Winter Reds 1

Trumpism: A statement, definition, or description whose meaning is the opposite of what it is claimed to be.

Example: Announced on a television morning news/weather program that has been on for two hours: “Now starting, Channel 911 News!”

Sturgeon’s Season bis

In the grind of yesterday, I somehow managed to miss that my Alma Mater’s (American) football team had obtained the championship status of the Old Confederacy Conference of (American) Football. Could that be because I really don’t care? No, it isn’t. It’s because I am opposed to the game on health reasons. The games are basically hormone orgies for the spectators, qualifying them to be considered as pornographic. And quite frankly, not a victim-less form of pornography.

I understand one of the players was severely injured. Not surprising. 

But since I live in Alibam, I understand why there will never be an realistic discussion of this or why the game should be banned. Fundamentally, too many Alibam residents want their children killed in what they view as a glorious end. Which says something for the tyranny and horrible living conditions of too many in this state.

On which azimuth, I note [Link] that Chicken Man has responded (smoewhat) to allegation of sexual misconduct on his part. I have to admit that I misjudged the fellow. Even for an astrophysicist he has a proper scientific approach. Instead of merely denying, he offers up his recollection of events and notes that “evidence” (data) is effectively lacking. Sadly, with Bogs, especially those in Alibam, evidence is irrelevant: someone has to be punished and the guy least liked is the best candidate.

So hang the Nerd! 

Monday morning in Alibam can be very discouraging and depressing. One wonders when civilization, much less rationality, will arrive here?

Sturgeon’s Season

Just walked into kitchen to get the daily cup of coffee bean solution. Chanced to observe a television advertisement for Chrome. The lead-in was a litany of what is wrong with Winders. Sadly, the idea that Chrome is the answer is appropriate for deeply inept Bogs. The real answer is Linux. It has none of Winders’ faults and it is a real OS, unlike Chrome which is basically a single client (app in Bog vocabulary/understanding) masquerading as an OS.

Ran across an article in Newsweek [Link] entitled “TRUMP AND REPUBLICANS APPEAL TO MEN WITH FRAGILE MASCULINITY, RESEARCHERS FIND.” This seems to make a bit of sense. I learned a long time ago that most of what humans do is because of their insecurity. Most humans are very insecure in their prevarication. That would explain this behavior, because no one seems to prevaricate more than politicians. But then the intriguing derivative of this, is why not Democrats? Could it be because Democrats are seen as actually accomplishing something, other than giving tax money to rich people?

One of my colleagues asked, in the context of this article, if it explained why Republicans are so toxic on the subject of transgender people? Insecurity theory would indicate that if this is so, then it’s envy.

In a related matter, an article [Link] entitled “HS Graduation Rates Go Up Even as Students and Teachers Fail to Show Up” caught my attention. The article posits that the schules are cooking their statistics. I have an alternate conjecture. Perhaps more students are getting into college because they are learning on their own? Indicates schules may be worse than we thought, which is hard to believe. But it does agree with Chicken Man’s claim that ‘good students are successful in spite of bad teachers.” I know from personal experience that too many of my public school teachers were bad. Really bad. 

I also noted on Lifehacker that Chicken Man has become the object of allegations of sexual transgression. This at the same time that I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Physics Has an Obvious Gender Problem—So How Does Someone End Up Thinking the Field is Biased Against Men?” Between these two I can find some common ground that I understand. First of all, most people don’t like physicists. Part of this is because they flubbed high schule physics, mostly due to incompetent teachers, but their insecurity also cuts in. So they hate physicists because they learned physics. Adequate reason for damnation, evidently. 

Now while physicists know physics, it’s not all that hard after all. they are still not good at all manner of social things. In fact, I can say from personal experience that physicists are almost all weird. (Except the ones who are crap physicists and are going to become department heads and science advisers.)  So no one wants to work with them, including other physicists. And women stay away because mating with them is bad enough but expecting them to parent? Which is a form of discrimination against male physicists. 

Perhaps the problem is that the people who write these articles can’t think like physicists?

Lastly, I ran across another article [Link] entitled “Guidance Warning Feds Not to Discuss ‘Resistance’ or ‘Impeachment’ at Work Sparks Uproar.” This seems to be part of the current administration’s insecurity in its masculinity? Apparently, since civil servants actually have to do stuff – or not get paid or on the job – unlike politicians who only have to show up and vote (or pretend to,) politicians express their inadequacy by forbidding civil servants from complaining. Nice try. Ab Initio FAILURE. Civil servants always complain about every administration, are always told not to complain about politics (it rots the mind,) and still complain and  do stuff. 

And as for Chicken Man? I don’t know. But I will defend that he is a lot better public speaker than Carl Sagan.

Winter Blues 3

It occurred to me this morning that the reason we are so engaged with comic book “super heroes” these days is because society has evolved to deny the existence of real heroes. 

When was the last time a soldier or statesman  or philanthropist was lauded as a hero? I can’t remember. War has become so mundane that exalting soldiers rings hollow; statesmen have become extinct – all politicians are now self-serving prevaricators; and philanthropists are a facade for society destroying capitalists.  

I also noticed an article [Link] entitled “The Wizard of Oz most ‘influential’ film of all time according to network science.” 

The key thing here is the word “influential”. As nearly as I could determine, it means the films that have the most imitators. 

The score was based on how much each film had been referenced by subsequent films. The authors found that the top 20 most influential films were all produced before 1980 and mostly in the United States.

The question that immediately arises is how many films since 1980 are actually original?

The work is damned by the paper and the full list being hidden behind a paywall. That in itself is enough to strongly indicate a lack of scientific rigor. Three movies are cited: The Wizard of Oz; Star Wars; and Psycho. I have to admit to having watched all of these three. And been disappointed. These may be influential but they are all horribly flawed.

Wizard of Oz is fundamentally a grail quest. If we compare it to l’mort d arthur (e.g.,) it suffers. Years after, all that abides in memory of it is the female lead’s voice, which is truly memorable.

Star Wars has become a religious icon for slavery and oppression. It is also, in its way, a morality play establishing that goodness in society can never be unalloyed with bad. But the unblinking admission of slavery limits its status as fable.

Psycho is another journey cinema, in this instance of insanity. It may be brilliant but only in the cinematic sense. Dealing with the social subjectivity and apathy of mental disease is cruelly absent. 

What is not amazing is that the historic wellspring of goodness is absent. And that they have deteriorated (rotted?) to the point of embracing this. Is there no source of goodness and integrity in cinema today? 

On the other hand, the early deep winter of climate change, anathema of thought and deed among the politicals, is briefly absent from the old Confederacy and hence I may enjoy a modicum of body comfort. Even that seems the depravity of our society. The morality today seems to be strictly personal, strictly among friends, whatever that word means. We have become a society of small groups, almost like Hunter-Gatherer bands, who are the Us and everyone else is the Them to be distrusted, hated, or preyed upon.

Perhaps that is fitting? A return to the Paleolithic, at least socially, before disease and climate destroy society and civilization and leave a few million humans to the tender mercies of a decomposing planet?


Between THE Days

Yesterday was Schwarz Freitag and day after tomorrow is Cyber Moanday. As I was pursuing my wanted Saturday activity of reviewing my RSS feeds, I was reminded that Thanksgiving was also the fiftieth anniversary of Television’s first “interracial” liplock.

Between two Federation of Planets officers. [Link]

Much thought engendered here.

First of all, the irritation that we are still jaw-locked on this whole “racial” thing. Race has been consistently dismissed by the science community as stercus. Of the most odorous of crap. 

And we still have it, mostly from the Repulsians who are panicked by the on-rushing minoritization of “whites.” 

Sadly, that designation also is stercus. It should be pinks. Which would be about right because a lot of WASPs these days seems to have penile envy of Soviet Gulags. 

But lacking the progressive side of proletariat rule. Which was as much a fiction as democracy in Amerika seems to be these days?

Star Trek was the greatest television program ever. The original one. Not the rest. They varied from perfumed stercus to Coyote-Road Runner affairs. But none ever lived up to the original.

Star Trek started when I was a Freshman at the Campus of the Black Warrior. My band-of-brothers walked several blocks every Monday to the apartment of two of our number to view the program. As a senior I blew through an exam to get to the screening, for some reason, happily, delayed. Although I did test the good will of the professor when I told him why I was in a hurry.

And happily it was over by the time I went to grad schule. Where I learned a lot of things. Like the idiocy that humanity could ever do so well. 

And that hasn’t been disappointed. 

It’s very hard to spend money when one thinks about Star Trek. Or trust politicians. Or ……

Still, there are friends. They keep the hope alive. And off the browser at some retail site. 

And television, thankfully, has abandoned any trace of altrusim or goodness.


Winter Blues 2

Tomorrow is “Black Friday” and Monday is “Cyber” day. Celebrations of the other religion azimuth of Western Civilization: Capitalism. The social organization dedicated to slavery and serfdom. 

There was a time when this was fairly localized. Only cities with big stores had “Black Friday.” No small town country store could benefit from such. And besides, all it sold were necessities.

Now the big stores sell junk that they work somewhat hard to convince you is necessity. I was reminded by this in my morning email with a eCircular from MalWart. A sale on ChromeBooks that was already finished when I open the email is a prime example. Chromebook are neutered (spayed?) fake computers for the most inept and inable of Bogs. Yes, it is possible to make them slightly useful by installing Linux over the facade of Chrome but they are still forever imbecilic. 

That’s the beauty of a consumer society. It’s deluded and disconnected from Reality. In fact, it thinks Social “Reality” is all that matters. 

I hope these people know they are buying stercus to assure their children or grandchildren will be the last generation.