Nit Noid Reality

No agent should be permitted to advertise any product, brand, or service that is not available to a viewer/listener within a radius of ten kilometers.

For example, I had to sit through a Dunkin Donuts commercial on television knowing full well that there was none such closer than Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. (A LOT MORE than ten kilos away!!!)

So take that advertising exec and the DD advertising wonk out and make them listen to Cotton Mather sermons in a monotone for the rest of their lives. 

Message 3

A person who is more concerned with appearance than accomplishment is a twit.

A person who presents only facade and no substance is a Potemkin.

The combination is a Potemkin Twit.

Ice Cream Happiness

This morning, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Happiness in America Correlates With One Specific Thing About Where You Live.” This article is about a psychological study that found a rather nice correlation between (self-rated) happiness and how tax money is spent. Specifically,

” Americans were happier in states where governments spent more of their relative budget on public goods – infrastructure like parks, libraries, and roads, as well as natural resources, and public services like policing.”

This explains why morale is urine-poor in Alibam. The state guvmint is busy doing everything it can to give the tax revenues away to the evil rich capitalist oligarchs who pay for the pols’ campaigns. Pure Trumplandia.

Ice Cream Headache

Was reading Physics Today last evening in and around with FD SCP catching up on the missed Big Bang Farce episode due to the Trump Tantrum between the cable provider and the CBS provider. The article was a review of Weinberg’s latest (?) book.

Part of the review was a discussion of how the wave function collapses under observation. Nice discussion with good points but the question I want to ask is:

Why is no one concerned with the formation of the wave function?

It’s gotta form before it can be collapsed. I learned that as a child with water balloons and paper bags. You drop an empty balloon out of a second floor window and you learn about lift but not how to get the other kid wet. And popping an empty paper bags is equally void.

Sideways Message

After I noticed an article [Link] on how a Saudi adolescent was granted asylum in Canadia so she wouldn’t be honor-murdered by her family, an idea struck.

How about if everyone in the Yankee republic who ISN’T a POL asks for asylum?

Then the Canadians can take over the Southern 49 (and the Sandwich Islands, I suppose) and replace the current traitors with bemusing but honest (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) politicians? 

And thereby save us from being killed by the administration keeping the government closed to placate the ego of a Slime BOG. 

If nothing else, the infusion of politeness will be renewing. And some modicum of reality will return to the country.