Out & About

Waiting room duty. Responsible Adult for FD SCP at eye physician. Many people and little diversion. 

Trying to figure out why women wear long blouses made of teeshirt fabric that rides up and frames their derriere?

Is that their goal?

Lost Dream

I ran across this cartoon [Link] this morning:

And was struck by how it captured how I feel about GEN Ys sometimes. 

They are lost and gone forever?

And do they have any redeeming social value?

Boggy Ground

Six Day. The beginning of another nasty period. Petrol pipeline ruptured and now we are in a petrol crunch until repaired and resupplied.

On that dismal azimuth, I see numerous article [Link] on how to roll back iOS10 to iOS9. Seems Apple has pulled a MegaHard. Another thing to make me glad I use Linux.

I have to compare this to the motorcar situation. Back when I finished undergraduate university, everyone – almost – drove Detroit motorcars aside from a few commuters who had opted for Beetles and the like. By the time I had been in graduate university for a couple of years the exodus to furrin motorcars was in full fervor. Now we have a new marketplace (compared to then) based on another fairly static situation. 

But the thing that tickles my brain is the diversity. And within that diversity, all the motorcars look alike. As one of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, puts it, “All crossovers look like dead garden gnomes.”

So when does the Detroit of OS fall apart?

For want of a bandwidth

One Day. Back to gym. Strange podcast. Had to do with what aliens would look like on different planets. About half sciencey and half fictioney. Barely diverting.

But I did get to cogitate on the question of national bandwidth. As such things go, Amerika is a third world country. The only places worse are the ones solely dependent on cellular. 

This is one of the differences between hinterland and cities. By and large the cities have more bandwidth than the boonies. Not enough, but better. Otherwise why would Chattanooga be trying to install city broadband?

It occurred to me that this has an enormous social/cultural influence. I have abysmal bandwidth. Scant choices in Greater Metropolitan Arab and the town conscript parents are oblivious. Or in denial. Not sure which.

But because of that trickle I have to do things differently than if I had plenty. Most internet things take a bit of planning. Like when to do updates. But perhaps more important is that I tend to use stand-along clients rather than web applications.

Take email. I log on to web mail once a day, just to prune the SPAM filter. The rest of the time I use an email client. That stutters a lot because of the shallow bandwidth. I can see the SPAM folder with it, but the email provider only pays attention if I go on web to prune the filter. And since their SPAM filter is rather too enthusiastic, with an 0.8+ false positive fraction, I am encouraged thereby to go on web.

I keep hearing noise about the wonders of the internet. Access to lots of (mostly false or inaccurate) information. No need for any sophisticated OS or clients, just browser access. …

But not in the hinterland. That’s not possible. Because of the bandwidth. Instead we have to basically act like we did in the old days of 300 baud modems.

No wonder our politics is whacked.

ORF Trek

The fiftieth anniversary of “Star Trek” is upon us.[Link] As is the fiftieth anniversary of my being a college freshman. 

Start Trek was one of two television programs my “band” watched each week. Calling it a “band” was optimistic because we seldom numbered ten, much less twenty-five. But we were a group of nerds and geeks beset by a Greek EXTRO society and instrumentality so the bonds were fairly tight.

Mostly we were entering freshmen and majoring in STEM stuffs. And a few chose not to default to the ground state of residing in dorm. SO twice a week we formed up after third meal (which was often only second for several of us who were late sleepers or had stiff schedules,) and walked off campus to two of our number’s apartment to watch, respectively, “Start Trek” and “Laugh In”. Both of these had great impact on me over the years. I still find almost no humor comparable to R&M – sometimes Monty Python – and all the later Treks are inferior to the original.

And that has nothing to do with the captain character.

What Laugh In taught me was to be critical and cynical and disrespectful of the establishment. 

What Star Trek taught me was to strive for the unattainable. Star Trek was about making the universe fit for everyone, not just the wealthy and powerful and beautiful. Equity, not Evolution. And definitely not government. 

But organization was necessary despite its evils.

But only worthy of loyalty when it was not being evil. This was the Vietnam era after all. 

We are further than ever from that ideal. The amazing thing is that it could be thought of and a television program made about it. 

It’s one of the things that make me glad to be ORF. 

The young today are pretty sure they’re serfs. And not doing very much about it. So Star Trek stays a fantasy. 

Analogy Made

Catching up on the weeks’ cartoons. Ran across this one [Link]

and it reminded me of how EXTROs treat INTROs at parties is like the way adults treat children at schule activities. 

Now I understand why they don’t trust children with firearms.