Two Hundred

Yesterday, I was told, was the two-hundredth anniversary of Alibam. Statehood, I expect, rather than settlement, which went back ten thousand years or so?

This seems a typical viewpoint and representation. I personally abhor the term “Native Peoples,” mostly because humans are NOT native to the Americas. All the humans in the Americas today are offspring of immigrants. 

This got reflected yesterday by Doug Phillips. Several of his “Discovering Alabama’ [Link] episodes were run, including the one on the capitols/capitals of Alibam, where he spent a few moments talking about the role of Moundville as a seat of Alibam operations. This was also a source of some displeasure on my part. A later bit of programming reviewed noted historical Alibamians and David DeJarnette – the archaeologist who “made” Moundville – was omitted for some people I would not have bragged about – porn promoters and such. Of course, there is something to be lauded for including such given the nastiness of some of the Bubbas and their churches. 

There was also considerable coverage of the unveiling of all sorts of monuments, most in Muntgum, but a few elsewhere, and I found myself musing over how many of those monuments would have been removed or studiously ignored a century hence because, like the Confederate monuments erected in the Twentieth Century, they had become socially untenable? 

Then I found myself thinking about how many people would be in Alibam a century hence. Would the lower third of the state, the “black belt”, so named for the soil and not the population demographic, be covered in seawater? Would all of the state except the mountain tops be so hot as to be virtually uninhabitable, our cities ghost towns? Only a few roving bands and the occasional scrabbling truck farmer inhabiting the state?

All because of our denial of climate change and our unwillingness to use our brains critically and our effort constructively?

Again, I am glad to be ORF.

Firing Parties for All

After observing a few moments of the impeachment proceedings this morning, I am convinced that all the parties involved, both parties, are guilty of terminal stupidity and theft. 

The kindest thing we can do is to euthanize the lot.

Bicycle La Brea?

Yesterday, after the intensity of the monthly meeting of the Marshall County LINUX SIG, I did a bit of diversion immersion and ran across a bemusing article on the Face Scroll.

The article was about reactions to an exercise bicycle with a pseudo-Greek name on social media. The nature of the comments were distinctly 1950’s female infighting – mostly of the nature of “respectable, suburban housewives” commenting on the behavior of less restrained liberated (?) women. In the vernacular of the time, very catty, envious, and claws dripping with blood, at least figuratively.

Becoming intrigued, I viewed the commercial and it did indeed have a moving effect on me. In addition to a disproportionately large surge of nausea, I was amazed that Amerikan corporate culture has come to the stage of glorifying narcissistic psychopaths, which the rider of the bicycle most explicitly was. 

Is this how we sell bicycles today? And is this the actual nature of the young?

Excuse me, another trip to listen to echos.

Dysthankful 5

This has been a difficult week. I won’t bother with details except to assert that I have been at least three times as busy this week as usual. And had to deal with a lot more people that I don;t usually have to deal with. 

I would like to say that these people were congenial and pleasant and helpful.

Like they used to be thirty or so years ago. 

And some were, but most weren’t, which brings me to what I am dysthankful for.


And no, I don’t mean Congressional Entitlements as in Title (Number) law. 

I mean people who absolutely want things their way and are willing to do harm and pain rather than be a bit amenable to compromise. 

And what’s frightening is that the majority of these people are young. Under thirty.

And absolutely unable to abide any deviation from their vision of perfection without retribution.

Which seems appropriate for this time of year since it is full of people invoking religion and patriotism and history while ignoring any actuality of these ideas.

“This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.”