Shameful Comparison

What’s the difference between New Zealand and Great Amerika?

For one thing, New Zealand has a Chief Executive who actually cares about the welfare of the citizenry and works to improve their lives. Greater Amerika, on the other hand, has a Chief Executive who is a bigoted, self-serving, prevaricative tyrant whose treats the citizens as if they are all illegal immigrants (with a few notable exceptions,) and only cares about himself and his capitalist oligarch associates. His only virtue, if such, is a total inability to not lie. 

And before one of his repulsian, evilgelical goons growls something about moving there if it’s so good, I should offer that it is Great Amerika that is in need of help and improvement and hence I will stay here to make the place a democracy again.

We can start by making political parties illegal and replacing elections by random selection from the citizenry with a single term limit for life. After all, we’ve got a few thousand elected offices and hundreds of millions of citizens. Give everyone a chance! 

Social Entropy of Mixing

The New Zealand massacre provoked my cognition. Once more I come to the hypothesis that humans are whacked.


Some humans call themselves white when they are actually pink. There are white humans – albinos – but somehow they are not quite right. (Indeed, the health of many albinos is frail or compromised because….) 

Some humans call themselves black but most are brown and even the ones who are dark aren’t really black. They have a shine to their coloration that negates the contention of black. 

But we can’t expect bogs to do much correctly and coloration is evidently one of those things.

We have “white” supremacists killing muslims. One has to wonder how much of this is envy and how much insecurity. After all, even a moderately observant muslim makes an evangelical look like a religionist wuss. Especially when it comes to women. Perhaps white supremacists really want to be muslims but can’t because muslims aren’t white?

Hence the conflict: skin coloration or religionist dogma? 

Alma Material

I have been contemplating the recent revelation (??????) about parents spending enormous sums to get their children admitted to college.

My first thought was that, given the apparent intelligences of most Amerikan “Celebrities,” their children probably needed every assistance to have any chance of admission. 

And I wonder how much the cost is for the nannies who get the kids to class.

But on second thought, they probably just pay doppelgangers to go to class and take the tests and the nannies just make sure the kids get home from the parties and evade arrest. 

Not, from my examination of recent graduates, do kids seem to learn very much in college, which leads to the question of whether the colleges are happy with money and don’t bother to actually teach anything? 

In a society where every child has to obtain a college degree, can there be very much education in college? Isn’t this just a new aspect of social promotion. 

Kornbluth was right: Marching Morons.

As near as I can tell, parents have always bought children degrees, at least in Amerika.

Back when colleges were invented, only the rich, youngest kids got to go and become priests and pretend to be celibate.

In the colonial days, parents would endow a chair or build a building on campus and their child got to attend. Of course, I have been told that in those days so few went to college that no one was turned down. So long as they had money. 

I have been told that Land Grant Universities were a scheme by pols to get rich people to buy buildings for the state; they certainly didn’t pay much in the way of taxes. Just like today.

It wasn’t until the Great Patriotic War that colleges weren’t big enough. That and the pols (and rich folk) being afraid of the NERDs becoming such a critically dear resource that they had to pay them a living wage. And do what the NERDs told them, which was worse. No pol or oligarch likes being instructed. Liege Lords and Tyrants never have. 

Two supposed factors seem intriguing here with the current scandal. (I say that because I can’t find any validation. so Caveat Emptor.) First of all, all of the kids involved pretended to be pornographers. And second, none of them studied STEM. 

Those two factoids seem to fit Contemporary Amerika to a TEE! 


Cinema Consideration

On weekends, I read TIME magazine. I have been doing this since I was in graduate schule, not because I necessarily agree or enjoy reading it, but because I don’t. 

While in grad schule, TIME provided a compact way to get a viewpoint on current events that were almost completely alien to my existence. I got plenty of “conservative” viewpoint from my Alibam co-workers during the working day which consumed some fifty-five to sixty hours a week, more when travel was involved. And NO, the pay quit after forty hours. In those days Alibam was transitioning from Democrud to Repulsian parteis, but the politics stayed the same. So TIME gave me a bit of counterpoint to complaints of the evils of the rest-of-Amerika.

The rest of my day was dedicated to grad work: classes; research, seminars; and exams. And somehow I usually managed to shoehorn in five hours or so for sleep. 

Once I got kicked out of the graduate womb, aka graduation, I continued to read TIME to help re-enter “normal” life. Mostly I used it to pick movies. In those days TIME had a five star rating system and I found that only movies with scores of either one-star or five-stars were worth attention span. 

Today, I reflected on how FD SCP and I have not been to a cinematic palace since the daughter was twelve and refused to spend the summer vacation with her maternal grandparents. Prior to that we got to see movies in theaters during the summer when the daughter wasn’t around to refuse to be baby sat.

In those days we generally watched whatever FD SCP wanted to. I found her selection process was little worse than the TIME formula.

Nowadays, the last few decades, we watch movies on television. Hence when I read a TIME article just now about how OSCAR awards are decided – political as with all awards, but carefully hidden – I came to consider why we haven’t gone to cinemas since the duaghter left for college. My hypothesis is suspension of disbelief. 

Back when I was in High Schule and College, I had to watch lots of “educational” films. I even worked a couple of years as a student projectionist for such. These films were generally made by people who knew the subject and disdained art considerations. They were both enjoyable and edifying although after the third showing a bit nagging.

The movies shown in theater should, to me, be entertaining. I need to suspend my disbelief and find some merit, either emotional or intellectual, in the film. Starting about twenty or so years ago, that criterion began to grow. For one thing, the acting deteriorated. It ceased to be believable. The plot became simplistic and boring. And the visual effects became detrimental. 

So now I can read TIME and know without doubt that any film they mention – positive or negative – is to be avoided. 

Elephant Poop Fest

Yesterday was an amazing day.

First, in Congress, an astounding display of inept (occasionally incompetent, less occasionally competent) questioning (and character assassination.) If nothing else, this displayed that too many of our elected officials (and their voters) are critically short of gray matter. In particular, the Repulsian quislings were blatantly obvious with uric acid crystals in their brains. If anything, their clumsy bumbling achieved the opposite of their intentions, imparting validity to the former myrmidon’s claims.

Half way through the inquisition, I had to wonder if lying is idempotent? That is, is a lie about a lie a lie or a truth? 

Second, Fartus Maximus displayed the limits on his ego in his second encounter with a real dictator and not just one who thinks such in his cranium. I was particular bemused by his rapid retreat, much like a puppy’s after his first encounter with a rolled newspaper after urinating on the rug. What’s next, an atomic wedgie from some banana “republic” El Supremo?

So, overall, a sad day for Amerika. 

To end on a positive note, at least Fartus Maximus makes Garfield look good. Of course, he had help from a wanna-be minion as well.

Crap Mire

I am getting tired of water falling from the sky. When I was a child I found solace in rain, mostly because it was a time when I was permitted to huddle down and not deal with people. That should have been a warning of my incipient introversion except my mother is unable to process anything but her own ambitions and I didn’t know about introversion until I was in college. 

Mostly now I huddle and try not to think of the possibility of damage to either property or person.

One of those few moments of not thinking about led me to consider if we are now in an age of disillusionment. I suspect it began when the Soviet Union collapsed without bringing nuclear winter to the planet. I haven’t given up on that fear yet, especially now that the administration is riddled with agents of the Tsar. 

I also entertain that the disillusionment began earlier, about the time I learned about introversion, with the Vietnam Interaction. I call it that because in today’s environment of hate and entitlement I am not sure which is more akulturny, war or conflict. I do know we pitied those who went and fought and made vacuum heroes of those who hid in Canadia. 

One of the things that seems to hold up best over the years is Sturgeon’s Rule. It seems to at least as useful and accurate as Newton’s “Laws.” Sturgeon tells us that 90% of everything is CRAP. What makes this valuable is that the rule is both temporal and spatial and multi-dimensional. 

What it doesn’t tell us, however, is how to measure a lie. Is it the number of people who are fooled by it, or the number of people who leave it to fester. I wonder about this because I want to know who has the bigger lies, organized religion or the administration? I suspect the latter because they have been around for thousands of years while the administration has only been here a couple of years. But that reduces the matter to enumeration, not magnitude. 

All of this is part and parcel of the disillusionment. Religion has been highly successful in making people stupid and hurt. Politics ditto. At least I suspect they are causative. But maybe the rule also applies to humans and 90% are mentally and/or physically CRAP. In which case the big meteor strike got the wrong animals. 

When I was a kid, we had trust in American (and a few furrin) manufacturers. Now we can no longer trust the manufacturers of motorcars. Nor drugs. And as of yesterday, the manufacturers of sneakers. The question is whether we have become like the Communist countries and have to buy what is offered because there are no longer any choices, just bad goods. 

Perhaps we should rename MalWart Gum?