Corporate Slavery

The digital revolution is a front for the same old Capitalist oligarchs.

I buy stuff on-line. And as a result, I get emails advertising other (or the same) stuff based on what I buy.

This is all Stercus.

Why is it Stercus?

Because no actual sales consideration is put into this.

Good salespeople get inside your head. They know what you like and hence what you likely want.

The proof is in the offering. These corporate entities know – trivially – your sizes.

So why do they even show you anything that isn’t available in your size.

Is it because they are so stupid they can’t imagine alienating you with frustration and disappointment?

Or are they so arrogant they just don’t care?

Spa(ce)ghetti Slashing

The other day, I ran across an article (sadly, didn’t save a link for it) that was about why young people were abandoning organized religion (churches.) What engaged with me was that the reasons cited were mostly ethical and moral, that they didn’t agree with their church/sect’s stand on some matter such as abortion, climate change, race, women and minority rights, evolution, politics, ….

What was conspicuously missing in the discussion was any disagreement on philosophical or theological grounds.

Of course, this omission could be due to the journalist who wrote the article being uninterested/unwilling/forbidden to address such. But somehow I doubt it.

One of the things that disturbs me strongly is how organized religion refuses to discuss the hard questions and instead foists them off on philosophers, who they then revile as too independent and objective. 

Evidently only believers can be critical of a religion and they will not because they are believers.

That seems the basic definition of a self-licking ice cream cone. 

Which is why I tend to avoid churches and organized religion. They’re businesses first and religions rather tardily.

I find it instructive that only – to my knowledge, admittedly limited – the Roman Catholic Church has ever addressed the existence of God in any structured way. Sadly, the results of that analysis are all compromised by the requirement of suspension of disbelief ab initio.

This raises the question of whether churches should be trusted with religion? The very Nature of the question seems self-answering since they cannot be trusted to answer accurately.

This all leads me to conjecture if this is how religions die. They do, how many people do you find worshiping the Greek Gods these days?

But do they die because they get so entrenched in a set of dogmas that eventually the evolving culture rejects them? Did the young people walk away from the Earth Mother sects? 

Sideways Message

After I noticed an article [Link] on how a Saudi adolescent was granted asylum in Canadia so she wouldn’t be honor-murdered by her family, an idea struck.

How about if everyone in the Yankee republic who ISN’T a POL asks for asylum?

Then the Canadians can take over the Southern 49 (and the Sandwich Islands, I suppose) and replace the current traitors with bemusing but honest (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) politicians? 

And thereby save us from being killed by the administration keeping the government closed to placate the ego of a Slime BOG. 

If nothing else, the infusion of politeness will be renewing. And some modicum of reality will return to the country.

Tell Sad Tales

I am not the ubermensch that I used to think I was. In fact, I never was. More the weak, reedy kid with more smarts than stuff and the hatred of the redneck majority of Alibam kinder. But I was more active than now, and I miss the glory days of churning out papers and being lauded for solving significant problems and the satisfaction of having a career and a satisfying impact as a rabbinical physicist. 

Then I ran across a terminal blot [Link] of a blogger I had never heard of. I found out about this because I subscribe to Science News. I have subscribed to SN since childhood when it was an exciting and useful publication. That was when society believed in science and children were encouraged to learn science; now the adults are ignorant and superstitious and bound up in their false knowledge and try to impart the same to their children. The rag, recognizing this, still tries to educate the ignorant, old and young, but somehow I suspect it only appeals to the Nerds like myself. And I read it primarily to control what I need to be reading since I haven’t the time for too many journals.

The thing that struck me about this farewell blot, which is, I think, the first I have read of this blogger, was how it portrayed much of what is wrong with science today. Mostly that is Capitalism and Careerism and Stupidity. When I was a kid, people went into science to improve society; today they seem to go into science for pay and praise. And that’s one reason I am largely uninterested in telling either children or adults about science; it’s a waste of time and effort. They don’t want to know and given the way the climate and society and politics are going, there won’t be any people to do science in the future.

So I am more bemused by this self-serving blot than I am distressed. 

I have to admit that I started blogging about the same time as this blogger, but most of the similarity ends there. I was at the transition of my career from wage serf to country “gentleman.” Not that I am very gentle or refined or country. Other than growing up in Alibam and suffering from the disease of redneck from the crib on. That’s not bad; there are some traits of rednecks that stands one in good stead as a NERD, especially since growing up in Alibam assures a poor, often bad, and warped education. And one also gets the opportunity to confront tyranny and prejudice/bigotry and just plain evil on a daily basis. Where else in Amerika do pedophiles achieve high political office?

But when I was in my prime, the science community could recognize science advancement even when it came from a redneck. I don’t think that’s possible any more. For a variety of reasons.

So I suppose I should mourn for the rotting of science? Will sitting shiva serve any purpose, even if just for my benefit? I doubt it. One cannot sit shiva, I suspect, for a golem. Better that I just continue as I have and continue the good fight against stupidity. It’s the one that that I know is god-like about humanity. And apparently, a decreasing fraction of humanity at that. And recognize the self-service of contemporary scientists as just another form of being redneck.