Shrouded Environment

In the mornings, FD SCP sets the audio-visual electromagnetic monitor to WHNT. I walked by it this morning when their weather beaver was proclaiming “dense fog” in some location. And then he showed a visibility map that had NO fog on it.[Link]

And I mustered up my will power and didn’t smash the monitor. Mostly because I knew that doing so would not end the weather beaver’s lies.

How can we trust these chaps if they are continually telling lies about such simple things as the visibility state? 

Life in America today – nothing but lies from corporate organizations.

How Deep?

Is it my cynicism or has the Stupidity Depth of television commercials been increasing recently? I get particularly incensed by some claim – such as price – that totally ignores some reality like sales tax. 

Are the bogs really this stupid or are they just oblivious?

Light Nattering

A great rareness is occurring! Dihydrogen oxide is falling from the sky. Despite an adequate amount of atmospheric heat this morning, I was unable to assay my constitutional because of this fall. Not a deluge certainly, but nonetheless in this age of politician denial of climate and its cancer, which probably should include those same politicians, it is a strange and rare experience.

An inadequately rare experience is too much light while motoring. Until summer I would complain of glare made worse by ugly yellow lumps in the lenses of my eyes. But since those lenses have been replaced the problem is sheer number of photons, mostly from either Sol or the motorcars of fools and scoundrels.

It is known that LED – light emitting diodes – of the cheapest and sorriest quality such as are used by the greedy capitalists – admittedly a repetitious description – who manufacture motorcars, especially those of the shoddy, cheap variety, have a detrimental effect on the human physiology. They cause eye strain and mess with brain chemistry to compromise sleep and thought, the latter being why capitalists are so avid to use them. And too many of these trash motorcars have over-bright LED headlamps.

Which are blinding to others on the rode. Which is an expression of the complete absence of manners and consideration in Amerika these days. Our fall into third world poverty will be WELL deserved.

Anyway, the question I keep toying with is whether I can modify this behavior. What would be the effect if I built an eye tracker with an eye-safe laser? Would that be too subtle? Or just too effective?

Or should I just curse their inhumanity and evil and not bother myself with useless projects that will have too little result to make any difference?

That also is a symptom of our descent, when good men do nothing because they have become so depressed that they think nothing they do will halt the race to darkness.

Again, I am glad to be ORF and soon gone from this nastiness.

Darkness has Fallen

Like many people, I have been thinking a bit about the nature of social reality since the recent election. This morning I ran across an article [Link] entitled “This Entire Galaxy Is Being Ravaged by Its Supermassive Black Hole.”

It seemed rather a perfect metaphor for the current situation of supermassive capitalists devouring American democracy.

But I also reflected on some things written by E. A. Burtt in “The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science.” I should comment that Burtt means metaphysical in the loose usage of social science/philosophy types and not the strict usage – that I use – of not-Physics. For convenience:

metaphysics  n 1: the philosophical study of being and knowing

The part of Burtt’s writings that I thought relevant were:

For the Middle Ages man was in every sense the center of the universe. The whole world of nature was believed to be teleologically subordinate to him and his eternal destiny.

man, with his hopes and ideals was the all-important, even controlling fact in the universe.

In effect then, we have returned to the Middle Ages aka “The Dark Ages”. What is important is no longer science or physical reality or actual Nature, but what the members of human society want and do.

This seems to fit surprisingly well. Science is under attack by politicians and society, when it is not ignored, and denial or misrepresentation is the common practice.

We may only hope the end is rapid.

On which note, I grabbed a wallpaper sized copy of the picture above to remind me of our depravity and degradation.

For those new to the blog, the title is taken from the work of Lester Sprague DeCamp.


Bad Coding?

As an ORF, one of the things I have difficulties comprehending is the GEN Y use of the phrase “GO TO”. I keep hearing it in advertisements and reading it on web sites. And the dissonance of it drags my attention away from the intended effect.

Fifty years ago when I was a college Freshman, I became one of the three Arts and Sciences College students to enroll in a FORTRAN course taught (only) in the Engineering College. Needless to say – as I have previously – we had to get permission from the A&S Dean, and that was a near run thing.

One of the first things we learned about FORTRAN was line numbers and “GO TO” statements. Given the primitiveness of the composition environment, these were necessary and useful things.

Many years later, when the PC had invaded the workplace, I took a C++ course and was told by a not very impressive academic that “GO TO” programming was incompetence. I discounted the statement except as an indication of the man’s arrogance and quietly applied the things I had learned in PASCAL – courtesy of Phillipe Kahn – to eliminate the GO TO need.

And now I hear it from all these GEN Ys and I finally see some wisdom in what that schmuck meant.

GO TOs in coding are an easy way out, the sign of someone who is too lazy to think. And that’s what they are for GEN Ys. Evidently. 

And now I can take the intent of those advertisements and websites and discount them as alternatives to being really human.

Breakfast Discovery

I am going through two weeks worth of comics because of too much distraction last weekend. Saw this [Link]

and was a bit bemused by the idea of marshmallows in oatmeal. Is that salted or unsalted? Haggis or regular? I can perhaps see in haggis but not in regular.

I do know people put strange things in oatmeal. One relative pours honey in which is all right because its grocery store honey which is gibble anyway. But would be a serious waste of local honey. That should be reserved for English Muffins and/or scratch biscuits anointed first with actual butter. But I put Maple syrup on my oatmeal. Except the haggis, of course.


ORF Add-Ins

I run across some of the most amazing Stercus on website like Lifehacker. For a site that is supposed to be about hacking existence, it is often abysmal.

I ran across an article [Link] entitled “The 50 Free Apps We’re Most Thankful For” this morning. It purports to be a list of excellent apps, presumably for Android and iPhoney but unspecified. I don’t expect any other OS to be offered because this web site is basically an arrogant iPhoney fanatic place. After scanning the list I found ten passable to good apps and 40 pieces of Stercus.  Frankly, better than I expected.

This is typical of their lists. Not very good. Mostly, I suspect, written by junior journalism graduates who think being a journalist (and having a job) makes them a deity. Journalism, after all, these day si a cult of self with nothing to do with accuracy or veracity.

So in bemused irritation I am going to start commenting on decent to good add-ins. Mostly for browsers since I am ORF and this who slablet addiction thing is more than a bit orthogonal.

The starting point is an add-in called “Print Friendly.” Not gonna bother with an URL because we ORFs can do searches without Mommy’s help. What Print Friendly does is strip down what’s on a web page to nut meat. It’s rather like dressing a deer, which is something only the redneck denialist GEN Ys know anything about and then not very well. But I don;t expect any of the GEN Ys to be reading this except by error.

Film at Eleven.