Eat Moog’s Food

The title is likely unknown to all but the most congruent. It refers to an idea expressed by Edward Elmer Smith, Ph. D., in “First Lensman” that all intelligent (?) species that have civilization have advertising. He didn’t say so but I have the impression he considered advertising the rust of civilization. That made civilization a pseudo-physical thing and that, and civilization, was key to Smith’s story telling.

One of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force. who also reads Smith but is more mindful of the Skylark vector, claims, with some good empirical analysis, that

“Every Advertisement is a Lie.”

This is clearly improvable since it requires an infinite sample but so far the finite sample standard deviation is zero. That is, no advertisement examined has not contained a factual inaccuracy.

The reason I offer this is that last week another colleague, Force Spring Constant, made much at discussion of a bit of grrr brrr of the death of the internet. The cause of the grr brr was the recent inclusion in the Apple OS of code to permit the blocking of internet advertisements. The thesis was that most internet information propagators are funded by capitalists who pay to have their advertisements on internet sites and documents and the negation of these advertisements would abolish the financiality of the internet.

At the time I poo-pooed the idea, not as irrelevant, but antediluvian. This was patently one of those publicity grabs practiced by the Apple community where they take some topic that is quite dated in the context of the not-Apple universe and ressurect it as if it is new because it is now being considered by Appleites. This is somewhat akin to information only being validated once it has been examined by academics; all others are irrelevant in their examinations.

And such it is. The AdBlock (trademark used as generic) matter is quite old in internet terms. I believe the debate over the financiality was conducted in the Mozilla arena several years ago, five at least. (I am too lazy to go look up dates but I know I have had ad-blocking add-ins for at least that long.) The general consensus was that ads on the internet were a nuisance and nuisances may be swatted, if not squashed. Consider the sales of mosquito repellent.

In my case the decision was a bit more deliberate. I learned to code in a time when compilers were included with the mainframe. When a new compiler came out you got it automatically if you were up to date on your hardware payments. So software is inherently free. That was reinforced in an academic environment where you had access to lots of folks NERD code. It wasn’t until the PC came along that SW had a price and by that time the outlook was instilled in habit and Nature. Hence the Amerikan attitude to SW piracy. Hence folks who write SW to make money are evil and deluded.

When I got to the internet, which was in its not quite early days – I started out with Netscape and an Earthlink account (the latter being the primary source of recognizing evil capitalists on the internet.) So the sense of the environment was that information is free. No price. And to this day I consider paywalls to be evil and I avoid them. Except for really important things like refreed NERD journals and in that regard I am used to paying subscription.

So advertisements on the internet are either nuisance or irrelevant. The rare exception is when I want to purchase something and I see an advertisement for that very thing. The probability of this is vanishingly small, better than observing a proton decay, but still so small as to be irrelevant to any consideration. So disposing of advertisements on the internet is a public health (mental, in this case) activity, rather like spraying for mosquito’s prevents malaria and other nasty diseases. Notable also that neither mosquito nor advertiser are liable for their damage and hence have no claim to humane or civilized consideration. Except maybe to a Jain? And then there is the question of whether capitalists are actually living.

And if the web site goes away? So what? The internet today is much larger but less well populated than in those days. It is clearly an evolving environment. And not suffering very much except at the hands of capitalists. My observation has been that the web sites that I return to have not gone away. That means my blocking ads has not done them in. So ads really are a nuisance and not the financial mainstay of the internet.

Despite what cracked Appleite journalists claim. One more datum of their whackedness.

Tab Hawgin’

OK. It’s Ice Cream day and that means time to do maintenance on tabs. So here’s a few that need attention.

First: [Link]

that re-raises the question of why do Barsoomian women have mammaries if they are egg-layers? (Oviparous?)  And no I have not seen the cinema mentioned largely because the probability a Mars movie will be crap is > Strugeon’s rule. Even the cinemization of Burroughs’ books was a semi-disaster/travesty – what’s with the skin dirt?, where is that discussed in Burroughs? – so the money is better spent on paper. Even blank.

Next: [Link]

is a paradigm of any sciencey discussion I try to have with FD SCP. Why is that? It certainly lends support to the idea that the only reason we are kept around is to help raise the children. But if that is so then there must be some value to our insanity?

And lastly, {Link]

this reminds me of how mothers discover that their hitherto “normal” (???) child is an early riser. Yje only one in the family, prompting questions of where does the behavior come from. And the horrible thought that religion may have to be compromised to actually consider genetics.

Training to be Stupid

Smashing day. I made it to park for constitutional but the rain was so nasty that I caved halfway through its wanted length. And I am still shivering a bit as I key. Of course part of that is FD SCP insisting, rightly!, that we not flip the thermostat from lowering to highing since the warmth is supposed to return today for at least the week.

I have to admit to disliking this period of the year. It mostly has to do with the master bathroom. This uncertainty period is a foretelling of winter conditions. One awakens and goes to bathroom to perform ablutions and lavations. It is cold. Yes, I know cold is a sensation but I can assure you that to SCP the bathroom is uniformly cold starting now and stretching into late spring. Cold and damp unto moldy feeling. I am reminded of my paternal grandparents’ basement where they kept home “canned” foods and grew, undesiringly, mold in great abundance. Rather the feeling of an effective but poorly done horror movie of the ’50’s. Of course much of that latter is redundant.

I try to abate the cold by using an electric “heater”. Why do all such convert electric potential to waste heat with an acoustic component? There has been an argument in STEM circles for years about whether this process is completely efficient or completely inefficient. Is the conversion to ordered electron potential different to disordered heat the ultimate in efficiency or inefficiency/ That depends on whether you are interested in conserving order or being warm. I, on the other hand, muse on the matter of the noise. Why is it? This tends to put me in a no-man’s land because I consider the process purely efficient – since efficiency depends on the desired result, which is warmth – except for the inefficiency (?) of the noise. 

Speaking of which, one of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, sent me a link [Link] to a TIME article written by a basketball player of Mohammedan persuasion. Given the density of religionist terrorism these days, I was pleased that the article was pro-rationality, at least from my perspective. The thesis is well expressed by a quote:

“Yet there seems to be a growing belief among college students, and some fearful parents, that being exposed to anything that challenges the comfort zone of beliefs might infringe on their rights.”

I quite understand this, living in the old Confederacy/ Insecurity is a mental cancer of Kudzuian proportion. It is well known that one of the primary causes of the fervor of evangelism (a form of religionist terrorism widely practiced in the Sowth by Protestants, so called because if you protest against their ranting they will try to discorporate you. It’s the Southron Christianist version of beheading,) is that the adherents of the particular denominations/heresies/delusions are insanely fearful of being exposed to any rationality or contrary information. In their minds the “word of deity” is unchallengable and any challenge must be negated. At whatever cost. Mostly to its source. Trying to have a rational discussion about religion with any of these people puts one at grave personal risk. Which is why such discussions are avoided. 

The problem is that these folks have to educate (so to speak) their children or themselves. The evil government (redundant in their view) makes them send children to schule or home schule and the Yankee government demands some standards that are in direct and dire conflict with their religionist dogmas. Further, if they and their children are ever to work as anything other than rubbish collectors then they have to have some education beyond high schule.

Pray note that I use the term education here aliterally. There is scant education any more. It happens in spite of the schules and increasingly, the colleges and universities. What they are really receiving is, in the main, training. In the public schules that training is uniformly and exclusively directed towards the questions that will be asked on the YG’s standardized examinations that cannily determine the pay of the “teachers” in these schules. And much of it violates these people’s “beliefs”, like the chattel nature of women and the evil of fluoridation and abortion and contraception. 

But rather than examining that information they are exposed to in a rational fashion, they respond by denial (yes, just like politicians who are often their role models,) and violence, either physical or social, if not both. 

And that’s why we are becoming a third world nation-state. 

The basketball player decries this and well. A good read. Better than this blot. Kudos to him.

Education is what occurs in spite of the teachers.


OK. Really is Saturn Day today. Week out. Senior delusions? 

Anyway, fair walk in park this morning. May be high ’50’s degF but too low temperature for my Alibam summer adapted system. Gonna have to up coat tomorrow morning. But I did remember ear coverings. So all my face BUT my ears was shivering. Horrible when you are senior and cheeks shiver. Slobbering accompanies. 

According to the Atlanta wonks over at the Jawgah Institut for Technowhow, Mars has running water. [Link]

This is indicated by the streaks. Pray don;t tell FD SCP. She can’t stand water streaks. Some sort of childish shock? Anyway, when we get water streaks in basins and such she goes on a cleaning binge. All I can do to keep her from scouring my wrinkles.

On a similar note, some corporation without credentials has released a study that indicates changing to driver-less motorcars will reduce traffic fatalities by an order-of-magnitude. This strikes me as one of those obvious things. If we take the steering wheel and accelerator pedal away from Der Schmucken then the number of wrecks and collisions will go WAY DOWN. There’s only one problem. Those folks will do anything to keep control of their motorcars. So you may have to discorporate them to get them to comply. In which case we obtain no benefit from driver-less motorcars since all the accidents (and a lot of the overcrowding) is relieved.

Makes you wonder who is paying for the study, doesn’t it?



Political Masque

This is a redo. Scribefire ate the original. Bad Client!

Survived the gallop to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill despite Der Schmucken being dense. Many opportunities for death due to irresponsible driving on the part of others. Makes me yearn for a Saracne Armoured Car with a Rarden auto-cannon and a full load of incendiary rounds. Sad part is that the rotters have likely already rutted and the gene pool is worsened regardless. Amazing that humans can be 100% Junk DNA.

But this caused me to contemplate the POTUS candidate circus and come up with some tag lines:

  • HC: “I am a lawyer-politician-celebrity and too arrogant to learn, or obey, the National Security Laws”;
  • BS: “Stercus Tauri, that’s me”;
  • JB: “Schrodinger’s Cat”;
  • DT: “Let’s Burn Everything. Except my Weatth. But definitely all of your stuff”;
  • BC: “I can cut meat but I can’t learn Science”;
  • CF: “I am the Destroyer of Corporations. Now I want to be the Destroyer of Countries. Including this one!”;
  • MH: “Bring back the Protestant Inquisition”; 
  • JB: “I am the idiot child. It’s my turn to be Emperor”; and

The Rest (and above): “We will continue to distract you with crap because we can’t do anything constructive”

In complementary news, the Congress of the United States has been renamed the “Fool Farm of the United States.”

Selah. Back to reality?