Memorial Tidbits

Today started with annoyance. The hospital gym – basically the best of a bad lot in Marshall County – is celebrating Memorial Day by opening late and hence inconveniencing most of its subscribing members. Sadly this has become a way of life here with Scant City Memorial aka Marshall medical North who has become adamantinely apathetic to the needs of the citizenry and only concerned with stuffing its coffers. 

So after I got my morning exercise on the stationary bicycle in my study, an alternative rediscovered in the recent (on-going?) hunkering mandate and increasingly more viable and effective than Scant City Memorial’s capitalist megalomania, I consulted the feeds that my desk box had gathered over the darkness hours. Several things crept into my cranial contents.

First, an article [Link] entitled “Trump says Sessions was not ‘mentally qualified’ to be AG.” As the sleep fog dissipated from my exercise sapped pseudo-consciousness, I was bemused. Could Fartus Maximus Prevaricator have actually uttered something that would stand up to intelligent scrutiny as at least modestly accurate – i.e., “truthful”? If so, amazing. Possibly a Blind Squirrel Moment. 

Or is this actually an effort by Fartus Maximus to endorse the Second Bigot of Alibam? (The First Bigot is the noted pedophile and former chief justicer of Alibam,) In which case, this is a lie of a lie and hence a epitome of Fartus Maximus. 

One almost feels a bit sorry for the state’s Second Bigot. He is detested by Repulsians and Democruds (the few that exist in Alibam outside of the homes of the descendants of the formerly (?) enslaved and the actually educated) as being a tool of Fartus Maximus, either as a failure or a blackguard.

Both of which being likely accurate? 

The second article of note [Link] is entitled “The US successfully tested a laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight.” The combination of the two is intriguing. 

In the Bow-Wave 17 bis

OK. Now the down side intrudes. Seems that one of those ‘damn the rationality’ churches has been torched.[Link] And – perhaps naturally – it’s a church in Mississippi. 

Which, as we all know, is in a to-the-death competition with Alibam for stupidest state in the Yankee Republic. 

The most intriguing thing about this is that  a message was left on the church’s car park that included an “atheist” symbol. And typical Southron Bubba spelling and syntax errors. 

Which leads us to speculate this is either a rational Bubba or someone who is deeply troubled by this “sinful” act of survival. Possibly a member of the congregation who isn’t ready to go-to-heaven courtesy of his fellow parishioners? 

I have to admit to having known (and know) several atheists. Of both meanings of the word; that is, people who don’t believe in a deity; and those who believe in a deity but aren’t theists. The latter is the literal meaning of the word.

And none of these people would feel threatened by a small town congregation. Unless they had been given good reason to believe they were actual targets of violence. After all, violence is a hallmark of many religions. 

I also seem to recall – courtesy of Norman Cantor perhaps? – that during the Black Death in Europe several schismatic (?) places of worship, both full and empty, were torched. 

Ostensibly to rid the Earth of “sinners” causing the plague by their evil ways. 

Sometimes, the species is more demonstrative of its stupidity than its wisdom.

In the Bow-Wave 17

Finally! Some intelligence and rationality.

Using the dread Covid Plague as an excuse, the instrumentality of the Campus of the Tennessee aka the University of Alibam in Huntsville has abolished its hockey and tennis programs. [Link]

I am now suddenly positive about this Alma Mater and may actually change how much money they will get from my estate. Because they abandoned a significant component of their pornography program. 

Which has no useful function in the college education activity. 

UAH has always been the most intelligent of the Alibam college campuses. It has never entertained the idea of an (American) football team, unlike the Black Warrior and Stench City campuses. 

That doesn’t mean they are exceptionally intelligent or enlightened. Just less depraved than the other campuses. After all, this is Alibam where Bubbas and Sociopaths are the norm. And the intelligent and rational struggle in what seems – often – to be the ultimate vainglory. 

It’s a state where it is hard unto death to be good and it seems the public hand is always against any good. 

Why stay? Good Question! In my case its the expression of Nature. The Bubbas and Sociopaths haven’t quite destroyed the environment here although they are trying very hard. In between collegiate and professional pornography events. 

Computer Anatomy

I ran across an article [Link] this morning entitled “Linux on Windows 10 gets major computing boost” and it set me to wondering why anyone would want to run Linux on Winders. 

That’s like trying to water ski in a pig sty – on a mixture of stercus and mud instead of water. 

Because that’s basically what Winders is: a mixture of mud and stercus. 

Example: how long does it take Winders to boot? I had to do some updates on FDSCP’s Winders box (so she can do sewing stuff that only works under Winders) and it took almost two minutes – 117 seconds by my watch – to boot.

This box, running SOLYDK 10, takes 14 seconds.

A little less than ten times faster! 

And then I can run Linux clients without the stercus and mud overhead of Winders. 

One of my colleagues made the comparison that that Winders is like being in Lock-Down (an environment we are ALL familiar with these days) and only being able to have sex by abusing yourself. (This is Alibam after all, and that’s how the Evilgelicals talk.) 

So why is anyone wasting time on Winders instead of running Linux natively? Why is Alibam full of Bubbas?


Stercus Store Spotlight

This is a new series of blots that will spotlight commercial enterprises that are STERCUS by word or deed.

This first award goes to PUBLIX grocery stores [Link] who loudly announced a month ago that they were establishing special shopping hours for Seniors and Essential Workers and then this week, without any prior notice to either population, dropped those special shopping hours.

We seniors found out about this when we showed up Tuesday morning and got told to “pound sand” by the local management. 

So let us all show our support for PUBLIX by taking our business elsewhere and leaving them to rot in bankruptcy. I personally went to KROGER where they have good service and the staff isn’t as fakely congenial.


In the Bow-Wave 16

I am told by psychologist colleagues that EXTRO/INTRO temperament doesn’t “set” until late adolescence. Since the state “opened up” – more like watching a slow motion video of a balloon popping – I have been able to observe a different form of temperament: the suicidal (?) maniacs who seem intent on spreading the plague as far and fast as possible with no concern for anyone’s safety – including their own – and people who are perfectly happy to be cloistered indefinitely so long as they can acquire rectal scraping paper and foodstuffs. 

So now we have two dimensions of conflict instead of one.

Meanwhile, the politicals seem awed at the malmstrom they have created. In many ways it’s galgenhumor between the Repulsians who have suddenly become aware that their incompetence in handling the plague – one of the places where feudalism has a slight advantage – has alienated everyone except the most acognitive, and the Democruds who can’t seem to figure out how to obtain any solidarity. I am beginning to suspect that Independents will have a strong showing. 

Meanwhile, Fartus Maximus Prevaricator is trying very hard to hide his incompetence by stepping up his dishonesty. Evidently he is returning to his old tactic of firing officials who have evidence of his evil-doing and blaming them for his crimes. 

Meanwhile, I see in the news that J Crew and J. C. Penny have filed for bankruptcy. I mention this because it is a bit alien. I have no idea what J Crew is but the media has given it a lot of attention. Evidently it was a HOT (?) clothing manufacturer years ago whose embers have been steadily ebbing? I do know who J. C. Penny is. I actually bough clothes from them back when I was an undergraduate. That seems the best I can come up with. They had more engaging clothes than Sears Roebuck. But not as durable, as I found out when I moved Nawth to the Campus of the BoneYard. Sears definitely made better low temperature clothes. But they only sold them up Nawth. Both J. C. Penny and Sears were stercus for clothes in the Sowth. And I haven’t been in a store of either company in lots of years. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever even seem a J Crew store and I know I haven’t seen a J. C. Penny store in twenty years or more. Since the heart attack and my disillusionment with suits – and the collapse of small town men’s stores – my clothing needs have been satisfied via catalogs and the CapitalistNET. If it wasn’t for Bean, Bauer, and End I should probably be walking about in a toga. 

Evidently these two dinosaurs clothiers have been hanging on by their fingernails and their grip has fractured. That’s happened a lot in my adulthood. I can’t recall any major store chains discorporating in my childhood. Except perhaps, cinema theater chains. They went away while I was in grad schule and only aware of work and work. That is, daytime work for the Yankee Army and nighttime work on the degree. If I can trust my memory, I only saw one movie during my grad schule years – Disney’s “The Black Hole” and I was ejected from it for rolling in the aisle laughing at the inaccuracies. 

But since then, too many good companies have gone away. Notably Willis and Geiger who used to make leather jackets for our military aviators (and the best trousers on Tellus,) and Atlantic Rancher who made the best jackets. And we have entirely too much MalWart, which I am proud to say I haven’t entered in over six months. When did quality get replaced by used potty paper? Rather like our elected officials. Of both denominations. 

I keep thinking of what happened in Europe after the Y. Pestis plague. Things got a whole lot better for the serfs and slaves. I just hope the same happens here. And that a lot of elected officials get free vacations at state facilities. We need to reinvent democracy and dissolve partisan supremacy.

District Drek 3

Have we now [Link] complete assurance that anything we are told by Fartus Maximus or his administration myrmidons is completely inaccurate?

It would seem so. 

This is cause for a bit of galgenhumor rejoicing since no other administration, in my lifetime, has had such a consistency. Now all we need to do is listen carefully and believe/trust the opposite completely.

This is truly amazing, after all, even Weather Beavers are right occasionally. 

In the Bow-Wave 14

It’s been a FUN week thus far. 

Not only is Fartus Maximus Prevaricator a dispenser of falseness we also learned yesterday that he directs PPE contracts to his cronies for false equipment. Rather reminds me of those cardboard shoes the Yankee Army had to buy just before Bull Run. 

Instant disintegration running across the creek.

And the White House plague task force is being disbanded, “Black” Pence claims they have done “tremendous” things which is evidently his pronunciation of “microscopic.” 

I suspect the disbanding is more an acknowledgment of the inability of the pols on the task force to read (or understand) graphs. And handling numbers bigger than twenty-three. 

As I was returning from my provisioning raid on Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill yesterday – since you can’t but artificial meat in Marshall County, there’no meat in the County – I listened to a sob sister episode about High Schule graduations this year. This set me rather to thinking more than the cancerous shenanigans of Fartus Maximus and “Black” Pence.

The Sob Sister droned on and on about how damaged and pained the high schule seniors were for not having a graduation ceremony this year. And I kept trying to figure out whether today’s high schule students are really that broken or is this more news drek?

I hated all of my graduations. Except the one at the Campus of the Boneyard. And that was because no one else could attend and I didn’t have to go.

Graduations are primarily for mothers. Maybe a little for fathers. But I doubt that.

My high schule graduation was a nightmare and the pain intensified when I got home because my mother disapproved of my “behavior.” Evidently I wasn’t respectful enough of the process.

Stercus Tauri!

The lesson I learned from that was that graduations are creamed crap. That means they are twice as nasty smelling as regular crap and only seem to be smooth. 

So my baccalaureate graduation was endurable, mostly because I took a book with me. And I ignored everything my parents had to say. I managed to evade my master’s graduation but the doctoral was a mandatory – no attendance, no degree. But by that time I had scant respect for false authority and spent the ceremony sitting in the front row playing paper-scissors-rock with the token medical schule graduate – he lost at the game to decide the sacrificial student. 

And by that time I knew how to have fun while enduring meaningless, boring ritual. But I came to understand why education is the bane of religion.

And by the time I got kicked out of the Yankee Army Woe College, there was only personal respect left and all the students were misbehaving. As was the Commandant. And no parents, just wife and daughter. Who also had scant patience with false authority’s pretenses.

So what the Tartarus gives with these high schule students. Are they all precious extroverts who are mentally damaged by stay-at-home rules? Let them out. If we’ve got to lose people to learn to respect Nature, let’s lose some EXTROs who can’t learn anyway. That’s what evolution is all about.

And maybe it will reduce the population of POLs in the process.

In the Bow-Wave 13

All I heard yesterday about the re-opening of Alibam was bitter complaining by the Bubbas (and Bubbettes, if I may be so genderisticly bold to note the duality) about how the shopping centers – the high temples of Bubba Kultur and Worship of self – were imposing needless, tyrannical totalitarian rules on customers, limiting their numbers, NOT having sales, and not enough stores being open. Somehow I kept a straight face about the  totalitarian part since the dream of every Bubba is to impose tyrannical Bubba rule on all the not-Bubbas. 

With torture and pain, naturally, since that’s all that not-Bubbas deserve.

Then this morning in my review of the “news,” I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Revealed: Two-thirds of pavements in London are NOT wide enough for people to keep two metres apart to meet social distancing guidelines.” 

My first though was that the Londonians should be happy to have sidewalks. Sidewalks are considered a waste of money by Bubbas, although paved roads are not. (Reduces the time spent sprucing the pickup, or so I am told.) 

But then I considered that part of the problem is that almost everyone, including the Municipal Parents, are ignoring the temporal aspects of the CDC’s guidance.

The six foot/two meter (for the educated and STEMs) separation is a major component of the spatial aspects of the CDC’s guidance. I am told this is a compromise distance of separation that is related to when COVID-laden exhalation aerosol droplets fall out. (I shall refrain from enunciating my concerns over what the actual size distribution of such droplets are because it would probably compromise the measure.) And it is a concept that even the Bubbas can comprehend (well, mostly.) But what is ignored is the temporal aspects.

If you read the guidance, you see that it reduces down to ‘minimize nearness duration.’ In grocery store terms, be a ‘darter’ – don’t wait patiently, dash in, grab the item, and get away. This has two (or more) advantages. It minimizes the amount of time for the people around you to sneeze, cough, or just breathe on you. And if you go fast enough, a slightly fast walk, you push the air enough to not only shield from diffusion but to disrupts all but the smallest of those aerosol droplets. 

Which gets us back to the sidewalk problem. If you live in London, you can’t very well move off the sidewalk without putting yourself at risk of collision with a motorcar, which will likely be nastier for you than the motorcar but you will still attain the wrath of the motorcar pilot. If you live in Greater Metropolitan Arab, and you can find a sidewalk, you can walk alongside on the greensward. Except downtown where you don’t have to worry about stepping in the street because the collision will be so forceful as to alleviate any fear of the plague. 

But you can go fast and let the wind you make buffer you from the pestilent aerosol droplets. And if the chap going the other way is going slowly, and lacks a cane, smack them with yours to instill some civic responsibility.

Problem Solved.

And, of course, in grocery store you can also use the grocery buggy you are pushing as an inducement to untarry.