Bad, Darkness is?

One day. Back to gym. Is schule desessioned? I used to be able to tell from the density of educationalists (noise level,) but now the gym is so sparse that it is unclear.

The podcast was a strange one, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” with some female academic commenting on “dark women” in Shakespeare’s plays. The clear message was her dissatisfaction with the current schule interpretation but what that interpretation is and exactly how it is in error was unclear and uncommunicated. [Link

The uncommunication was two-fold. First, the academic was a poor speaker. Her speech was choppy and too littered with “er”s and “uh”s and the like. On the positive side, I never heard her say “you know” and thereby deem her exceptional and worthy of the discipline to try and hear what she has to say. 

The second was technical. For some reason, either in the recording or in the downloading, the podcast became disjoint and distemporal. IOW. it was horribly chopped.

So I never quite got what message she was trying to convey.

I also have to admit that I have not studied Shakespeare deeply. I read the plays in high schule and undergraduate schule, mostly as assignments in “English” courses. And I never managed to come up with the schule solution. For example, I always considered Lady McBeth positively. Yes, I was told she was evil and scheming and manipulative – what human isn’t? – but I also saw her as true to being a supportive wife who was finally driven bonkers by her husband’s incompetence. 

Similarly, I also saw Hamlet’s mother as positive, a woman who had not been able to raise a sane son but still doted on him. And who of us who have raised children does not doubt their sanity. Even as they doubt ours. And we all wish the other gone, at least, or dead.

And the daughters of Lear? Well, I never did figure out that play other than as an attack on absolutely kingship. 

So I was probably oblivious to the academic’s message from the get-go. 

I fear that being NERD STEM, I am too removed from that environment. My wont is to understand physical reality and part of that is that humans are embedded in it and Shakespeare knew that. But I do regret not getting more from the talk.

Grits sans Anything Helpful

Seventh Day. Low air temperature than yesterday morn. So I donned a slightly heavier jacket as I departed for constitutional in the park. The air was refreshing. And I finished the podcast episode , which sadly was a review of the new LTS release of the Ubuntu clan as “grits”, at least in southron wordage.

What was unsaid in the review was the true (?) weakness/flaw of the ubuntu clan, which is its long term fragility. The LTS may be five year releases but they seldom last two without catastrophic failure requiring reinstall or replacement.

Also, I had already looked at the new version of Kubuntu and the live execution left me thinking “grits” as well. So I passed and am still looking for something – KDE NEON? – to replace my 14,04 AIO install. Which basically turned to broken toy six months ago and I am not depending on LMDE – another grits distro – on that box.

But I did reflect on the “full” moon this morning, which was a great help given that my key chain flashlamp seems to be failing as well. Scant wonder, I have been using it for ten years or so. Marvelous piece of manufacturing, a product of the Gerber people who used to produce rather good stuff but have lapsed in recent years into mediocrity and irrelevance. Evidently the market is selling “sabers” to wannabe Stuarts instead of multi-tools to actual Mittys.

Last evening FD SCP and I tried to engage in our evening social ritual of joint viewing of the local news on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver. This is complicated during week out because the local “news” program is delayed by programming of great Bog interest – like spectator sports pornography – but irrelevant to us. So if our wonted channel is deferred we try others and such was the case last evening.

Anyway, that channel/station’s weather beaver of the ‘cast talked about the “blue moon” and said it was a “rare” occurrence. That struck me as inaccurate. So I considered the matter.

First, a “blue moon” is, according to Wikipedia,

an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year: either the third of four full moons in a season, or a second full moon in a month of the common calendar.

and a Lunar month is ~ 29.5 days. So 365.25/29.5 =~12.4 which indicates that we will have a thirteen full moon expressions in a year no less frequently than every three years.

Is once every three years a rarity? 

Rarity: That which is rare; an uncommon thing; a thing valued for its scarcity.      [1913 Webster]

Clearly the “blue” moon was valued by the weather beaver since it gave her something to say during an otherwise grits presentation, but is it uncommon? Is once every three years uncommon? Or if we count days? 

I am of the mind that this rarity is a Bog thing that, like most Bog drivel, does not stand up to observation.

It’s just another full moon. Enjoy – or not – it for what it is. 

Emergent Question

The podcast I was listening to this morning was an episode of “Linux Luddites” that I began back in gym on Four Day. There was a discussion of the motivations of Canonical. This included a rather frank comment about the Love/Hate aspect of Unity.

I reflected on this. And realized that I have a problem with it. Simply put, I have never met anyone who likes Unity. I have interacted with “people” who claim to like Unity but this has always been “people” who are unpresent and not patently human.

Which raises the question of whether there actually are homo sapiens who like Unity? 

Arabian Oppression

Five Day. Air temperature fair. But the park is cluttered with aluminium motorhouses and overall the atmosphere is one of oppression and evil. I believe it’s some sort of pro-global warming demonstration that is so popular in Alibam – along with demonstrations against the federal government.

Rather makes one nostalgic for Reconstruction when there was a federal presence to assure honest governance. At least compared to what we get here in Alibam.

Not that much of the rest of the country seems much better. Very much third world and everyone out for themselves with no thought for damage to others. Very Hobbesian.

I had wanted to say some positive things this morning but courtesy of the city tyranny I am unable to. Such horrible oppression and discrimination. To say nothing of the bullying of those who are not stalwart storm troopers of the regime.

I am also trying the WordPress desktop client again and so far I am not impressed. Amazing how hard they try and how spectacularly they fail. This rather reminds me of the first alpha of Scr9ibeFire. The one that failed often and had to be held together hourly.

I hope the day improves.

Mumbo Downo

One day, and back to gym. Still a bit below where I should like but recovery under way. Moderate density of people; the regular educationalists and a couple of weight bouncers were back, probably because spring desession is over. The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” about two men who found each other in the Iran-Iraq Wat. It was not successful on many azimuths but it helped divert attention.

Yesterday was the Christianist Easter, the organizational appropriation of vernal equinox and Passover. As such, it seems fitting to mention an article [Link] dealing with the decreased religiosity of Amerika. I should like to attribute this to rational thinking but I am too much of a cynic to do so.

The tone of the article is quite civilized and its theme captured with a quote:

“Americans today are also less likely to believe that the Bible is divinely inspired with 22% of respondents agreeing with the statement that the Bible  “is an ancient book of fables, legends, history, and moral precepts recorded by men” compared to the 14% who agreed with this in 1984 (a 57% increase).”

although I though the percentage was unnecessary and distracting. Other numbers are similar: decrease in church attendance/membership; decrease in non doubters; …

The only thing amazing about all this is the furor raised by the churchites over how their religion is “under attack”. Since when is desertion an “attack”? Apparently these people are uncomfortable with being American; unable to accept what freedom means.  But then, the removal of freedom is what most religions are about.

Statistical Insight

I note [Link] that adolescents do not want driverless cars. Not surprising. It’s a rite-of-passage things and probably more painful than a bar/bat mitzvah or even a ritual circumcision.

But it does give me a bit of insight into the nature of all those people “driving” pickup trucks who can’t drive. They are all still adolescents – pre-puberty? – who haven’t aged mentally. Certainly explains their inadequate skills.

End of the Future

Two day. Pun-ish? Foretold to be a good weather day. But any day I have to do medicalist things is compromised from the get-go.

Sparse at gym. Podcast – Guardian Science – was a long one about the Concorde.

I have to start by registering that this podcast was mostly about engineering and social matters. Money in particular, also politics. I rather dislike this type of fraud and deception. Science podcasts are supposed to be about science, not engineering. And I should expect a rag as good as the Guardian to have staff that know the difference.

But the thoughts that followed were more constructive. It struck me about halfway through the podcast that this was really about the end of an era. The obvious bit is the end of Imperial Britain and Imperial France. The less obvious is the end of the technology-makes-it-all-better era.

Up to this point, technology was without flaw. There was no down side. Technology would make life better by peripheral improvements in idealized society. No worries of pollution or unemployment or weapons of mass destruction. The end of Victorian stolidness and Whewellian absolutism.

No stigma of nonexisting the poor and glorifying the rich. No aspect of any flaws in society. Quite ignoring that only the very rich could afford to ride on this aircraft.

The end of simplicity and etiquette and knowledge-trumps-ignorance. 

And it was a failure. Not the airplane. It was wonderful. Really, full of wonder. Something we have little of today. All we have is the staid magic of ubiquitous electronics. While we choke in pollution and poison ourselves with toxic water. And government does nothing but facade.

Dismal day, isn’t it?