Tunnel Light?

Two day and a bit less hot than yesterday. Maybe. Gym still sparse but that just means the “therapists” pile their junk in the way of the exercisers and arguments erupt over moving it. Since I am there before the therapists arrive I can put their junk in the rubbish tubs and let them be.

On which azimuth I note that the council of thieves of the state of golden earthquakes (and fruitcakes?) has enacted legislation prohibiting any exceptions to child vaccination except as dictated by medicalist considerations. I expect an increase in physician shopping and home schuling to evade the rationality. In fact, I was rather surprised by the rationality. I can only presume that there was some large looming cost that forced the politicians to act in such a rational fashion.

But knowing the extent of stupidity joined with whackedness I expect all sorts of desperations to avoid this public health sensibility. I suspect it will be too little however. Somehow it always is. Whatever happened to the GEN Ys that they totally lost the good sense of their grandparents? Does too much screen time really rot intelligence? It seems so what with anti-vaxers, climate change denialists (mostly admittedly those grandparents?) and such. Perhaps humanity is due for a culling if not an extermination.

And might that not be a good thing given the idiocy?