Blind Eye

Four Day. End of gym for the week. Hopefully last day for a while with the mean clerk.

Podcast episodes of the UK Ubuntu Podcast. End of last season. Amazing. No useful information usually – and today no exception – but still exceptionally well done and diverting.

I was struck again driving home from gym how many Christianists are such rude, horrible drivers. And then I thought about and I realized that the majority of the population of the Old Confederacy are Christianists and thereby too many for them to not include such rude, horrible drivers in their number.

Evidently it’s a variant on the Genocide-from-the-Sky effect where because a military plane pilot is encased in a vehicle the people being bombed and strafed aren’t actual humans. So it seems to also be with some motorcar drivers. The pedestrians – and the other drivers – aren’t actual humans. So no harm in hurting, maiming, and killing them.

Even for religionists. The Deity, evidently, turns a blind eye to what is done from inside closed vehicles. At least for these people?

Stupidity Denied

Two Day. Sparser in gym. Same stand-in. Podcast the usual. The only intriguing bits was a segment on workplace friendships.

It was seriously flawed. The analysis was way off. It basically dealt with the aspects that workplace friendship can increase satisfaction and thereby productivity but the interactions of friendship made for more interruptions and less creativity.

Most workplaces do not value or encourage creativity.

What was missed was the effect of a dissolved friendship. It’s catastrophic. Almost as bad as a workplace romance that failed. And that’s a lot worse on everything since the folks in the workplace are almost forced to choose sides. So it’s not the positive side of workplace friendships that is important, it’s the negative.

And these schmucks missed it.

Speaking of which I saw a new weight bouncer, a slab schmuck. Never looked up from his slablet. A real slave of his eye friend.

On which azimuth, I note that the old men in robes have naysayed the Texican oppression of women’s rights to determine reproduction. Sadly, no politicians will be put in front of firing parties. And they will try again. The forces of evil do not die, they just slink away and plot more evil.

Manwhile there is much gnashing of teeth in Muntgum among the Christerrorists in the council of thieves. And throughout the state. It is also their evil that has been momentarily thwarted. I expect a couple of suicide bombings when the clinics reopen.

Modern Mammal Mush

One Day. Back to gym. Quite sparse and the usual clerk is on holiday, replaced, hopefully temporarily, by the aggressive, assaulting one. She also ignores any requests for television tuning. Not at all well suited to the job.

The podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” dealt with modern sexual aberration. Evidently modern sexual congress is mostly a matter of violence and self-service. And I used to think I wasn’t sharing enough.

The interviewee was a semi-academic psychologist. Feminist, which struck me as a bit strange given the slogans of feminists in my young adulthood that seem to have advocated the current state of practice. 

To hear this woman talk, modern sexual activity is all about erection and ejaculation and that’s it. Foreplay was never mentioned. Any sort of commitment seems to be defined in terms of the congress, not the reverse.

Once again, I am glad to be ORF.

Anyway, I escaped the gym unbattered by the clerk.  

Anti-lightening Monsters

Seven Day. Air temperature still unpleasant. Walk passable but not enriching.

Ran across rather an intriguing article [Link] entitled “New Life Found That Lives Off Electricity.” Even though this is a sciencey periodical some contemporary journalistic mispractice seems to sneak through. What is it about journalists that they think talking to Bogs means speaking inaccurately and even erroneously? This, of course, is a self-defeating question since no matter how simple one makes it the communication will fail because the Bogs are oblivious and self-consumed.

The subject of the article is not new life but newly discovered/understood instances of Tellurian life. This is NOT a different kind of life. This is NOT even life off Tellus. What is novel here is that these animals consume electrons either directly or via produced hydrogen. 

I have to admit to having to cogitate on this a bit, and still am. How can animals “eat” electrons and continue to be?

After a bit of moving electrons around in my head, I happened into the view – disliked immensely by both chemists and biologists – that chemistry (and thereby perhaps half of biology) is just about moving electrons about. (I had to take a bit of a ROFL break at this point thinking about what my physical chemistry professor, who claimed to disbelieve quantum mechanics and electrons and all that, would say.) But what I am continuing to mind much on is the hydrogen eaters. This is dependent on bare hydrogen nuclei floating about conveniently. As I recall my chemistry material, the natural concentration of such is pretty low. 

Anyway, I am now waiting for some Bog to expound the “electron diet.”

Mind Rot

Five Day. Quite warming. Too much. Especially for Six Month. Off to park for constitutional. Had to shed clothes as soon as I started. Not all, of course. Have to observe the proprieties of an insecure humanity. Listen to more of the “Linux Luddites” episode. Still boring but I have given up on trying to cogitate originally in this warmth and instead satisfy myself with mere diversion.

That brings me to an article [Link] I saw earlier entitled “Is technology making us dumber or smarter? Yes.” The title is rather indicative of a poorer presentation that the article actually is. The sore point is the common misuse of the word “dumb” which actually mean incapable of speech and not unsmart. So the comparison is compromised and assinine from the get go except perhaps to the most bottom feeding of Bogs?

The article is about how we are misusing technology to enable the unsmart and unsmart the actually smart. If anything we are not dumb, the appearance of communication is orders of magnitude greater today than even twenty years ago, most of it false since it is the vacuous babblings of Bogs.

Sadly this is not a new thing. The unsmarting, that is. I have commented before about the generation of STEM graduates before me learned coding in the workplace, my generation learned in college, and the current generations doesn’t. They are dependent on canned software.

This mind cancer has now spread throughout the planet. Things we used to have to study to learn to do are now done by machines. Computers are not only misused, they are actively abused. The cellular telephone and the slablet are pornography, at best. Communication resources are dedicated to streaming inane gibberish passed, like diarrhea, as entertainment.

We can only hope the demise of humanity is swift and not very painful.

But I doubt it.


Collapse Mode

Four Day! Last day of gym. For the week. Almost empty. Started a new “Linux Luddites” episode that was hideously dull, droning on about slablet OS. It’s bad enough to have to use them without having to suffer the dissection of their politics and whatever. Yes, I know the providers basically ignore updates and NEVER send them out, mostly to compel their customers to buy new slabs every year or so. So sic the environment gestapo on them, organ harvest the corporate officers and hope the new guys get the message?

Somehow I doubt.

Speaking of doubt, I ran across an article [Link] earlier in the week entitled “12,000 Years Ago, Humans and Climate Change Made a Deadly Team.” Seems that 12 KY ago, humans got to Patagonia and in concert with climate change, managed to destroy the ecology of the island.

Isn’t that what humans do?

Hunter-Gatherers move into an area, eat up all the foodstuffs, and move on to another. Cycle of life. Of course we can;t do that if we keep rutting like we have in the past. The Agricultural Revolution isn;t so much about invention as necessity. Only way we could keep overpopulating. 

So the corporations get it from the people?

Caves of PC

Two Day.Pleasing breeze this morning. Gym again sparse and the podcasts acceptable if not memorable. The Guardian science podcast episode was an interview of some fellow who had written a book on radiation and based on his performance in the interview came across as rather lame and unreadable. His explanations were not inaccurate just rather Barnumish. Still he must have decent credential for the tome to be published by Princeton’s press.

So I had a bit of time to cogitate on an article [Link] that I saw yesterday entitled “All the Times Science Fiction Authors Have Shilled Random Products.” Given Lifehacker’s horrible standards of scholarship I think we can ignore the “All” as one of the egregencies of contemporary journalism. What riveted me was not the article per se, but this picture:

Somehow I managed to miss this – the holy Isaac (number 2) pandering Tandy bits. Not as bad as the holy Isaac (number 1) pandering feline sanitation products, complete with celebrity wig, but bad enough because I missed it. Or it didn’t register? Naah!

As I recall, the handheld that thI is holding was actually made by SHARP? I know I had a SHARP with exactly the same layout except the URH logoing. It was rather a disappointment. Now I had access to real (?) computers: a CDC 6600 and an HP 9830 or 9845. So I wasn’t in dire shortage of number crunching capability. So I noodled with it a bit and after a month it was back in its original box growing dust on a shelf. Couldn’t really compare to my HP calculator for utility.

I did buy a computer from Radio Shack.  It was a small thing called a Color Computer, as I recall, that programmed in BASIC. I got some limited use from but could never get the cassette deck interface to work properly. But it did get me well started on use-once-throw-away code that I somehow excelled (no pun) at. If was replaced in 1984 with an IBM PC and the parting was untearful.

Also frustrating until Phillipe Kahn, the REAL enabler of personal computing, brought out Turbo Pascal and the process of code writing ceased to be so natteringly administrative. Up to that point – this was the DOS days – you loaded a text editor, keyed some code, saved it in a file, closed the text editor, invoked the compiler (FORTRAN mostly in my case,) loaded the text editor again, looked at either the failure dump file, made notes of the relevant intelligence, closed that file, opened the code file, and modified the code,… or looked at the output file and ….

With TP all you did was load the program. Editor and compiler were built in and you stayed in the one program. Time was saved. And ulcers were minimized.

But I still don;t remember Asimov being mercantile.

Universal Condition

One Day. Back to gym where I discovered that while I downloaded podcast episodes on Six Day, I neglected to transfer to the MP3 player, or to charge it. So that’s added to my today list.

Again a sparse gym. One weight bouncer, the polite one, and a couple of unseniors but otherwise ORFs. The episode this morning was the second half of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” treatment of Frederick II. Not as good as the first half I fear to offer but passable. And an episode of squirrel stock since the CBC takes English holidays of several months’ duration when there are no programs nor downloads. One has to wonder how they maintain an audience? Their work isn’t that exceptional and I don’t know if they are like the BBC with government protection.

On which note, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “The psychopath in you” from the Guardian. As seems to distinguish British journalism from American, the title seems fairly accurate, that psychopathology is a continuum that encompasses all of humanity. The continuum seems to be rather arbitrarily/empirically broken into a spectrum by medicalists.

But the critical thing is we all have some degree of psychopath in us. So the old Amish saying I am fond of is accurate. Except for me since I am psychopath too, and not “unwierd.”

But then so are thee.

Nice thought to begin the week. 

It may also mean that some of us, at least, merit the name of the species since one has to be mad to be wise.

Futile Openness?

Another milder morning. Once more to the park for constitutional, but I had to share the path and that rather upset my concentration. Not completely, but more than I should like.

We sit on the edge of summer solstice and it seems a strange time to be thinking about schule, but I ran across an article [Link] entitled “College courses without textbooks? These schools are giving it a shot.” I should comment that the title is rather a bit of the contemporarily usual journalistic stercus tauri. One of the things that was learned in the early days of universities was that the students learn better if there is a textbook for every one and not just a “lecturer” reading out of his copy while the students take down his reading. Of course, that was before Gutenberg did the technology and manufacturing development of printing.

We have deviated from this model and in recent years are reaping the punishment of it with a generation of students who were issued schule owned book that were recovered and reused at end of term. So these students have no appreciation of the inertia of textbooks and display it in their lack of knowledge in later time. Another incidence of politicians economizing to destroy civilization.

But the textbooks referred in the title are those produced by the textbook publishing corporations of Amerika. I had occasion yesterday to visit the Barnes and Ignoble site with a discount coupon and was shocked. The inflation of textbook prices since my undergraduate days is a factor of about 20! I looked at some introductory texts that I paid $10-15 for and all were north of $250! No wonder the students dispose of their texts at end of term!

A more accurate way of describing the alternative being explored is open source materials which may include texts. It is another bit of a program I have seen growing in recent years to offer alternatives to hideously expensive textbook and learning materials. I strongly support any such efforts. 

Sadly, I have been unable to find any support among my collegiate colleagues. They seem addicted to the bribes conveyed them by those publishers – outlines, syllibi, slides. They claim that the press of their duties precludes them doing a competent job of preparation. Evidently one more indication of the factoryization of college. 

I weep for the deprived students. They can no longer take notes for lack of cursive, thereby they cannot learn, the lectures are standardized and unengaging, and they discard their textbooks. No wonder they emerge from college as ignorant as they entered. We are out own enemy as Pogo sayith.