Stercus Store Spotlight

This is a new series of blots that will spotlight commercial enterprises that are STERCUS by word or deed.

This first award goes to PUBLIX grocery stores [Link] who loudly announced a month ago that they were establishing special shopping hours for Seniors and Essential Workers and then this week, without any prior notice to either population, dropped those special shopping hours.

We seniors found out about this when we showed up Tuesday morning and got told to “pound sand” by the local management. 

So let us all show our support for PUBLIX by taking our business elsewhere and leaving them to rot in bankruptcy. I personally went to KROGER where they have good service and the staff isn’t as fakely congenial.


District Drek 2

The question is not why is the Justice Department charging Chinese hackers.

The question is why isn’t the Justice Department charging Equifax Management for Criminal Negligence?

Time to put C level oligarchs in prison.

Imiscible Catastrophe

Ah! Week Out. And I got to sleep in this morning. Until 0400. Although I woke at 0300 and actually had more energy then than at 0400 but I intimidated myself into the extra hour of fitful slumber as a reward for enduring another week of human existence.

Speaking of which, I noted just a few minutes ago that the Five Sided Fool Farm has awarded its contract for cloud computing to MegaHard instead of River. [Link]

Or anyone that makes sense.

I should comment that the Yankee Military has a congenital incompetence – essentially a blindness – when it comes to formulating computational requirements and a contrarian depravity when it comes to awarding contracts. The primary reason for this is a fundamental military alienation from its own STEM nerds. 

This sounds a lot worse than it really is. The situation is that the Amerikan military has a love-hate relationship with the American not-military. Yes, they love the country and its people – mostly. They have a deep and abiding hatred for politicians who most feel are the gravest threat to the country, leaving the furriners far behind, but they keep this hatred under rigorous, admirable control almost all the time. They have a fundamental distrust of the rest of the Amerikan population mostly because they aren’t military. And have scant order, obedience, or even good common sense.

And they are pretty much right about that.

They also have a fundamental distrust of technology. This is not original to the Amerikan military. All military have this distrust. That’s why if you go to any museum you find that old weapons are the most sturdy of ancient relics. 

This has led the military to lead in some technological development. One suspects that the development of metal technology was due to soldiers wanting a better rock. In actuality, they wanted a better projectile point – the hurled spear was the original enabler of war. 

This does not mean that the military can direct technology innovation well. Part of this inability is the presence of politicians and the inherent friction with politicians, a situation that demonstrates the fundamental stupidity and venality of politicians. But the military also has a deep rooted antipathy at the pragmatic philosophical level with STEM NERDs. In a sense, this disagreement is almost religious although not because it is also fundamentally rational.

The nature of this antipathy is weltanschaung – world view. The military considers mission, and adherence thereto, to be the fundamental aspect of human existence. The STEM NERD considers rational understanding, with validation, to be the fundamental aspect of human existence. Both of these conflict with the world views of politicians (control and wealth accumulation) and the man-in-the-street (wealth accumulation and self-confidence.) But they definitely conflict with each other despite and almost complete orthogonality. 

IOW, the rift between the military and the NERDs is more social than actual.

But this is enough that the military will embark on a technology endeavor by ignoring the same NERDs they employ to do similar things in-house. And that leads to most military technology systems being stercus, at least initially until they can become old enough that the NERDs can figure out how to fix things. 

And that’s the situation now, I fear. The Fool Farm has bought into another can-of-crap. From a vendor of underperforming operating systems. 

The good news is they didn’t buy it from Detroit. 


Dark Thoughts 3

Now that the package rush is over, it seems fitting to post grades for the delivery organizations.

In alphabetic order:

  • FeDeX – F+ (The plus is merited because once (!!!!) a driver actually knocked on the door;)
  • UPS – B+;
  • USPS – A++.

I am seriously considering denying business to any company who uses FeDeX without other choice. 


Absence of Tongue

I have been thinking about the threat of AI. While I find myself agreeing with Stephen Hawking’s concerns, at least once a week I get the stupidity of AI rubbed into my face.

Such happened this morning.

I received an email from Amazon [Link] offering me several choices in shoes. 

None of which are available,perhaps even made, in my size.

I have a narrow foot. It is hard for me to buy shoes. No store in Greater Metropolitan Arab sells shoes to fit me. Only one or two in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill do so. Mostly I buy on-line, and have a selection that is less than the number of phalanges.

But what displays the stupidity of AI and the organizations that use it, at least today, is a weekly email from Amazon offering me – always – shoes that I cannot wear.

Somehow that seems fitting. And descriptive of contemporary Amerika.