Summer Joys

This seems to have been a good week for Proper Disrespect. I opene Lifehacker this morning for a bit of trolling (in the piscine meaning,) and found several encouraging bits of news:

First, we have a couple of intriguing titles about the PLOTUS: [Link] “Trump Gets Booed As He Plays Golf in Scotland” and [Link] “Trump Lies So Much That Journalists Now Measure Things Like ‘Dishonesty Density’.” I have confidence these are, or will be labeled, false liberal Snowflake News but they are, none the less, refreshing. As a matter of fact, they give me greater understanding of many things I have read in ancient Greek about the joys of tyrants and why they were so popular.

Second, I see that that Cohan fellow – not the one who can dance, sing, and pretend to be a gangster – has had encouraging dealings with the chief bigot of Alibam: [Link] “Sacha Baron Cohen Probably Punked Roy Moore, so Now I Will Watch His New Show.” I have commented on this evil cancer of Alibam several times before but this one is truly amazing. The fellow actually though someone not Southron Evilgelical, the National Firearm Association, or the KKK would give him an award. OK, maybe the Amerikan Nazi Party? But this does indicate the brilliance of the fellow. Whose primary niceness is that he ain’t POTUS. 

Third, and in some ways, most enjoyable, [Link] “Tribal Chairman Sends Ominous 4-Word Letter to Keystone XL Pipeline Developer.” I am not aganst progress but I am against false Capitalist progress that makes our lives worse and damages the ecosystem. Wait, the use of Capitalist there was redundant. So I apologize to the planet wreckers. I am not even going to go into my usual nitnoid about “Native Peoples”. But I will acknowledge that this particular speaker for First Peoples has my admiration for standing up. Shame this guy doesn’t occupy 1600 Pennsylvania. After all, it’s empty courtesy of a relaxing golfing expedition to Russia. 

Enough. Time to go break some eggs. 


Which type of Stercus be YOU?

Ran across an article [Link] entitled “Study: If you favor Jif peanut butter over Skippy, you’re probably a conservative” this morning. The article is a plagiarism from a Washington Times article which is a plagiarism of a U Chicago study report. 

It talks about the observables that are used to predict if someone is of a particular political (or some other state such as “Race”) disposition. I’m assuming this is related to some of the algorithms used by FaceScroll and Amazing to tailor content/advertisements. I have commented previously how flaky and inaccurate those algorithms are: offer me five pairs of shoes at a time, none of which are available or made in my size. IOW, fundamental negation.

The title caught my attention span because I consume neither Jif nor Skippy, and never had. I forget what my parents fed me – between vanilla wafers – as a child but when I got to graduate schule I began eating IGA peanut butter because it came in a five gallon bucket (among other, smaller sizes) and living on a TA salary ate a peanut butter sandwich (on week old bread from a day-old store) every day. I still eat IGA peanut butter even though I have to drive an hour each way to the nearest IGA store. Which is in the opposite direction from Nawth Alibam’s shining city on the hill. 

So what does this do to the prediction? Am I a fascist or an anarchist since I am clearly neither a conservative nor a liberal? And does this have any relationship to the reality of the situation?

If I drill down to the next level, I find an enlightening graphic:

Note that all of these percentages are between 0.5 and 0.6, which is close to being a draw. IOW, assuming this is a two state observable, then a person who owns a fishing rod has a probability of 0.43 of being a conservative. Seems an awfully poor predictor to me. WHich probably explains why these predictions are such a pile of Stercus.

I especially like the one that a person who owns a POV is 0.57 likely to be a liberal. This when there are more POV in the Yankee republic than there are adults in the same bin. 

I should comment that I don;t use frozen bread dough – I make my own – but I do freeze bread. I do use disposable plates – very unsustainment! And I don’t eat at Applebee’s because I hate their food and I don’t but Dockers pants because I buy everything but suits and ties on-line. But I have owned several Chevrolets and if they would bring back the Corvair – hurrah! for Ralph Nader! – I would buy one in an instant.

The best thing I can say about this is – CONFIRMATION that these analyses are largely diarrheatic cow crap.

Alabama Election Insights 3

Earlier this week, I ran across this statement:

Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle privately complained to one of his GOP primary opponents that their race for governor had become about “who had the biggest gun, who had the biggest truck and who could be the craziest.”

and several things struck me.

The most obvious, and perhaps worst, was that the construction “biggest gun” might be interpreted in a connotational rather than a denotational sense. That is, when the noun “gun” is used as a substitution slang for a male human organ.

The more I cogitated on this quote, the more I entertained it as also applying to the political election propaganda here in Alibam. Certainly the male candidates are engaging in a length-or-organ competition. They are all claiming that their opponents not only have diminutive organs but that they are riddled with pustulent venereal diseases that they contracted in the womb. 

Of course, based on the symmetry of the claims, it can readily be inferred that all the male candidates are so afflicted.

What is intriguing is that the women candidates seem relatively immune to this preening. Except for the few who have men opponents. These competitions make for some graphical considerations that makes one wonder about GMO among politicians. 

What is not intriguing is that the competition is indeed shaping up to be a case of which candidate is the greater “crazy”? Of course, the election is still prior to the party run-offs and so thus far the only mind slime displayed has been purely partisan. There is still hope for some independent or third party candidate who is actually sane. 

But not much. 

Along that line, some other thoughts have surfaced:

Q: How many campaigns does it take for a candidate to become a “career politician”?

A: One

Q: What are these candidates trying to conserve?

A: we don’t know but it has been suggested that since the CERN LHC has been able to find the Higgs Boson, perhaps they can be funded to find out what Alibam (Amerikan) politicians are conserving.

Q: All of these candidates claim to be Christians? 

A: ????????????????????????????????????????????

I shall leave the truck aspect a sleeping bandersnatch.


Antediluvian Amerika

Off to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill this mawning. Good provendering. Good conversation over the Sowth’s archetypical “daily bread”. And then I came home to find this cartoon [Link]

and my first thought was that this organization is still trying to get by with Winders.

FOSS First! Hammers that don’t bend around the nail. Pipes that flow. And boot times less than the time for light to get to Tellus from Ares.

Or Visa Versa!

Food Foolery

When I was motoring down the mountain to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill, I heard on the wireless that the old Confeederacy was the thickest part of the country for fast food fooleries. 

This was not surprising and even though the announcement came from NPR which is well known to be a front for the current administration’s prevarications, a source was cited that permitted a modicum of validation.

This led me to a bit of cogitation. The density of McGarbage in the Sowth seems to fit. After all, Southron cooking is traditionally poor to inexecreable – literally. Although on occasion explosively or nauseatingly execrable. 

This stems from the traditional life style. Cooking practices were low heat for long periods, mostly because of the shoddy or nonexistent dentistry in the Sowth. This carried over after gas and electrons could be used for cooking. My mother normally prepared beans by low boil for twenty-four hours. Needless to say they had neither integrity nor taste after that treatment. 

I have often wondered how much of this cooking style was due to the propaganda against unionization to alleviate the serfdom of almost everyone in the Sowth or the propaganda of contradictory religion bent on preserving the lifestyle of divines. The Sowth is an oligarchy in multiple dimensions, mostly because of the asentience and aintelligence of its people. 

Anyway, the insipidity and poisonousness of the fast food places – I deign to dignify them as restaurants – is apparently in full keeping with Southron culinary vapidity. To say nothing for the deep satisfaction of projectile regurgitation or projectile diarrhea – and perhaps both. Nothing is quite so digestively satisfying to crimson napes as a deep fried “hamburger” made of a mixture of rancid bovinity and tender annelids. 

This alimentary cess pool mentality also seems to carry over into other aspects of Southron kulture and sokiety. I noted recently that the current audio-visual advertisements for the candidates for state Leftenant Guvnuh accuse the other of having the faults and sins of the accuser. Ah, what a shining example of democracy in action. And generally consumed like those “hamburgers” by the general populace of Alibam. 

There is a down side to both of these: lack of choice. No one is permitted to stand for office – seriously – who is not sanctified by the holy see of the state parteis. And because of their proliferation, the fast food places have destroyed real fooderies in most part of the Sowth. So one is confronted with only sorry choices. On both azimuths of nurtition and good governance. 

Of course if one is addicted to the anti-eucarist of daily regurgitation, then the Sowth is indeed a new Eden. Complete with reptiles in both the legislature and the intestines.

Gender Imperfection

This seems to be the week for religion. At least that gives me something else to consider than the Alibam electioneering and the television advertisements’ appeal to the stupidity of Alibam voters.

Seems the Episcopal church is looking to degender the deity in their prayer books. [Link] This reminded me of a contradiction in christianism.

The deity, it is postulated, is omnipotent and omniscient as well as unitary and endless.

If the deity is unitary, then how can the deity have gender? If the deity is endless, then reproduction is unnecessary. And if omniscient and omnipotent, no assistance or support is necessary.

So not only is the gender thing null, the offspring thing is also null.

But it does explain why politicians seeking election say such ridiculous things about their opponent that convince voters to elect them. 

Incidentally, to mitigate those same politicians’ concerns, clearly the deity also has no need of sanitary facilities – male or female. 

Religion as Excuse

There has been much ado this week about the retirement of a ?liberal? supreme court justicer. Little of this has been expressed by the Reds. At least that I can see. But there has been a lot of Blue anguish.

This morning, I ran across a discussion of this article [Link] about how states would react if the historic Roe vs. Wade legitimization of abortion were reversed by a newly slanted SCOTUS. It included a graphic of the depredations to be imposed by the various states. 

I have been thinking on this matter for some time. It is largely a Southron thing, a holdover from the Recent Unpleasantness. It is also largely an organized religion thing that isn’t looked at very closely for some reason.

I have to warn that I am not highly knowledgeable of religion. I have studied it, mostly because of what I perceive are inconsistencies and outright contradiction. This is one such.

The concerns goes something like this: the Deity created everything (except the Deity?);  the Deity gave humans Free Will; Organized Religion condemns abortion as sinful.

The problem I encounter here is that Organized Religion is contravening the Deity’s creation of Free Will. 

Is not this also a sin? And how does one decide which of the two is the greater? Especially among a group that denies measurability and testing?

As an observer, it appears that abortion resistance and banning by organized religion is nothing but an organizational ploy to subjugate and intimidate their own members. The reason for this is fairly obvious since religionists who thought for themselves would be true (in the religious meaning of the term) Protestants who would have no need of the organization. That seems to be what Free Will is all about – every human his/her own priest/minister/rabbi……

Now maybe I can get back to thinking about something useful.