Dysthankful 4

I am proud to announce that I bought nothing – zippo! – yesterday. And I find myself wondering how many folks bought some ridiculously expensive thing at a microscopically reduced price and then discovered that they had bought a stercus blivet.

For those who are unfamiliar with that last thing, a blivet is a topologically complex container that is considerably more capacious than it appears. For example, a quart blivet can handily contain several gallons of contents. Which are stercus, in this case, and if you don’t know what that is, you’ll find out about Thanksgiving stercus in a day or two on the porcelain stool. 

Which is another thing to be unthankful for, in addition to a piece of overrated techno-rubbish that you are now stuck with.

I also read an amusing article about the demise of brick and mortar chain stores. Galgenhumor, IMHO. After all, these chains killed off the Mom and Pop stores and now perhaps are gaining their just dues. I have hopes, probably ill conceived, that when the malls and chain stores whiter away, the Mom and Pop stores may come back. After all, in my life I have seen the change and can in my senility hope for a past time.

I am not sure about buying groceries over the internet. What kind of ways can they not ruin fruit? Not that we are going to have much fruit courtesy of capitalists and Pols causing global climate change collapse. The question I keep posing is will whatever succeeds us as the dominant species on Tellus appreciate the money we leave behind?

And the bones and piles of rust?

But I cannot condemn those Bubba Bargain Seekers too much. So long as they are distracted they don’t have to think about how their grandchildren are likely the last humans.

Dysthankful 3

All right, I skipped yesterday. Not because it the the “official” Thanksgiving Day but because I had to fend off relatives and relatives of relatives at a food gathering that was held because it was Thanksgiving Day.

I have to admit that this was a bit of a mixed bag, as well as a mystery.

In the main, it was painful, irritating (yes, those two are separate and distinct but reinforcing,) and annoying.The spectrum of unpleasantness ran the age gamut from my parents (and the in-law parents) through to offspring of offspring. Thus there were four broad channels of misery, just on the “age” scale.

A worse part however, was the Bog/Bubba scale. This was so weighty that I kept looking for a barreling pick up truck to throw myself under. 

And yes, much of my “family” are Bubbas. And EXTRO Supremists. Who think INTROs are imaginary creatures. And that their brand of religious and/or political delusion is the only TRUE Truth! (Which concept is immediately a headache!)

After the first hour I lost count of the number of absurd, ignorant, impossible, appalling, and just plain evil things that said. The boring things were innumerable from the get-go.

There were some moments of fellowship and good cheer. They seemed to be random, too short, and unpredictable. For that I have to admit being thankful. Not because they made it bearable, but because they may endure a while?

The food was quite good, at least going down. 

But as FD SCP and I were driving away, I was overcome with a wave of thanksgiving. And escape. 

I noticed an article {Link] this morning listing the grocery stores who were open yesterday. I mention this because many of the ones open on;y have self-service/check-out. Aside from the villainy of doing away with check-out queues manned with real humans, I can’t really complain. 

But I am not sure that this was the holiday that I would pick to die a horrible death. My hope had always been that Christmas would vanish. Now I can examine that again.

Dysthankful 2

The “official” story is that this is supposed to be a season of celebration, of being thankful for good stuff. That stuff includes:

  • the agricultural harvest;
  • family and friends; and
  • religious goodness.

None of which actually makes much sense.

Fall is the traditional period of harvest, going back to the time when we gave up being Hunter-Gatherers and settled down to a much less healthy lifestyle. It is unclear why we did this but the best argument I have been exposed to is that we wanted more stuff. IOW, simple greed.

It can be argued that early on, sedentary agriculture was a more secure food source than hunting and gathering. Be that so, the concentration sedentaryness permitted made sure that this condition did not continue. So we had only a brief respite from the usual fall horror of deciding how best we could (sorta) survive until the spring. That usually involved killing off competing eaters – both human and not, including infants – and inducing elders to go sit outside for the dire wolves to eat. 

Not a time of joy.

In addition, the days were getting shorter and it seemed to a lot of folks – those too crude to note annual variation – that eternal night was coming and efforts were needed to allay this. Usually by getting rid of someone in the social group as a “religious” sacrifice. 

The American experience is particularly pungent. The Europeans who initially settled here were those who were unhappy with life in Europe. This unhappiness seemed to be of two forms: suppression of economic success (aka economic slavery) and suppression of religious practices. The first is hideous, the second is a tar baby. And both are still with us. But the answer for both was to invade the Americas and kill off the indigenous peoples to get their land and resources. Definitely peaceful and honorable.

And the idea that this is something to be thankful of seems to well fit our current climate of denial and delusion. 

Which denial and delusion seems all we may be thankful for. It’s cyclic, we are denialist and delusional and are grad we are. 

Seems like a self-perpetuating form of insanity.


Yes, I know that’s another “new” word, and I looked in my OED to no effect and so we’re going to have to proceeded by analogy:

Functional: Fit or ready for use or service; usable; in working order; as, the toaster was still functional even after     being dropped; the lawnmower is a bit rusty but still functional;

Dysfunctional: impaired in function; especially of a bodily system or organ.

Since dysfunctional is defined derivatively, then we can start with the definition of 

Thankful: Obtaining or deserving thanks; thankworthy;

and infer Dysthankful to mean impaired in deserving thanks.

I was back at gym this morning, listening to a CBC “Best of Ideas” podcast on the social aspects of firearm ownership and musing on how much of this season, supposed to be one of joy and celebration (and no little mysticism,) is not.

For instance, the EXTROs make this season out to be a joyous one of parties and family but in actuality, they dislike the parties almost as much as they do their families and their INTRO acquaintances for whom parties and family gathering are the opposite of joy and celebration. Rather, pain and agony. 

No wonder the suicide rate goes up this time of year. 

So I realized that we needed to invent a new word for how we as a society behave this season and the best I could come up with was “dysthankful.”

Which I am and we are. 

Why that is, is what I propose to explore for a while.

Fall Fallen

During my life, I have mused at how “hallow” and “hollow” are so similar.

Today seems an fit day for such deliberations.

Today is Armistice Day. I know the Yankee Council of Thieves has renamed it, but to me it will always be Armistice Day. At least in part – no small part – because of those two words.

Because on this date, so many years ago, a firm distinction between the two words was forged by ceasing a conflict whose very nature was ineptitude and slaughter.

That war was not the most lethal. We fought that war in the middle of the Nineteenth Century. And we kept it to ourselves, as we should, because “just” and “war” are as opposite as “hallow” and “hollow.” 

Nor was that war the most inept. In fact, it is impossible to identify any war as the most inept because of the commonality of ineptitude in warfare. In a sense, a strong sense, “ineptitude” and “war” are synonyms.

So we shall speak no good words for those who lead poorly, reserving all the words for those who put their way of life above their lives.

And marvel at the deviancy of humanity over this activity that we cannot rid ourselves of.

Bear Trap

I have heard from several Bubbas that Fartus Maximus Prevaricator jinxed or sabotaged the Campus of the Black Warrior’s (American) Football team yesterday. 

Not surprising. He seems to have that effect on everything he touches.

And we can expect that he will announce that the Campus of the Black Warrior;s victory was all due to his efforts.