As I was plumbing the InBox this morning, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Pentagon Will Only Accept Proposals for Military Cloud Network on DVD.”

I have to admit that this was a bit of a perk-up. When I retired from the Yankee Government Service, proposals had to be on paper, as many copies as the contracting agency though – in their wildest imagination – that they might need, and hand delivered, The latter was because they wanted to make sure the respondent didn’t look like a Communist or a terrorist fanatic. The former was because they didn’t want to waste their appropriated and authorized money on paper and printers. There was some discussion when I retired of changing to “floppy” disks but these ideas were viewed by management as speciously as the idea of telecommuting. 

I can recall an experiment – ostensibly telecommuting – that the Yankee Navy ran inside the beltway where they let people telecommute one day a week from an abandoned Great Patriotic War era warehouse. The catch was that it wasn’t near any of the people telecommuting and they had to pay for their use of the work spaces. Sort of like those motels that charge by the hour for buggy beds with dirty sheets.

Along this line, the author of this essay noted

“Still, DVDs are a bizarre means of local storage these days. Why not a USB thumb drive? The reason is probably classified — or just completely arbitrary.”

This demonstrates how this journalist doesn’t know what he is writing about. Either Yankee Government rules nor IT stuff. Anyone competent on either knows – trivially – that a DVD is read-only while a USB stick is read-write. DuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhD! 

I can only hope that the contracting agency charged the journalist for the interview. I hate to think my taxes were wasted on such a haggis-head.

Bungling Brothers Circus

I watched the proceeding in Congress yesterday. And I have a few observations:

The membership of congress needs to be taken into custody for suspicion of treason;

Political parties need to be considered as gangs and membership in them criminalized;

Dr. Ford needs a competent therapist, if one can be found in California, to help her deal with her denial problems and a squad of Recon Marines to deal with her bullying problems; and

Mr. Cavanaugh gave an excellent performance as a self-righteous, arrogant schmuck who should be debarred and given a job as mucker in the District Sewer System.

Fall of Disillusionment

As I was leaving Greater Metropolitan Arab this morning on my way to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill, waiting to enter US 231, I noticed an Arab Police SUV on speed duty. Suddenly, the SUV pulled out into the highway, neither lamps not wipers engaged, in apparent obliviousness to traffic, safety, and Alibam law. This put me in mind of Bill Cosby.

When I was young, I listened to the comedy records of Andy Griffin and Bill Cosby. Their humor was wholesome, American, suitable to the Containment Era.

Now Cosby is in prison for sex crimes. What does this tell us? Is America a prevarication, a Potemkin facade? Or have we been the victims of cynical politicians who have swindled us and enslaved us?

Is Mr. Cosby actually a villain of enormous magnitude or a victim of a legal system principally dedicated to punishing someone, guilty or not?

Can anyone or anything in America be trusted? The signs are negative. Democracy is disappearing amidst the struggles of power hungry minorities. Organizations are industriously reinventing slavery. Or is this all the dust hiding a new liberation? And if so, what replaces the democracy made null by our newfound cynicism?

In Media Res

I am a Linuxian. That doesn’t mean I consider myself a citizen of some imaginary country but in a sense, Linux is a nation. The people who use Linux are generally of different stuff than those who use Winders or AppleOS (whatever it is called.) For many, the difference is between that of a free human and that of a bound human, either serf or slave.

Recently, there has been a great deal of attention spent on the retreat (in a spiritual sense) of the founding father of Linux, Linux Torvalds, from his role are First Coder. The association considered here should be more that of Asimov’s “Foundation” series than the dictatorial idea of “First Citizen.”

Now I need to strike a metaphor: FaceScroll is a battle ground. The battle is “fought” between those who believe good syntax usage is an obligation of being human and intelligent and those who believe syntax is discretionary and situational. The metaphor I want to strike is that almost all of these people are adequately human to be considered good. Only the extremes: those who think syntax irrelevant and that anyone should be able to understand them if they shout loudly enough; and those who consider others who do not meet their standards of syntax to be subhuman; are evil and of questionable humanity.

Of all human languages, computer languages are the most exacting when it comes to syntax. In a sense, this is good because if something doesn’t work, its syntax is a failure; it it works then the syntax is good.

The problem with this is that even with this razor’s edge of functionality, the variation of good enough is subject to the subjectivity of not-good-enough-for-me and over-exacting-as-error.

Each human being is a battle ground. What is good and bad is a constant conflict being redefined. Some of us are diligent  in this pursuit; others over and under do it. Some of us remain forever frozen in our conceits and some of us are able to renormalize ourselves and our world views and actions.

None of this establishes what is good and what bad, but it does give us a model of human behavior. And often it is best if we stay in the middle of the distribution.

Unjudgly 2

The Cavanaugh question isn’t about gender or generation.

It’s about human rights. And so far, the government, executive and legislative, at least, is failing miserably. 


It strikes me that Judge Cavanaugh’s avoidance of being cleared by an FBI investigation compromises his claims of adherence to the Rule of Law.

Making Alabama Garbage

Four day. Survived an expedition to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill yesterday. Only encountered six traffic stoppages, which was four less than last week. Huntsville is rapidly becoming the town of immobility.

On which note I saw this morning at gym that the new Doubleday Pornography Team would be known as “Trash Pandas”. Seems rather a fitting name, especially the Trash part. And since the team will be located in Madison where all the yuppies are, eating bamboo (and kelp) is probably accurate as well. It also seems to foretell another disaster of failure for sports porn in Nawth Alibam, given the widespread inability of getting pandas in zoos to produce (offspring.)

While we’re on the insane stupidity azimuth, I also saw that the state’s Chief Bigot, who is trying very hard to add the title of Principle Pedophile to his honors and accomplishments, is litigating the pseudo-celebrity who “interviewed” him. I am not sure which is the greater magnitude act of stupidity, agreeing to the interview or litigating a pseudo-celebrity who can only profit from the publicity? 

On the positive side, this certainly sets the bar deep underground for whoever is Chief Justicer of Alibam. I suspect a deceased congenital syphilitic would present a better effectiveness.

Looking further afield, we have the spectacle of the Repulsians ramming through a Know Nothing candidate for Justicer of the Yankee Top Court. This guy is wasted as a justicer; he would be one of the world’s great used motorcar salesmen if he dared the risk.

I also note that the running shoe industry is floating a new line of knee pads for people who are dissatisfied with the national legal system. Evidently they are blissfully (?) unaware that the Amerikan legal system is formulated to advantage the cunning and criminal over the rational and honest.