No Hill Kings

Seven Day and a bit of tab hawgin’. Which brought me back to an article [Link] entitled “How 250 Siberians Became the First Native Americans.” which is the sort of horrible composition that rather rubs my pelt in the wrong direction – mental or physical.

Point being is that humans are NOT native to the Americas. So calling people who got here before Western Europeans “Native” is bad composition. Ignorance. Prevarication. Politics, maybe. Definitely from the sense of politicians being evil and mean and greedy and nasty.

But over and above the penchant for thieves to want to be elected to government, we have the popular lie that there are “Native Americans.”

Ain’t no such animal.At least, human animal. There are some animals that seem to be native but that’s because they evolved here. And humans didn’t. We all trace back to Africa. Although there is some evidence that some humans did evolve elsewhere, like Neandertals and Denisovians. Maybe. 

But not in the Americas. That’s why they were so pristine. Until the humans of this article, maybe, arrived, the Americas were unspoilt, unpolluted by humans. It’s hard to even conceive but there was a time when Mesopotamia was a garden and not a desert.

My point of this natter is that not only is it stupid to talk about Native Americans – and certainly we humans have a strong claim to being stupid – buy we may also be the enders of life on the planet.

Gee, isn’t that a cheery thought?

So why can’t we plagiarize the Canadians and call them “First Peoples?” Then we can refer to a generation or so from now as “Last Peoples.”

If there is anyone left to write it down.


Degree Delusion

Last evening I was watching the “news” with FD SCP and was exposed to the high schule student – woman – who wasn’t going to college but to trade schule to become a grease monkey.[Link] Ostensibly the reason for this was debt avoidance.

I sincerely hope this is an instance of “good” sense. But given the media attention, I have my doubts. Nonetheless, it did give me occasion to consider the matter of college.

First of all, a larger fraction of adolescents/YAs go to college than in my day. And my day was more populated than my parents’ day. And most of these students incur a stercus load of debt. Which cripples them for years if not forever.

So why college indeed?

Going back to my day, most of the people who attended college did so poorly and wastefully. You had women who were attending college to find a husband with “good prospects”. You had Greeks who were attending college prior to joining the family business. And you had rich kids attending college to avoid the draft.

And you had kids attending college to major in what they “loved”. 

And you had a few kids who majored in something useful. 

I realize that women don’t go to college to “mine” a husband any more so I’ll try to back off on offending the asentient and aintelligent who don’t recognize analysis from insult. But I won’t back off on people who go to college and end up not using what they studied. That includes those who can’t get a job in their discipline and those who find they can’t make a living with their discipline. Part of this is people paying attention to what their parents want or what they want but don’t recognize those as poor choices. My parents wanted me to go to business schule and become a physician, both of which would have been failure states for me. I may not be a very good physicist… but I am better than average. And I was moderately successful.

I know a few people who are in the same state, mostly STEM NERDs and business Geeks. What they have in common is they like/enjoy their discipline and they found someone who would pay them to do stuff they like. In my cosmos, that’s called success.

I know a lot of people who have done moderately to extremely well doing stuff that has nothing to do with what they studied in college. They had the good sense to find something they could do that paid and they did well by working hard in that thing. Some have returned to their disciplines in retirement, especially the ones who studied arts, and they are uplifted in retirement with that.

Just like I still do physics. 

But I come into contact with more people who had to do things that had nothing to do with their disciplines and they did poorly. Part of that was that they had no discipline and drive and part was the opposite of enjoyment in doing. I don’t have any friends like this because there seems to be some sort of forbidden-ness to these people socializing with people who had enjoyment of what they did. They do clump with other people who disliked their work. 

That seems to be covered by the social nature of humans. 

My point being that the latter folks would have benefited by not going to college. Or by competent counseling in high schule. In mu experience most of the adult unhappiness in Amerika is due to incompetent high schule counseling. And parent stupidity. Both of which are strong arguments for education standards and licensing. Especially for parents.

But bottom line. We need to take a stiffer stance on college. If someone wants to go to college to get i career ticket punch they need to have their nose rubbed in the likelihood of failure. If someone wants to go to college in some discipline that they can’t get employment or survival pay, we need to make it hard for them to get in.

I’m of mixed mind on the current system of telling people they will likely fail because of aptitude or grades. That argument would have kept Einstein out of college. The most successful people I know are the ones who overcame the academic instrumentality’s foretelling of damnation. 

And we need to offset the crap espoused by parents who want to live through their children or have a whacked view of reality. 

Which boils down to fewer people need to go to college.

Political Sexuality

I observe this morning that the Most Humongous Bigot and Pedophile of Alibam has launched a litigation against one of the women who outed him as a child diddler.

Somehow this makes sense given his previous behavior. Evidently he is one of those politicians who think they cannot be held accountable for their evil.

Can we ship him to the Pennsylvania? Or, at least, swap him for Bill Cosby who has some other value to society?

Alabama Political Terms

Campaigning in Alibam is ramping up and I thought it might be a good occasion to elaborate and explain some of the politicians’ catch phrases:

  • Conservative – this is an ubiquitous emptiness, mostly because the politicians never talk about what they are going to conserve. Based on their history and universal behavior, the only things Alibam politicians work to conserve is their continuance in office and the flow of money from the state’s poor to the state’s rich. What is never said is that they are Liberal or Progressive, which almost none of whom are, or Fascist or Nazi, almost all of whom are.
  • Christian Values – this is ubiquitous but not an emptiness. What it means is that they are (almost always) members of a Male Caucasian Supremacist cult that masquerades as Christian but is actually perpetrating a tyrannical social order that suppresses, dis-empowers, and persecutes women, non-Caucasians, Catholics, Jews, everyone who isn’t a member of their cult, geeks, nerds, and intellectuals. They do, however, support pedophiles, sociopaths, and psychopaths.
  • Protects Gun Rights – another diversion. Actually, gun sales are directly proportional to the difficulty of purchasing a weapon and since the gun manufacturers are struggling to avoid bankruptcy, the politicians will probably up the paperwork on purchase to enrich the manufacturers. Also, what they don’t mention is that the real gun laws are made at the national level over which they have scant influence and no control.
  • Increase Employment (Grow Jobs) – another blatant prevarication. The only way that politicians can increase employment is by spending taxpayer money to either bribe some capitalist to move his business from another state to Alibam, or expand the Alibam civil service. And where does the taxpayer money come from? Not them. From the folks who want the jobs? Of course.
  • Telling Lies – none of them say this but I include it because they all do. In fact, when a politicians tells you he is being honest or telling the truth, he/she isn’t with absolute certainty.

None of this will make any difference since the elections are controlled by the political parties who have ceased answering to the electorate but it makes for bemusing reading nonetheless.

Television Physics

The Many Worlds conjecture is proven to the Bogs by the existence of so many New York Cities as manifested in so many television constabulary shows. 

All of which are independent and non-communicating.

Even the ones that appear to be so.

Cognitive Mutterings

The last couple of weeks have been fraught with thinking. It reached an apex this week when the comedian Bill Cosby was sacked for being male – agressively. Since the great (?????????????????) state of Alibam has been on the ropes for a couple of years over its Auschwitz style prison system – except there are very few Jews in the prison system; they seem to have a survival instinct that going to jail in Alibam is not a smart thing for a Jew to do – but is full of Good-Ole-Boys and AAs. The subject of distress is that the Yankee government thinks the state of Alibam abuses the prisoners and denies them adequate health care – mental and physical. So the state politicals are trying to ignore the general populace and white wash the problem before the Yankee government re-institutes Reconstruction.

I have to admit that I am one of many Amerikans who thought Bill Cosby better than most folks. He was a positive influence on schule integration by showing my generation that the AA attitudes of our parents’ and grandparents’ generations was crap. I also enjoyed his humor – the clean stuff I was allowed to listen to – more, in fact than that of Andy Griffith. Although the ranking of “What it was, was football” and “Noah” are even. To this day I consider football the most socially acceptable form of pornography and Noah’s attitude to the deity a masterpiece of patience in the face of bureaucratic juggernautry.

So what punishment should be meted out to a man who did so much good? From the standpoint of the legal system whose first rule is “someone has to be punished” and second is “justice is a fiction”, all of that is irrelevant. But the legal system is supposed to be the product and reflection of society. 

The combination of these, along with the Honorable (???????) Speaker of the House firing the house rebbe and the increase in diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disease diagnoses, led me to consider mental healthcare. For once, the information was coherent and constructive. In a flash of mental lightning I realize the folly of the whole thing.

Simply put, the reason Amerika has stercus for mental healthcare is because, according to the PEW people, 0.77 of the population (at least) are members of an organized religion. This means that they not only believe in a deity – which is probably hardwired in humans – but they accept the propaganda line of the organization without rational thought (in most cases.) So in a rational framework, these people are mentally ill.

Now since mental illness taxonomy is largely social in nature, if the majority of society are themselves mentally ill, then mental illness is considered to be mental health. And thereby, the politicians, who are deathly afraid of any healthcare expenses other than their own, don’t have to do anything since in effect all the mentally ill people in Amerika are de facto sane.

So the actual question we have to ask is whether the people labeled by the legal system as mentally ill are actually the sane one. Certainly this seems to be the case of the folks with Autism Spectrum Disease since (a) they can’t stand anyone who doesn’t have Autism (very much,) and (b) they are smarter and more creative than “normal” people. In fact, my observation is that the best the non-Autistic can do is caretake, thenthe ASD folks have to be the real engine of conservation and progress in human civilization.

It certainly isn’t politicians, justicers, and capitalists.

Now I’m going off to “help” FD SCP.


Mind Munching

I have been cogitating on a variety of things, so I thought writing about some of them would help shake them loose.

First, I note that the Veteran’s Administration has a new Director, this time a military physician. The previous director, who was one of the POTUS’ favorite types of people, a conspicuously cruel and nasty capitalist, was sacked for hiding his waste, fraud, and abuse a bit too blatantly. The incumbent has already been poo-pooed by veterans as lacking the skills and knowledge to run the organization.

The problem here is that the VA is a “cat food” situation, in particular known as “push me, pull you” from Dolittle nomenclature. The “cat food” aspect is that the consumers are the veterans and the customers are the Congress Critters and the latter don’t really care a whit about the former. In fact, most Congress Critters want veterans to be either dead or wholly hale but never in between.

So the veterans are only going to be happy – maybe – if the director is a veteran (and not a serving military,) and the Congress Critters want a business type to reduce expenditures, appropriations already being woefully inadequate because, as noted, the Congress Critters just don’t care.

Second, I have been enjoying the blatant display of religious discrimination here in Greater Metropolitan Arab. If you aren’t a Christianist, then you aren’t, at least here in Arab. In fact, if you are an Arab, you aren’t wanted. Anyway, all of the city facilities and businesses – except the capitalist chains – will be closed all weekend in observation of the discorporation of a Jewish boy.

Of course, all the Jews in town are not only shunned, but they won;t be able to do anything the day after shabbat because everything will be closed up.

But that’s how the society here is and how government in Arab serves the citizenry.

Enough. I am nauseated enough by these behaviors I have to take a rest.