Gray on Gray

Why does the sight of a motorcar mangled gray squirrel on the roadway either force our vision away or sadden us deeply and viscerally, sometimes even more deeply than at the loss of another human?

Is this a direct excitement of our knowledge that humans are basically asentient killers?

ORF Grima

(For the undereducated, “grima” is a Spanish word meaning the feeling one has when fingernails are dragged over a chalkboard or a spoon across the bottom of a pot. As such it is often an experience fully justifying the discorporation of the causal human but qualifying of “mitzvah” status to refrain from such.)

(Also, in truly civilized societies and countries, the discorporation is considered a mitzvah for the remainder of humanity and thereby not criminal but heroic.)

Case # 1: people who use the word organic to mean “not using artificial chemicals in the production of plants and animals for food”  [Link] instead of “matter comprised, at least in part, of covalent carbon atoms.” 

Contradictory Dogma

One of the most (and few) amusing things about Alibam Pols is that the best reason for strengthening immigration policies and enforcement is climate change.

What makes this amusing? That the folks who holler the loudest are the Repulsian Deniers.

And, yes, I know that latter is redundant. In fact, everyone admitted to the Repulsian party of Alibam has to swear an oath that they will be a denier forever.

Even after climate change kills them. 

Like when ALDOT is unable to maintain roads because of Repulsian denial and Repulsians get swallowed up in the collapse. Which makes it a mixed blessing, doesn’t it?

Of course, these fellows – the Repulsians, not per se ALDOT – are not noted for their intelligence. Here they keep demanding a physical wall around the Yankee republic, an idea made old and pathetic by Barry Goldwater, when they could very well deploy X-Ray Lasers in stationary orbit (to explode the border crossers and thus eliminate any need to feed, house, or bury them and enrich the soil in the process) or atomizers spewing Corona virus. 

At much lower cost and much higher effectiveness.

Death Before Exposure

I just heard on the morning news that Alibam politicals (all Republicans, natch!) have prevailed on Fartus Maximus not to quarter any repatriated Americans with (possibly) coronavirus in Alibam.

So much for those politicals’ claims during the last election that they are Christians.

Republican Wash-out

Well, Republican Denial of Climate Change has bitten off their gonads with the wash-out of US 231.

Now they’re running about trying to figure out how to deny the road closure.

“Stupidity eventually kills You.”