Alma Mater 2

Still not about Mother.

This morning, I ran across an article [Link} entitled “Adobe Warns Using Old Creative Cloud Apps Might Get You in Trouble With the Copyright Cops.”

This is another joy of Linux: I don’t have to deal with Adobe to get stuff done. Linux has equivalent tools to everything Adobe sells, at zero cost (other than time, but no pictures of dead politicians.)

And they work better.

To be fair, there is a Linux version of Acrobat Reader but it is just as stercus on Linux as it is on the other OS. 

So while all the serfs and slaves are cursing Adobe, I am getting stuff done without the hassle.

FOSS First!

Divine Mind Rot

Humans are strange creatures. We have language and thought. But this week the Alibam Council of Thieves will be working to eliminate the citizenship of about 51% of the state’s population. So insecure and demented are representatives of the other 49% that they want to deny women humans in the state of their thought and speech. And freedom of purpose and action. 

All because they seem to think there is something sacred about humans. 

Meanwhile, the primitive inhabitants of the Trobriand Islanders do not reckon offspring to be human until they are weaned, and capable of speech and locomotion.

So who are the ones who can think?

We have an overpopulation problem. All over the planet. Not a small overpopulation, but an order-of-magnitude more people than makes any sense. 

And in Alibam, the elected elite want to make slaves of 90% of the population of the state. The disenfranchisement of women is merely the first step of their maniacal plan. Everyone else who isn’t an elected official is next. Or at least the pink ones.

This is the revenge for reconstruction. A terrorist plot to restore evil and cruelty which bubble unattained in their festered brains with superstitional insecurity. 

In their minds only pink men may think and act; all others must be subservient and expendable. 

Making Alibam Great.


Corporate Slavery

The digital revolution is a front for the same old Capitalist oligarchs.

I buy stuff on-line. And as a result, I get emails advertising other (or the same) stuff based on what I buy.

This is all Stercus.

Why is it Stercus?

Because no actual sales consideration is put into this.

Good salespeople get inside your head. They know what you like and hence what you likely want.

The proof is in the offering. These corporate entities know – trivially – your sizes.

So why do they even show you anything that isn’t available in your size.

Is it because they are so stupid they can’t imagine alienating you with frustration and disappointment?

Or are they so arrogant they just don’t care?

Spa(ce)ghetti Slashing

The other day, I ran across an article (sadly, didn’t save a link for it) that was about why young people were abandoning organized religion (churches.) What engaged with me was that the reasons cited were mostly ethical and moral, that they didn’t agree with their church/sect’s stand on some matter such as abortion, climate change, race, women and minority rights, evolution, politics, ….

What was conspicuously missing in the discussion was any disagreement on philosophical or theological grounds.

Of course, this omission could be due to the journalist who wrote the article being uninterested/unwilling/forbidden to address such. But somehow I doubt it.

One of the things that disturbs me strongly is how organized religion refuses to discuss the hard questions and instead foists them off on philosophers, who they then revile as too independent and objective. 

Evidently only believers can be critical of a religion and they will not because they are believers.

That seems the basic definition of a self-licking ice cream cone. 

Which is why I tend to avoid churches and organized religion. They’re businesses first and religions rather tardily.

I find it instructive that only – to my knowledge, admittedly limited – the Roman Catholic Church has ever addressed the existence of God in any structured way. Sadly, the results of that analysis are all compromised by the requirement of suspension of disbelief ab initio.

This raises the question of whether churches should be trusted with religion? The very Nature of the question seems self-answering since they cannot be trusted to answer accurately.

This all leads me to conjecture if this is how religions die. They do, how many people do you find worshiping the Greek Gods these days?

But do they die because they get so entrenched in a set of dogmas that eventually the evolving culture rejects them? Did the young people walk away from the Earth Mother sects? 

Sideways Message

After I noticed an article [Link] on how a Saudi adolescent was granted asylum in Canadia so she wouldn’t be honor-murdered by her family, an idea struck.

How about if everyone in the Yankee republic who ISN’T a POL asks for asylum?

Then the Canadians can take over the Southern 49 (and the Sandwich Islands, I suppose) and replace the current traitors with bemusing but honest (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) politicians? 

And thereby save us from being killed by the administration keeping the government closed to placate the ego of a Slime BOG. 

If nothing else, the infusion of politeness will be renewing. And some modicum of reality will return to the country.