple of cartoons. First: [Link]

My higher family gathering was yesterday and the lower family gathering is tomorrow. So today I can avoid all family but FD SCP. And I have a large bottle of hard cider laid on for the afternoon. And maybe even a beer or so? Why? Because you can’t ethanolize if you are traveling or around bible thumpers and religionist terrorists. 

The second: [Link]

expresses a stress that I thought was a curse of being a INTRO NERD STEM. Instead it is part of life. Of how you try quite hard to do the loot thing well, especially for the SO, and it flops. Not occasionally. Consistently. Repeatedly. Regularly. Like the desired state of defecation.

And it’s common enough that some kitsch cartoonist can make humor of it. So “damn the torpedoes. full steam ahead.”

Do hunter-gatherers do this? And is the problem with gifting whether it gets discarded the next move? How long has this been around? Is it in our genes? Or just in out most basic society?