National Pigsty

I have to wonder what the Donald intends as a punishment for women who abort? State enforced rape? Re-insemination?  Organ harvesting? Crucifixion? Sexual Slavery?

And relative to the state dermatologist. I reiterate: this romantic intersection is no d*** business of anyone but the guvnuh and his other. Yes, it should be investigated, but the investigators need to be watched to assure proper objectivity. And the watchers need to NOT be politicians nor religionists.

Clearly, this whole thing is being stampeeded purely for political reasons. In the last year or so, the guvnuh has departed from the Repulsian creed of “Reward the Rich, Punish the Poor” to actually trying to do some good for the part of the citizenry in need. This flies in the face of the greed of the majority of the state Council of Thieves and their greedy masters as well as the other sordid sociopathic criminals in other elected and appointed positions.

It can be said with almost absolute accuracy that, in Alibam, if a politician claims to be Christian, he/she is not only blatantly prevaricating but saying the opposite.

A military junta looks better every day.

Encryption Skylark

Well it appears the Yankee government’s Federal Bureau of Intimidation was pulled back their bloody nub. Two questions – mostly unanswerable – remain: will they learn from the experience; and is the alternate hack anything more than maskarovka?

As to the first, the probable (expected value but definitely NOT expected) answer is NO. Or, at least, very little. And the second isn’t worth much effort absent any data to indicate it isn’t. 

I had to listen to a instrumentality serf drone on this morning about the legal system could not exist with any “warrantless segment”. This begs the question of whether the legal system exists any more other than as a tool for oppression and enslavement? It has always had a component of this, after all the primary reason for its existence is control of the population outside the instrumentality. But lately, it seems that the supposed protections of the individual and citizen are only accorded to the false citizen that are organizations.

Which puts us in mind of the third law of thermodynamics: you can’t get out of the game. And in this case, the game is rigged by those who shouldn’t be able to.

So a warrantless segment? Definitely a good idea.

Mumbo Downo

One day, and back to gym. Still a bit below where I should like but recovery under way. Moderate density of people; the regular educationalists and a couple of weight bouncers were back, probably because spring desession is over. The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” about two men who found each other in the Iran-Iraq Wat. It was not successful on many azimuths but it helped divert attention.

Yesterday was the Christianist Easter, the organizational appropriation of vernal equinox and Passover. As such, it seems fitting to mention an article [Link] dealing with the decreased religiosity of Amerika. I should like to attribute this to rational thinking but I am too much of a cynic to do so.

The tone of the article is quite civilized and its theme captured with a quote:

“Americans today are also less likely to believe that the Bible is divinely inspired with 22% of respondents agreeing with the statement that the Bible  “is an ancient book of fables, legends, history, and moral precepts recorded by men” compared to the 14% who agreed with this in 1984 (a 57% increase).”

although I though the percentage was unnecessary and distracting. Other numbers are similar: decrease in church attendance/membership; decrease in non doubters; …

The only thing amazing about all this is the furor raised by the churchites over how their religion is “under attack”. Since when is desertion an “attack”? Apparently these people are uncomfortable with being American; unable to accept what freedom means.  But then, the removal of freedom is what most religions are about.

Statistical Insight

I note [Link] that adolescents do not want driverless cars. Not surprising. It’s a rite-of-passage things and probably more painful than a bar/bat mitzvah or even a ritual circumcision.

But it does give me a bit of insight into the nature of all those people “driving” pickup trucks who can’t drive. They are all still adolescents – pre-puberty? – who haven’t aged mentally. Certainly explains their inadequate skills.

Alibam Pigstry 3

It seems that the State Prude, aka Jimmy Zeigler, is now picking on the guvnuh. I suppose that’s his charter but he comes by it honestly?

After all, I am reminded by my colleague Magnetic Inductance Force, that during his days at the campus of the Black Warrior, Jimmy is best known for the hours he spent hiding out at the Baptist Student Center. Evidently the thought no one would pick on him there for the stupid things he announced.

As always, it is heartening to see a nebish be successful in amounting to something. Even if it is the official Alibam state shrew.

Alibam Pigstry 2

Ah!, the cries of righteous indignation. Might be impressive if they didn’t wring hollow in the bell of religious falsehood. Whatever happened to the command to not judge? Evidently a discarded aspect of contemporary christianism, at least among politicians in Alibam.

And some schmucklet in the Council of Thieves has drafted legislation to permit dismissal of political officeholders for offending the public sensibility. Can they apply it to the Donald?

And what is next? Making masturbation a felony? And how about gratuitous reproductive activity? Why don’t we just kill all the adolescents and not have to worry about it? 

Amazes me how things that are none of their business are treated as central to it. And no mention of doing what they are supposed to do, taking care of the citizens. What the guvnuh has done hurts none of them; what the Council of Thieves continues to do hurts all of them.

Who then is the one who should be shamed?

Alibam Pigstry

So  the Guvnuh is having/has had an affair? Romantic? Reproductive? So what? Aren’t they both adults? Is it possible for grown up people in Alibam to act like such?

And whose concern is this other than the participants? Certainly not some self-serving sacked incompetent who is clearly feather his own nest while slinging mud and worse.

If anyone has some shame to be assigned, it is surely he, wrapped in his self-righteous facade of political champion.

This, sadly, is how Alibam, especially its politics, is. The most vile form of Hobbesian conflict and competition. Even Darwin would retch.

I suppose now the Council of Thieves will make such a felony so they can send yet another former guvnuh to prison.

The only thing  of this whole matter attention worthy is that a woman saw something worthwhile in the Guvnuh. Maybe he does have some social merit after all.