Winter Wonderings 2

Two Day. The colding has arrived. More slowly than the weather beavers foretold but heavily enough. Not good to increasing morale. Still I made it to gym and did my bit. 

Had a bit of opportunity to cogitate. The podcasts were passable but not good. D+ sort of thing. Probably my outlook. Anyway:

  • Shannon Entropy is a deconstructive formalism. Fundamentally, it takes information – the intermediary stage between knowledge and data – and computes on the data. The information – and any knowledge it may come from or engender – is only conditional, not constitutive. Bankruptcy!
  • Watched a video about the former FLOTUS declining to pose with a pink dino toy. Struck me as illustrative of the depths of her egomania, won;t allow a single photograph to show her NOT the center of attention. 
  • Watch another video of a press interview of the losing totem’s hurler – Amerikan Soccer Championship – where he simply said the other totem did better and left. Now being pilloried. Indicative of the depravity of contemporary journalism or contemporary society? Only worthwhileness I have seen in connection with this pornographic extravaganza. 

Counting down nine days to see specialist about ailment. 

Icy Doubts

Ice Cream Day and rising less than refreshed and carefree. Feels more like a monday. And quite colding outside. A good day for misery.

On which azimuth, it occurs to me that

The Principal Difference between the Two Political Parties seems to be who they want to pay Welfare.

This leads us to question the basic morality of both. Which is righteous, giving money to the rich or giving money to the poor? Both? Neither? 

If we settle this question will it correct things?

College Recalled 1

Ran across this: [Link]

This was second (?) time around. These sorts of things were springing up starting in the ’60’s. Except the they were called co-ops. Commune was a bit too containment for Alibam.

We called ours a kibbutz

kibbutz n 1: a collective farm or settlement owned by its members in modern Israel; children are reared collectively

Of course, being the ’60’s, when the BIG NEW technology was birth control medications – and lasers!, of course! – avoiding children was paramount. Mostly because you can’t get through grad schule with kids.

I think we got the idea from some physics kibbutz in Israel. 

Fourth Thought

Still puny. Last day of anti-microbials. Still under the weather and feeling far less than cured. Likely one of the “benefits” of being senior.

While on the weather azimuth, yuck returneth. The weather beavers are busy fortelling great horrors for next week. May be another bunker period.

The time has given me opportunity to reflect on the political situation – among other things. As a result it seems we have to give the prevarication prize to the former FLOTUS for claiming she won in Iowa and the Capitalist Tyrant for claiming the election was stolen from him by the Canadian Gray. 

Are any of these candidates honorable and honest enough to serve in the office sought? Doesn’t look at all so.

The only good thing seems to be that the Christianist Jihadist has dropped out. Maybe there is a secular component after all?

How long has it been since the nation had an actual statesman?

Second Thoughts

Enjoying a bout of treatment for an ear infection. Evidently been trying too hard to listen. And since I am a bit feverish as well as achy, I thought I would share a few low comments:

The sports porn season is spiking in the Yankee republic. Maybe after the stupidbowl some manners and  morality will reappear, But I doubt it.

And the Iowans have apparently done as poorly as possible: a treacher egotist and a sociopathic Canadian. One is an insult to women and the other makes a Gray look human. 

And both obviously tools of the capitalist oligarchs. 

Hammer Fall

Thor’s Day. Hopefully calm after two days of dashing about and shouting. But I now have front teeth and can bite again. 

The gym was quite sparse, only the polite weight bouncer of his sept, and a passable episode of “Linux Luddites” that whetted my appetite to solve my aging (and ailing) cellular telephone situation. 

Speaking of biting, I was once more surprised by the autarch of New Yawk. His refusal to participate in the upcoming debate, ostensibly over some woman moderator, demonstrated his acumen once more. In this age of social media, debates seem – and are – antediluvian. Other than their entertainment value with the constant biting and whining and foaming, they seem to have no purpose except to hide the depravities and weaknesses of the candidates. So once more, a salute to the evil landlord. 

I can only hope that he will be successful in destroying the Repulsian party and thereby rid this nation of the evil and tyranny that political parties have become. 

Similarly, MalWart has once more demonstrated its ambivalence for its customers, closing some hundred plus stores, almost all in small towns, towns where they entered, drove all the competing businesses into closure, and now are leaving these communities without sources of foodstuffs and the like.

One can only hope that the citizenry will learn from this. But I doubt it. Bogs are neither fully rational nor fully smart and hence will not see that MalWart only cares about wealth and not a whit for service or loyalty. We need to reject them as they have rejected us. 

Let us not rest until every MalWart store is a rusting abandoned shed.