False Stupidity?

I also ran across this article [Link] this morning about an Alibam woman who supposedly picked a fight with another woman upon which woman #2 shot woman #1 in the abdomen while woman #1 was pregnant.

The Alibam justicers have charged woman #1 with the murder of her fetus since she “started” the fight and woman #2 had to defend herself. The article is rather sarky about conditions in Alibam. Which it should be but they are a bit misplaced.

In Alibam, at least among the majority Pink GOB Patriarchists, this makes completely good sense. As would, if woman #2 had shot woman #1 through the heart, killing woman #1 so that woman #2 would be charged with a double murder, that of woman #1 and her fetus.

Note the commonality here. A not-yet-human is human in Alibam. 

A lot of people – mostly NOT IN ALIBAM – are criticizing the people of Alibam as being stupid.

Well, we are, but not so much as you think.

Because what most of the population is, is insecure to the point of neurosis. The average Alibamian, the Pink GOB Patriarchist, lives in complete fear and panic that their way of manipulated, fundamentally evil, existence (I decline to use the word “life” here) may be compromised or eliminated by actual human rights and civility. 

So in cases like this, what is labeled as stupidity by the outside world is a deception to hide the actual fear and loathing rampant. 

I recall a few years ago that a  liberal (for Alibam) state legislator introduced a bill that would allow women to have an abortion if it was approved by their father or husband, as appropriate and applicable. Howls of terror greeted this bill and the legislator met a horrible fate. 

False Frame

I came across an article [Link] entitled “Richard Feynman was wrong about beauty and truth in science” written by an academic philosopher (is that redundant? are there industrial or governmental philosophers?) named Massimo Pigliucci. He argues that Feynman was wrong that we can recognize truth by its beauty and simplicity. The author quotes this but offers no primary source so I am going to be unacademical since that is basically the thing to be advanced.

Professor Pigliucci’s argument is good except for one thing, at least to me. He and Feynman are using different meanings for “truth.”

Back when I was an undergraduate at the Campus of the Black Warrior, I took a philosophy track. The courses were a two semester survey of philosophy, sort of a historical thing that started with the atomists and continued into the Twentieth Century. As is common with such courses, we ran out of term in the middle of the Nineteenth Century. The professor was a defrocked Baptist minister who had a great relish for science, in my estimation from testability envy since philosophy has no real way of establishing accuracy.

This is the crux of the “truth” problem. Philosophers are rather keen on truth although with rather more depth than either religionists or justicers, both of whom seem to think truth being some self-evident quality of Nature. The problem is that science isn’t about truth; it’s about accuracy and understanding. 

These days, scientists, especially physicists, are dropping the use of the term “truth.” At least the ones who aren’t overly occupied with what is contemporarily called “outreach,” which is trying to teach science to the “general public.” Example in case is Neil deGrasse Tyson who says “truth” a lot and elicits lots of groans and cringes from scientists who don’t like to use the word. 

This is a relatively new thing. Back when I went through school, scientists were talking about “truth” while meaning accuracy and understanding. But religiosity was rather more tolerated in those days despite widespread persecution. But in those days, there were no beheadings. 

In my mind, the argument offered by Professor Pigliucci, while a good one, is essentially void since what he means by “truth” and what Feynman meant by “truth” are two different things. I hate that Pigluicci wasted his time on this because he has good ideas. But just as philosophers think scientists are horrible at philosophy, it may also be that philosophers are horrible at science? 


Democrat Fire Drill

While at gym this morning, plugging away at aero, I noted on the soundless television monitors – the commentary is provided by teachers who lack indoor voices and jocks who must “grunt” while lifting weights, just before they are carried across to the ER with something busted – that Fartus Maximus Prevaricator has tweeted (twitted?) that the Democrud Debates last evening were “Boring!”

I have to admit that I did not observe the debate. First of all, the Democruds are cutting their own throats with TOO MANY candidates. So I’ll wait until it gets down to two or three and wait for the one I like the least to be selected as their POTUS candidate. 

But if Fartus Maximus says something is “Boring!” then it has to be good because everyone knows he always says the opposite of what actually is.

Driving Question

Just heard on the mawnin’ news that a local Ford dealer who had been giving away (?) a shotgun with every pickup truck purchased has been forced by the Ford Company to change that to a gift certificate.

This raises the question: does anyone except Pink GOB Patriarchists actually buy Ford pickup trucks, or any kind of pickup truck? 

I ask the question because almost everyone, including many of the folks with woman plumbing, are Pink GOB Patriarchists here in Alibam. In fact, almost everyone I know who drives (and I use THAT term VERY loosely) a pickup truck is a P GOB P. Who get into arguments over whether Donald Trump or Roy Moore is the second coming.

Some days, it seems everyone who isn’t a GEEK or a NERD is a P GOB P, at least here in Alibam.

Not that I minded them getting the shotgun. Just now, in a county west of me, the local guvmint had to rescind a new law that citizens couldn;t bear arms in government buildings. That has now been reversed. Of course, the probability of a P GOB P shooting anyone other than another P GOB P is vanishingly small. So all that bearing arms does is reduce the number of folks bearing arms. At least here in Alibam.

Well Done Religion

Ran across this article [Link] of a statement by an TC priest:

“I’m not so much into having a relationship with God as I am into mechanically conducting various rituals,” Donahue said. “To me, it just feels empty to contemplate a higher power without blindly obeying canon law and protecting the church as an institution.”

This gives new insight into why the RC church barbequed Giordno Bruno and imprisoned Galileo Galilei

Obviously thinking about reality and the Deity are sins that must be expunged from the planet.

Through the Tab Jungle

Some days the fickle Internet offers up lots of articles of interest, other days few. But somehow I always seem to fall behind. And I’m not sure whether it’s because of some aversion to reading or some inability to think. So instead of reading or thinking this morning, I’ll just ‘hawg’ tabs and blather away in a blot.

First, an article [Link] entitled “How you lock your smartphone can reveal your age” that relates a study on how people “lock” their cellular telephones. Seems that “young” folk lock using the fingerprint and “old” folks lock with a PIN. Very self-confident. Very empirical. Very erroneous.

The researchers appear to have done a pretty good job with analyzing the data. They found a strong correlation between age and daily usage time and they claim that explains why old farts use PINs and young asses use their finger prints.

But they missed one critical thing. As people get older their skin cohesion decreases. Cell wall turn to cheese, as a former high government official who actually had intelligence, used to say. And at some point finger print scanners cease to work reliably. And, of course, when that happens ORFs get testy and say a few things and change over to a PIN.

Next, [Link] an article about an archaeological dig at Çatalhöyük that indicates that a lot of our social problems are caused by living in villages and cities.

Basically the message, once again, is that any time we humans associate with more than 25 (or so) people, we go to pot.

“And I don’t like anyone very much.”

Next, [Link] an Orlando Florida newspaper has come out with a first:

President Trump formally kicks off his 2020 run with a campaign rally Tuesday night in Orlando, Florida. If he’s looking for a new target to criticize, the local Orlando Sentinel just presented itself. “We’re here to announce our endorsement for president in 2020, or, at least, who we’re not endorsing: Donald Trump,” declares an editorial ahead of the rally. “Some readers will wonder how we could possibly eliminate a candidate so far before an election, and before knowing the identity of his opponent,” it adds. But the editors say eliminating Trump from the mix was actually easy: “After 2½ years we’ve seen enough.” Trump, says the editorial, routinely tells lies big and small and has tarnished the standing of the US in the world.

All Hail Fartus Maximus Prevaricator!

Next, on a more positive note, [Link] archaeologists digging in Austria have unearthed three kiloyear old bagels. Admittedly they were rather small, but good things often start out small.

But it does cause us to ask why Austrians have been so Anti-Semitic? Does it have to do with some insecurity over bagel development? 

And while we’re on the trail of “anti” stupidity, an article [Link] about a database that indicates just how specious the claims of anti-vax Shmucks (and, yes, I know the combination is redundant as well as odious) actually are. 

Bright Idea: let’s transport all ant-vax advocates – and their offspring – to the Sahara and quarantine them there. In groups of 25 or less. 

The MegaHard-CERN divorce has begun to have some sense added to it. [Link] As suspected, the CERN NERDs are the good guys and MegaHard is exactly what we thought it was. Yeah LINUX. 

Perhaps we need to start rehabilitation programs for Winders users? So they can kick the habit and use a healthy OS? 

And raise the tax rate on organizations who use Winders to 125% of income?


Return of the Slime Monster

Heard yesterday that Alibam’s Chief Bigot and Pedophile is back! Seems the former chief justicer – the one who lost that job twice because of his bigoted superstition behavior – is running again for the Yankee Senate.

I was immediately reminded of an article [Link] “Research Shows Religious People Believe They Are Morally Superior, But Their Motivations Are Largely Egoistic” that I have cited previously.

This article certainly describes the lesserly obnoxious characteristics of the state’s Chief Bigot and Pedophile. He certainly professes to be morally superior even though he denies freedom to others and abuses children sexually, and his ego is only slightly smaller than the solar system. Which is the only part of him that fits with a senate seat. Big, Misfounded, Erroneous Ego.

That wouldn’t be so bad if it were not for his general abuse of all humans who do not suffer from his particular delusions and perversions and his particular diddling of female children. 

I should like to say “only in Alibam” but I know such behavior is common among politicals.