Gender Imperfection

This seems to be the week for religion. At least that gives me something else to consider than the Alibam electioneering and the television advertisements’ appeal to the stupidity of Alibam voters.

Seems the Episcopal church is looking to degender the deity in their prayer books. [Link] This reminded me of a contradiction in christianism.

The deity, it is postulated, is omnipotent and omniscient as well as unitary and endless.

If the deity is unitary, then how can the deity have gender? If the deity is endless, then reproduction is unnecessary. And if omniscient and omnipotent, no assistance or support is necessary.

So not only is the gender thing null, the offspring thing is also null.

But it does explain why politicians seeking election say such ridiculous things about their opponent that convince voters to elect them. 

Incidentally, to mitigate those same politicians’ concerns, clearly the deity also has no need of sanitary facilities – male or female. 


Religion as Excuse

There has been much ado this week about the retirement of a ?liberal? supreme court justicer. Little of this has been expressed by the Reds. At least that I can see. But there has been a lot of Blue anguish.

This morning, I ran across a discussion of this article [Link] about how states would react if the historic Roe vs. Wade legitimization of abortion were reversed by a newly slanted SCOTUS. It included a graphic of the depredations to be imposed by the various states. 

I have been thinking on this matter for some time. It is largely a Southron thing, a holdover from the Recent Unpleasantness. It is also largely an organized religion thing that isn’t looked at very closely for some reason.

I have to warn that I am not highly knowledgeable of religion. I have studied it, mostly because of what I perceive are inconsistencies and outright contradiction. This is one such.

The concerns goes something like this: the Deity created everything (except the Deity?);  the Deity gave humans Free Will; Organized Religion condemns abortion as sinful.

The problem I encounter here is that Organized Religion is contravening the Deity’s creation of Free Will. 

Is not this also a sin? And how does one decide which of the two is the greater? Especially among a group that denies measurability and testing?

As an observer, it appears that abortion resistance and banning by organized religion is nothing but an organizational ploy to subjugate and intimidate their own members. The reason for this is fairly obvious since religionists who thought for themselves would be true (in the religious meaning of the term) Protestants who would have no need of the organization. That seems to be what Free Will is all about – every human his/her own priest/minister/rabbi……

Now maybe I can get back to thinking about something useful.


Owner Idiocy

I noted at gym this morning that the National (American) Football League has cooked up a rule that players can no longer kneel during the anthem but may remain in the locker room. Failure to stand will be met with fines.

What’s next, a straight arm salute? 

Despite the Nazi association, I suspect this displays more of a commitment to pornography than anything else. That, and greed.

I have to wonder how things will turn out when the whole team stays in the locker room?

Of course, even though it is pornographic, it’s not really football. Just the american perversion.

Institutional Ignorance

Seven day. Survived the monsoons of yesterday. Survived the nonsense of Star Wars (YEA SLAVERY!) and Cinco da Maya (Five Mayan Blood Sacrifices?) Then this morning while doing the weekly tomato-sauce (catch-up – BAD pun and not even Pun Day!) I ran across a cartoon [Link]

That struck me twice.

First, it captures how the public schule system is anti-learning. Any pupil who tries to deviate from the holy lesson plan is punished. I suppose we should be thankful that the little girl didn’t get roasted on a spit like Bruno.

The second is that breakthroughs do indeed need grunting, and lots of it. Every breakthrough I have ever made, and there are several, required much nasty noise-making and skull sweat.

The latter, incidentally, is what distinguished breakthroughs from copulation. 


Government of the Insecure

Yesterday was day four of month five. Nothing particularly different except to those people who continue to use an old, illogical dating taxonomy of M/D/Y in which instance, yesterday was “May Fourth”. Hence its adoption by some the the weaker minded Bogs and Geeks as “Star Wars Day.” 

I have been considering several aspects of this.

First of all, Star Wars is basically a space oater. Convoluted and lacking significant entertainment value, but nonetheless an oater. It distinguishes itself from other space oaters by two factors. One is its parody of human religion with an invisible, but-not-imaginary semi-potent deity and an class of inquisitive, death-dealing priests. Part of the parody is the apparent asentience of the deity.

The second factor is even worse. It’s the exaltation of slavery. I have mentioned this before but this time its intensified by the recent opening of the Lynching Memorial here in Alibam. The relationship is direct: when the Yankee government finally got its act together and (sorta) eliminated slavery in the Yankee republic, the insecurities of the Southron people manifested in abuse of former slaves. 

This is part of human nature, this Us-Them thing. What is shameful about this one is that nothing substantive has been done to alleviate the worst aspects of it. Once the Yankee Army of Occupation left the old Confederacy, the extinction of former slaves began in earnest. In many ways it continues to this day. And Alibam is one of the hotbeds.

It is instructive of the degree that humans can be insecure that this practice continues. I once read a novel entitles “Is the United States ready for Self-governance?” I have the same worry about Alibam. Even in the technical Nawth of Alibam, I see little evidence that the people of Alibam are ready for self-government. Certainly the on-going grrr brrr with the state’s primary bigot and pedophile illustrates, perhaps demonstrates, this. The continued political maunderings about governing based on organized religion and monster-under-the-bed fears is further indication. I was particularly struck by the extreme rejection of reality and rule-of-law espoused by one candidate for Lieutenant Guvnuh, one who has demonstrated in past an inability to pitch tents and an excessive interest in children. That interest seems to be a standard acne of Alibam politics, at least at times.

It is times like this that I entertain the idea that Alibam is the Coventry of Amerika. And the only reason that the citizens are allowed to vote is because they can only hurt themselves. Which they do. Repeatedly and brutally.

Somehow I have my doubts that lynching memorial will have any positive effect. Not in the methane bog of rationality and logic that is Alibam.

Epiphany and Cognition

Abortion, under rational circumstances, is one of the ultimate expressions of intelligence. As such, it is one of the things that set humans apart from the other animals.

Any effort to suppress this choice is an evil as deep and terrible as chattel slavery.