Food Subjugation

Since we have begun on the evils of organization, we may as well continue with another great evil. No, not the pornography that is spectator sports, but chain restaurants.

When I was in high schule chain restaurants were fairly new. I recall a Hardee’s being built between my home and high schule, and I would stop there when I had the coins to buy a Hardee Huskee. I greatly enjoyed this monstrosity to the exclusion of all others. And then the chain discontinued it.

When I got to college I found the strange situation where the food served in the university’s cafeteria system was resoundingly better than that served by the town’s chain restaurants, of which it had many.

After Hardees I adopted Burger Chef. There was something about sauce tartare (or at least their poor imitation) on an inpalatable ground cow pattie. And then they went away.

When my daughter was growing up, at least until she was old enough to drive a car, if we ate out as a family it had to be at McDougal’s. Happy meal. Haven’t eaten there  since. Avoid any social activity that might stop there such as tours. Or pornographic spectator sports activities.

And now [Link] I have a rational reason:

Sorta reminds you of death, doesn’t it?

I eat at home a lot. 

Better waiting

Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. Motorcar clinic. Nerd room.
They seem to have – sorta – gotten “quiet”. Except for the mouthbreather and the guy who didn’t silence his slab. 20dB improvement from last time.

Self-Inflicted Wound

Two day. Air temperature a bit higher but its speed also, so cooling actually greater. Sparse at gym. Still managed to mangle myself on the cycling machine. Whacked my hand. Nasty bruise rising.

Science podcast day. Good news is the Guardian Science podcast is back. Their interminable holiday evidently over for another tear. Bad news is that non-state actors in mideast are destroying cultural sites, looting for artifacts to sale and destroying the actual sites if they are religion associated. Seems muslim terrorist are insecure and cannot abide even ancient competition.

This raises a question however,

Is any religion not terrorist?

Evangelism clearly is. Roman Catholicism has been but I am not sure these days. Protestant Christianists clearly are; evangelism is the worst form of terrorism. Muslim fanatics are; beheadings are almost as bad a evangelism. And Muslim have a long history of severe evangelism ranging from pay extra taxes or convert to convert or die. (The beheadings are better than preaching because once you’re dead the torture is over.)

I can’t speak to other religions. Except Seventh Day Adventism and Mormonism. Both are terrorist. Not sure about Buddhist, or Shintoism, or any others. Judiasm is the best case for not being terrorist, at least with outsiders. In fact, Judaism is exclusionary; you have to beg to be a second class member. But they do practice terrorism on their own. 

So the available, admittedly incomplete, information indicates a qualified YES to the question.

So when does the Kentucky clerk-terrorist leave for Cuba?

Tidal Bore

Into the week! Already a goat copulation festival! Sometimes I miss not having Dire Wolves.

While at gym I listened to a “BEst of Ideas” podcast episode about the centennial memorialization of the Great War. Much of this was news to me even though the podcast was a repeat from a year past. And the memorialization continues for three more years. Great notice was made of efforts to put the names of the honored discorporate in front of people in both public and internet places. 

Nothing. Haven’t seen any of this. Nor heard till now. Is anyone sure the Yankee republic is participating. Is Greater Metropolitan Arab? Probably not, at least the latter. Not sure what GMA memorializes but it’s mostly about people who might come to live here.

Anyway, my attention strayed to the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver where the network media were mumbling about the Hobbesian environment of wanna-be POTUS candidates. And it struck me what they weren’t saying.

All of the rhetoric was partisan. Republicans this, Democrats that. But what the media is evidently studiously avoiding is that those folks may not be really critical. In all liklihood, this election will be determined by those unaffiliated with either party. Last I saw over half of the electorate declined party connection.

So the election is in the wind. The only thing that the parties can do is offer a candidate, and one of them will likely be POTUS because the unaffiliated are not anywhere near unified enough to elect a non-party candidate. But which it is will not be determined, in all liklihood, by the party faithful. 

Which bring us to the present state in the country. We might call it Democracy by Alienation. The majority of folks I talk to – including myself – will be making their selection of voting based on exclusion. If a candidate is for something I am against, or not for something I am for, then I will not give them my vote. And that my is pretty close to MY. 

This leads to some multi-dimensional Venn maps. Party/candidate platforms versus individuals’ alienations. Right now the Republicans seem to be losing much faster than the Democrats. At least among those I talk with. It seems to be because of widespread alienations. The Republicans have alienated all the women except the Religionist Terrorists and all the majority concerned about climate threat. But the Democrats are not far behind. 

I keep thinking about what society looks like in an environment where the existing oligarchy is being dis-empowered. Not sure that is what is happening but it may be. Or it may just be a case of a ridiculously low voter turn out. 

Redneck Tartarus

Into the week out. Rain overnight but only puddles this morning. Lower air temperature but the absence of appreciable air speed made standing or exercising moderately uncomfortable. Off to park for constitutional where the medieval nonsense of the community fair was already in evidence in all manner of kitsch booths. Happily they were only a visual nuisance – pain actually – as the park was absent of any other sentients. Or bogs, for that matter. 

It is still unclear that bogs, as a group, are sentient. Certainly many of them are not, but there may be a few and that scantness compromises the characterization.

This put me in mind of an article [Link] I ran across last week entitled “In redneck heaven, internet outages are the American Way”. I cannot resist including their article photograph

because it describes so much of the old Confederacy including Alibam.

The article is about IT guys tracing an internet outage in Texas (?) where it turn out some bog GOB (Good Ole Boy,) which is redundant, sorta, mostly, fired his shotgun into a fiber optic cable. This demonstrates either the boredom level of the region or its inebriation level, and possibly both. 

Evidently this is news in England. Here it is a story older than the Second American revolution. The Sowth – the Old Confederacy – has always been a slipshod cesspool of human society. Only those most adept at preying on their fellows have ever advanced themselves, at least since the stupidity of that second revolution. And almost certainly before.

Nowadays, the Sowth is the blue collar ghetto of the nation. All the exploitative corporation with nothing but dead end jobs are moving or have moved here. Half the business in the region is cash only so it is invisible to taxation. Politicians are dedicated to avoiding any taxation even when it means shutting off all necessary services. If we were on the moon you would have to go without oxygen.

In many ways the Sowth is like Soviet era Russia. One party, at least in practice. Yes, there are Democrats but they are indistinguishable from their Fascist Republican counterparts. All seem dedicated to preying on their fellow via elected office while placating those who think government is an evil conspiracy. That sentiment predates the actual settling of the Sowth. The first settlers were refugees from English (and German) oppression and tyranny.  And they brought it with them. I never cease to be amazed that Jefferson existed. He certainly doesn’t fit with the centuries old totalitarian tyranny of the Sowth. 

Infrastructure in the Sowth is nonexistent. Lots of road work is done, all of it in the shoddiest manner possible for the maximum profit of politician’s masters. Most communities have one or no choices of internet service. Cell phone coverage is like cheap Swiss cheese. And most town governments, Greater Metropolitan Arab included, are more interested in circuses than electricity. Garbage collection and utilities here are medieval but ritual sacrifices of virgins are first rate. You can’t get a driver’s license because the state doesn’t want to spend money on license offices and besides, that’s more fines for driving without a license. Catch 22 – classic! 

Why do I live in this incompetent Hell Hole? Maybe because it makes me look so good?

Mundane Laughter

Pseudo-holiday today. I say pseudo because its observed in its absence. Today is supposed to honor labor, but everything being done by the various governments and corporation of this Yankee republic are designed to destroy labor organizations and workers. Slavery is the intent. 

Not the chains and coffle type of slavery. That has too high an overhead. This type of slavery is basically serfdom carried to the point of permanent positioning. The only good thing about it is that it has a fatal flaw. At some point too many people are serfs and can’t buy enough goods to keep the corporations alive and the whole thing will collapse. Which will then be a time of fire and death. They always are, for some reason.

Rationality is in short supply among humans. Some say absent in bogs who make up 0.9 of humanity. If they are human.

Anyway, I went to park and walked and then got trapped by an arriving gaggle (giggle?) of women joggers. You know, the kind who take over any area they are in and deny motion to everyone else. It’s a form of entitlement and much to be feared because of their willingness to kill anything in their path. Make rabid wolves look cuddly and cute. Most happy to have escaped before they could flank me and tear my organs from my body.

Speaking of tearing organs, I note [Link] that Winders X users are now being blocked from some (questionable?) sites because of WX’s espionage activities. Excuse me for laughing. This is straight out of Sun Tzu. The chapter on spies. But also because it is now detrimental to run Winders. At least WX. It used to be detrimental to run Linux. Still is in the digital boonies like Greater Metropolitan Arab where they think land line telephone service is more important than internet connection. Of course the local ISP’s have been blocked themselves because of their inability to filter SPAM. 

The more the bogs want appliances the more they restrict themselves and are restricted by others. 

Another laughter comes from U Chicago, [Link] where they have discovered (?) that parents’ math anxiety gets observed by their bairns and whacks the children’s maths learning. What about their maths antipathy? The parents’ that is. If I had a dollar for every time a parent has pontificated (deludedly) that no one uses algebra after high schule, I would be able to buy the state of Alibam and maybe the whole old Confederacy. Which is a matter of laughter as I think about yet another day of doing maths quite a bit beyond algebra. 

So no surprise here. It did occur to me that if they didn’t have maths insecurity, the parents probably wouldn’t be bogs. Maybe not even geeks. But only in the mode. I have known some bogs who do not suffer from maths insecurity. No, scratch that. They have controlled, semi-rational maths insecurity. They can do arithmetic. Sorta. Enough to get by. To be a business person. NOT a STEM, obviously. And they have their insecurity enough under control not to pollute their children with self-fulfilling prophecies of maths failure. But such people are rare.

And more likely than not, their children will not learn maths either. (Arithmetic .NE. maths!) It seems that most humans cannot do maths. The fraction claimed by different authorities varies from 2/3 to 9/10. Anything in that range is enough to make maths ability a resource to be cherished and not something to be demeaned and suppressed. But it is. 

And the last peal of laughter is for an article [Link] about the nature of grocery store purchase lists: paper; electrons; other. Their sketchy numbers – part of the laughter – are: 0.53 of all people who buy groceries (based on a sample population unspecified in ANY detail) use paper lists while 0.42 use electronic lists. Millennials – GEN Ys – are 0.6 electronic. 

The first laugh is about the missing 0.05. Do they not make lists? Do they write the list on their palms or inner eyelids? What do they do. Do they just go to the grocery store and wander like the proverbial walking dipsomaniac? (Drunkard’s walk for those who have maths inability, although given your inability telling you that is probably an annoyance. More laughter!) But more fundamentally, what kind of people go to grocery store sans list? 

According to what I am told by psychologist colleagues, humans can only keep 3-7, mean 5, things in mind at a time. So are these 0.05 all residents of cities who shop every day on the way home from work and only buy 3-7 things? Or are they averse to lists? Are they anarchists or mentally defective in some manner? And if the latter can they be cured or helped? Do they need help? Too little information, too many questions.  Makes me wonder again about the mentation of contemporary journalists. 

I am not too concerned about the difference between paper and electronic. Clearly some people are rejecting electronic since the numbers who have slablets is greater than the number who use their slablets for grocery lists. I have to admit that I tried a grocery list app on my cellular telephone but gave up on in sine die. It was too burdensome. Added too much time to the shopping activity. It’s only plus was recurrence.

I am also interested in why so many GEN Y use electronic lists. Is it that their slablets are prostheses? Or is it that they don’t (can’t?) write. Not that a list takes much writing. I would like to know more on this. But not because of grocery lists per se. About humans.

I make a grocery list. On 3×5 index card turned backwards and sideways. It fits nicely in a combination card/notepad/pen case I got from NOCK, I can walk about the store with card in palm, pen clipped and strike off things as I transfer them to buggy or basket. And I can retrieve from old lists easily as a double check on what should be on the list. But not on my cellular telephone. For one thing it gets wonky inside the store. Probably has something to do with the shielding above interfering with handshakes and such. And it’s much less handy than the 3×5 card. Do GEN Y know what a 3×5 cand is?

And lastly, what about mixed mode? I knew a fellow – executive wannabe – who dictated his grocery list into a pocket recorder and then had his secretary transcribe his recordings – on a computer! – to paper. Pure Veblen? Conspicuous consumption? 

Enough humor. Off to think about vector renewals and weak deltas.

Differentiation 201

Ice cream day. Off to park for constitutional. Less wind speed than yesterday so less cooling. (Is “cool” as a social noun meaningful? “Cooling” has thermodynamic – reality – meaning but not “cool”, nor “cold”. Language is implicitly whacked?) 

I reflected on the difficulty of telling geek from nerd. It is relatively easy to tell bog from either, for example when I arrived at park this morning there was a pickup truck already present. The truck sported as ad hoc pole with a Confederate battle flag attached. This combination identified its owner/driver as a bog with 0.99 confidence (minimum.) 

While bog – geek and nerd differentiations are relatively simple, those between geek and nerd are less so. Sometimes it takes time and observation to distinguish talk from do. But yesterday while I was reviewing tabs, I came across an excellent differentiation example. I quote:[Link]

“We often use old sci-fi movies as reference points for our own hopes and fears about our present reality. That computer interface is so Minority Report, we might say. That food is something out of Soylent Green. That building is so Jetsons. It’s imperfect, but it’s a shorthand to talk about the way that the world is changing, for better and for worse.”

which is admittedly taken a bit out of context – addressed a bit below.

One moderately robust differentiator rests on a bit of language usage. In contemporary usage, “sci-fi ” usually refers to video, either television or cinema while “science fiction” usually refers to print, either periodicals or books, including eBooks. The quote above is clearly about sci-fi although at least one component, “Soylent Green”, is based on science fiction in the form of Harry Harrison’s “Make Room, Make Room” book. I will refrain from quality comparisons at this juncture.

As a rule subject to a sliding scale, Geeks watch sci-fi while Nerds read Science Fiction. In my analysis this seems to be related to what I call NERD STEM Writing. Nerds who are STEM have to compose as part of their doing. Geeks do not. This is a bit strange. One would think that those who talk would also write but for some reason they do not, in the main. There are, admittedly, exceptions but the exceptions tend to be “professional” people such as justicers, medicalists, and the like. 

I am told this carries over to cosplay, which I am only observationally familiar with since it was in its early diffusion when I was unstaid enough to participate. Graduate schule tends to damper one’s social life and my expression of counter-cultureness was miniatures war games.

Anyway, supposed.y Geeks tend to wear costumes of video characters while Nerds wear costumes of literature characters. I grit my teeth over that last since saying there is a “science fiction literature” demeans science fiction. To me literature is old, uninteresting books mandated as a wellfare project for literature geeks who can only survive so long as universities and public schules waste time and resources on them to the detriment (?) of their customers/consumers. I add the question mark since I once knew a regimental sergeant major who “loved” literature and constantly read and reread these academic behemoths. He was, I suspect, a striving literatureist who was insufficient in some aspect to be a public parasite. But nonetheless a righteous human.

As a result, there is a replication of the bog/geek+nerd phase differentiation at cosplay events. The majority, the geeks, are attired as sci-fi video characters and all know who the other is. But the minority, the nerds, are attired as science fiction characetrs and are mostly known only to other nerds so the Geeks are doing the Bog think of asking “who is that weirdo supposed to be.” 

I can attest to this by happening to be on TDY to a conference being held in a Yankee city where a cosplay convention was also being held. I was attired in twill trousers and a tweed jacket and a rep tie and while returning from a latrine (entropy transfer!) wandered through a group of cosplayers and was asked who I was supposed to be? Struck for once with a flash I told them I was attired as Richard Ballenger Seaton, a statement that brought great puzzlement from the geeks and admirational recognition from the nerds.