Pond Politics

As I sat in the car park next my gym out in sprawling Scant City awaiting the arrival of the gym clerk who opens, I had scant distraction other than reading the electronic billboard at the pharmacy next the gym. One of the ePages it displayed claimed that this pharmacy, a particular disreputable one frequently associated with the illegal sale of controlled substance, had “the shortest wait time around.”

I reflected on how almost all pharmacies in the area make this claim. And clearly it is rubbish. There has been no testing, no analysis, no validation nor verification, only blatant propaganda.

Then I considered the nature of the current campaign for POTUS. I discount the two candidates playing Shakespearean character hiding behind drapery, waiting to be run through by some courtier. But of the two projected by the ruling parties, our own versions of Communism in action, both are running the same kind of campaigns as the pharmacies.

Lots of claims, mostly rubbish. No actual data other than hearsay and fiction. And no analysis. Only “I will be the best POTUS and that other fellow will be the worse.”

And the choices are poor: between a necrophiliac – not in the usual sense of sexual congress with the dead but reversed, a dead person still walking and dreaming of congress – and a weird sister. Shakespeare couldn’t have do this person (?) justice and he did better than most. But still someone who has retailed their soul. Assuming there was one to begin with?

Now that I’ve insulted the faithful, pray return to your asentient existence. Your search for better will fail because neither is what you dream.

Electric Cost

I have commented previously of my high opinion of Samsung. But I had to re-examine it this week after finding an article [Link] entitled “The Best Smartphones To Replace The Note 7.” I have to acknowledge this is a HuffPo article and thereby inherently vacuous. But what it did was make me consider my thoughts on the cost of cellular telephone.

Every alternative they offer to the Note 7 is at least $500 and most are $800 +/- 50. Instant sticker shock. And then cognition.

I used to use a Motorola Droid RAZR. I got it back when purchase was not possible so it’s hard to get at its price but it has to be at least the minimum of those in the article.

And it was a Fragmentum Sterci.(Piece of S**t for those who aren’t educated classically) Got a good cellular telephone. Which I bought. Paid $200 for it. An ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser. 

A minimum of 10dB better than the Droid. And I don’t have so much money in it that I will worry much about replacing in in a couple of years when the security updates quit.

Because the cellular telephone marketplace is controlled by Conlegei Sterci. (Corporations of S**t for those above mentioned readers.)

So I am now considering rooting and changing to something that does update. 

But not at Brain-dead EXTRO prices.

50: Declined!

Last week was the fiftieth reunion of my high schule year group. We – FD SCP and I – didn’t go.

Let me say that we had good intentions. Her year group was planning on having a fiftieth which would also be their first. But her class was only twenty-five initially and about half that now, which indicates why Alibam is number two in abysmalness of health care and Mi(ssi)^nppi is number one. 

I/we have been to several of my reunions. Initially, just myself since we hadn’t mt. This was in the early years. Every five years. I attended the first three and found them all abysmal. So I quit going.

FD SCP and I went to one about fifteen years ago. We stayed a half-hour. Horrible noise as an excuse for music and inedible food. Since we had paid for a room at the night we retired to the hotel restaurant, which was deserted except for staff, and enjoyed a quiet, edible meal before retiring and running away expeditiously the next morning. 

So no positive experiences. Including seeing old classmates.

But this was different somehow. Not sure just how but decided needed to go.

But on the day I began to reflect on my experiences in high schule. The bullying and harassment by the jocks and bouncers (cheer leaders.) And especially the coaches. The information deprivation and the regimentation – NO! You MUST stay ignorant! – that was only depressing and dismal until I got to college and found out its existence. 

And the people. Yes, a few I sorta wanted to see but why? Yes, there were a couple who were good friends but friendship decays with distance. And the teachers? Most dead and the others I wasn’t sure I wanted to tell they failed. The good ones had moved on in the main and the well meaning ones didn’t deserve the disillusionment.

And FD SCP doesn’t like crowds she doesn’t know.

So we caved. And now it’s out of my system.

Warped Sustainability

One of the great deceptions of modern times is that humans have only recently become consumerists. This myth/prevarication is propagated by the fanatic environmentalist faction.

Which is not to say they don’t have a good point but they rather ignore why there is a problem and that is overpopulation. It isn’t completely clear how many people we need for humans to continue but it’s between a million and a billion so there’s lots of room for downsizing.

But the string I want to oscillate here is about humans as consumers.

Humans have always been consumers. Back when we (our predecessors) were still in the trees, we consumed fruit of the trees and probably an occasional tree rat or dinosaur descendant. Once we climbed down and embraced the risk of bipedalism, we got busy consuming. Albeit mostly “road kill.”

Once we invented technology we got into big time because we had to be Hunter-Gatherers. Because we were consumers. We’d eat an area of a couple of hours walk radius around our temporary camp down and have to march on to a new area. After the population grew enough we had to develop circuits and territories so we didn’t have to kill (and eat) other bands’ members.

Those movements were the type of consumerism we have now. When we stopped we could make shelters, sleeping and cooking rigs, and tools. But when we moved to the next stop we had to leave behind every thing we couldn’t carry and keep up. And that burden had to include toting children too small to walk themselves. This is part of why we have “marriage.” It’s so the men can carry the women’s stuff while they carry bairns.

Just like consumerism today. 

Of course, at some point sedentaryism set in followed quickly by either starvation or the development of agriculture with all its evils. And that may have been the only time – and it’s a big MAY – we’ve worried about sustainment and conservation seriously.

And I sorta doubt that based on some of the evidence.

So sustainability is a valid concern but horribly mangled in presentation.