Food Evil

Whew. Days are strange. Have to wear sweater in morning and then shuck when the air temperature heads back up into the ’90’s. Ah!, the JOYS of GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!

Spent much of yesterday in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. After her visit with the Oculus Quackus had to brave Manhattan level lunch time traffic while exploring. If it hadn’t been so stressful I might of died from boredom.

After ran across an article [Link] entitled “Kids Joining ‘School Lunch Advisory Councils’ to Deal With Michelle Obama’s Rules” about how the Administration is enlisting schule kids to police their companions’ eating.

Lunch Nazis. Or worse, reminds me of the Self-Criticism Committees the Russian and Chinese Communists were so fond of. Home grown committees of zealots who called their neighbors in to confess to their sins. And be chastised and harassed and even punished. Some got sent to concentration camps.

Evil. Tyranny. Amerika.

It occurred that they will populate these councils with the popular, cool kids to “self-criticize” the unpopular, uncool, ordinary kids just for being unpopular, uncool, and ordinary. Kids who need some comfort food. Need some psychologal comfort period. 

One more evil of organization.

Enough to really smoke my ire.

And probably slanted against the INTROs as well. More EXTRO harassment and beatings condoned by the schule instrumentality. Let’s kill the INTROs because NO ONE CARES!

Let’s make Auschwitz out of every public schule!

I know the waste is up with the new dietary rules. Understandable. And not the right way to induce the kids to eat right. They eat like they do at home. Any major deviation is not gonna work

What I would like to see is the stats before and after on kids bringing lunch. That was how we responded to disliked cafeteria practices. 

Another reason I am glad I am ORF. Bad enough with the Medical Nazis without dedicated food Nazis.

Photon Pop Guns

One Day. And in the midst of petrol shortage. So no gym until I can determine how much petrol I can access. So onto the stationary this morning for a bit of muscle bashing. And I forgot to pick up my MP3 player so much time to cogitate. In this case on my early days working for the Yankee Army.

I was hired to be a High Energy Laser (HEL) chap. Didn’t know much about lasers beyond my coursework on quantum mechanics and optics but I was game and anything nerdish would be preferable to the farce that was my job with a local defense contractor. What I got for work assignments would have insulted a college sophomore. And the management was ranged from tepid to insipid to blatantly incompetent. Not politician incompetent mind you but of a level that any self-respecting technical organization would regard as shameful and debasing.

The Yankee army was much better. Not that 0.9 of the managers weren’t incompetent but none were as incompetent as what I had seen in that defense contractor. 

Anyway, the YA was trying to build a tactical laser cannon, as well as decide whether it wanted to do so, and I settled in to learn about being an Army laser nerd. The hot topic then was propagation through the atmosphere and for HEL it’s non-linear. So since I was a bright young grad student type I didn’t know any better so I got assigned to work on propagation. The alternative was lab work on making test zappers into light bulbs – manufacturable – and evidently my lab klutz limitations had preceded me.

The reason I was thinking on this was I saw an article [Link] yesterday on how the YA was planning tactical laser cannon tests next year with deployment in about five years. I recalled similar rhetoric in the mid ’70’s of the last century. And when I looked at the pictures of the field unit

I was struck by the resemblance to

that similar things were said about 40 years ago. 

So I have to wonder what else may be similar?


It seems the EU is showing its failure in public.[Link]

An EU citizen litigated the manufacturer of his new computer for not distinguishing the price of HW and SW. The court ended up beating on him in the most mealy-mouthed organizationist way,but I rather doted on a statement:

“the model of computer is not marketed without pre-installed software and that he is therefore free to choose another model of computer, of another brand, with similar technical specifications and sold without software, the ability of that consumer to make an informed transactional decision was appreciably impaired,”

In my visualization of the Cosmic All, I have to ask whether any other computers at that store are sold without SW? And if not, which is the universal with rare exception, why is that not a crime?

Back during the Cold War it was joked that people in Yugoslavia had freedom of choice. If they wanted to buy soap – no computers in stores then – they could choose to buy the national brand or not buy. 

Apparently the Europeans, as well as we Amerikans, live in Corporate Yugoslavia.

Diversity Dictatorship

I do not like diversity programs. I do like diversity. But almost always programs do not accomplish their desired end and cause more damage than construction. It’s the same as organized religion. No evil is too large to not be perpetrated in the name of good.

I get hit frequently with some pronouncement that some aspect of my existence and environment is not diverse. First of all, it isn’t supposed to be more than a certain amount diverse. I am not going to try to breathe vacuum, for instance. 

But I am continually told that there are not enough women, religionist, political, ethnic nerds in the group. The unsupported and unanalyzed assumption is that the demographics of the group should be a perfect replication of the demographics of the national or planetary population of homo sapiens.

I much preferred the ‘system’ when I was a young nerd, starting back when I began undergraduate schule. That was based almost entirely on individuality. An aspirant to inner nerdery failed or succeeded purely on their own abilities. There were prejudices, yes, but such can only be negated if recognized, not by some organized program. And yes the demographics were rather local and heavily slanted to nerds but since when do we want to waste STEM resources on Bogs?

Yes, there were some older members of the group, senior faculty primarily, who harbored deep views about women and other characteristics that they considered, from long experience, to be compromising. And yes, they did act prematurely on their prejudices sometimes but that was inherent in homo sapiens, something that was not fixable by fiat of organization. 

That’s part of modern denial. The denial that organization can do anything and we should quietly comply while society is destroyed.

But that’s another thing that people adopt when they get old: seeing the end of civilization and the species in the actions of the young.

But I did like things better when we were successful or failures on our own abilities and not the machinations of organization.

Just Punishment

Six Day. The weather beavers foretell downfall of dihydrogen oxide today. But I ventured to the park this morning for constitutional. Disappointing again. No great thoughts forthcoming. SO I have to muse on other matters.

I read in an email that the head of public defenders in Missouri has exercised his responsibilities under state law to appoint members of the bar to pro-bono cases when the funding runs out. Which it has courtesy of the Missouri government. Sounds like a typical repulsian administration. But what is uproarious is that he has assigned the governor to a case.

This raises the question of whether the governor can be removed from office for being disbarred?

This would also not work in Alibam, which has an equally nasty government of citizen need denialists/rich patron profiters, because the govnuh is a dermatologist. Who has not practiced in so long that we probably can’t trust him to apply sunscreen. Which he may need as employment if the rabid racist bigots in the Council of Thieves has its way.

Gad, that one leaves such a bad taste I have to take a rest to gargle with drain cleaner.

Political Poisoning

One day. Back to gym. Sparse again. Podcast passable, a debate on the merits of Canadian conscription during the Great War. 

Overall, I found the podcast worthwhile for reasons other than those put forward by the debators, both history academics. Seems that conscription was imposed on Canada by politicians for their own purposes of supporting a small subset of the citizenry. Rather like politicians today in Amerika. And thereby just as evil?

The other missing part was the utter revisionism of both debators. Both failed to separate themselves from later events. Yes, conscription made no difference in the war’s outcome but how were the decision makers to know that? Duhhhhhhhhhhh!

Speaking of which, I ran across a blot [Link] on the question of classroom learning and electronics. This is not the first such I have commented on but this one is particularly telling since it details an experiment performed by the Yankee army at Hudson High for Wayward Youth that rather convincingly indicated that electronics and learning are immiscible.

The problem unmentioned, except obliquely and in passing, is that learning is almost completely irrelevant in contemporary Amerika. 

Ah! The road to national failure.