Cleaning out tabs. Ran across one [Link] entitled “Coding is not ‘fun’, it’s technically and ethically complex” and was a bit offput by it. I noticed the author is located in Italy so this may be an Italian/European thing.

The guy is railing against the fun/easy thing being propagandized by a lot of Geek Leaders. Notably Fruit Folk. The article states that

“Unfortunately, this rosy portrait bears no relation to reality. For starters, the profile of a programmer’s mind is pretty uncommon. As well as being highly analytical and creative, software developers need almost superhuman focus to manage the complexity of their tasks. Manic attention to detail is a must; slovenliness is verboten. Attaining this level of concentration requires a state of mind called being ‘in the flow’, a quasi-symbiotic relationship between human and machine that improves performance and motivation.”

which is largely Stercus Tauri. (To use an Italian language.)

Yes, programming is rather strictly grammatical. In fact it is the strictest in a grammar sense but there is still plenty of wiggle room to abuse the grammar. The reason for this is fairly simple. Compilers aren’t very smart. The strictness has to do with the conversion of conversation – code – into executable.

Second, the mind set isn’t that uncommon. When I was an undergrad, almost all STEMs learned how to code. (The notable exceptions were biologists and boundary people like anthropologists and psychologists.) So unless the author thinks STEM skills ate rare, coding mindset isn’t uncommon. Disciplined, maybe, but not uncommon.

Is it fun? It is for me. Yes, it is frustrating but when the code runs there is an adrenalin rush that is indistinguishable from fun. It’s also soothing and enveloping. A sort of womb thing.

Ethically challenging? Is this one of those science fiction “Is there a God?” things? If you’re a back-to-nature kill off the human rave to hunter-gatherer levels arealist than maybe, but not otherwise. At least based on the author’s arguments. Which are sparse and vapid.


Food Evil

Whew. Days are strange. Have to wear sweater in morning and then shuck when the air temperature heads back up into the ’90’s. Ah!, the JOYS of GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!

Spent much of yesterday in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. After her visit with the Oculus Quackus had to brave Manhattan level lunch time traffic while exploring. If it hadn’t been so stressful I might of died from boredom.

After ran across an article [Link] entitled “Kids Joining ‘School Lunch Advisory Councils’ to Deal With Michelle Obama’s Rules” about how the Administration is enlisting schule kids to police their companions’ eating.

Lunch Nazis. Or worse, reminds me of the Self-Criticism Committees the Russian and Chinese Communists were so fond of. Home grown committees of zealots who called their neighbors in to confess to their sins. And be chastised and harassed and even punished. Some got sent to concentration camps.

Evil. Tyranny. Amerika.

It occurred that they will populate these councils with the popular, cool kids to “self-criticize” the unpopular, uncool, ordinary kids just for being unpopular, uncool, and ordinary. Kids who need some comfort food. Need some psychologal comfort period. 

One more evil of organization.

Enough to really smoke my ire.

And probably slanted against the INTROs as well. More EXTRO harassment and beatings condoned by the schule instrumentality. Let’s kill the INTROs because NO ONE CARES!

Let’s make Auschwitz out of every public schule!

I know the waste is up with the new dietary rules. Understandable. And not the right way to induce the kids to eat right. They eat like they do at home. Any major deviation is not gonna work

What I would like to see is the stats before and after on kids bringing lunch. That was how we responded to disliked cafeteria practices. 

Another reason I am glad I am ORF. Bad enough with the Medical Nazis without dedicated food Nazis.

Out & About

Waiting room duty. Responsible Adult for FD SCP at eye physician. Many people and little diversion. 

Trying to figure out why women wear long blouses made of teeshirt fabric that rides up and frames their derriere?

Is that their goal?

Lost Dream

I ran across this cartoon [Link] this morning:

And was struck by how it captured how I feel about GEN Ys sometimes. 

They are lost and gone forever?

And do they have any redeeming social value?

Duhhh Best

Four Day. The petrol pipeline is supposedly, temporarily repaired/restored and the petrol situation should return to “normal” (a misuse of the term,) in a few days. So maybe by next week I can return to gym. 

This incident has reimpressed me with how corporations can vertically copulate people’s lives. They need to be controlled. 

But on the bright side I notice [Link] that Alibam is the 44th most educated state in the Yankee republic. 

That’s equivalent to saying it is the 7th worst educated state. And if you subtract out Madison County I’d suspect it rises to first or second worse.

So for once, Alibam isn’t automatically the worst at something. Other than Amerikan soccer.

Alibam politicians and capitalists like Alibam being uneducated. Makes for a more docile class of work serfs. Makes them more amenable to believing that things like unions and health care are BAD.

On the other hand, it is a bit nice to know I’m in the top few percentum of educational attainment. Which don’t mean much but every living creature has to have something satisfying about itself to keep living.

Besides, I’m too old to move. To sat nothing of convincing FD SCP. Maybe after the elections?