More than Memory

Mundane day. Also the holy day of Memorial. We are supposed to exalt the memory of those who have been slain in battle. At least the ones wearing uniforms. The non-soldiers are not relevant here. 

It’s a very misused holy day. As originally construed it was all about the second American revolution, the so-called American civil war. In those days everyone who served was either a volunteer (at least on the Confederate side) or accepted a bribe to substitute for someone who was being enslaved. That’s one of the contradictions of this war. The Union – Yankee – side had to compel some men to serve. And since the war is propagandized as being all about ending slavery in Amerika, forcing men to serve in the army – itself a form of slavery – is somehow compromising and contradictory. Of course there were also social compulsions on both sides, but supposedly – and we shall never know for sure otherwise – most of those who served were volunteers.

And honoring those who felt strongly enough to die in combat for their ideal – Nawth or Sowth – is laudable.

Perhaps it is. I can see two sides. Yes, organization has its benefits. Civilization and all that. And we’re going to die anyway so why not do so in a rush of endocrine secretions? Of course, one can ask why one should die for a parasite? That’s what organizations are. They take substance and put it to other uses. Including their own continuance. So there is an overhead. Thermodynamics applies.

The rationale for organization is that it benefits the members of the organizations. Is killing them a benefit? Maybe if they are discorporating of some horrible, painful disease, but does life qualify as such? So if organizations are beholding to us for their existence and are selfish in the process, just what and how much dedication do they deserve from us? 

I admire that those who died, at least purely idealistically, believed enough in their organization to discorporate for it. I am not sure about their rationality, however.

Big Red

I am always amused and bemused whenever I see someone in Alibam with a large, red “A” on their motorcar. I speculate on whether it stands for Atheist or Adulterer. Both have intriguing aspects.

Back to the Park!

Ice Cream day. Have already executed one naughty. I snuck off to the park and took half of a constitutional. It is a measure of my indisposition that it took essentially the same period of time as a full constitutional modally takes. Still quite a ways to go.

I am reminded that today is the birthday anniversary of William Whewell, the English academic who originated the designation “scientist”. That seems enough to redeem the day from the religionists.

Besides, shabbat was over a dusk yesterday so the constitutional was righteous. 

Slide into Third

How have we come to a situation where a politician (of one party) can propose to do something stupid and unwanted and it is called patriotism, but if a politician (of the other party) proposes something stupid and unwanted it is conspiracy.

Sounds like religions, doesn’t it? What’s next? Beheadings on the floor of Congress?

Ringed In

Saturn’s day. Homebound. Freya’s day was a loss. Too much sensation inertia. Only marginally better today. The only distraction was having to do this thermal soak or that rinse every few minutes. So the best I could do in and around was try not to get too depressed by FD SCP’s choices on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver.

No hard objects hurled. Nor digestive contents. Although both were a challenge. I have reaffirmed my hypothesis, based on observation, that all commercials are prevarications. Sometimes being in the throes of pain analgesics helps one discern other threads, most of which are equally prevaricative. 

The amazing part is that we continue to spend money on the falsehoods. Even the nerds who are rational enough to know better. It seems that the availability of not-falsehood goods is zero, at least here in the hinterland. Nothing that may be purchased is what it is claimed. We are  just money pawns in a shill game of advertising maskarovka

As a result, I am actually glad I am stationary. That way I do not expend my substance on this pre-landfillage. 

But I do rather feel like the Army of the Tennessee made a battle in my mouth. I can honestly say I ache from head to toe. 

Double Dip

Thor’s day again. End of gym week. And the indisposition deepens today courtesy of my gum dentist. Ah well, a strange type of riches that seems to beset we seniors too often.

Blogging may be a bit sparser the next few days as I endure reintegration. (Renormalization? And it isn’t even pun day.)

Social Hashing?

Third day. Gym was marginally easier today. The indisposition may be ebbing but definitely not at tidal speeds. Otherwise a blah visit. Podcast was unmemorable other than a mention of the first parasite on grass. Still quite unpleasant to drive.

I noted this morning, without opening the article, that Los Angeles has raised its minimum wage to $15/hour. This strikes me as a wonderful way to improve one’s city. First it drives away cheap chain corporations like MalWart and McDougals. They can’t survive paying those kind of wages so they’ll have to pack up and leave. Lots of law suits coming over franchise cost recovery I bet. Maybe even of the city’s conscript parents for passing the law. 

Of course that puts the folks who worked there out of work and eliminates their hopes of getting employment so they will either starve, which improves the city’s quality of life, or move away, which also improves the quality of life. One thing Los Angeles can definitely use is a reduction in population. 

On the down side this will surely precipitate riots by the different ethnic minorities since they will be the ones uplifted. We can only hope the city constabulary has adequate quantities of excessed military munitions on hand.