Bad Coding?

As an ORF, one of the things I have difficulties comprehending is the GEN Y use of the phrase “GO TO”. I keep hearing it in advertisements and reading it on web sites. And the dissonance of it drags my attention away from the intended effect.

Fifty years ago when I was a college Freshman, I became one of the three Arts and Sciences College students to enroll in a FORTRAN course taught (only) in the Engineering College. Needless to say – as I have previously – we had to get permission from the A&S Dean, and that was a near run thing.

One of the first things we learned about FORTRAN was line numbers and “GO TO” statements. Given the primitiveness of the composition environment, these were necessary and useful things.

Many years later, when the PC had invaded the workplace, I took a C++ course and was told by a not very impressive academic that “GO TO” programming was incompetence. I discounted the statement except as an indication of the man’s arrogance and quietly applied the things I had learned in PASCAL – courtesy of Phillipe Kahn – to eliminate the GO TO need.

And now I hear it from all these GEN Ys and I finally see some wisdom in what that schmuck meant.

GO TOs in coding are an easy way out, the sign of someone who is too lazy to think. And that’s what they are for GEN Ys. Evidently. 

And now I can take the intent of those advertisements and websites and discount them as alternatives to being really human.

Breakfast Discovery

I am going through two weeks worth of comics because of too much distraction last weekend. Saw this [Link]

and was a bit bemused by the idea of marshmallows in oatmeal. Is that salted or unsalted? Haggis or regular? I can perhaps see in haggis but not in regular.

I do know people put strange things in oatmeal. One relative pours honey in which is all right because its grocery store honey which is gibble anyway. But would be a serious waste of local honey. That should be reserved for English Muffins and/or scratch biscuits anointed first with actual butter. But I put Maple syrup on my oatmeal. Except the haggis, of course.


ORF Add-Ins

I run across some of the most amazing Stercus on website like Lifehacker. For a site that is supposed to be about hacking existence, it is often abysmal.

I ran across an article [Link] entitled “The 50 Free Apps We’re Most Thankful For” this morning. It purports to be a list of excellent apps, presumably for Android and iPhoney but unspecified. I don’t expect any other OS to be offered because this web site is basically an arrogant iPhoney fanatic place. After scanning the list I found ten passable to good apps and 40 pieces of Stercus.  Frankly, better than I expected.

This is typical of their lists. Not very good. Mostly, I suspect, written by junior journalism graduates who think being a journalist (and having a job) makes them a deity. Journalism, after all, these day si a cult of self with nothing to do with accuracy or veracity.

So in bemused irritation I am going to start commenting on decent to good add-ins. Mostly for browsers since I am ORF and this who slablet addiction thing is more than a bit orthogonal.

The starting point is an add-in called “Print Friendly.” Not gonna bother with an URL because we ORFs can do searches without Mommy’s help. What Print Friendly does is strip down what’s on a web page to nut meat. It’s rather like dressing a deer, which is something only the redneck denialist GEN Ys know anything about and then not very well. But I don;t expect any of the GEN Ys to be reading this except by error.

Film at Eleven.

Tar Strokes

Heard yesterday and this morning that Florence Henderson and Fidel Castro have discorporated. Musing on this I was struck with the thought that both got rather a rough deal.

Ms. Henderson was a gifted actress but got damned with her maternal role on a nauseating family situation comedy. Zero depth, zero creativity. Horrible fate for an actress.

Mr. Castro was a gifted leader who got damned by the Capitalist Oligarchy of Amerika because they didn’t like him sacking their puppet in Cuba.  Walled in. Reviled. 

Two character lessons that we seem doomed to repeat.

Thankful/Unthankful 3

Thankful: Greed. Because greed makes people stupid and I have seen aplenty of stupid from advertisements yesterday for – almost universally – stercus I have no desire to own or purchase. Nor can I envision anyone I want to know who would. Unless they suffer a fire and lose everything and need to restock.

Unthankful: Greed. Because greed also makes people arrogant and annoying and I have seen aplenty of this with advertisements yesterday from a stercus-load of vendors. Just deleting the emails is a bit of a rectal pain. 

I have to admit I did purchase something yesterday: some Castile soap, which is about as far as you can get from “high tech” and electronics these days. Which is also humorous because soap operates electronically, that is, chemically. And performs a much more satisfying function than most of those supposedly performed by inept, crippled by design slablets.

Thankful/Unthankful 2

Thankful: Rain. In Alibam, rain is a BIG deal. 

Unthankful: Thanksgiving Holiday. Mostly because of time that has to be spent with people who are Flaming EXTRO Bogs who think INTROs are the spawn of Satan and have to be tortured and bullied for their own good. Redoubled for Nerds. 

Thankful: Black Friday. Because don’t have to associate with those people until the holiday known as Christmas.

Unthankful: Christmas Holiday. See above.

Thankful: Black Friday. Because I can avoid the whole mess because almost all the stuff offered is orthogonal to me.

Unthankful: Black Friday advertisements, which are noxious and nauseating.

Thankful/Unthankful 1

Given the season, it struck me to do a bit of a plus/minus blot or three.

Thankful: Physical Reality – because I’m here, obviously

Unthankful: Social Reality – because it’s too often an acute rectal pain, especially for INTROs. And, of course, EXTRO harassment and bullying.