Have you ever dropped a door? Not one of those real doors that one finds in institutional buildings or the exterior doors of houses; one of those interior doors that are a rectangular frame of 2x2s and a millimeter or so of veneer. They are so light that the air drag is enough to flip them and they semi-float to the ground with a sickening noise that is a combination of “swoosh” and “thud.”

I mention this because autumn (fall?) may have descended on Alibam. 

The whole month of September was an extension of August. This was studiously ignored by all of the politicals since it is one more indication that the melted snowflakes of the international science community are accurate and the planet is preparing to rid itself of human civilization and almost all humans as well. 

Back to hunting and gathering.

No Bronson Alpha and Beta this time folks. Just destructive weather and no food. At least until we go far below the natural carrying capacity of the abused planet. 

Another reason I am glad to be ORF. I figure a fungus will get me before I can starve. There’s something vaguely satisfying with the idea of being covered in greyish fuzz like a loaf of high end in-store bakery bread with NO preservatives. 

We have had a few days of morning temperatures in the sixties and below. And the afternoon temperatures have been in the seventies. Fahrenheit, that is. But not today. Back to the eighties. Not that I’m complaining after too many high nineties and FD SCP nattering about the bills from the Greater Metropolitan Arab Electron Monopoly. 

On which note, I should mention that when I returned home from gym yesterday she had made the transition from summer jersey to winter sweats as her at-home attire. I similarly made the shift from short-sleeve to long-sleeve. But then the blood thinners assure that I have the heat capacity of the vacuum. 

I am not complaining about the onset of lesser temperatures. Except for the extra weight of clothes. And the prickliness of bathroom heaters. “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” But on the other hand we shall get better petrol mileage in the motorcars. No need for air conditioning.

On a related azimuth, FD SCP also picked this past week to finally decide to sack her old computer – an HP lemon from the W7 days that has more bad tracks on its HD than the Greater Metropolitan Arab Electron Monopoly has outages in a year. Seems that in addition to shedding her sewing data, the beast’s DVD drive has gone whackadoodle and is locked in constant seek mode that come with a rather Halloween appropriate shriek. 

So I went to the cache of FD SCP future computers – I buy a new one every year or so in anticipation of the explosive demise of her current one – and spent most of Thursday getting it half ready to swap out. This new box is a refurbed Lenovo that had been advertised as a W7 box – FD SCP has a hatred for WX that is Medea level – but had been upgraded to WX during the refurb.

It’s a much better box. The case doesn’t vibrate with the air from the HVAC vent like the HP does, and the UEFI is much better implemented. More righteous evidence that Carly was a daughter of one of the Greek fates – the sadistic one. 

Sadly, it does have WX as its OS. FD SCP has to use W because of the tyranny of her sewing machines and their software. I have had this box for a few months so I knew once It got it past its birth canal nastiness it would take a while to update. And I was right. Six hours. I had forgotten how slow Winders is. Definitely made me very happy. I sat about and spent most of the day tinkering with my Linux boxes. 

Linux is almost enough to make we want to be young. Almost. But it is definitely more happiness than a lot of my life.


Bungling to Cookin’

Now that the Repulsian Partei only represents Anglo-Saxon Caucasian Supremist Male Evilgelicals who know that any properly submissive women would not think, much less mention, sexual predation as being anything less than a blessing to their persons, the allegations against the current candidate for Justice must be fraudulent and to counter that criminality and sin, the FBI has been instructed to make up an equally fraudulent investigation in the best interests of Caucasian Supremacy justice and holiness.

At least that’s the sense of Southron Old Confederacy outlook on the matter that I could gather over the weekend.

In this light, and the coming pogrom of everyone who isn’t them, Climate Change may be a mitzvah? That way another species gets their chance to vertically copulate the planet.


As I was plumbing the InBox this morning, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Pentagon Will Only Accept Proposals for Military Cloud Network on DVD.”

I have to admit that this was a bit of a perk-up. When I retired from the Yankee Government Service, proposals had to be on paper, as many copies as the contracting agency though – in their wildest imagination – that they might need, and hand delivered, The latter was because they wanted to make sure the respondent didn’t look like a Communist or a terrorist fanatic. The former was because they didn’t want to waste their appropriated and authorized money on paper and printers. There was some discussion when I retired of changing to “floppy” disks but these ideas were viewed by management as speciously as the idea of telecommuting. 

I can recall an experiment – ostensibly telecommuting – that the Yankee Navy ran inside the beltway where they let people telecommute one day a week from an abandoned Great Patriotic War era warehouse. The catch was that it wasn’t near any of the people telecommuting and they had to pay for their use of the work spaces. Sort of like those motels that charge by the hour for buggy beds with dirty sheets.

Along this line, the author of this essay noted

“Still, DVDs are a bizarre means of local storage these days. Why not a USB thumb drive? The reason is probably classified — or just completely arbitrary.”

This demonstrates how this journalist doesn’t know what he is writing about. Either Yankee Government rules nor IT stuff. Anyone competent on either knows – trivially – that a DVD is read-only while a USB stick is read-write. DuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhD! 

I can only hope that the contracting agency charged the journalist for the interview. I hate to think my taxes were wasted on such a haggis-head.

Bungling Brothers Circus

I watched the proceeding in Congress yesterday. And I have a few observations:

The membership of congress needs to be taken into custody for suspicion of treason;

Political parties need to be considered as gangs and membership in them criminalized;

Dr. Ford needs a competent therapist, if one can be found in California, to help her deal with her denial problems and a squad of Recon Marines to deal with her bullying problems; and

Mr. Cavanaugh gave an excellent performance as a self-righteous, arrogant schmuck who should be debarred and given a job as mucker in the District Sewer System.

Fall of Disillusionment

As I was leaving Greater Metropolitan Arab this morning on my way to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill, waiting to enter US 231, I noticed an Arab Police SUV on speed duty. Suddenly, the SUV pulled out into the highway, neither lamps not wipers engaged, in apparent obliviousness to traffic, safety, and Alibam law. This put me in mind of Bill Cosby.

When I was young, I listened to the comedy records of Andy Griffin and Bill Cosby. Their humor was wholesome, American, suitable to the Containment Era.

Now Cosby is in prison for sex crimes. What does this tell us? Is America a prevarication, a Potemkin facade? Or have we been the victims of cynical politicians who have swindled us and enslaved us?

Is Mr. Cosby actually a villain of enormous magnitude or a victim of a legal system principally dedicated to punishing someone, guilty or not?

Can anyone or anything in America be trusted? The signs are negative. Democracy is disappearing amidst the struggles of power hungry minorities. Organizations are industriously reinventing slavery. Or is this all the dust hiding a new liberation? And if so, what replaces the democracy made null by our newfound cynicism?

In Media Res

I am a Linuxian. That doesn’t mean I consider myself a citizen of some imaginary country but in a sense, Linux is a nation. The people who use Linux are generally of different stuff than those who use Winders or AppleOS (whatever it is called.) For many, the difference is between that of a free human and that of a bound human, either serf or slave.

Recently, there has been a great deal of attention spent on the retreat (in a spiritual sense) of the founding father of Linux, Linux Torvalds, from his role are First Coder. The association considered here should be more that of Asimov’s “Foundation” series than the dictatorial idea of “First Citizen.”

Now I need to strike a metaphor: FaceScroll is a battle ground. The battle is “fought” between those who believe good syntax usage is an obligation of being human and intelligent and those who believe syntax is discretionary and situational. The metaphor I want to strike is that almost all of these people are adequately human to be considered good. Only the extremes: those who think syntax irrelevant and that anyone should be able to understand them if they shout loudly enough; and those who consider others who do not meet their standards of syntax to be subhuman; are evil and of questionable humanity.

Of all human languages, computer languages are the most exacting when it comes to syntax. In a sense, this is good because if something doesn’t work, its syntax is a failure; it it works then the syntax is good.

The problem with this is that even with this razor’s edge of functionality, the variation of good enough is subject to the subjectivity of not-good-enough-for-me and over-exacting-as-error.

Each human being is a battle ground. What is good and bad is a constant conflict being redefined. Some of us are diligent  in this pursuit; others over and under do it. Some of us remain forever frozen in our conceits and some of us are able to renormalize ourselves and our world views and actions.

None of this establishes what is good and what bad, but it does give us a model of human behavior. And often it is best if we stay in the middle of the distribution.

Unjudgly 2

The Cavanaugh question isn’t about gender or generation.

It’s about human rights. And so far, the government, executive and legislative, at least, is failing miserably.