Words to live by

Yesterday, Mr. Muller testified to two Congressional committees. I have read several articles. e.g. [Link] and ALL of them have completely missed the mark. In fact, I have to wonder just what the journalists were doing other than attending the testimony.

I have to admit that I only watched a couple of hours of the testimony. I had existence things to take care of, but I got to see enough of each committee’s interaction to note an absolute consistency. IOW, the standard deviation is zero. Delta function.

Simply put, Mr. Muller owned the room, to use the contemporary vernacular. What was going on was always under his control and the agenda being implemented was his.

What was displayed was a man of utter integrity with deep principles and unswerving dedication. For once in a TOO long time, I was proud yesterday to be an American.

What was also displayed was the callous, dishonest, ineptness, even incompetence, of our elected officials. Of both parties. Admittendly there were a few, occasional glimmers of eptness and competence, but always fleeting. Regardless of whether Republican myrmidon or Democratic dilettante.

Put in more succinct terms, what we saw yesterday was a mensch in a sea of ferds. 

Now we can watch the upcoming bumbler scrum.

Lunar Letdown

Now that the hullabaloo over the Lunar Landings is over, it seems fit to subject our progress in the last fifty years to a bit of scrutiny.

First of all, we still don’t know how we came out in the “space race.” Yes, we got to the moon first, but we haven’t been back and the only way we can get to the space station (singular!) is via Russian rocket.

Where is our Lunar colony? How many people have been to Mars and Venus?

How has the standard of living improved? It hasn’t. The mean income has decreased and the standard of living is worse. 

We do have more rich people and they are much richer, but since the amount of money is conserved, that also means that the vast majority are poorer.

We are no longer a democracy. We have sham elections controlled by the two political parties and their rich patrons who are the only concern of the elected officials once the elections are over.

We don’t live as long. And we pauper ourselves paying for medical care for our parents – and ourselves. Scant wonder the young reject family for friends.

Our schules are devoid of education and teachers are not allowed to teach. 

Religion has become exclusive and antagonistic. And like government, not a little evil.

Yes, the Soviet Union collapsed, primarily because the Communist Dream finally wore through. And the same is playing out for the American Dream. 

Perhaps it is time to go back to Luna? And reinvent a society where the powerful fear the mob.

Circus Confederacy

This has been somewhat of a weird week. And it’s only Thursday.

The good part was that we are in the middle of the Ranier Cherry season here in Alibam (of course the cherries don’t grow here; only poke salat and road kill) and despite the outrageous prices, I eat a dozen or so cherries daily.

The rest is mostly ungood.

Part of it is funny. Not happy funny. Sad funny. The big “funny” is that while the week long observance of the fiftieth anniversary of the first manned landing on Luna, the Southeastern Conference (Amerikan Football) is holding some sort of preseason media thing. So the funny aspect is the admixture of amateur (except for the coaches who are embarrassingly professionals even if they act like ignorant amateurs) sports pornography with geek hardware bashing and crazy test pilot bravado. 

The nuts on top of the sundae are a combination of Repulsian master race exposition by Fartus Maximus and his black shirted myrmidons (admittedly, more than a few are actually golems, but we’ll give them the benefit…..) and Democrud plebeian overlord indignation histrionics. Sort of a mixture of paleolithic pecans and Australopithecine pine nuts.

Makes us wonder if there was ever intelligence in Amerika?

Or, to plagiarize a book title, if the United States will ever be ready for self-government. 

Because what we have now is not only not a democracy but its run by people who are totally unqualified to represent citizens in a democratic fashion. 

Oh! And the school shopping season has been unleashed so the office supply stores are full of obese Southron belles in billowing mumus and foam curlers, schule age bairns with terminal post nasal drip, and what appear to be chocolate fingerprints on ever absorbent surface. (SO forget printer paper and notebooks!) (And the most nasal of those belles WILL be interviewed on local television news. As practice for the next natural disaster.)

Capitalist Crap

While I’m being nasty this Ides of Ju Lie, I thought it would be appropriate to comment on Amazing’s Prime Day.

Except it’s two days this week. 

And primes have nothing to do with it.

In fact, so far, I have seen nothing offered by Amazing that I have any inclination to purchase. 

Yep. Zero attraction. And maybe a bit of repulsion. 

The only thing good I have noted today about Amazing is that they are too busy to send me lots of ads for stuff that their algorithms correlated with me because I was buying presents for FD SCP or one of my friends. And the ads that do apply to me, like for clothing, strangely is NEVER available in my size. In fact, almost all the shoes they offer are not even made in my size.

And this is the epitome of Capitalism? What more can be a perfect world than buying shoes that don’t fit? 

That’s not to say I don’t buy stuff from Amazing. Mostly because I live in Greater Metropolitan Arab, which is located in Beautiful Alibam, where even things as mundane as bread and peanut butter can’t be acquired easily, if AT ALL. 

In fact, I haven’t been able to find a pair of shoes to fit me in Nawth Alibam in over ten years. 

And the local governments wonder why I don’t buy local? 

Freedom Flop

I heard this morning that Fartus Maximus Prevaricator has requested several Democrud Congress Critters deport themselves. I have to wonder when we can deport him back to Holland. 

Not that I suspect they would want him. 

But I also ran across an article [Link] entitled “Democrats Shouldn’t Be So Certain About Abortion” and since it’s the Ides of Ju Lie, I thought I would bash the whole abortion thing a bit. Just for mental exercise., of course.

I have stated previously that I am of the opinion that parents need to be licensed. The current administration has tempted me to add politicals to that list as well.

The immigration morass is one of the prime reasons for this. So far as I can see, it’s a combination of incompetent parents and incompetent politicals (some of whom are also parents, which is more than a bit frightening.) 

Makes me think we need to drag the lot: illegal immigrants; and politicals; over to Nuremberg for trial. Why there? Seems to make sense since they are all peace criminals. Who may be waging a war on each other? 

How many kids do we have who are abused? And I count starvation a form of abuse. 

So, based on this little bit, I have to opine that preventing abortion is a form of child abuse. 

I also have to opine that the religionists who support the banning of abortion are either ignorant of their own doctrine or they are fake. 

Almost all religions espouse some form of belief in Free Will. And denying women the freedom of choice is something on the order of a religious abomination. I don’t know if that’s a sin, but it is certainly evil, especially in a country that is supposed to be free. 

I’m not going to label people who deny that freedom as insecure or sacrilegious, but I do know they are evil. Because the most precious thing we have is our freedom to choose and act. 

And I’m not going to deal with the whole life-is-sacred thing because the people who scream this the loudest demonstrate the clearest that they are liars and scoundrels. 

Now, who else can I find fault with?


Heat Death?

Ran across an article [Link] entitled “It Was A Balmy 90 Degrees In Anchorage — For The First Time On Record.” Mused that it was actually colder yesterday – temperature maximum – in Greater Metropolitan Arab than in Anchorage.

And I wondered what response Fartus Maximus Prevaricator would make to this. After all, he got the idea somewhere that Ben Franklin invented heaver-than-air flight. Perhaps he will offer to send them a thermometer that he thinks works. 

Why is it that everyone except Repulsian Evilgelicals – and many of them are pretending for social reasons: once more having a false sense of importance – that climate change is upon us? And our children (grandchildren of ORFs like me) will possibly be the last humans? 

Is this some misguided idea that the adults – politicals – shouldn’t tell the children – nonpoliticals – that Tellus is on its way to a lifeless deathworld? Sort of a Bronson Alpha scenario? 


Absolutely MAD

It seems that now is a time to regret being ORF. It seems that MAD magazine, the intellectual septic tank of Alfred E. Newman, is soon to pass from our keen.[Link]

As with many of my age cohort, I read MAD magazine as a youngling. Aside from the moronic antics of almost all television cartoon shows and the “Three Stooges”, MAD was my introduction and source of humor and disrespect for false authority. It polarized my thinking on many azimuths. I still refer to the constabulary as “Long John Law.” 

Even though the MAD I read was not the Anti-American, decadent, pseudo-Communist conspiracy of the McCarthy era, it, as with most of my readings, was only tolerated by my parents because of some tenuous connection to education, which institution was in chaotic turmoil in that period of Containment, competition, and technology. In fact, the only readings I can recall my parents approving of were the five sets of encyclopedias I ingested between age six and eleven. At which time I discovered my father’s old Navy correspondence course algebra and trigonometry textbooks. Even these were a bit of a family shame because, what normal boy would happily and eagerly read maths books? If they had known of how my fore-knowledge would embarrass the deficient educationalist instrumentality of the period, these books would have strangely disappear one night after curfew.

Sadly, encyclopedias, and Containment Era television (radio had long since become the third media, a waning laggard behind television and the press) were almost devoid of any humor, at least prior to my curfew when the tame, titillating mundanity graced adult television. No, not Lenny Bruce or Bill Cosby, Bob Hope and Jack Benny. So MAD taught me that much of civilization and all of society was a Potemkin facade of pretense and prevarication. That the only advantage of Amerikan Kapitalism over Sovietski Kommunism was availability of Japanese manufactured goods. 

Oh, there were chinks in the MAD facade. In places, its armor of righteous disrespect was vacuous and weak. Scientists and soldiers were belittled with scant enthusiasm, strictly equal opportunity minimums. And hence a lasting respect, proven well founded in adulthood, of the military and STEM NERDery. Neither is perfect, but compared to civil governance and human society, paragons of near perfection.

So, YES, MAD will be missed. It is already more of a childhood safe place, like Carnegie libraries and Saturday morning action movies, than an abiding comfort. But just as childhood erodes with the abrasiveness of adult fictions made real by social inadequacy, so too has MAD ceased to have effect. I cannot recall when last I read a MAD magazine. When I left for college, my collection strangely disappeared, the victim of long moldering parental hatred of asociality. Those who read MAD were scum and trash, a blot on the respectableness of Amerikan citizens. But even that betrayal is a boon from intransigent parents. Destroying something patently good informs all too well of the inadequacy of all parenting and the universal incompetence of humans. In such light even politicals have some quantum value, albeit unobservable except in its colligative effect. 

So yes, I shall miss MAD, not for its entertainment, but for its role as Bar Mitzvah. And weep that my grandchildren will be denied its help in transcending their parents’ – and my – demented misconceptions.

Independence Ambiguity

I note [Link] an article entitled “Conservatives Threaten Nike Boycott Over ‘Betsy Ross Flag’ Flap” that indicates conservatives (?) are upset over a tennis shoe manufacturer withdrawing a shoe that is objectionable to some other folks. (Presumably not conservatives?)

This is a bit amazing and bemusing. First of all, I find the use of the term “Conservative” in regard to Repulsian Evilgelicals to be enough to render the term meaningless. The only thing I have ever observed Repulsian Evilgelicals conserve is their ignorance and I am unsure that one can actually conserve a vacuum?

Next, at least here in Alibam, Repulsian Evilgelicals, who aren’t attorneys or politicals, buy there tennis shoes at MalWart. And those shoes are still made in China which brings us to questions about what aspect of Amerikan industry and life they supposedly are conserving? The right to send money to Asia?

The attorneys and politicals don’t wear tennis shoes. They either wear running shoes or leather shoes with pointed toes so they can get across chain link fences better. 

And of course, this whole thing was instigated by a spectator sports porn star. Which reaises the question about the gender affirmation of Repulsian Evilgelicals.

On the other hand, today is a traditional day for pyrotechnics, especially the kind absent adult supervision.

False Viewpoint

Since I started talking about misplaced yesterday, I may as well continue. This being OneDay, I listened to a CBC “Best of Ideas” podcast [Link] entitled “Lady and Lord Macbeth on trial: guilty or bewitched?” 

This was a farce – as in satirical pseudo activity as dramatic presentation – about whether Laird and Lady MacBeth were legally insane when they committed regicide. I won;t comment further on the matter other than it was rather well done and as such is of almost total disinterest to almost everyone living in Alibam. 

But it did set me to thinking. 

I, like so many of my age cohort in the Yankee Republic, read MacBeth in High Schule. I think it was selected because it (supposedly) had a moral and didn’t bring up any difficult questions about sexuality, which was a taboo subject in those days not because of orientation but because of the pill. 

As is usual for an INTRO STEM NERD, my take on MacBeth is rather different from that of the Alibam Department of DisEducation and the crib sources like Cliff’s Notes. 

MacBeth is a story about stupidity, weakness, and insecurity. The good, moral part is that MacBeth did in a tyrant. The bad part is that he didn’t stop there and make life better otherwise but instead made himself tyrant. The parallel to Paradise Lost is, I think, obvious, mostly since that was also a required reading that was interpreted other than how the schule system dictated. 

MacBeth is also all about Alibam. Government in Alibam is a succession of one tyrant being disposed (deposed?) by the next. There are no good politicians. All are tyrants or would-be tyrants. And none do anything to make life better in the state. 

The only person who came out ahead in MacBeth is Lady MacBeth. She exited early and avoided the pain and suffering.