Fall Fallen

During my life, I have mused at how “hallow” and “hollow” are so similar.

Today seems an fit day for such deliberations.

Today is Armistice Day. I know the Yankee Council of Thieves has renamed it, but to me it will always be Armistice Day. At least in part – no small part – because of those two words.

Because on this date, so many years ago, a firm distinction between the two words was forged by ceasing a conflict whose very nature was ineptitude and slaughter.

That war was not the most lethal. We fought that war in the middle of the Nineteenth Century. And we kept it to ourselves, as we should, because “just” and “war” are as opposite as “hallow” and “hollow.” 

Nor was that war the most inept. In fact, it is impossible to identify any war as the most inept because of the commonality of ineptitude in warfare. In a sense, a strong sense, “ineptitude” and “war” are synonyms.

So we shall speak no good words for those who lead poorly, reserving all the words for those who put their way of life above their lives.

And marvel at the deviancy of humanity over this activity that we cannot rid ourselves of.

Pol Sty

Back when I was a bairn, I got to visit my Great-Uncle’s farm. This was a mixed activity in that I would almost always learn something new but sometimes I got put to work and that work was always nasty and often nauseating. 

Which is also educational and, in my mind, explains why I never entertained any thought of farming as a life activity and that farms are becoming more corporate factories than family endeavors. So half good, half bad.

One of my favorite things was to visit the pig sty. I never cared for the “mud” because I have always been a bit of a clean freak, but I greatly enjoyed the sounds and smells. 

Which brings us to the matter of politics, especially in Alibam.

It is now definite (?) that the State Racist aka the former Attorney Private of the Yankee Republic will be seeking to reattain his previous seat in the upper house of the Yankee legislature. He will be facing off against the State Bigot aka the twice-former Chief Justicer of Alibam, both of whom have the same merit as pigs. As I have said before, this is a bemusing race since the fellow who replaced the State Racist has proven himself in a scant couple of years more active in providing for the citizens of Alibam than the State Racist and the State Egomaniac (from Tuscaloosa, naturally,) have together in a couple of decades. That will, howvere, likely mean nothing to the Evilgelical Barabbas who are the perpetual dupes of the state’s political machine.

On the other hand, a dark knight (he does come from Gotham) has burst into the already overcrowded sty of Democruds wanting to occupy the President’s Mansion. The only thing good about this is even the least of these is at least an order-of-magnitude more competent than Fartus Maximus Prevaricator.  My only concern is whether Equipartition applies?

And lastly, as a tribute to all the Pols and other Denialist Bubbas, [Link] the sure and defeatist knowledge that this insanity of humanity to kill itself off with the maximum of pain and suffering will soon be accomplished.

So why do we put up with these devils? 

Gaian Justice?

I noted in this morning’s eMail stream that Fartus Maximus Prevaricator has shifted his domicility from New Yawk to the Floridas.

This is encouraging.

It means that when the impeachment effort is sabotaged by his stooges and myrmidons, we can rest secure knowing that the climate change he has steadfastly denied (another form of prevarication!) will do him in.

Another lost meat bag in the saline deeps.


Now I hear that Richard Shelby has endorsed Jeff Sessions. Wow! What a pair for enriching the rich of Alabama and impoverishing all the other citizens.

Anyone for a recall on Shelby. That way we can squelch two cancers at once.

Imiscible Catastrophe

Ah! Week Out. And I got to sleep in this morning. Until 0400. Although I woke at 0300 and actually had more energy then than at 0400 but I intimidated myself into the extra hour of fitful slumber as a reward for enduring another week of human existence.

Speaking of which, I noted just a few minutes ago that the Five Sided Fool Farm has awarded its contract for cloud computing to MegaHard instead of River. [Link]

Or anyone that makes sense.

I should comment that the Yankee Military has a congenital incompetence – essentially a blindness – when it comes to formulating computational requirements and a contrarian depravity when it comes to awarding contracts. The primary reason for this is a fundamental military alienation from its own STEM nerds. 

This sounds a lot worse than it really is. The situation is that the Amerikan military has a love-hate relationship with the American not-military. Yes, they love the country and its people – mostly. They have a deep and abiding hatred for politicians who most feel are the gravest threat to the country, leaving the furriners far behind, but they keep this hatred under rigorous, admirable control almost all the time. They have a fundamental distrust of the rest of the Amerikan population mostly because they aren’t military. And have scant order, obedience, or even good common sense.

And they are pretty much right about that.

They also have a fundamental distrust of technology. This is not original to the Amerikan military. All military have this distrust. That’s why if you go to any museum you find that old weapons are the most sturdy of ancient relics. 

This has led the military to lead in some technological development. One suspects that the development of metal technology was due to soldiers wanting a better rock. In actuality, they wanted a better projectile point – the hurled spear was the original enabler of war. 

This does not mean that the military can direct technology innovation well. Part of this inability is the presence of politicians and the inherent friction with politicians, a situation that demonstrates the fundamental stupidity and venality of politicians. But the military also has a deep rooted antipathy at the pragmatic philosophical level with STEM NERDs. In a sense, this disagreement is almost religious although not because it is also fundamentally rational.

The nature of this antipathy is weltanschaung – world view. The military considers mission, and adherence thereto, to be the fundamental aspect of human existence. The STEM NERD considers rational understanding, with validation, to be the fundamental aspect of human existence. Both of these conflict with the world views of politicians (control and wealth accumulation) and the man-in-the-street (wealth accumulation and self-confidence.) But they definitely conflict with each other despite and almost complete orthogonality. 

IOW, the rift between the military and the NERDs is more social than actual.

But this is enough that the military will embark on a technology endeavor by ignoring the same NERDs they employ to do similar things in-house. And that leads to most military technology systems being stercus, at least initially until they can become old enough that the NERDs can figure out how to fix things. 

And that’s the situation now, I fear. The Fool Farm has bought into another can-of-crap. From a vendor of underperforming operating systems. 

The good news is they didn’t buy it from Detroit.