Social Entropy of Mixing

The New Zealand massacre provoked my cognition. Once more I come to the hypothesis that humans are whacked.


Some humans call themselves white when they are actually pink. There are white humans – albinos – but somehow they are not quite right. (Indeed, the health of many albinos is frail or compromised because….) 

Some humans call themselves black but most are brown and even the ones who are dark aren’t really black. They have a shine to their coloration that negates the contention of black. 

But we can’t expect bogs to do much correctly and coloration is evidently one of those things.

We have “white” supremacists killing muslims. One has to wonder how much of this is envy and how much insecurity. After all, even a moderately observant muslim makes an evangelical look like a religionist wuss. Especially when it comes to women. Perhaps white supremacists really want to be muslims but can’t because muslims aren’t white?

Hence the conflict: skin coloration or religionist dogma? 

Crap Mire

I am getting tired of water falling from the sky. When I was a child I found solace in rain, mostly because it was a time when I was permitted to huddle down and not deal with people. That should have been a warning of my incipient introversion except my mother is unable to process anything but her own ambitions and I didn’t know about introversion until I was in college. 

Mostly now I huddle and try not to think of the possibility of damage to either property or person.

One of those few moments of not thinking about led me to consider if we are now in an age of disillusionment. I suspect it began when the Soviet Union collapsed without bringing nuclear winter to the planet. I haven’t given up on that fear yet, especially now that the administration is riddled with agents of the Tsar. 

I also entertain that the disillusionment began earlier, about the time I learned about introversion, with the Vietnam Interaction. I call it that because in today’s environment of hate and entitlement I am not sure which is more akulturny, war or conflict. I do know we pitied those who went and fought and made vacuum heroes of those who hid in Canadia. 

One of the things that seems to hold up best over the years is Sturgeon’s Rule. It seems to at least as useful and accurate as Newton’s “Laws.” Sturgeon tells us that 90% of everything is CRAP. What makes this valuable is that the rule is both temporal and spatial and multi-dimensional. 

What it doesn’t tell us, however, is how to measure a lie. Is it the number of people who are fooled by it, or the number of people who leave it to fester. I wonder about this because I want to know who has the bigger lies, organized religion or the administration? I suspect the latter because they have been around for thousands of years while the administration has only been here a couple of years. But that reduces the matter to enumeration, not magnitude. 

All of this is part and parcel of the disillusionment. Religion has been highly successful in making people stupid and hurt. Politics ditto. At least I suspect they are causative. But maybe the rule also applies to humans and 90% are mentally and/or physically CRAP. In which case the big meteor strike got the wrong animals. 

When I was a kid, we had trust in American (and a few furrin) manufacturers. Now we can no longer trust the manufacturers of motorcars. Nor drugs. And as of yesterday, the manufacturers of sneakers. The question is whether we have become like the Communist countries and have to buy what is offered because there are no longer any choices, just bad goods. 

Perhaps we should rename MalWart Gum? 

Human Nature

I noted on FaceScroll a few minutes ago that the (state of) Washington legislature has negated “Philosophical” objections to vaccination. 

I have to admit that I am a bit conflicted by this. On the one hand, I believe in that everyone is entitled to Free Will and Liberty. With the caveat that they cannot hurt another person. With the caveat that if that person can hurt enough people, their freedom may be compromised.

But how do we quantify this?

How do we reconcile controlling children with forbidding abortion? If we think embryos are people then how can we control their lives until they are “of legal age?” And why can we afflict them with poverty, neglect, and mental incompetence? 

If we can decline to vaccinate our children because they are too young to make a decision, how can we not protect other children from our own? 

I am constantly reminded of how much society has deteriorated since Classical Greece; how many of us actually wonder, not be naively convinced, of what is the “Good?” 

How can we ignore “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?” 

I personally have some insight into “Herd Immunity.” But I can do maths, which half of the rest of humanity cannot. Why do we not treat those people like children?

The list continues: I shall stop now before I get mired in the La Brea tar pit of Politicians. 

A viable conjecture is that all humans are handicapped mentally. 

Inequity and discrimination are basic characteristics of human nature. 

Message 9

Advice to Fartus Maximus (and any other POL:) Never disagree with a spook, especially a chief spook. They can be wrong but you can never be right.

Also, never argue with spooks; the people who depend on them are not going to support you. 

Message 6

One of the few good things about the government shutdown is that it demonstrates how much more competent and effective the civil servants are than the elected (political) officials. 

Dark of the Mind

I was reading my email this afternoon and one eLetter had a [Link] to an article entitled “MEGAPIXELS: A fiery end for the old Tappan Zee Bridge.” 

You may wonder why an Alibam boy, still resident in that third world state, has an interest in a Yankee bridge?

There was a time when I had to go up to the Hudson High School for Wayward Boys (and now, Girls,) at least once a year to “further” their education. That normally involed flying into New Yawk City, driving across the Hudson and then motoring up to the schule along the west bank.

But once, I got whacked by the traffic and got off the interstate on the east side of the Hudson and had to drive upon that side as far as the Tappen Zee bridge, where I went across.

Which I did. And was the most frightened I had ever been while awake. There was a moderate haze, but so wide is the Hudson at that point that I got on the bridge unable to see the western shore and so lost sight of the eastern as well. And because of the geometry of the roadway, was effectively unable to see the river as well.

A panic set in. Happily the traffic was light, being away from rush hours, so the only distraction I had was the abyss and the interminable bridge. I thought several times that I had died and gone to some religionist tartarus. At least once every second the idea of doing a hard right and plunging through the rail into the Hudson played out in my head. Time took on that quality of stationary. There was only the bridge, the car, and the nothingness. So sparse was the traffic that the other cars seemed phantoms. 

And then suddenly the western shore loomed and my mind collapsed into the usual state of fear associated with government travel. Still, I recall little else of the trip. Nothing of lecturing students, but I can talk differential equations in my sleep, and frequently do, according to FD SCP.

Happily, a few trips later, they opened a real airport near the schule and my driving was largely restricted to the naturally creepy forest of up-state New Yawk.