Septic America

Welcome to Third World Amerika!!!

Since I live in Alibam and grew up here, I have no difficulty recognizing the putridity that Amerika has become. We have had it for years. Our state government is a farce and a facade for passing money to Capitalist Oligarchs. Our elected officials are criminals, sociopaths, and pedophiles. And the citizenry is a cash cow that is over-milked into an early grave.

Just like Amerika!

We currently have a dysfunctional Amerika, just like some African pseudo republic or Mesopotamian Theocracy. Our government is mismanaged by two political parties whose only concern for the citizenry is that they pay their taxes and die ignorant deaths. The current dispute between the two parties is a smoke screen for the two parties maneuvering over who will be in charge of giving tax money to their Capitalist Oligarch Benefactors. This is understood but widely ignored.

What is less well understood is that the “wall” is also a smoke screen for the fact that neither party has any ability, or even inkling, of how to reduce crime in Amerika.

Democracy has become the Emperor’s clothes. The only good thing that can be said is that unlike the Soviet Union, we have two parties. Which is part of why we have all the crime. The aged who let this happen are abashed that the new generation of debt serfs want to institute socialism. Why not? They know Capitalism doesn’t work. 

I used to be proud of Amerika. I still hope I can be. Some Day.

Winter Blues 4

This morning I noticed that a USG justicer in Texas has declared ACA to be unconstitutional.

What I cannot understand is why so many Repulsians are working so hard to kill off all their constituents? Do they think they can establish an oligarchy where people of color are all slaves and Caucasians are all rich and own slaves?

Winter Blues 3

It occurred to me this morning that the reason we are so engaged with comic book “super heroes” these days is because society has evolved to deny the existence of real heroes. 

When was the last time a soldier or statesman  or philanthropist was lauded as a hero? I can’t remember. War has become so mundane that exalting soldiers rings hollow; statesmen have become extinct – all politicians are now self-serving prevaricators; and philanthropists are a facade for society destroying capitalists.  

I also noticed an article [Link] entitled “The Wizard of Oz most ‘influential’ film of all time according to network science.” 

The key thing here is the word “influential”. As nearly as I could determine, it means the films that have the most imitators. 

The score was based on how much each film had been referenced by subsequent films. The authors found that the top 20 most influential films were all produced before 1980 and mostly in the United States.

The question that immediately arises is how many films since 1980 are actually original?

The work is damned by the paper and the full list being hidden behind a paywall. That in itself is enough to strongly indicate a lack of scientific rigor. Three movies are cited: The Wizard of Oz; Star Wars; and Psycho. I have to admit to having watched all of these three. And been disappointed. These may be influential but they are all horribly flawed.

Wizard of Oz is fundamentally a grail quest. If we compare it to l’mort d arthur (e.g.,) it suffers. Years after, all that abides in memory of it is the female lead’s voice, which is truly memorable.

Star Wars has become a religious icon for slavery and oppression. It is also, in its way, a morality play establishing that goodness in society can never be unalloyed with bad. But the unblinking admission of slavery limits its status as fable.

Psycho is another journey cinema, in this instance of insanity. It may be brilliant but only in the cinematic sense. Dealing with the social subjectivity and apathy of mental disease is cruelly absent. 

What is not amazing is that the historic wellspring of goodness is absent. And that they have deteriorated (rotted?) to the point of embracing this. Is there no source of goodness and integrity in cinema today? 

On the other hand, the early deep winter of climate change, anathema of thought and deed among the politicals, is briefly absent from the old Confederacy and hence I may enjoy a modicum of body comfort. Even that seems the depravity of our society. The morality today seems to be strictly personal, strictly among friends, whatever that word means. We have become a society of small groups, almost like Hunter-Gatherer bands, who are the Us and everyone else is the Them to be distrusted, hated, or preyed upon.

Perhaps that is fitting? A return to the Paleolithic, at least socially, before disease and climate destroy society and civilization and leave a few million humans to the tender mercies of a decomposing planet?


Winter Blues 1

Winter is Coming. And with it a thundering horde of noxious “holy-days” to pain and rend us. Today is the first, if one doesn’t count All Hallows Eve, and perhaps the only one that doesn’t reek of ignorance and perversion.

Thanksgiving is perhaps aptly named. After all, it commemorates the successful (?) flight of freedom seeking people from a corrupt and tyrannical government. Admittedly the freedom sought was freedom to practice their own superstitions instead of those mandated by the tyranny of government. How much can one get upset about which set of superstitions one is supposed to practice and pretend to believe. 

The problem is that most humans, the Bogs in their entirety and some Geeks and Nerds, are incapable of accepting that the pretense isn’t real. Or perhaps, that they can publicly announce that they don’t believe. Because if they do, or don’t pretend hard enough, there is a significant probability that other humans will do them in.

Remember Giardano Bruno and his roasting. 

Of course, the Church of Rome was different in those days. But there are always those in any religion who believe that fire and sword are preferable to peace and love. And are always looking for a way to “come out.”

Religion is difficult. It is inherently unprovable. It may be testable, but the adherents are too insecure and self-controlling to permit such much less pay any attention to the results. 

So on the one hand we have a tyranny of religion itself. In its way, it is a slavery as cruel as that practiced in Rome or the old Confederacy. But is the imposition of another religion any less cruel and evil? Is freed to believe (and practice) as one wishes truly a freedom? Especially if it is imposed on others? The number of religions that are not interested in conquest and imposition seem few, and hated by the others almost as much as a belief in no religion. 

Nor does universality seem a cure. There was a time that the Church of Rome was all encompassing, at least in Europe, and it fell apart to internal strife and schism. This is part of the difficulty. It’s almost thermodynamic. The latter has a rule that you can’t get out of the game, and that seems to apply to religion. You can’t get away from it and you can’t make it nice.

And that’s why the season is toxic. Because it’s all about religion. When it should be about orbits and astronomy? Or people?

Incidentally, those same people who impose religion consider such a “giving.”


Pet Peeve Now!

Ran across an article [Link] entitled “Skulls reveal Neanderthals, humans had similarly harsh lives” this morning. Spiked my composition hemorrhoids. 

Basically, Neandertals – Homo Neandertalensis – are Human! That’s what the “Homo” means. And I get tired of journalists and bogs, in general, saying our ancestors of genus Homo weren’t human.

Ex Oram ab Bog, Stercus!