Two Day. Back to gym. Sparse. And passable podcast episodes. Although forty-one minutes of Tyrannosaurus was a whole LOT TOO much. 

Ran across an article [Link] about a tweet by DeGrasse Tyson. 

of an “improved” pledge of allegiance.

At least he got rid of the superstitious mysticism. But it’s still broken. By definition, Justice for a few is Justice for none. Not that Justice is at all objective, of course. But then no government has ever been Just. It’s alien to the nature of organization.

But I appreciate the try.


The Evil that is Man

One day. Also Memorial Day. Yankee Memorial Day but that doesn’t really matter. Some taxonomies are farcical. Anyway, this should be a day for remembering and considering those who died in battle. The purists might go so far as to say only those who died in Yankee service, excluding those who fought for the old Confederacy or even those who fought in the French and Indian War. I am more eclectic. I include them all. And sorrow for them. And wonder how many died to keep some politician? Too many, I am sure. That makes the loss doubly nasty.

I am also distressed at just how nasty we are as a species. I sorrow for that silver back who was killed for no good reason over the weekend.[Link] How did we get so arrogant that an endangered primate was fluff for a child who, three-sigma confidence, will never do anything substantive? That’s cold but it fits the terror and evil of the zoo swat. And probably our species as a whole.

Maybe it’s time for us to go away? Before we ruin any more of reality? 

If we’re this stupid and venial and selfish and uncaring then what right do we have to exist? Are we all politicians?

More About

Mumble. Storing copies of selected articles from the week. Have to do this locally now that Ubernote has just become a half-derriere taxi service.

Noted a slightly distressing – minor hemorrhoid pain – article [Link] entitled “13 incredible science facts you probably didn’t learn at high school.” Must be one of those outreach-to-Bog articles that Chad was talking about. I actually learned a couple of these in high schule. Not, I should admit as part of the curriculum. But I was in high schule when I read a book/article that contained the information. 

So while this was a failed sample I suspect such is the norm for not-Bogs. They read. And learn. And do other things Bogs don’t. Or can’t?

And this one [Link] explains rather a lot about religionist conspiracy theories. But it is nice to think of works as fiction as being equally predictive as the bible. Wait? What? Fiction? Bible?

Aren’t Week Out fun?

Evil About

Seven Day. Still. And FRAWGGY! One of those Frawgs that all you can see is most of the light from your head lamp scattered back into your eyes and some streaming particles in the flux. Distracting and distressing. Makes walking unsure. Especially for ORF. 

But on the smooth spots I mused on the evil that is the Internet. Mostly the access part, About how the poor don;t have access and the rich seem to only use it to stream video and suck money. Which probably – combined – accounts for the paltry good that is of and on the internet? Certainly if the Roinek Battle Flag wavers and the Religionist Terrorists had more presence there would be more evil and hence less good. 

So the question is whether the corporationist monopoly on internet access is itself inherently evil. It sure isn’t good. But it is unclear if government provision would be better in any real way?

Life was better before.

Sundae is a good day to plumb evil, there is so much about then. And all of it our own doing.

Flatulence Infrastructure

Six Day. And once more to the park for constitutional. Into muggy this morning. Air not pleasant at all. Nor any cooling. But I did codify one thing:

Those at the edges of an organization are the least survivable.

I’ll let you figure out the context for survival for yourself.

French wonks have determined, with some degree of confidence, that Neandertals built a “structure” 176 KYA. [Link] This leads us to the thought chain that comes down to Neandertals were smarter than Sapiens but Sapiens was so irritating the Neandertals just crawled into caves and died to get away?

Support for this is inferrable from a recent French law that forbids corporate “work” emails outside of working hours. [Link]

As with most laws, the fun part is thinking about how they will be disobeyed and what unintended consequences they will have. I suspect this will be like speed laws – ignored except when constables are present. 

Of course, the model may well evolve into that of the apparent Democrud POTUS candidate who never uses office email anyway. Not, it appears, care very much for the security of the Yankee republic.

On which azimuth, we note an article [Link] entitled “Why Smelly Farts Are Healthy Signs And Can Benefit People Around Us.” Somehow this seems not only appropriate but definitive. Flatulence equals Fiberfrication?

And Flatulence is definitely a model of human life. And perhaps from the Neandertal, if not our own, perspective, presence.

Odious Saturn’s Day!