Alabama Political Terms

Campaigning in Alibam is ramping up and I thought it might be a good occasion to elaborate and explain some of the politicians’ catch phrases:

  • Conservative – this is an ubiquitous emptiness, mostly because the politicians never talk about what they are going to conserve. Based on their history and universal behavior, the only things Alibam politicians work to conserve is their continuance in office and the flow of money from the state’s poor to the state’s rich. What is never said is that they are Liberal or Progressive, which almost none of whom are, or Fascist or Nazi, almost all of whom are.
  • Christian Values – this is ubiquitous but not an emptiness. What it means is that they are (almost always) members of a Male Caucasian Supremacist cult that masquerades as Christian but is actually perpetrating a tyrannical social order that suppresses, dis-empowers, and persecutes women, non-Caucasians, Catholics, Jews, everyone who isn’t a member of their cult, geeks, nerds, and intellectuals. They do, however, support pedophiles, sociopaths, and psychopaths.
  • Protects Gun Rights – another diversion. Actually, gun sales are directly proportional to the difficulty of purchasing a weapon and since the gun manufacturers are struggling to avoid bankruptcy, the politicians will probably up the paperwork on purchase to enrich the manufacturers. Also, what they don’t mention is that the real gun laws are made at the national level over which they have scant influence and no control.
  • Increase Employment (Grow Jobs) – another blatant prevarication. The only way that politicians can increase employment is by spending taxpayer money to either bribe some capitalist to move his business from another state to Alibam, or expand the Alibam civil service. And where does the taxpayer money come from? Not them. From the folks who want the jobs? Of course.
  • Telling Lies – none of them say this but I include it because they all do. In fact, when a politicians tells you he is being honest or telling the truth, he/she isn’t with absolute certainty.

None of this will make any difference since the elections are controlled by the political parties who have ceased answering to the electorate but it makes for bemusing reading nonetheless.

Loot Luck

I was looking at WOOT [Link] where they had something called “NFL Area Rugs” partitioned off for limited availability and it occurred to me that:

One of the good (!!!!!!!) things about being a STEM NERD is a total disinterest in things that Bogs are interested in; and

One of the bad things is that the capitalists who prey on Bogs seldom make things of interest to a STEM Nerd, so not much to want; and

Is the previous actually bad?

The WOOT people actually have some very nice refurbed computers to sell (that is, NOT HP, although they have lots of HP stercus – and, yes, I know that is redundant,) although they are very often incapable of sending you what you ordered. Instead you get crap.

But how Sturgeon’s Rule applies is a bit uncertain. 

Television Physics

The Many Worlds conjecture is proven to the Bogs by the existence of so many New York Cities as manifested in so many television constabulary shows. 

All of which are independent and non-communicating.

Even the ones that appear to be so.

Stercus Sciencia

Seven Day. Lowered Air Temperature. Coming to the end of Oatmeal season. Sadly.

Also sadly is a rather egregious article [Link] that I ran across yesterday. It’s entitled “Seniors stick to fitness routines when they work out together.” It reports:

Older adults are more likely to stick with a group exercise program if they can do it with people their own age, a new study has found. Working out with peers of the same gender doesn’t seem to make a difference, which suggests that age-targeting but not gender-targeting should be considered when developing exercise programming.

The problem is that the researchers didn’t bother to look into individual temperaments very well. Specifically the differences between INTRO and EXTRO. As a result, this article comes across as pure EXTRO Supremism which has a component of INTRO blindness.

I am INTRO. That aspect should be obvious to the (few – humor!) regular readers of this blog. And I go to gym and exercise regularly.

But I don’t like crowds and if the gym has more than a certain density of people – regardless of age – I turn about and leave.

My modal behavior is to go to gym when it opens M-F. That’s 0400 Alibam time. I exercise for a about an hour by which time the gym is sufficiently crowded that I am feeling depressed and threatened. I sometimes go on weekends when the gym opens at 0800 (Six Day) and 1300 (Seven Day,) arriving as close to opening as possible and leaving after a shorter period. 

Because of the crowding. 

What these researchers are preaching (and that’s the level of credibility of their effort – mysticism and wand-waving) is that seniors want to clump. That’s the case if they’re EXTRO. INTROs also want to clump but their idea of a clump is two or three. But less often as well as fewer in number. And INTROs are repelled by larger numbers. Also gym group things like balance classes. Which the gym staff are oblivious to. Because they’re underpaid and largely ignorant. Because gym management doesn’t want to have to pay for knowledge. Which leads to a cycle of failure.

I have a few friends who are EXTRO. They like to do group exercise. And claim it is enjoyable (to them) and helps them exercise. That’s EXTRO persistence. Epicureanism. Endocrinism. But not INTROs. And that’s the rub.

Sadly, the work was done in Canadia. Disappointing to see they can have bad temperament habits like Amerikans. 

Cognitive Mutterings

The last couple of weeks have been fraught with thinking. It reached an apex this week when the comedian Bill Cosby was sacked for being male – agressively. Since the great (?????????????????) state of Alibam has been on the ropes for a couple of years over its Auschwitz style prison system – except there are very few Jews in the prison system; they seem to have a survival instinct that going to jail in Alibam is not a smart thing for a Jew to do – but is full of Good-Ole-Boys and AAs. The subject of distress is that the Yankee government thinks the state of Alibam abuses the prisoners and denies them adequate health care – mental and physical. So the state politicals are trying to ignore the general populace and white wash the problem before the Yankee government re-institutes Reconstruction.

I have to admit that I am one of many Amerikans who thought Bill Cosby better than most folks. He was a positive influence on schule integration by showing my generation that the AA attitudes of our parents’ and grandparents’ generations was crap. I also enjoyed his humor – the clean stuff I was allowed to listen to – more, in fact than that of Andy Griffith. Although the ranking of “What it was, was football” and “Noah” are even. To this day I consider football the most socially acceptable form of pornography and Noah’s attitude to the deity a masterpiece of patience in the face of bureaucratic juggernautry.

So what punishment should be meted out to a man who did so much good? From the standpoint of the legal system whose first rule is “someone has to be punished” and second is “justice is a fiction”, all of that is irrelevant. But the legal system is supposed to be the product and reflection of society. 

The combination of these, along with the Honorable (???????) Speaker of the House firing the house rebbe and the increase in diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disease diagnoses, led me to consider mental healthcare. For once, the information was coherent and constructive. In a flash of mental lightning I realize the folly of the whole thing.

Simply put, the reason Amerika has stercus for mental healthcare is because, according to the PEW people, 0.77 of the population (at least) are members of an organized religion. This means that they not only believe in a deity – which is probably hardwired in humans – but they accept the propaganda line of the organization without rational thought (in most cases.) So in a rational framework, these people are mentally ill.

Now since mental illness taxonomy is largely social in nature, if the majority of society are themselves mentally ill, then mental illness is considered to be mental health. And thereby, the politicians, who are deathly afraid of any healthcare expenses other than their own, don’t have to do anything since in effect all the mentally ill people in Amerika are de facto sane.

So the actual question we have to ask is whether the people labeled by the legal system as mentally ill are actually the sane one. Certainly this seems to be the case of the folks with Autism Spectrum Disease since (a) they can’t stand anyone who doesn’t have Autism (very much,) and (b) they are smarter and more creative than “normal” people. In fact, my observation is that the best the non-Autistic can do is caretake, thenthe ASD folks have to be the real engine of conservation and progress in human civilization.

It certainly isn’t politicians, justicers, and capitalists.

Now I’m going off to “help” FD SCP.


Ex Oram Ignorance

Seven Day. The weather beavers foretell the beginning of several days of dihydrogen oxide falling. So long as the electron potential difference remains non-zero, I am not very concerned. 

I had to accompany FD SCP to the Craft Fair in Guntersville yesterday morning. Modally, she goes with one or more other women who have an interest in such but evidently that was an unocupiable state and I got pressed into service. Not objecting to such as it was no substantial burden. And, for once, she actually bought something. Usually she goes, observes, and notes things that she wants to make projects of and never does. I actually “enjoyed” the occasion as it gave me opportunity to observe as well. My experience in past is that craft fairs provide a formal venue for people to display “hobbies” that in previous ages – such as when I grew up – would have been kept hidden in dens and garages. Nowadays they go on public display – although the magnitude of the public was rather small when we were in attendance – and are available to purchase.

I am also of the opinion that these affairs would be better named “Kitsch Fairs” as that would be more accurate than craft but I readily admit that I have scant purchase to such a recommendation. 

I also had to contrast this affair with the other popular (?) activity, “Maker Fairs”. Such seem to me to be much more craftish in nature. Not that both aren’t crafting but the utility of the products, a key aspect of the tradition of crafting, seems more with the Makers. Such however, are rather too knowledge dense for the likes of rural Amerika where ignorance is more highly prized, at least among those who consider their peers to be common “men” . Knowledge is assumed among medicalists, some educationalists, and a few justicers. 

Which brings me to my morning of tab hawgin’. I start with an article [Link] that claims believability of a science presentation depends on the quality of the audio. I suspect this has nothing to do with content, which most Amerikans reject, but whether the speaker’s voice is soothing and comfortable or akin to Carl Sagan’s. Scratchiness is supposedly a key factor. 

In a way this makes eminent sense since I have known no scientists who actually care very much about the sound “quality” of their presentation, only its content. Which, as indicated, is irrelevant to the ignorance treasurers. 

This is further amplified by two other articles. First, [Link] entitled “Know-it-alls are more ignorant than they’ll admit.”  The first paragraph of the article 

“People who think their knowledge and beliefs are superior to others are especially prone to overestimating what they actually know, new research suggests.”

is summary. One way of stating this is that Know-it-alls are people who lack knowledge humility (and reality.) This seems almost a synonym for the ignorance treasurers of Amerika.

I have to admit to experience as such. When I was a senior in college I found myself often quite pleased that I knew more than many others, at least about what I was studying. That arrogance lasted about one day in graduate schule. Which indicates that those who are not fortunate to have such an environment can maintain such an erroneous self-appreciation for a long period of time with buffering increasing steadily over that period.

This seems confirmed by the second article [Link] entitled “America is plagued by experts without expertise.” The article starts by discussing the return (?) of the situational comedy (???) “Rosanne” with its redneck prattling of contra-wisdom. 

I have to admit that I have not observed the television program in its return. I observed it several times in its original form and observed that the comedy of the show was as much about the stupidity of ignorance wisdom as it was about actual situations. The latter’s areality were the reason I did not watch voluntarily rather than the nausea engendered by the former. But the idea that many Amerikans – the ignorance treasurers – may not recognize the former as humor but as “gospel” is frightening in the same way that Nazis at Nuremberg were frightening.

The article goes on to discuss other television programs, none of which I have ever observed. Quite frankly, I find television – except vintage Wiley Coyote cartoons – to be unengaging. Somewhen in the years I spent in graduate school, television became catatonic and hebephrenic. Which probably explains why Faux News is so popular despite its aggressive prevarication. At any rate, it is the epitome of the kingdom of the male “dumb blond” who is never dumb in the actual meaning of the word but is a fountainhead of ignorance. 

With scant apology to Ayn Rand. Who did a poorer job of expressing individualism than any of the science fiction writers of the “Golden Age.” They at least had some hope for Amerika. Now we just wait for the famines of climate change to end the species.

Enough. Time to break fast.

Internet Wisdumb

This morning I ran across an article [Link] entitled “The 35 best science-fiction movies since Blade Runner” that captured both attention span and cognitive cycles. This is a matter that I have considered numerous times, mostly because of the ubiquitous stupidity of Bogs and the equally ubiquitous greed of capitalists. Simply put, the basic question is whether there is such a thing as a good (or even actual) science fiction cinema?

This article is actually helpful. Why? Because it presents a list of thirty-five supposed science fiction movies since “Blade Runner.” Trivially, they are all either trash or terrible in terms of science fiction. Some – VERY few – are based on an actual science fiction story or novel, some of which are passable; none are good or excellent. Happily, all stray so far from the story/novel as to turn even that minor quantity of science fiction into churned bog mud. This has the goodness of confirming our previous findings that so-called science fiction movies obey Sturgeon’s Rule to about the power of two. 

That is, at least ninety-nine per centum of labeled science fiction movies are crap.

A more serious question is whether “Blade Runner” is crap? Obviously the author of this antithesis thinks it something special. The movie is based on Philip K. Dick’s “Do Android dream of electronic sheep?” The correlation, as with almost all movies, regardless of genre, that are “adapted” from books is poor. Basically, if any journal were offered a manuscript whose data had this level of correlation, the author would be politely told to find work as a used car salesman or a justicer. The kind who pursue medical vehicles.

This is not to say that it is not a watchable movie. It just isn’t science fiction. SciFi, maybe. SyFy, definitely. Garbage fragrant, absolutely.

Serfdom of the Mind

Mr. Comey (or his publisher,) has released his memory book which, according to an email from the Guardian, is rather negative about the POTUS (Yes, I have rephrased this.) This brings my cogitation to the subject of truth.

I have previously enunciated the view that there are some statements that are inherently inaccurate” any discipline that tells me it is a science, isn’t; any advertisement that tells me its product is wonderful, healthful, beneficial, …, then the product isn’t; ….

So now let’s take a look at truth.

Truth is fundamentally a religionist concept. Truth is supposed to be immutable, adamantine, eternal, and transcendent. It is thence, derivatively, neither questionable nor utterable. Truth must be provided directly by the deity to the mortal and cannot be communicated by the mortal to other mortals.

It is unclear what the purpose of Truth is or why the Deity would bother communicating it since it can only benefit the human directly communicated with by the Deity. Or whether there is an benefit to that individual. In fact, this seems rather like teasing or even torture.

Truth has, sadly, been appropriated by the legal instrumentality to lend credibility to its arbitrary, imagined laws. Much pomp and circumstance is accorded truth which is totally absent courtesy of the mental workings of humans in all aspects of the system. It does help shore up other imaginary concepts like justice and fairness, both of which are subjective and irrelevant. All that counts in the legal world is that laws be obeyed and miscreants punished. The good done is for the organization and only the organization. 

The religion aspect is similar. Most of the blathering about truth in religion is done for the benefit of the organization. The reason is somewhat more insidious. Simply put, perception of “truth” negates thought. Since truth is eternal, unquestionable, and immutable, any rational consideration of it is pointless and wasteful. IOW, truth and ignorance are complements. What is unclear is which engenders the other? Does a state of ignorance facilitate truth or does truth exalt ignorance? Or some other relationship?

This is the primary reason I seldom read outreach books and may be seen gagging when a scientist, who knows better, talks about truth to Bogs. Science, as I have said before, is about understanding, not truth. This has not changed manifestly since the days of the Restoration. 

In a way, Truth is like the Vacuum. We may define it but we cannot find it for as soon as we see it or touch it it ceases to be. 

And there is a name for people who are inaccurate in exchanging information: humans.  

Climate Change?????

Rather much has been made about the Zucker gracing the National Council of Thieves with his presence. [Link] I have to admit to having actually watched a minuscule bit of the affair on the electromagnetic receiver and I noted two things:

This affair set a record for a gawky guy’s uncomfortableness in n obviously overpriced and incompetently fitted suit; and

a record for the number of people in a room who enjoy wide public confidence and are as ignorant as slime is of itself.

Nonetheless, I have to agree with the article that two things are in the wind. What I think they miss will be the bulk of my blottage.

First, FaceScroll needs regulation. That may be but what hasn’t been addressed is who will administer the regulatory activity? Consider how poorly the Yankee Guvmint regulates (as an egregious example) the money capitalist organizations. Now part of this is political treason on the part of politicians of both partei flavor but most of the ineptitude is due to the inadequate skills in the guvmint, especially since the politicians got mean about their war on civil servants.

This vector goes very deep if we think about who in guvmint is going to regulate FaceScroll. My guess is that the best pick would be the NSA. The problem is that while NSA understands the surveillance aspects, they are probably as empty of capability as the rest of the guvmint when it comes to the psychological side of Face Scroll. 

So the question is, who does the administration of the regulation? I suspect most agencies will be savvy enough to keep low because anyone who gets the rose will end up smelling of Sty.

Second, FaceScroll is too big. This is a similar problem. How do you partition FaceScroll? Based on the geography of the members: Yankees can’t associate with Confeds? Based on Gender: boys can’t associate with girls? Maybe… Based on age: ORFs can’t associate with Millenials? 

So the second question is, how do you reduce it? Without, pissing off everyone and making this an issue for the next general election?

The fact is that FaceScroll is a manifestation of the electronic revolution that started at the beginning of the last century with radio and such. Society has lagged a bit, but not as much as government. We now have a world wide web that isn’t world wide but wherever it is, everyone with a minimal amount of coin is a member, a citizen, if you will, and they are prepared to ignore what they ain’t interested in or don’t like but will take swift revenge to anyone who degrades their access and citizenship.

The Council of Theives, of course, is very good at denying and ignoring climate change but this is a form that they may suffer from robustly.