Waste and Corruption

Thor’s day. Also that quaint Amerikan holiday that has grown to be as horrible and painful – almost – as the religionist season – which follows hot on its heels. EXTRO extravaganza of hate and loathing and STRESS!

Went to the park this morning for morning constitutional. Air temperature up within range. Horrible! Ugly. Nasty! Each year, in a fever pitch of wasting the public purse, the conscript parents of Greater Metropolitan Arab, dominated by the evil real estate gang, mount hideous lamp arrangements in the park and downtown. The latter is moderately ignorable since no one is downtown after 1700 hours.

But the park as illuminated this morning in the most hideous and wasteful of arrangements. Some were even hung from living trees, desecrating them. A horrible experience. I was completely unable to do anything except feel a biting wind and the ache in my limbs.

No joy. No satisfaction. No communion. Just evil ugly light patterns.

In an equally (?) nasty article, [Link] I read about a survey by state of the books (?) read by high schule seniors. The summary:

I recognize few of these, especially the more read, at least in this counting. That does not surprise. The books mandated fro schule reading are not ones that I sought when I was in such subjugations. And I have tried heartily to rebel since.

The result for Alibam is instructive. First of all, it isn’t a book. It’s a play. That is included in the senior literature textbook. So in effect, the book most read by Alibam high schule seniors is their state issued literature textbook! I fear this confirms my fears. Alibam is now in actuality a third world state. Our children do not read unless compelled. And that compulsion is evil.

Not that I dislike MacBeth. One of Rattle Lance’s better works. Lots of family murder and such. Very fitting for today.

But it is still depressing that seniors in high schule are so whipped.

Counting Down

Two day. Air temperature up a bit. Gym less crowded. Only polite weight bouncers and No educationalists. Podcasts slightly above mediocre. I suspect my expectations are too high or something. Or I miss the era of not-for-money podcasting. Nowadays they have sponsors and commercials and inadequate content. But reading is rather impractical, especially when one is using one’s arms. 

I suspect some of the sparseness of population is the impending holiday. I have to admit to a bit of indecisiveness. It is, after all, the only real American holiday. Still made up but less annoying than days honoring dead politicians or ambiguous causes. Much less depressing than the next holiday – whichever one is observed – deriving from winter solstice observation.That one is just plain nasty, especially now that people fight over what it is to be called. More evidence of increased diversity decreasing tolerance.

The problem with thanksgiving is twofold. First, it has become rather nastily associated with family. Why? Because puritans and pilgrims emigrant to the Americas had to adhere to family to survive? Is that an issue today? Seems rather primitive, which agrees with what Norman Cantor has to say on the subject.

It also has to do with food. I am not opposed to food. I am opposed to eating too much, people who do – especially if they are nether rational nor cognitive, and people who think a diet is some punctuated regime. The only punctuation about a diet is that the meals and foodstuffs are discrete ranges.

This aversion to “dieting” got enhanced this morning. Seems one of the Israeli schule has found that these fad schemes are rather specific in terms of individual effects. [Link] That’s a polite way of saying that they produce claimed results for only a minority of people and are utter rubbish for others, often detrimental,

One more indication that one has to think of diet as what one eats while alive and it ceases only upon discorporation. And the contribution of diet to that discorporation should be minimized as much as possible. Even dihydrogen oxide can be deleterious in large amounts. 

Those who think and act as if diet is something else are irrational, bogus humans, likely nogs with a sprinkling of geeks who are to pitied rather than exterminated. They will take care of that latter matter themselves and some hindrance of that seeking might be altruistic. Maybe? Of course that rather flies in the face of decreased tolerance although I am not at all sure telling someone they are slime mold is tolerance.

FD SCP insists we shall heat soak a partial corpus of turkey and serve it with homogenized fat and starch. Perhaps a lotion of fat and protein may be prepared. But I doubt we shall be able to avoid the irritation and annoyance of family. 

At least it isn’t as depressing as knowing the next holiday marks the inauguration of that hideous nastiness known as winter.

Facebook Merit?

Brr! Sorta. Mostly summer hold over. That is, I got used to the increased heat of summer in Alibam so as winter in Alibam encroaches I have to get used to diminished heat. But I’m not going to prattle on about temperature mostly because I have been re-examining my understanding of temperature the last couple of months. And as I am evolving that comprehension, the weather beavers and mercury columns and electronic widgets are all suspect and cynicalated.

Must be mundane day. I just invented – maybe? – a new – sorta – word and the spell checker had a spasm. Anyway, not pleasant outside although worse now that to/from gym. Which was moderate density for a  mundane day and the weight bouncers were running behind so I was able to flee before their obstruction, grunting, and hulking threats were in full effort.

The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” on the sack of the Chesapeake during the war of 1812. Part of a BOI series on the war that was such a paradigm for how to do an amateur war. And how even great nations can do war poorly. Of course being a Britcast there was no mention of the enslavement of American citizens by the Imperial Navy but what can on expect.

The best part was imparting how even with low tech war is nasty. But rational. At least then. Not clear now. Too much reach for politicians. Anyway. Mildly diverting which is about right for a gym visit.

On a less substantial azimuth, I ran across an article [Link] about a study run by an outfit called the “Happiness Research Institute” which just screams absence of objectivity, integrity, and honesty about how people who have eschewed (another good mundane day word?) FaceScroll are happier than those who have not.

Are those who break addictions “cold turkey” happier than those who remain addicts? How does one measure happiness? (Trick question, you can arguably observe happiness but you can’t measure it.) In this instance via a survey founded on the idea that counting noses is a useful measurement process.

I am told, by psychological types, that most addicts relapse. This study/article fails to address this.

As for myself, I consider FaceScroll a Listerine Thing. It is unpleasant and disturbing and seldom happy making. The cheerful, nice things are so banal as to be disappointing since they lack the richness of human exuberance. When someone tells you they have had good fortune then their enthusiasm tends to be infective but when they write on FaceScroll (or any social media) it propagates in a vacuum. So FaceScroll is rather vacant on the positive side.

On the other hand, there are incessant things, mostly political or religionist – the two are often indistinguishable in Amerika – that span a spectrum from annoying to infuriating. So the negative side is rich and vibrant.

But it offers a bit of merit in that a rational person – probably not most Bogs thereby – will reflect on why he/she feels so and perhaps examine one’s concepts and weltanschauung. And that has merit and value. Much as I detest associating any positive with FaceScroll. 

So what do the abstainers do to challenge their views?

Laser Pumpkin

Once more an attempt to write a blot. I am still looking for a text editor that does auto-save and embeds links – and is not nauseating to use – but no success yet. If you want to suggest any – Linux ONLY please – I will entertain investigation. 

Low temperatures have set in. We are below the liquid -> solid phase transition temperature for dihydrogen oxide as I key this. And I can feel a heat sink about my ankles as the window casing behind my computer desk sucks calories from my aged and frail corpus. Ah well, so much for woe is me! The real woe is that SCPdatter is demanding her mother’s attendance to allay her insecurity (?) of a social activity and I am ill at ease in her (FD SCP’s) protracted absence. It is situations like this that inform me of why men live shorter lives than women.

So far the Arab Electron Uncooperative has not failed us yet but the morning is only slightly commenced. Certainly Redshift (the program) is still convinced it is dark – which it is, at least outside – and has the illumination level of my monitor set down. And my work area lamp has developed a bit of a blink of one of its LEDs so I am working a bit on a winter headache in continuation of a night of uncomfortable slumber and humidification attempts. 

It being ice cream day – in perhaps several azimuths? – I shall use the occasion to clear a few tabs. First, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Scientists use a laser to cool liquid things down for first time ever”. This describes some rather disappointing work done at U Washington. The boffins involved didn’t actually finagle a freeze ray, what they did was to put a crystal in water and illuminate it with slightly less energy than it fluoresced at and entropy did the rest. Namely the cooling. Pray note that while cool is subjective and not thermodynamic, cooling is. Thermodynamic, at least. But it is subjective unless measurements of a meaningful nature are made.

Still it is a neat thermodynamic, if not exactly quantum mechanic, trick. If they can just do this with those “cooling rocks” it may have a use in reducing the temperature of whisky. 

Next, some work from U Warwick [Link] that indicates that humans did something beneficial while they were killing off the mastodons and mammoths. Or is that theory out of favor right now? I can’t quite keep up. The whole thing rather reminds me of Pluto. Is is or isn’t it a planet? Does it wander? Yes. Is it big enough? No. What is the basis for the distinction? Arbitrary, at least to large part.

So about all we can garner is that humans get emotional about fuzzy things. I never cease to be comforted when I visit a zoo at the disillusionment of small children who have never seen – nor smelled! – a real elephant before. Not a cuddly plush stuffed toy. Not clean and neat. But characterized by the same (approximately) time to void bladder as the child. Thanks to work from pretzels at Jawjah Tech. (If the residents of Jawjah are “crackers” then their boffins must be “pretzels”?) 

Anyway, it seems we humans preserved gords and pumpkins and such after the demise of the tusked ones by domestication. (Rather reminds of another Jawjan, William Calley. “We had to destroy that village to save it from the Cong.” or We had to enslave that pumpkin to save it.} Seems that only the big herbivores like Mastodons enjoyed pumpkin and squash and the like. And the herbivores remaining after the demise didn’t like the taste. So the pumpkins didn’t get eaten and digested and their seeds spread via feces. No eat, no junior in the poo. 

I do not like pumpkin. It’s taste is unenjoyable for me. Back when I was a bairn it was still fashionable for pumpkin pies to be built for thanksgiving consumption. Happily, mince meat pies were also produced and I could ameliorate the indignation of not eating pumpkin pie by eating mince meat pie. Which I miss today. In fact that is the theme, or, at least, a theme, of my life. I find something I like and it goes away. 

Needless to say, I find all of the current nonsense about pumpkin spice to be just that. Annoying nonsense. The only good part is that it gives me another reason to avoid Starbucks. Their coffee is already terrible and ill tasting so I am not exposed to the addition of the taste of gourd that should have disappeared during the Lesser Dryas. 

But I do miss mince meat pie. And I do greatly dislike winter. It is subjectively unpleasant to the point of painful discomfort. 

But blasting a pumpkin with a laser until it explodes? Quite enjoyable except for the aroma. Much more satisfying than immersing the pumpkin in liquid phase nitrogen and dropping if off the roof. 

When is the punkin chunkin contest?


It occurs to me that this: [Link]

is the “real threat” to Thanksgiving, not Black Freya’s Day. (odd visualization. Melaninated Scandinavian Woman)

Somehow I envision working in a restaurant on Thanksgiving day to be way worse/nastier (subjectively) than working a MalWart or some such. Not that I have experience with either. Who in any form of retail would trust me?

Nerds save the universe by not working at maintaining evil.

Dog Catcher Situation

OK. Trying again.  Still quite micturated at the Arab Electron Uncooperative. They flicker the potential and I lose a half-hour of creative (?) effort. And this is a utility that operates for the public good?

Stercus Tauri!

I was aiming to mumble a bit about refugees but that got sidetracked a bit. At least the delay – courtesy of one of Arab’s premier public utilities – exposed me to some more considerations courtesy of various media sources and my own little mop head of gray. Or is it grey?

I ran across this article [Link]

that talks about how making nice would encourage more muslims to come? And that alienating muslims leads to increased terrorists.

Can’t argue with the merits of the argument – if it weren’t being applied to religionists. Almost all of the data we have indicates that being nice to religionists just encourages them to terrorize. And they don;t integrate. They only band together to strengthen their opposition.

What doesn’t get discussed is the difference between evangelical and non-evangelical religionists. The latter will basically leave you alone if you leave them alone, so they are maybe neutral. Evangelicals, on the other hand, will take any kindness on your part to be weakness to be repaid with harassment and terror.

So the best you can do is a zero sum game with loss of resources. At worst you get a war in return for altruism.

At the risk of being Hobbesian, the highest level of charity for religionists is doing nothing. Charity isn’t supposed to kill or cripple you.

I have no opposition to refugees who are going to be and stay grateful and coexistent. But those who use it to hurt us are enemies and worse.

When I get time I’ll develop the physics of tolerance.

False Order

This: [Link]

displays one of the primary problems with dealing with push religionists. As soon as you observe their rules, they change them. Winning is more important, evidently.

Maybe that’s why they are evangelistic? Ego rather than insecurity? So they can control others?