Pet Peeve Now!

Ran across an article [Link] entitled “Skulls reveal Neanderthals, humans had similarly harsh lives” this morning. Spiked my composition hemorrhoids. 

Basically, Neandertals – Homo Neandertalensis – are Human! That’s what the “Homo” means. And I get tired of journalists and bogs, in general, saying our ancestors of genus Homo weren’t human.

Ex Oram ab Bog, Stercus!

Where have all the Intelligence gone?

Thrilling observance of Veterans Day. All the parades cancelled in recognition of the precedence of Mother Nature. Even by the politicals who deny climate change. And women’s equality. And tyranny. Their own, of course.

Anyway, have been keeping an ear to the audio-visual electromagnetic receiver since FD SCP is home and I just caught one of those NO GMOs AV advertisements. Which led me to ask a mental question:

Don’t the people who eschew “GMO” foodstuffs know that they are the product of a gene modification activity?

I’ll talk about DNA mis-reproduction and elementary particle – DNA interactions later.


Eleven Cubed

Today is Armistice Day. At least that’s what it started as. And that’s how it tends to be remembered by those of us who find social and political correctness odious.

In some ways it  is hard to think of Armistice Day as a happiness, although easy to think of it as a good. After all, it commemorates the end of a rather nasty war, a war fought over the same nonsense that we are glorifying these days. 

So celebrating the end of slaughter and (temporarily) stupidity is a good. But it isn’t clearly a happiness.

I was once told by a professor that there is great merit to dying young. One avoids old age and disillusionment. At the time I thought him foolish but the older I get, the wiser he becomes.

But I can still regret that anyone has to die for a social construct. After all, society is what brought us slavery and money and epidemic disease. 

So it is hard to recognize and admire the stupidity of nation-states or war. 

But I can still admire the courage to risk one’s life for the sake of the good – scant as it may be – in the social construct. 

While hating the evil of those who used the construct for war and other crimes.

Nor can I criticize those who went to war. The vast majority are good humans.

But I am saddened that they had to make such a sacrifice.

Real Politics

It has been a weirding time. The elections have been decidedly more strange than usual. Both political partei have declared unprecedented successes, especially in the states where one partei has completely trounced the other. I understand one candidates – not Scott Walker – has announced that he was successful in being defeated which was his goal all along as the only way to rid himself of his addiction to theft and tyranny.

Meanwhile the administration has done everything it can to support this atmosphere, announcing its pleasure with the losses and displeasure with the gains. Or is it the other way about? In an environment where prevarication is truth and truth is prevarication, while the math makes sense, the information doesn’t.

I noticed that Alibam’s Chief Bigot has resigned his position as Gestapo Capo to return to Alibam and plot lynchings and dam burials. That seems to fit with the joy over the failure of any Democrud to get elected on Tuesday. Somehow there is a comfort in the idea that people who can’t speak intelligibly can be trusted with public office and people who have some education, more than high schule in a few cases, can’t. 

And all of this largely the result of a fake caravan of aliens that is subsidized by both political parteis for the benefit of their politicals. 

But mulling this on a stationary bicycle, itself a paradigm of the state of the Amerikan electorate, realization came that this is all about climate change.

Somehow the two parteis have entered into a conspiracy to prey upon the stupidity of the electorate and hide the actual lethality of climate change. The ruse doesn’t have to last long. Within a decade or so, the population will be in full death spiral back down to a planetary level of a few million hunter-gatherers. None of whom will be citizens of any nation-state since there will be no nation states. 

Nor politicals. 

Only starving, dying humans.

And the politicals are actually humanitarians for stretching out our imaginary existences as long as possible.

Fenestrae Stercus Est

Opened the weekly Register summary [Link] and was deluged with no less that four different articles on four different ways that WX satsfies Sturgeon’s Rule.

Affirmed my own experience yesterday.

Sometime ago I purchased a refurbed Lenovo Yogi that came with WX. Yesterday I had a bit of slack time so I decided to see if I could get the box to dual-boot. The first step was to activate WX so I could cozen it into letting me into the system settings and get some Linux installed.

Things were going along fairly smoothly when the OS demanded I generate a MegaHard account. It demanded an email address so I entered mine.

It was rejected. Evidently MegaHard thinks academic addresses are bogus or something. 

So I turned the beast off. Got out a screwdriver and opened the box up. Popped out the hard drive and replaced it with a blank SSD. The HD was salted away in case I ever had the delusion again that MegaHard was worth any concern or attention span.

Void of the Redmond Cancer, I told the settings to silence secure boot and installed Linux – Netrunner in this instance, which is about as far from Winders as one can get being entirely NON-Proprietary! And there is great delight in the realm.

Perhaps that should be a message for MegaHard and the fascists inside the beltway?

I later read that Gooey has decreed that any telephony corporation parasite on their coding must provide at least two years of updates for the OS. 

Doesn’t make it a decent OS but at least it’s a good move, which is surprising given the tenor of Gooey’s interactions with humanity. 

There may yet be hope for the species and the planet.


The term for a seller who prates about value is “liar.”

Value can only be assigned by the owner and its only relevance in trading is decision-making.