Insanity Wave

Evidently the electorate of Alibam prefers a Pornographer over a Bigot. Only in Alibam (?) could that be considered a positive sign.

I was fully impressed by the family advice to Fartus Maximus Prevaricator:


Haven’t you killed enough Americans yet?

Alabama Insanity

Today is run-off election day in Alibam. It is notable for two things:

  1. The Repulsian dominated regime has dictated that people may vote without wearing masks. On the surface this is reasonable enough except when one considers that the guvmint officials are operating under the stereotype that only Democruds wear masks and this is a means for them to stuff the ballot box. What is amusing is that this is a run-off election and the Democruds can’t vote for Repulsian candidates. Such is the idiocy of Alibam governance;
  2. The primary run off is between a Porn Purveyor and the state’s second largest BIGOT, (The first is the former chief justicer of the Alibam supreme court.) Naturally, in adulation of Jeffery Epstein, the Porn Purveyor is supported by Fartus Maximus. The ostensible reason for the support is that the other candidate, BIGOT #2, actually had the integrity (SURPRISE! SURPRISE!) to stand up to Fartus Maximus while serving as Attorney General. IOW, revenge support. 

Since I have no intention for voting for either of these rejects from the body farm, I can wear my mask in peace and wait for the Primary.

In The Bow-Wave 20

Ran across a wonderful article [Link] this morning entitled “Lower cognitive ability linked to non-compliance with social distancing guidelines during the coronavirus outbreak.” 

IOW, people who decline to protect their fellow humans by wearing masks are indeed, as we suspected, Bubbas. 

Once more, Sturgeon’s Rule is validated.

In The Bow-Wave 19

This blot is a bit off the main wave, more in the foam boundary.

After noting that a couple of hundred “scientists” had criticized the WHO for not paying attention to their experiments on whether the BatPlague has an airborne vector, I was struck with the whimsey (No Peter involved – with apology since it isn’t PunDay) of contrasting STEMs and Ps. 

Ps, of course, are physicians, who are the fellows (of both plumbing varieties) who administer places like WHO and CDC.

To start with, let’s review how each component behaves:

  • Scientists are primarily concerned with understanding;
  • Technicians are primarily concerned that the equipment doesn’t break;
  • Engineers are primarily concerned with producing something that works, be that a road or a bridge or a computer; and
  • Mathematicians are primarily concerned with proving their math is good.

Physicians, on the other hand are primarily concerned with “fixing” their patients. So they are more akin to Engineers than Scientists. 

Scientists and Mathematicians tend to have poor (relatively) social skills, at least partly because they can’t communicate with others meaningfully.In fact, many of then are INTROs. Engineers tend to be EXTROs and they get along with others very well because that’s where money comes from. And Technicians are generally nice people except for hiding from their Scientists so they can get work done.

Physicians have wonderful artificial social skills (taught to them in schule) but can’t hide that they divide society in two groups: physicians and not-physicians. And they despair that the latter actually have minds and wills of their own. In fact, many Physicians suffer from Veterinarian Envy. 

All of these have a caste structure. For example, Physicians who are specialists look down on General Practitioners; and both look down on Dentists. Among Scientists, Physicists look down on Chemists who look down on Biologists. And all of them know that Computer Scientists are really Engineers. 

And that is why the CDC and WHO are at odds with the scientific community. Scientists tend to consider Physicians as being Engineers while Physicians consider Scientists to be yappy, noisy dogs. So both groups look down on the other. And don’t play well together. 

The only group worse is Mathematicians who don’t play well with each other or anyone else. 

And none of them have any patience with POLs. 


In The Bow-Wave 18bis

OK, scanned a bit of the morning news. What is this love affair Repulsians have for statues? Are they afraid people will find out how dishonest and criminal they were after death? 

No, that can’t be it. Everyone but the Bubbas know that Pols – ALL Pols – are dishonest and criminal. 

But they are also necessary until we get a form of representation that prevents such behavior. Like random selection and strict one-term-per-person limits. 

I have to admit that I don’t understand why we erect these statues in the first place. Is it some inability to cope with death, a connection with the mysticism and superstition? Or is it some trick of subjugation? 

What kind of arrogance does it take to carve likenesses of dead people into mountains? Pols, of course. They have infinite arrogance, or course. Also, greed. And they get mana points from the Bubbas when they do this civic deed.

Which is totally without benefit. Benefit of substance, of course. Except to pigeons who would only have windshields to defecate on otherwise. 

So the pigeons benefit? And no one else? Why do we care about pigeons. Do Pols dine on Pigeon Pie? 

Why can’t we do away with this practice? It may have had some benefit before photography and cameras and computers, but it’s rather an antediluvian activity these days. 

So let’s get rid of it. And improve our roads by grinding up the stone for paving bed. 

Let’s remember what “Bull” Halsey said about great men. 

And then we can make Pols obsolete and extinct too.

In the Bow-Wave 18

Well, Alibam’s Bubbas have come through again, being recognized by no less than Tony Fauci yesterday for their deep arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence. The only thing that is surprising about this is how long it took him to admit the accuracy of the claims of the cognitive 10%. 

Meanwhile, I was out yesterday provisioning in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Which is an oasis of relative rationality in an otherwise “duuuuuuuuh!” state. The Pols in Muntgun, including our previously canny guvnuh, are silent on the matter of death tolls and overtaxed medicalists. What do they care? They are getting their bribe money from the state’s capitalist greedmasters. 

On a more mundane level, FD SCP tasked me to procure small paper “plates” and “kitchen garbage bags” for her at one of Huntsville’s Sam’s Clubs. I managed to quickly implement my usual food gathering and arrived at the Amerikan GUM store before the cessation of “Senior Hour,” which is actually two hours long. And twice a week. And still implemented, unlike the grocery chains – Publix and Kroger in particular – who implement “Senior Hour” and then reneged on the practice without warning. Truly an outstanding display of the integrity and honesty of Amerikan Capitalism.

I will have to admit that Kroger is several dB better than Publix these days. The ORF Kroger largely ignores the dictates of the CDC other than keeping the place clean and the employees masked. The Publix makes a great overt display of implementing the CDC’s spatial mandates while ignoring completely and arrogantly the temporal ones. And their one-way aisles are hotbeds of exposure to the BatVirus. Despite repeated complaints by the rational customer base. And the politeness of the staff has lost its luster somehow, sounding tinny and false. Overworked or overmismanaged? 

Anyway, I plumbed the vastness of the Sam’s Club, which actually had functional check-out queues for a change. Maybe some good has come of the BatPlague but knowing Sam’s is kin to MalWart and its evil precludes any deep trust. Anyway, I navigate to where the “kitchen garbage bags” were displayed and made “my” selection. But a thought sprang into my head. These bags are categorized as “13 gallon” and I suddenly wondered if they would actually contain that volume of liquid without rupturing?

The problem, I suspect, that itched my mentation, is that a gallon is not only Old English, it’s a specialized measure of volume, of liquids, specifically. In Amerika, gallons are primarily used to measure milk and paint, and one is sometimes challenged to tell the difference. But almost all kitchen garbage is not liquid. In my experience, liquid “garbage” goes down the sink while what goes into the sack is solid or foodstuff remains, which can range from nasty to the-blob-that-ate-Steve-McQueen. Much of what FD SCP and I dispose of is covered with fuzz, mostly either “white” or green. Which goes to the land fill whenever the city conscript parents can get enough coin together to bribe the garbage capitalists into actually collecting the garbage here in Greater Metropolitan Arab.

And yes, the city conscript parents are mostly Bubbas. 

But why gallons? Why not cubic meters, or cubic feet? And the answer to the first half is that if the city used metric units then 90% of the city population would vote them out of office because of their inability to understand. “Their” being the Bubbas, of course. Although since the conscript parents are all real estate con artists, they are all either Bubbas or Capitalists. Who probably can’t handle metric either. 

But why not cubic feet? I suspect that the capitalists think that the only people who buy kitchen garbage bags are women. And they have to be talked down to lest they become confused and start “Women’s Lives Matter” protests.

Which would probably be a boon, especially her in Alibam!

Tulsa Too

It took a bit of cognitive grinding but it finally occurred that Fartus Maximus Prevaricator’s remarks about BatPlague testing are ample proof of his science ignorance and misconception.

Once more the Pennsylvania Avenue Coprolite displays his incompetence. On the level of an amoeba trying to drive a motorcar. 

Tulsa Toilet Training

It seems that Fartus Maximus Prevaricator’s Grand Circus among the Sooners was a bigger flop than his inauguration. 

The coverage said that there are still a few intelligent people among the Repulsians and that Fartus Maximus was so flustered by his being un-idolized by the soapless that he blew his speech.

Which is unsurprising to any who have listened to him.

Talk about an inability to speak at a five-year-old level.

He also didn’t get to unveil his new slogan:

Make America Sick and Awful.

Only requires one letter to be changed on those ill-fitting and uncomfortable ball caps.

Memorial Tidbits

Today started with annoyance. The hospital gym – basically the best of a bad lot in Marshall County – is celebrating Memorial Day by opening late and hence inconveniencing most of its subscribing members. Sadly this has become a way of life here with Scant City Memorial aka Marshall medical North who has become adamantinely apathetic to the needs of the citizenry and only concerned with stuffing its coffers. 

So after I got my morning exercise on the stationary bicycle in my study, an alternative rediscovered in the recent (on-going?) hunkering mandate and increasingly more viable and effective than Scant City Memorial’s capitalist megalomania, I consulted the feeds that my desk box had gathered over the darkness hours. Several things crept into my cranial contents.

First, an article [Link] entitled “Trump says Sessions was not ‘mentally qualified’ to be AG.” As the sleep fog dissipated from my exercise sapped pseudo-consciousness, I was bemused. Could Fartus Maximus Prevaricator have actually uttered something that would stand up to intelligent scrutiny as at least modestly accurate – i.e., “truthful”? If so, amazing. Possibly a Blind Squirrel Moment. 

Or is this actually an effort by Fartus Maximus to endorse the Second Bigot of Alibam? (The First Bigot is the noted pedophile and former chief justicer of Alibam,) In which case, this is a lie of a lie and hence a epitome of Fartus Maximus. 

One almost feels a bit sorry for the state’s Second Bigot. He is detested by Repulsians and Democruds (the few that exist in Alibam outside of the homes of the descendants of the formerly (?) enslaved and the actually educated) as being a tool of Fartus Maximus, either as a failure or a blackguard.

Both of which being likely accurate? 

The second article of note [Link] is entitled “The US successfully tested a laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight.” The combination of the two is intriguing.