H and H

Seven Day. When the bogs primp and powder themselves and take themselves off to services to fool themselves that they are actually good Christianists.

So they can go back on One Day to their wanted ways of hating and hurting. 

One of the hating and hurting things Southron bogs are most avid about is keeping women as chattel. One of the manifestations of this is preventing women from having any control of their lives or existence. It’s a nasty business. every bit as nasty as the slavery most of these people’s forebears condoned and practiced years ago. And surprisingly, the Yankee rose up and whack that practice down. 

But they couldn’t, or wouldn’t, free the women.

So it is with some admiration that I note that the Irish have freed their women.[Link]

Back when I was a bairn, the common utterances were less guarded than today. People of Color were commonly referred to by one of the “N” words, and women were similarly referred to by a “C” or “W” word. (Spelling skills were considerably better in those days because the schules had teachers who knew and taught. Few had certificates and students generally knew more about basic things. Which seems to indicate that credentials are a form of false entitlement?)

Anyway, the Irish, a people who have been called the rock of Roman Catholicism and credited with saving civilization during the Middle Ages, have voted to permit abortion. I will remind the reader that abortion is one of the highest indications of intelligence, regardless of the decision. It is the epitome of trust in rationality and individual freedom. Which is why it strikes such fear in the hearts of religionists who want to maintain (and extend) their subjugation of other humans.

As I said, back when I was a bairn, language was considerably less guarded. It was common for the man-in-the-street to refer to people, especially disliked, by some epithet associated with their national or cultural heritage. Those of Irish heritage were generally derided as unintelligent by a common misuse of a noun/adjective. 

So it is hope inspiring that these formerly stupid people – at least according to some Southrons – have the intelligence and integrity to empower women. 

Not that there seems much likelihood that today’s Southron Religionist Bogs will become so enlightened. 

In fact, we almost have to pity them. After all, they suffer from a debilitating mental illness that prevents them from engaging in rational thought. Their monopoly of cushy, high paying (relatively) overseer jobs has been seriously damaged by former slaves and impudent, unsubmissive women. Just inquiring what causes their manic insecurity is death risking. 

In honesty, if I knew myself to be part of the rotting lees of humanity’s civilization, I would be ill tempered and evil too. And grasping very hard to drag down those who made me low.

Corporate Stercus

The smelly kind!

I have commented before about how Amazing’s marketing robot/AI is a low grade nincompoop. It is totally unable to distinguish my purchasing azimuths from those of FD SCP or from Solstice presents. IOW, it is unable to discern patterns that my grandson, age five, can perceive. And he’s no Albert! Good kid, but not doing any maths yet.

On which note, I bought the National Geographic’s DVD of its minithread on Albert and now Amazing is trying to entice me to purchase other minithreads in the same series. This is a finer failure since while – arguably – all of the series is about smart folks, not all of them are science nerds. Could it be that the software is based on an assumption, perhaps unidentified, that all humans are bogs?

This wouldn’t be too erroneous since 90% of humanity are asentient bogs, but it would be fundamentally whacked when it came to geeks and nerds who have considerably more relevance than in previous eras. Although, it does strike that it was apostolic geeks who got humans through the dark ages until the nerds could invent modern science. And then things got nasty. Which they still are in that channel.

Yesterday, I ran across an article [Link] that claimed that their research indicated that:

“those with religious or spiritual beliefs appeared to suppress the brain network used for analytical thinking in order to engage the network for empathetic thinking. Equally, those who were non-religious showed they suppressed their empathetic thinking for analytical thinking.”

Hence, religionists are irrational. In fact, they shut down the rational part of their brains. Which probably explains the widespreadness of evilgelicalism. While nerds and (some) geeks shut down the fantasy part of their brains. Which probably explains why the evilgelicals hate geeks and nerds so much. 

What does this have to do with corporate Amerika? Well, clearly capitalists don’t want humans thinking rationally. The problem, of course, is that they are dependent on rational thinkers to provide the basis for their business. After all, you can’t build AI without Geeks and Nerds.

Incidentally, one of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, reported the same stupidity on the part of a shoe vendor. [Link] He reports engaging their customer service function and determining that the staffing there is either AI or Bog since they are unable to understand the situation. Now all we have to decide is whether that is the situation with the management or just part of their treatment of Amerikans as serfs?

Of course, solving this might also give us some comprehension of the Yankee Government’s Legislature. Is it really an evil conspiracy to reduce Amerika to a feudal state or are the majority of thieves legislators just arational evilgelicals? Certainly their mumblings about “breaking up” FaceScroll seem that way? How do you do that? How do you partition the user base. Or do you just make social media criminal activity? 

I fail to see any winning trajectory for the legislature here. Maybe they should just openly sell their favors, like some prostitution sites that get shut down periodically?



I have long conjectured that the reason Amerikan srtudents are ignernt is because their teechers have degrees in Education.

IOW, they know very well how to teach but know nothing to teach.

This has now been confirmed by real academics [Link] It seems that if students are taught by people who know something but not so much how to teach, they learn more than if they are taught by people who know how to teach but have no content to impart.

Gee. That was the way schules were when I was a bairn. All the good teachers lacked certificates; the bad teachers had them.

So when will the system change?

Never is my conjecture. 

Owner Idiocy

I noted at gym this morning that the National (American) Football League has cooked up a rule that players can no longer kneel during the anthem but may remain in the locker room. Failure to stand will be met with fines.

What’s next, a straight arm salute? 

Despite the Nazi association, I suspect this displays more of a commitment to pornography than anything else. That, and greed.

I have to wonder how things will turn out when the whole team stays in the locker room?

Of course, even though it is pornographic, it’s not really football. Just the american perversion.

Absence of Tongue

I have been thinking about the threat of AI. While I find myself agreeing with Stephen Hawking’s concerns, at least once a week I get the stupidity of AI rubbed into my face.

Such happened this morning.

I received an email from Amazon [Link] offering me several choices in shoes. 

None of which are available,perhaps even made, in my size.

I have a narrow foot. It is hard for me to buy shoes. No store in Greater Metropolitan Arab sells shoes to fit me. Only one or two in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill do so. Mostly I buy on-line, and have a selection that is less than the number of phalanges.

But what displays the stupidity of AI and the organizations that use it, at least today, is a weekly email from Amazon offering me – always – shoes that I cannot wear.

Somehow that seems fitting. And descriptive of contemporary Amerika.

Tread Water?

It seems this is a good week for Alibam in the national council of thieves legislators. [Link]

Seems the representative for Nawth Alibam is incapable of telling stones from stercus. Especially when it comes to climate change, which I suspect he avers is a fiction created by the Venusians or one of them other furrin heathen nations.

Notably, his district includes Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill, Huntsville, where 90% of the IQ points in the state are concentrated.

I have to advance the conjecture that stupidity is good for the greenery since that seems sometimes to be the principal good in Alibam.

Unspeakable Alabama Tyranny

It seems that the senior senator from Alibam has once more outed himself as a flaming Nazi.[Link] He voted AGAINST the continuation of Net Neutrality.

I am sure he will pour forth all sorts of erudite lies justifying his position but fundamentally it comes down to not giving a d**n about his constituents.

Happily he is coming up for election in two years and can be humbled to the needs of the citizenry rather than his own and his donors’ greed.

Cinema Crapskull

The other day I ran across an article [Link] entitled “For the Love of Science, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Learn to Read the Room” that takes Chicken Man to task for tweeting about astronomical errors in a movie. The author and unidentified others (fictional?) criticized the distraction from the evils portrayed in the movie.

I am entertaining the idea that the evils are in the article.

The movie is about a wanna-be politician having an illicit sexual liaison and in the process discorporating the woman. Big Whoop! That’s what politicians do. And as such the movie fails as entertainment. Which is what movies are supposed to be. This stercus about moral messaging is just that. And diarrheatic to boot. 

Which is undoubtedly something beyond the mental abilities of this journalist. 

On a more relevant azimuth, this journalist, and the unidentified others, apparently have so little knowledge of reality that egregious inaccuracies do not disrupt their “suspension of disbelief.” I am not sure this would have disrupted mine since I am neither astrophysicist nor astronomer but I can attest that other unrealities – that’s of PHYSICAL reality, not social reality – have disrupted mine and I have exited the theater or ejected the DVD. 

At the cost of a relationship with other humans back in the days between grad schule and marriage.

Although there have been several movies that I started watching with FD SCP and she finished them alone. Because I was off regurgitating.

So just because your (mistaken) view of reality isn’t challenged by stupidity and incompetence, don’t assume everyone else’s isn’t either. 

Sometimes BOG is a synonym for Ferd.

Incidentally, I don’t need to go see a movie about stuff I experienced. Not do I take a shower wearing a SCUBA suit.

Media Mun(dane)day

One day. And back to gym. Where all sorts of media matters came to attention.

First, I was reminded that nuptials among the tyrants of Albion are upcoming. What struck me was that the event was epitomized by the tyranny of pomp and the vacuity of circumstance.

On the other hand, we here in Amerika are nationally epitomized by the pomp of the toxic waste dump and the vacuity of promises.

Next, I listened to a podcast episode of an Indian (as in sub-continent, not American First Peoples) castigating his own for having sold out to what used to be called “the monied interests.” Happily he confirmed one of my own observations with the equation (in my terms)

Quality of Composition * Disintegrity of the Journalist = Constant

which if accurate often enough to let one identify false reportage. At least until the “monied interests” get hard up enough to hire journalists with actual composition skills and abilities.

Lastly, FD SCP made me watch “60 minutes” with her last night on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver and I was rather taken by a vignette on a film being made about the “bridge builder” Francis. Taken, not by the film making, but what the fellow had to say that transcended the crap and self-furthering of organized religion. He actually got more down to the actual meat of religion and not the sugar fluff and ball gags that organized religion distributes.

I now have renewed hope for the “Pursuit of Happiness.”


No Hill Kings

Seven Day and a bit of tab hawgin’. Which brought me back to an article [Link] entitled “How 250 Siberians Became the First Native Americans.” which is the sort of horrible composition that rather rubs my pelt in the wrong direction – mental or physical.

Point being is that humans are NOT native to the Americas. So calling people who got here before Western Europeans “Native” is bad composition. Ignorance. Prevarication. Politics, maybe. Definitely from the sense of politicians being evil and mean and greedy and nasty.

But over and above the penchant for thieves to want to be elected to government, we have the popular lie that there are “Native Americans.”

Ain’t no such animal.At least, human animal. There are some animals that seem to be native but that’s because they evolved here. And humans didn’t. We all trace back to Africa. Although there is some evidence that some humans did evolve elsewhere, like Neandertals and Denisovians. Maybe. 

But not in the Americas. That’s why they were so pristine. Until the humans of this article, maybe, arrived, the Americas were unspoilt, unpolluted by humans. It’s hard to even conceive but there was a time when Mesopotamia was a garden and not a desert.

My point of this natter is that not only is it stupid to talk about Native Americans – and certainly we humans have a strong claim to being stupid – buy we may also be the enders of life on the planet.

Gee, isn’t that a cheery thought?

So why can’t we plagiarize the Canadians and call them “First Peoples?” Then we can refer to a generation or so from now as “Last Peoples.”

If there is anyone left to write it down.