Schmucks on Ice

It seems the difference-of-opinion between MegaHard and CERN has not concluded.

Seems a while back MegaHard got (more) greedy and upped the OS rates on CERN. In a fit of NERDery that brings warmth to the pump region of NERDs everywhere – and not a few GEEKs – the CERN folks invited MegaHard to go administer a fuming nitric acid enema to themselves. And launched a new program wonderfully named MegaHard Alternative. 

Now, MegaHard has sputtered back [Link] with 

We are committed to a consistent application of eligibility requirements for our different licensing options. When we find exceptions to this policy during our ongoing audit processes for compliance, we work directly with customers to ensure their transition to new licensing programs is as seamless as possible.

Evidently this is a mixture of ambulance chaser and business college graduate gobbledygook.

But the part “work directly with customers” made me roll on the floor so much I had to have my ribs taped. MegaHard working with a customer? Quick, look to the skies! The dinosaur killer meteorite has come back to get the humans. Of the Spaghetti Monster has come to signal Doomsday. Or Al Gore is speechless. 

In a related but unheralded matter, Prevaricator Of The United States, Fartus Maximus, has been adopted by the Kickspoop Amerindian tribe with the given name “Runs With Lies.”

Both of these pile of stercus can be alleviated by adopting LINUX and reclaiming independence and democracy. LINUS for Prez!

Old Flatulence

Ran across this cartoon [Link] this morning

Took me back to the daring days of yesterday when I had a shiny new IBM PC with two floppy drives at home and was looking for an alternative to FORTH which had proved to be a bit hair triggered.

Just then Phillipe Kahn introduced TURBO PASCAL and for the nest bunch of years I wrote (almost) all my code that way. And published several papers from the results.

Finally had to give it up when Winders crept into the seams and you had to spend 90% of your coding time doing GUI stercus.

Thence, on the LINUX and back to FORTRAN. And the numbers get crunched good.

But there for a while, PASCAL was the thing dreams are made of.

Pater Pomp

This morning I ran across this cartoon [Link]

and was immediately gladdened that I do not have to consume such noxious stuff in as much as I am a normal (in the usual misuse of the word) adult human who does not secrete Lactase.

I did, however, break my fast this morning with a bialy, which is not – I am told – the norm of Alibam. I can only respond that it is impossible to obtain a proper bagel in Alibam.

In Praise of Putzdom

If you don’t know what a Putz is, go look at yesterday’s blot. 

The water in the tipping valve accumulated faster. Must be the weekend. Or the dept of stupidity that stretches from sea to shining sea. Amerika the Putz!

First, an article [Link] “Target Registers Across Country All Malfunction at Once, Causing Massive Lines” that I ran across this morning. I have to admit to hearing about this on the 1700 news programming from Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. I initially thought this was indicative of just how hard up the TV ogres are to fill up a half-hour on the weekend.

But then I saw this article and bells went off. What is it with Target and their IT incompetence. Several years ago, Target got its databases looted. I forget how many million credit card numbers got stolen from their databases because of their inability to understand basic IT stuff like encryption and firewalls, but they basically stepped on their own sexual organs with gold cleats. 

And now they appear to have done it again. 

What doesn’t make sense is why enormous numbers of humans – presumably BOGs – waited on queue for the links to be restored and their credit card numbers harvested in real time? 

After the last breech, I swore off using plastic at Target. Now, bear in mind, that I have to drive all the way from Greater Metropolitan Arab to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill to visit a Target and once I get there the only thing I tend to buy is candy and pastry, mostly for my maternal parent who has a nonagenarian sweet tooth. And I pay with pictures of dead pink politicals which is highly distasteful to Target personnel, at least based on their facial expressions, presumably because they get a cut on every credit card they compromise?

In other evidence of the cancer infested nature of the nation, I came across another article [Link] “How to Emulate a Graphing Calculator on Your Phone or PC” that indicates just why the Amerikan BOGgerate is so large and abysmally unknowledgeable. This article blathered about how electronic calculators – the marvel IT of the 1970’s – can be simulated using a cellular telephone. 

Overall, the composition and well as the story was depressing and nauseating. The latter was expressed in the abysmal stupidity exhibited in this not only by all those high schule students who can add or subtract using the parasitic organ between their ears, but that the schule does this uneducation using Texas Instrument calculators. 

This is directly equivalent to using non-functional Target cash registers to teach kids how to handle money.

Nasty Secret: TI can’t build a decent calculator. PERIOD! The only people in the Yankee Republic who can build a decent calculator is HP and they have been turned to rotting pond scum by Carly and her ilk. 

Happily I have a pre-Carly HP RPN calculator (or three) and can actually crunch numbers. 

Which is more than either Target or Texas Instruments can do. 

At least TI hasn’t sold off customers’ credit card numbers yet.

That we know of.

In Praise of Schmuckdom

Advanced Education Question: What’s the difference between a Putz and a Schmuck?

Advanced Education Answer: A Putz is embarrassingly stupid, but a Schmuck is embarrassingly stupid and genocidally evil. 

I tend to do some things based on a mental tipping valve. A tipping valve is a reservoir at one end of a stick and a counter-weight at the other, mounted on a axle with a backwards stop so the the valve just sits in place until more fluid is in the reservoir, by weight, than the counter-weight. So it sits in place until it gets full enough and then it dumps.

I learned about this when I was eight years old and my parents, in their Putzdom, gave me a hydraulics building set for Winter Solstice holiday.

In this instance I ran across an article this morning, [Link] entitled “Google: No, Of Course, We’re Not Slowly Killing Ad Blocker,” which was the third in a series and my blogging tipping valve dumped.

This is the dump.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, Gooey is once more trying to be the the Fartus Maximus of the IT millieu because they have been frightened by Mozilla whose Putzish re-engineering of FireFox and ThunderBird have finally turned Mozilla’s user stats up. So they – Gooey – are revamping their browser Chrome and in the process making it ad blocker proof so they lose no opportunity to commit espionage and theft of their users’ information. Nor any opportunity to obtain pictures of discorporated pink politicians. 

And, of course, in this article they are called to task for the prevarication of denying they are doing these dishonest things to their users. Especially since the users don’t pay them. 

I have to admit that this is a matter of some laughter on my end. I don’t use Winders (except for running a LaTeX WYSIWYG editor on a WXP box NOT connected to the network,) and hence have other choices of what browser to use.

Need I mention that CHROME isn’t one of those. In fact, It’s never even been downloaded or installed on the box. And I don’t use the Gooey search engine either. 

Because I don’t have to.

I have a choice. Which too many Winders and Fruit users seem to be incapable of.

Next, an article [Link] entitled “Alabama Mayor Suggests “Killing” LGBTQ People Is “Only Way” to Fix Society’s Problems.” This article is about a political schmuck (and, YES, I know that’s unnecessarily redundant!) Mark Chambers, the mayor of Carbon Hill, Alabama, who has announced that he is in favor of killing (probably with a flame thrower or a piece of rope,) without due process (id est: a trial of any legal form) anyone he deems to not be “like” him. So if you ain’t pink and bigoted, stay away.

The problem is that Alibam is like this all over.

What makes this guy a notable Schmuck, as opposed to all the other Alibam politicians who mostly think the same way, is that the others aren’t stupid enough to come out and say it.  

And thirdly, an article [Link] entitled “Research Shows Religious People Believe They Are Morally Superior, But Their Motivations Are Largely Egoistic.” The title is a pretty good summary of the article.

I have to admit that I have met very few religionists whose actions don’t indicate that they think they are morally superior. That doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have some redeeming qualities. But I do have to admit that my sample size is small since I don’t continue associating with the ones who lack those redeeming qualities. 

Not being a vapid egotistical bigot is one of those qualities. 

Of course, happily, most of the ones I don’t want to associate with don’t want to associate with me, because I have more than a double digit IQ, have read books and don’t have to pretend to be literate, actually got a college education and not just a certificate, and am a STEM NERD. (That latter is enough for those I don’t associate with to want a rope.) 

The only real problem is that they can’t drive a motorcar at all well and most (the males, at least) own pickup trucks. 

“I don’t like anybody

very much.” [Kingston Trio]

As we observe the seventy-fifth anniversary of the beginning of the end of the “Great Patriotic War.” it seems appropriate to reflect on the corruption and cancer that Amerika has become.

We have a government that is controlled by two pseudo-religious orders, one of superstitious sadists and the other of shamanistic masochists, at war with each other to determine which form of slavery and serfdom become the “New Amerikan Way.” Both hate and fear science and scholarship and persecute those who do either.

Our schools have become death camps of intelligence and knowledge where students are lauded and exalted for stupidity and servility.

The current administration is led by a pathological prevaricator whose lieutenants are dedicated to taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich.

We have embraced diversity so that our Us-Them hatred can foment terrorism and civil war. 

I was told yesterday that civilization will be dead in thirty years. And that Amerika was leading the charge to troglodyte-ism. 

And I am glad to be ORF.

And, yes, I did have family on the Ruben James.