Godspeed oh Sec of State

I see and hear that the former senator (religionist fanatic branch) of Alibam has initiated a new campaign against everyone who isn’t an evilgelical.

I just hope they realize it’s the opening move in a game designed to be against everyone who isn’t him. 

Isn’t it amazing how Amerikan political parties are evolving into gangs?


Over the years, I have read quite a bit of science fiction. This started when I was in high schule and has continued since. My reading peaked when I was spending a lot of time on airplanes; science fiction diverted me from thoughts of the dipsomaniac/psychopath in the cabin and the lousy maintenance to be expected from large corporations. So I read a lot and pined for the good old days when the Yankee government told the airlines when they could pass gas, where they could go, and when.

In retrospect, the end of that era was a signal of the feudalism to come.

When I retired, I slacked off on reading science fiction, mostly due to a dissatisfaction with the density of contemporary authors who can’t plot or compose to my expected level. There are exceptions, but in the main, contemporary science fiction authors are crap. So I mostly re-read the old bits which don’t engage as well because I have changed and I remember too much.

Much of what I read was, naturally, stories about the future. Generally, science fiction authors then and now are pretty dismal folks. The future is almost always nasty and needs fixing. Somehow that seems to have come true. Somehow the country seems bent on reinventing feudalism. 

Lately, I have seen several articles about how the democrat party is on the verge of embracing socialism. Some of the articles view this with alarm; some with amusement. 

Back when I was adolescent and into adulthood, socialism was widely viewed as a slightly lesser evil that communism. Communism was bad because it wasn’t real democracy. It was an oligarchy dressed up like a democracy. And like most oligarchies, it wanted more. What hurt the capitalists was that the more wasn’t money, it was direct power and ground. Socialism was bad because it didn’t want money either, just no oligarchs (or capitalists?) And their evils were construed in monetary form. Because money is the only good in a capitalist environment.

Now, with the democrat party in disarray and the republican party learning how to wear jack boots, there is a lot of unhappiness in the land. Too many people not getting enough money. So one way to solve that problem is to do away with money. 

Nice theory but rather like trying to run a motor without lubricant. Money serves a purpose and that purpose isn’t served if there is no money. Also if too much money is tied up in Scrooge McDuck fortresses. 

The reason the fifties and sixties were good was because there was a drain on those fortresses and the spill-off went into the people’s hands. People could save enough to retire; make their lives more comfortable physically along the way, and afford medical care uniformly for the first time.

And this was evil in the eyes of the oligarch-capitalists. 

What we seem to lose sight of in all the Nuremberg drone of “fake news” is that much of the rest of the world has some form of limited socialism. It’s not a national hippie commune, but a fundamental fabric of citizen support. 

Which, incidentally, is supposed to be why we have government in the first place. To protect and support all citizens. And the citizens are supposed to keep the government honest and on track.

And we seem to have both failed. 

Thoughts from the Neutered Internet

Seven Day, and once more into the breach of tab ‘hawg’in. So in a futile effort to share brilliance, or at least perversion, with the bog mass and thereby diminish their inherent squishiness of mind and behavior, a few meandering and apparently pointless natterings will be here presented.

First, an article [Link] entitled “Open plan offices flop – you talk less, IM more, if forced to flee a cubicle.” It seems natural that this was published in an English (well, actually, British) newspaper, the Guardian. After all, such criticism of business in Amerika would result in a great disturbance in the dark side of the force aka Capitalism. And then Morbius’ “One does not look upon the face of the Gorgon and live” comes into play. One has to wonder how different – better? – this country would have been in we had adopted a requirement that no company have more than a hundred members/employees and they had to own at least 51% of the company mutually?

Anyway, the dissatisfaction with bull pens or stock yards or whatever one wants to call the infestations of modular furniture makes eminent sense. It comes down to privacy. This may not be obvious since many people – not just Bogs – fail to comprehend that privacy comes in many flavors and azimuths. To INTROs, privacy usually means aloneness and modular farms are a manifestation of Tartarus on Tellus. This is one of the primary reasons for INTROs going bonkers and offing EXTROs. EXTROs, on the other hand, are actually similar, except that instead of aloneness, they want privacy for their in-group. Same thing, different scale.

It might be tempting to suggest that a commonly held privacy is during bodily functions except that some Oriental cultures dispense with sexual segregation as well as privacy screens. Flatulence can be shared across gender and individuality. But we all have some vein of prudery – thankfully. And we all have some need to distance ourselves from the unselected masses of humanity. Which includes the office place where we have no control over our colleagues, unless we are management and then we have scant and imperfect regard for that matter.

So dissatisfaction with being corn stalks in a row in a field is natural to humans.

Next, an article [Link] entitled “The scent of coffee appears to boost performance in math” is instructive if rather clumsily and errorfully written. Science journalists are apparently as sorry these days as news journalists. That’s “sad” as in pound cake.

The results of the reported study are best described by the words of the study director,

“It’s not just that the coffee-like scent helped people perform better on analytical tasks, which was already interesting. But they also thought they would do better, and we demonstrated that this expectation was at least partly responsible for their improved performance.”

than those of the article’s writer. Note the glaring discrepancy between the title and the actuality: analytical tasks, not just maths.

This may help explain why office workers drink so much coffee and the addictions of Millennials. If you have been poorly prepared by the education instrumentality for analytical activity, and have to perform such, you naturally seek help. Another incidence of Stupidity in Amerika. On multiple azimuths.

On a more joyous note, [Link] a “fake science” article has been published about how politicians use toilet paper based on their party affiliation. The intent was to expose the cancer of Capitalist publishing, especially in research. That goal seems to have been served although with – likely – zero effect. Greed is without guilt. Evil is self-forgiving.

What is more interesting is the original question. Rectum sanitation is a matter of grave but often ignored importance, especially by maiden aunts and elected officials. (The reasons for this are NOT to be construed to be identical!!!!!) In some parts of the planet, toilet paper is replaced by corn cobs or even the human hand, in which instance, polarity is crucial. One does not wipe with the “eating” hand. This factoid is the wellspring of some of the humor of this article, that politicians would consider each other “unclean” along party lines for hand polarity.

Seems a more rational distinction than the current situation in the District manifests.

I can also assure you that ALL Alibam politicians perform this function with their left hands, sans paper, because they are ALL “Christian Conservatives” and hence adhere to tradition and doctrine and dogma and intestinal parasites. As YHWH wrote in down in the King James bible. Personally.

Lastly, an article [Link] entitled “Does free will exist in the universe? (That would be a no.)”  It is written by a computer science guy, so we should expect that it will be better composed and accurate than if by a journalist but we do have to keep in mind the dictum that if a discipline has to tell you it’s a science, it isn’t.

The thesis of the author is that Free Will does not exist. His presentation is unconvincing. Primarily because he assumes the universe to be continuous, which it isn’t. Indications are that the universe is granular. Quantum Mechanics, the basis of the Electronic Revolution, which lets me read these articles and write this blot, is the epitome of granularity. Perhaps his most glaring, to me, at least, fumble with this is implying, at least to my inspection, that fracticality cannot be discrete. And what is amazing is that this comes from a computer “science” guy where everything is discrete.

The important question, however, is what does this have to do with free will. There is, I concede, an argument that free will is unlikely (on misunderstood) in a scaleless continuous universe. But the counter argument is that free will hasn’t been measured. And what we cannot measure we do not know, to paraphrase Lord Kelvin, who, as we all know on a Seven Day morning in Alibam, invented temperature and thereby summer misery. (An example of the granularity is that people in Michigan are concerned with winter misery.)

Free will, like time, is poorly understood. It primarily exists as a statement by philosophers, plagiarized by theologians, of duality, like the One and the Many, light and dark, men and women. It may exist outside our minds, as an actuality. One approach to such is that even with the progression of entropy, order emerges just by random combinations. Anyone who has played FreeCell on their computer known this from experience, although they probably didn’t think of it in terms of order and entropy.

Do I have Free Will? I don’t know, but I hope so. The whole Predestination thing is entirely too evil to accept.

Midway Sinkings

Neck-down elections this week. On Tuesday, the polls opened – and excluded lots of undesirables to the Alibam way-of-existence – to do neck-downs to the party selections in early winter. I found it much more civil than the primaries a month or so previous when the new rules to prevent thinking and choice were implemented – without telling the electorate about in advance. Now that the most egregious of voters and poll watchers have been left moldering in a dirty alley somewhere, things were much smoother.

The good part of this was that it concluded – for this go about – the inter-party smut slinging. So far as I can tell, the global temperature went up a significant fraction of a degreeF from the decomposition of that smut. I particularly enjoyed the match between the Leftenant Guvnuh candidates, Hostess confection and Tiger thief. The accusations did stop short of the latter being accused of pedophilia and the former of pandering, probably by mutual consent. Other races were similar with the attorney private’s race decomposing into a childish “you’re a Democrat,” “no, you’re a democrat,” nattering.

I think I liked it better in the old days when the pair were each given a revolver and they laid to until one (or none) stood. In the latter instance, the guvnuh appointed someone, which was often the best possible outcome.

I should comment that Alibam is as close as one can come to the Soviet Union these days. It has always been a one-party state with any members of THE OTHER party subject to gelding or destruction of the Hyoid bone. The general governmental incompetence of the two is about equal, just compare the department store: MalWart is Amerika’s GUM.

This seems to be a characteristic of contemporary Amerika. I recently ran across an article [Link] that began with:

“Religious individuals are, on average, less humble about their intellectual prowess than non-religious individuals, and it is right-wing authoritarianism that accounts for most of the correlation between religiosity and lack of intellectual humility”

continues with:

“Conformity to norms, obedience to leaders, intolerance of deviance, and hostility toward other groups are associated with lack of intellectual humility, and these sociopolitical attitudes are, in turn, associated with right-wing authoritarianism.”

and concludes with:

“In conclusion, research shows that religious individuals may be slightly less humble about their intellectual abilities, but those who are have their sociopolitical attitudes, which fall under the umbrella of right-wing authoritarianism, to thank for their lack of intellectual humility.”

Other articles have identified these folks with great dissatisfaction over their inability to further their economic well-being and support of the current administration which, like all Alibam politicians, have promised kittens and moonbeams for all.

Most of the aspects of this are annoying, sometimes frightening, especially the part about over-confidence in personal intelligence and knowledge. The surest way to fail in a knowledge competition is hubris.

This leads to another article [Link] which concludes:

“Over the course of the 20th century, changes in importance of religious practices appear to have predicted changes in GDP across the world. This doesn’t necessarily mean that secularisation caused economic development, since both changes could have been caused by some third factor with different time lags, but at least we can rule out economic growth as the cause of secularisation in the past.”

IOW, don’t expect any improvement in the economic situation with the current political environment.

Summer Joys

This seems to have been a good week for Proper Disrespect. I opene Lifehacker this morning for a bit of trolling (in the piscine meaning,) and found several encouraging bits of news:

First, we have a couple of intriguing titles about the PLOTUS: [Link] “Trump Gets Booed As He Plays Golf in Scotland” and [Link] “Trump Lies So Much That Journalists Now Measure Things Like ‘Dishonesty Density’.” I have confidence these are, or will be labeled, false liberal Snowflake News but they are, none the less, refreshing. As a matter of fact, they give me greater understanding of many things I have read in ancient Greek about the joys of tyrants and why they were so popular.

Second, I see that that Cohan fellow – not the one who can dance, sing, and pretend to be a gangster – has had encouraging dealings with the chief bigot of Alibam: [Link] “Sacha Baron Cohen Probably Punked Roy Moore, so Now I Will Watch His New Show.” I have commented on this evil cancer of Alibam several times before but this one is truly amazing. The fellow actually though someone not Southron Evilgelical, the National Firearm Association, or the KKK would give him an award. OK, maybe the Amerikan Nazi Party? But this does indicate the brilliance of the fellow. Whose primary niceness is that he ain’t POTUS. 

Third, and in some ways, most enjoyable, [Link] “Tribal Chairman Sends Ominous 4-Word Letter to Keystone XL Pipeline Developer.” I am not aganst progress but I am against false Capitalist progress that makes our lives worse and damages the ecosystem. Wait, the use of Capitalist there was redundant. So I apologize to the planet wreckers. I am not even going to go into my usual nitnoid about “Native Peoples”. But I will acknowledge that this particular speaker for First Peoples has my admiration for standing up. Shame this guy doesn’t occupy 1600 Pennsylvania. After all, it’s empty courtesy of a relaxing golfing expedition to Russia. 

Enough. Time to go break some eggs. 

Which type of Stercus be YOU?

Ran across an article [Link] entitled “Study: If you favor Jif peanut butter over Skippy, you’re probably a conservative” this morning. The article is a plagiarism from a Washington Times article which is a plagiarism of a U Chicago study report. 

It talks about the observables that are used to predict if someone is of a particular political (or some other state such as “Race”) disposition. I’m assuming this is related to some of the algorithms used by FaceScroll and Amazing to tailor content/advertisements. I have commented previously how flaky and inaccurate those algorithms are: offer me five pairs of shoes at a time, none of which are available or made in my size. IOW, fundamental negation.

The title caught my attention span because I consume neither Jif nor Skippy, and never had. I forget what my parents fed me – between vanilla wafers – as a child but when I got to graduate schule I began eating IGA peanut butter because it came in a five gallon bucket (among other, smaller sizes) and living on a TA salary ate a peanut butter sandwich (on week old bread from a day-old store) every day. I still eat IGA peanut butter even though I have to drive an hour each way to the nearest IGA store. Which is in the opposite direction from Nawth Alibam’s shining city on the hill. 

So what does this do to the prediction? Am I a fascist or an anarchist since I am clearly neither a conservative nor a liberal? And does this have any relationship to the reality of the situation?

If I drill down to the next level, I find an enlightening graphic:

Note that all of these percentages are between 0.5 and 0.6, which is close to being a draw. IOW, assuming this is a two state observable, then a person who owns a fishing rod has a probability of 0.43 of being a conservative. Seems an awfully poor predictor to me. WHich probably explains why these predictions are such a pile of Stercus.

I especially like the one that a person who owns a POV is 0.57 likely to be a liberal. This when there are more POV in the Yankee republic than there are adults in the same bin. 

I should comment that I don;t use frozen bread dough – I make my own – but I do freeze bread. I do use disposable plates – very unsustainment! And I don’t eat at Applebee’s because I hate their food and I don’t but Dockers pants because I buy everything but suits and ties on-line. But I have owned several Chevrolets and if they would bring back the Corvair – hurrah! for Ralph Nader! – I would buy one in an instant.

The best thing I can say about this is – CONFIRMATION that these analyses are largely diarrheatic cow crap.

Alabama Election Insights 3

Earlier this week, I ran across this statement:

Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle privately complained to one of his GOP primary opponents that their race for governor had become about “who had the biggest gun, who had the biggest truck and who could be the craziest.”

and several things struck me.

The most obvious, and perhaps worst, was that the construction “biggest gun” might be interpreted in a connotational rather than a denotational sense. That is, when the noun “gun” is used as a substitution slang for a male human organ.

The more I cogitated on this quote, the more I entertained it as also applying to the political election propaganda here in Alibam. Certainly the male candidates are engaging in a length-or-organ competition. They are all claiming that their opponents not only have diminutive organs but that they are riddled with pustulent venereal diseases that they contracted in the womb. 

Of course, based on the symmetry of the claims, it can readily be inferred that all the male candidates are so afflicted.

What is intriguing is that the women candidates seem relatively immune to this preening. Except for the few who have men opponents. These competitions make for some graphical considerations that makes one wonder about GMO among politicians. 

What is not intriguing is that the competition is indeed shaping up to be a case of which candidate is the greater “crazy”? Of course, the election is still prior to the party run-offs and so thus far the only mind slime displayed has been purely partisan. There is still hope for some independent or third party candidate who is actually sane. 

But not much. 

Along that line, some other thoughts have surfaced:

Q: How many campaigns does it take for a candidate to become a “career politician”?

A: One

Q: What are these candidates trying to conserve?

A: we don’t know but it has been suggested that since the CERN LHC has been able to find the Higgs Boson, perhaps they can be funded to find out what Alibam (Amerikan) politicians are conserving.

Q: All of these candidates claim to be Christians? 

A: ????????????????????????????????????????????

I shall leave the truck aspect a sleeping bandersnatch.