Volunteer Scab Wanted

Recently, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “How to get more Americans to volunteer.” It’s written by academics but it still has some good points to make.

After I retired, I tried to volunteer. I was unsuccessful. What every organization I went to wanted was someone to replace paid service support. Mostly cleaning toilets or sitting at a reception desk or pushing a mail cart.

I don’t want to come across as arrogant or haughty but none of that is engaging. First of all, I feel like I am denying some blue collar laborer righteous employment. That makes it a moral and ethical issue and I can’t work in such an environment.

Second, the work I was offered was not only uninteresting, it was work I have neither capability nor interest in. I’m an INTRO with several college degrees and I have managed organizations with thousands of college graduates. Asking me to do clerical or janitorial working involving continuous interaction with other people is repulsive. It tells me you don’t care about volunteers, only their labor. That’s the worse sort of capitalism and just because you are a charity doesn’t make you inherently not bad.

After two years of trying to volunteer to do something useful and, at least, not painful, I gave up. I am now cynical about volunteering. It’s a scam and a cheat.

So I suggest you need to change my mind rationally and not appeal to guilt and pity.


Good Conduct Medal

Well done, Jocelyne Larocque ! [Link] Best Olympics Thing I have seen since those Black Power salutes!

To use the words of Williams Jennings Bryant, the Olympics of a Cross of Gold, a shibboleth, an abomination of the greatest depth, further down than Tartarus.

So seeing someone set aside from the scripting and theater of the anal is GOOD!

Emotion is honest. Porn excitation is stimulated production of hormones.



Video Scum

I am not a fan of television game programs. They not only have no attraction, they have a repulsion. That probably arises from being introduced to them in the 1950’s when the winners were often given the answers to increase audience size. Resultingly, game programs are presumed criminal from the get-go.

However, FD SCP does watch some game shows so I caught a glimpse of one of them last night with totally inappropriate questions. [Link]

I was so disturbed and angered by this that I was moved to blog a bit.

First, this is an opposite dishonesty of the 1950’s variety but with greater magnitude. In this case, the program obviously determined what the contestants didn’t know anything about and formulated their questions to exploit that ignorance.

Why? To bolster their audience (and cash flow) by belittling and harassing the contestants. This may not have been sexual assault but it was assault of some form. The MC in particular was revealed to be a sadistic psychotic of the nastiest form.

Second, how could they do this. It’s simple. Half of all adult humans have NO interest in sports, or only limited sports. And the limited forms are seldom the “popular” ones. I have a friend, Magnetic Inductance Force, whose only sports interests are women’s field hockey and chess. 

Third, the half of the population that do worship the sports idol are actually engaged in pornographic excitation. I know most bogs think pornography is about sex, but it’s really about hormones and such and it doesn’t matter what subject matter causes the secretion, just that they are watching some activity that does cause such.

So the corporate oligarchs who use television to increase their wealth basically staged a pornography failure last night to titillate the half of the population that gets secretion high on sports. 

No wonder we are fast devolving into a third world country. 


Thankful Listness +2

Five Day. Back to gym. With a fill-in clerk who was fifteen minutes late. And hence I had to reduce my exercise duration by ten minutes to get back on schedule.

This raises the question: if we can’t trust Marshall Medical North [Link] management to open a gym on schedule how can we trust them to run a hospital. The answer is that we can’t. So this is a thankfulness since we have found out not to go to this hospital before we got killed or maimed.

I am also thankful that Thanksgiving is over. All that is left is unhealthy left-overs that can be discarded in a day or so.

I am thankful for the Arab government [Link] contractor who is supposed to pick up the recyclables this morning but almost certainly will not on the excuse of yesterday. This teaches us that capitalists are less trustworthy (and more venial) than government.

Not that Arab government is much to be thankful for. It is, however, one baby step above chaos but not incompetence.

I am also thankful for Black Friday, mostly because it reminds us of the evil of Capitalism and the stupidity of Bogs (and a few Geeks.) It never ceases to amaze me how industriously Bogs will wait on queue to “save” money on rubbish they don’t need but have been brain washed into wanting. In this regard, I am also thankful for Bogs lest the Capitalists have to get creative in their prevarications aka advertisements.

I am unthankful that the month of two noxious holidays is near upon. Much stupidity is to be endured as well of movement obstruction and an atmosphere of general idiocy.



Coffee Flatulence

Amerika is a nation of coffee and capitalism. And they conflict.

Something like 0.75 of all humans lack any of the “Cattle Herder” mutations. These mutations enable the secretion of Lactase in adults. 

Generally, children – pre-adolescents – secrete Lactase, which permits them to digest Lactose. Children who lack this secretion capacity are, for some strange reason, said to be “Lactose Intolerant.”

Horrible name, what one might expect from Bogs. But notably, this is a childhood disorder. The term is inapplicable to adult humans. Adult humans who do not secrete Lactase are called “Modal”, or, by Bogs, “Normal’. Adult humans who secrete Lactase are called “Mutants” or “amodal.” 

Dairy creamers contain Lactase; nonDairy creamers do not. Id dairy creamer is added to coffee distillate – hereafter, simply coffee – the Lactose is decomposed if the coffee has a temperature above about 190 degF. Otherwise, most adult humans who add dairy creamer to their coffee will suffer gaseous discomfort and potential damage.

This is all fine if you prepare your coffee at home or you bring along your own non-dairy creamer. Why? Because capitalist coffee sellers almost universally offer coffee with sufficient temperature to decompose Lactose or non-dairy creamer.

McDougals is a sterling example of this practice. No McDougals in Amerika offers non-dairy creamer. And they deliberately lower the temperature of their coffee prior to serving to placate litigation fears.

So if you add creamer to your coffee and drink it at McDougals, then you will have gas pains.

And just about everywhere else.

Because the coffee sellers refuse to either keep their coffee hot enough or provide non-dairy creamer. 

So Amerika is a nation of flatulent coffee drinkers.

All for the benefit of capitalist oligarchs. 


Road Distemper

One Day. Back to gym. And my driving passage on Alabama 69 from Greater Metropolitan Arab to Scant City and back made me realize that the roadway was not the least bumpy or holey prior to the work being done on it at the behest of the Alibam Department of Transportation.

We are thus forced to confront that the most likely situation is that this road worn is nothing more than corporate welfare. Government misuse of monies. Pay back to political donors. Corruption in office. Theft by the Alibam Council of Thieves Legislature.


Darkness Falls?

Well, the Huntsville Weather Beavers maintained their chain of underestimating the temperature minimum again this morning. I am sitting her typing – and retyping  – in and around the shivers and bone moans.

I did make it to gym this morning and evidently the new year has really begun and the temperature is to moderate because the gym was crowded – for 0500 – for a change. Not necessarily welcome but not too unpleasant despite the hate antics of the weight bouncers. 

FD SCP departed this morning for her employment in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill, hopefully marking the end of the season of cuttings. Since July she and I have had six between us. Sometimes I am convinced being ORF is harder than working. Certainly that was why she was in a rush to depart. That and some time away from SCP.  And drips.

The inauguration looms and already the temperament of the nation has changed from comfortable grumbling to veiled violence threats. I don’t know whether I want a time machine to go back to the ’50’s or a cryogenic chamber to hide for a century or so. I suspect the former; better the information and health desert of the past to the information and health wasteland of the future.

I was once told that a particularly nasty Chinese curse is “May you live in interesting times.” I now know one worse: “May you live past a golden age.”