In the Bow Wave 3

This morning’s trip to gym was bitter-sweet. The management of Scant City Memorial, patently fearing litigation, is closing up its so-called gym with the excuse of the 19 Plague. Despite incompetent management at almost all levels, the Scant City Memorial system has the social benefit of some of its people, mostly the ones who are at the bottom of the organization chart.

This brings me to consider the unsung heroes of this plague season. The medicalists and the soon to be necessary militarists are not unsung. The other folks who are keeping society and civilization together are.

Pray note that I do not deprecate the contributions of the medicalists, but they enjoy continual praise on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver; the others do not except as novelty. Yet the folks who hold the social compact together do not. Hence, my two pence:

Yesterday I made the weekly trek to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill for provisioning since the stores in Greater Metropolitan Arab will not fulfill my prescribed diet. The grocery stores I visited, because one can no longer find all of one’s necessities in one store, were packages of human chaos, held together by occasional outbursts of rationality and sensitivity on the part of the customers and the majesty of key store employees.

The first of these, at the ORF Kroger on Sowth Parkway, was a former Marine who demonstrated that Semper Fi could hold a grocery store together as well as a nation. The second was a Valkyrie controlling a checkout queue at the Jones Valley Publix with steady presence. Both were successful in spite of their management’s apathy and greed, maintaining a vortex of normality and functionality in a sea of human chaos.

So long as humanity has folks like this, we shall not immediately go into the darkness willingly. As is so often ignored, society is interdependent and fails without.

Inserting Sanity Into Politics

No, I didn’t listen to the Democrud debates last evening but I heard enough about them this morning to fear that the Democruds are working successfully to keep Fartus Maximus Prevaricator safely in the Presidential Mansion courtesy of their gun confiscation ideas that will enrage all the whacka-doodle Bubbas in Amerika. 

This did however give me an idea on how to let the Bubbas keep their firearms and make Amerika safer: move all the shooting fests from schools and temples to the corporate offices of major corporations. That way all the mess and blood will be ridding us of cancerous parasites.

Back to the Future

Was listening to a “Best of Ideas” podcast this morning about the crazy nationalism of the Spanish and I came up with a list:

Spanish Inquisition;

Nazi Germany;

Soviet Russia;

Republican Amerika.

Maybe it’s time to give the country back to England. Would solve two problems: Brexit and Partisan Tyranny.

Ex Oram Infantas

Today is the observation of a holiday called “President’s Day.” As with too much of contemporary government, it is unsatisfying and ill-tasting. Perhaps this is why watching high schule students denouncing the lies and corruption of our elected officials seem so satisfying and gladdening.

Perhaps it is time for a change? Time to rid ourselves of politicians who care more for self and party than country and citizenry?

Perhaps it is time to call for all elected officials to submit letters of resignation that will be accepted once a new system is developed that assures no single interest or organization shall ever stand higher than the good of the nation as a whole.

A sampling seems a good idea, so evilly has the current electoral instrumentality been rotted. Within each district and state and the country, a random selection among qualified (and automatically registered) voters to hold office, perhaps for only a single term in one’s lifetime. We have way more than enough population that no repetition would stifle the sample population and much of the corruption and theft that mars the current governance would be eliminated.

We should assure that terms of office be short, no more than two years for the chief executive and the chief legislators, to minimize corruption and graft. And that lobbyists and such shadow government is forbidden under pain of life internment. 

We must assure that the nation and its citizenry are always the prime concern of government. 

District Attendance

  1. The citizens of this country elect politicians to office to run the government.
  2. The elected politicians have closed the government twice this year because they hold their loyalty to partei and corporate donors above their loyalty to country.
  3. So it would seem to be time to forbid politicians to hold elected office.

Contemporary Dilemma

How do we distinguish actual fake news from actual news denounced as fake by a caught-out politician or organization?

The Sturgeon Rule answer seems to be that anything announced by a politician or organization is prevaricative and hence implicitly and inherently fake.