Repaving Arab 3

Road work in Alibam is conducted with the intent of wasting as much money as possible. This is done by conducting the work in such a way as to have a maximum negative effect on the productivity of the citizenry inconvenienced by the work. Of course, the expenditure of public money is minimized but the loss in tax revenue to productivity loss is greater.

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As I was taking my cool-down laps this morning I noticed a fellow on a treadmill (why do we call it a mill? what does it mill?) spending more time tapping his cellular telephone than moving his feet. As I made the last lap I realized he was probably using an exercise app. And this led me to consider.

I have an exercise routine/regime that is based on guidance from medicalists and suggestions from people with knowledge of exercise. I hesitate to call these latter professionals because in my opinion they aren’t. They’re somewhere between knowledgeable amateurs and craftspeople. That doesn’t make them professionals except in the sense that they get paid by someone. But they also lack the fervor I expect of a “true” amateur. They also don’t work in what I consider a professional environment; a gym doesn’t pass the so what test for an office but it does for a workshop.

Anyway, I got the information from people and research (the library kind, of existing information) not from an app. Which led me to the question of why should I trust my well being to an app? I don’t know the folks who developed it not the information that they based it on.

But after I expanded my vision a bit I realized I charged my cellular telephone according to a battery app and I cleaned up the memory using a cleaner app. And I know neither the people who wrote the app not the information they based it on.

And most of my colleagues do similar things. And this kind of blind trust is a belief.

So are apps on one’s cellular telephone a new religion? It seems to fit. We accept their guidance without question, nor even doubt. And we live by their guidance and we even pay for the privilege.

In the old days of Multivac and the Forbin Project we worried about megacomputer becoming the effective deity. Now it seems its microcomputer, and slabs in particular.

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Differentiation of Gender

Strange morning. More like fall than summer. Except that absence of educationalists. The podcast episode this morning was one of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” dealing with gender differences in humans. It’s a repeat but good enough to refresh my memory. And give me a few bits for thought.

I rather liked the statement that ‘in the medical community, gender differences are assumed and commonalities are exceptional; elsewhere it is usually the opposite.’ It seems to make sense but falls apart immediately, even without adding water. Oh, not the medical part. But here in the old Confederacy we still start out with gender differences as the ground state. We still hold doors, at least sometimes, for women. I don’t usually hold motorcar door for FD SCP but that a marriage thing. Or so I am informed by bogs.

Growing up in the Sowth I have continually taken heat when I get outside that environment. When I went to graduate schule at the campus of the Boneyard I was continually being berated for the way I thought about and treated women. That’s one of the intriguing  things about this. It’s like “racism”. There’s no rationale, no reason, no excuse; it’s just evil and bad and to be ceased sine die. Which is part of what makes it so ridiculous. If you find someone who can’t do an integral and you find out they don’t know calculus, the first thing you do is to try to teach them calculus, not tell them to quit being ignorant and do the integration. But that’s the way it is with racism and feminism.

I have a colleague, Velocity Spin Angular Momentum, who lectures me about my depraved ways whenever we meet. If she gets off on the door holding thing I tell her it’s her fault, that I do it because my mother taught me to as a bairn and since she is a mother as well, it’s all the fault of mothers programming their children wrong.

And I still hold doors when it’s appropriate. And I decide when it is.

Much is made of the new finding that boys and girls (at some grade level) have equal maths ability. I have been claiming that for years. So far as I can tell the average woman may have more maths ability than the average man. But fewer women want to do maths than men do. Can’t say why but empirically that seems to be accurate. But on the average humans have a maths ability statistically equal to zero. Ayeh. Humans in the mode are ACALCULATE. It’s only exceptional humans that are good at maths. And so far as I can tell, there’s not a lot of gender differentiation among those few on that score.

But there is, at least empirically, a lot of gender differentiation among those folks on who wants to use their maths ability. Which leaves us with a bothersome question: why if we’re all smart are men doing it and not women?

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The Evil of Cold

The weather beavers are making noises about another cold front and how unusual this is for July in Alibam. After I get over shuddering at their nonsensical use of the term “cold”, I can reflect on the matter. Evidently the idea of cold in July is anathema to some people who obviously have not lived outside the old Confederacy. I have seen snow in July too often to find anything about cold in that month surprising, unless its a solid phase of dihydrogen oxide form of Lot’s wife. A transformation that is altogether more reasonable than what is related in scripture. Except maybe to bogs who consider a cold front in July evil or strange, which in the minds of many of our Southron bogs are synonymous.

I suppose I can suspend my disquietude over the use of cold if I take it as a synonym for ‘lower temperature’ in this context. Since they have to blather on the audio-visual electromagnetic receiver, I have noted that weather beavers spend a lot of effort avoiding technical terms or repeatedly explaining them. Again, more evident of the presence of bogs.

Meantime, the walk in the park this morning was less pleasant than yesterday, definitely tipped into mugginess. And tomorrow is claimed to be rather (relatively) nippish. I hope so.