Ourside the Book

One of the mixed states of being ORF is ceasing to care about/understand certain popular things. I am told by psychologist colleagues that this is part of the decay of adaptability with age. I am a bit skeptical of this because there are many popular things I ignored – or was oblivious of – in earlier times, especially when I was in graduate school and had attention span only for school work and job work. Much to the detriment of my health. If I had waited two more years to matriculate I would likely have received the diploma post humously. 

Regardless, there are things that are popular today that I am less than interested in and unwilling to expend the effort and skull sweat to understand. The current thing with Pokemon is one example. I paid some attention to Pokemon when my daughter was young but once her attention to it waned, so did mine. 

I keep waiting to hear how these players wondered into a Klan rally or a terrorist cell meeting or a military base and were either killed or sent to Cuba. This one runs a bit deeper since I primarily see my cellular phonelet as a phone with the rest of it being accessories. And since I live in a house with a metal roof, which is a good electromagnetic shield and I get zero cellular reception there, I turn off my phonelet as soon as I enter the house. 

And I am constantly looking for apps that are half as useful as the ones I get in my desktop’s repositories. This brings up the question, Why is Android so crappy compared to real Linux? The trial answer is that it’s a mixture of Gooey mismanagement and greed and the crappy use most people put their phonelets to. Which is part of why I don’t pay attention to stuff that they do.

In another direction, what is it with coloring books? I had coloring books as a small child. Once I learned how to read – about four or five years of age – my interest died. Hard. Like a poorly made motorcar battery. Actually, not poorly made, just a lousy technology. That hasn’t improved with cosmetic “improvements”.

But why are adults interested in coloring books? Is there some unrequited aspect of their childhoods? Did they never learn to read? Or were they wrenched away from coloring books for some parent mandated activity and left unrequited? Is it reproductive in nature?

Why is Dover, the planet’s best purveyor of nerd books, now a major (?) purveyor of coloring books? Are they that close to fiscal failure? Or has their management become too legume enumerator?

I won’t even get into television programming. Too orthogonal.

Sadistic Jail

Kentucky wins the Repulsian (Crazy Cruel Branch) Award of the week for sending an AfricanAmerican criminal into court sans coulots.

While this is an indication of the sadism in Kentucky jails – and the occasional (rare) mercy of Kentucky justicers for rectifying the evil, at least in this one instance, it is still an indication of what is woring in Amerika these days.

And Kentucky is evidently a hotbed of this wrongness.

Friendly Advice

I freely admit that I used to use Winders as my primary OS. I still have to do a bit since FD SCP uses Winders – W7 I believe – and I have a special WXP box that I only run Scientific Word on because the manufacturer lied about having a Linux edition of the new version. So that company fits in well in contemporary corporate Amerika.

But after I retired – sorta – from the civil service I tried Linux and have not looked back since. It doesn’t do everything, and much of what it does do requires more knowledge and effort, but it is a much more satisfying OS and its SW is much more productive.

Except, of course, for the lack of a decent LaTeX editor. Lyx tries but fails.

Of course, there are lots of things that I don’t do on my computer. I was reading Lifehacker yesterday and they had published their list of Linux SW, which I avidly read because they – Lifehacker – are a moderately worthwhile journalistic source. And I discovered that about half of what they listed as recommended SW was orthogonal to what I do on a computer.

And, of course, a lot of what I do wasn’t covered by their SW. Like a code editor of ANY form. Or a compiler. Or Symbolic Algebra Engine.

That’s why they are only moderate.

But this morning I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Should you upgrade to Windows 10 for free? Here’s what you should know.” It’s from a news service that isn’t anywhere near moderate but I primarily use it on my cellular phonelet.

From what I have read of WX, the best thing is evidently that it isn’t as bad as W8. It’s never been compared to WFW, WXP, or W2K. Probably for good reason. MegaHard probably bought off the really bad things that can be said.

Despite this, if you are a Bog Winders User, I want to encourage you to embrace the WX. You can switch to Apple if you want. But whatever you do, don’t try Linux.

It’s a good system but we don’t want it ruined any more than the Canonical people already have dumbing it down for Bogs.

It’s also OK for you Bogs to give up on computers entirely and live with slablets.

But don’t try Linux. It will give you mind cooties.

Failure of Governance

Six day. Warmerness is foretold by the weather beavers. And the fall of dihydrogen oxide. But I was able to sally forth this morning for a bit of walk.

Of late my arising has been too early to permit my use of the park, so I have made do with the streets. A less than pleasing alternative, I fear. No dogs, but I have been soaked by several water wasters inundating their lawns and – mostly – the street. I am considering publishing pictures of the houses of these evil people who waste good potable water during a drought. Obviously staunch Repulsians.

I was reflecting this morning on the poor situation of Bernie Sanders. He knows, I am sure, he is the better candidate, the better humans, and would have been the better president. But forced to abandon his efforts lest a greater evil occupy the oval office.

The man who should have been President.

Like Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.

And no, I am not a socialist. But I think he would have accomplished much to help this country, most of his failures precluded by the opposition of the usual suspects of Congress.

Instead, we shall be assured of an evil toady in the President’s Mansion. The only question is which one and what evils will be delt upon the American people?

Weeping is now appropriate for the disaster that our nation has become.

Pretium Sterci

Price of S**t – that’s the title translated for those who may not have Latin as one of their languages. For those who do, my less than sincere apology for the liberties thereof.

Why do I say this? I came across an article [Link] this morning entitled “Reminder: Windows 10 Home Will Cost $119 Starting July 29th.”

I also remember an article I referred to within the last week or so about how WX had proven to be a disaster.

This latter was a validation of my own analysis, hence warming and repellent simultaneously. 

On the other hand, I consider Winders to be a BOG moderator in much the same way that firearms are. The latter, of course, kill, but not very well. What they do well is damage and maim. But they have the sterling quality of keeping Bogs from getting their hands on truly deadly weaponry. 

IOW, a diversion. And, perhaps, a amelioration of various insecurities. 

And given the population demographics, almost certainly more likely to maim and cripple other Bogs than real people.

Winders serves the same function. It keeps Bogs from getting their hands on a real OS.

Political Delusion?

Why do we care about greatness?

WIkipedia has a page [Link] on people so designated.

If one review this list one finds almost all are called “Great” not for being good or kind or helping others, but for conquering lots of ground mostly by killing large numbers of their own and conquered peoples, just simply by killing and/or torturing lots of people, or being a tyrannical ruler.

Is this what we want to be?

If so, then let’s just fire off the nuclear arsenal and kill everyone on the planet either directly or in the radioactive nuclear winter that follows.


School Fascism

It is almost time for shul to resession in Greater Metropolitan Arab. The local contractile vacuole, the “Tribune”, which describes itself as a “ledger”, an instrument almost totally unfamiliar to GEN Ys and younger, is full of the administrivia of the resessioning, namely the scheduling of student/parent indoctrination of classroom location and teacher identity, and the pronouncements of the administration on what the students are required and permitted to use.

I have to admit after reading this, I was deeply nauseated by the Fascist tyranny. And glad that I am ORF and do not have to live with their oppression. No wonder the graduates are abysmally ignorant; they are the equivalent of Russian serfs and the teachers are the equivalent of Cossack cavalrymen.

One has to wonder how often ears are removed for trifling individuality?

I, on the other hand, will glory in using the type of notebook I want to use, secure in the personal knowledge that my creativity trumps teachers’ need for laxatives.

Cinema Crack

Watched “Casino Royale” on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver yesterday.

The good one.

With David Niven and Peter Sellers and Woody Allen.

Any one of whom would be better choices for POTUS. 

Than the current partisan poo-poos.

Democrat Deboned

If Hillary the Criminal Teacher is the best qualified for POTUS, what does this say about the people who are seeking the office?

When are we going to learn that the best way to pick a POTUS is to survey all citizens, find the one who wants the job least, and put them in the office?

But when has Amerika ever been rational?