Heat Mumblage

I do hate winter. To be fair, I also hate summer, but not quite in the same way. What is common however, is that I feel both are killing me.

Mundane Day. Twenty-two degF a few minutes ago according to both my external sensor and the Arab weather station. And supposed to be even less in the morning.

Went to gym despite. Sparse. No educationalists and only one weight bouncer. The majority ORF. Podcast was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” about apology. Too long, information density too low. Very EXTRO, more so than usual. Not that INTROs don’t apologize. In fact, INTROs apologize more than EXTROs. Probably because we understand it better? 

I did get reminded of what a politicians promises and apologies have in common. Both are lies. But at least the apologies have the benefit of inconveniencing them and making them uncomfortable. Even if they are lies and unmeant. 

I ran across a cartoon: [Link]

and it struck all kinds of thought. First was the rather nasty use of the word “cool” I ran to dictionary to assure myself:

Cool 1. Moderately cold; between warm and cold; lacking in warmth;      producing or promoting coolness.      [1913 Webster]   2. Not ardent, warm, fond, or passionate; not hasty;      deliberate; exercising self-control; self-possessed;      dispassionate; indifferent; as, a cool lover; a cool      debater.      [1913 Webster]

Since cold and warm are both subjective, non-thermodynamic terms and thereby cool is subjective as well, it seems rather a disparagement of Maxwell. I suspect however, it is an indication of the cartoonist’s BOGgery. The misuse of cool however, is necessary for the rather strained humor, so if we accept the common – inaccurate – use of cool as a measure of heat, the matter is not without a groan or so.

So far as I can tell the term “nerd” was not in use in Maxwell’s day, so that association of cool and nerd and Maxwell is miscarried.

What is actually humorous but missed by the cartoonist (?) is that nerds do often get inspiration from bogs. It isn;t intention, just that the modal inane, irrational behavior of bogs strikes cords that lead to epiphany and insight. Irrationality -> Rationality, if you will.

Which gives us a (rare) example of the value of bogs to the species.

Warmth and Frigidity

Freya’s day. Air temperature high. Thermostat reported external air temperature of 60 degF. So I lightly bundled and sallied forth to the park for constitutional. To discover that my headlamp batteries were almost depleted. And that a mist was falling/engulfing. The weather beavers will likely call this frawg but this is an area that they stand almost always in error.

To say nothing of the accuracy  of their minimum air temperature forecasts.

So I fell back on one of my secondary hand lamps and trod the (highly cracked and uneven) walking path. Happily most of the christmas lamps were extinguished so I was not exposed to that horror very strongly. And the mist was no more than a minor nuisance compared to the protests of my legs – joints and muscles. Sometimes the promise of “Make Room! Make Room!” is attractive.

Meanwhile, I reflected – very briefly – on an article [Link] reporting that Winders Movable, aka MegaHard Cellular OS, is doomed. Seems they are at 0.022 of market and are projected to grow no more than to 0.023 by 2019. Not engaging. Happiness actually. If trustable, which given journalism probably isn’t.

More engaging is the question of whether MegaHard will put this discorporate equine on medical support just to maintain their fiction? I am of divided mental argument on this one so I will bide my time and watch. 

The bad part is that the “other” category is even lower. So unless some sweeping dynamic emerges we can weep for the likes of the FireFox and Ubuntu phones. Well, maybe not the latter. Except as a George to MegaHard and Gooey’s dragons? Especially since I heard this week that Canonical is scoping down the permissions in their phone implementation as compared to desktop. So much for their claims of the phone doing all. The wonder, however, is that anyone continues to do volunteer work for canonical, They have shown themselves to be as fascist and evil as “Adolph” the Trumpeter.

I am also a bit peeved at Mozilla. They seem to have cut loose Thunderbird.[Link] This indicates a serious mental deficiency on the part of their management. The closest comparison I can make, that is appropriate, is the Oneonta Telephone Company. The latter is a small rural (?) telephone company that provides service to Greater Metropolitan Arab (Mediocre service, but service nonetheless.) Some time ago they decided to contract out their ISP business and concentrate on land line. This despite their land line business steadily decreasing by o(0.1) per annum and ISP business increasing similarly. Classic case of business schule mismanagement.

The Mozilla situation is similar. FireFox has been slipping badly lately but Thunderbird is still a mainstay of the desktop client market. It has lost a bit but mostly due to Mozilla’s lack of support than market demand. The same cannot be said of FireFox which continues to lose against Gooey’s product. Not as nice a case study but still an apparently blatant example of mismanagement..

I suspect there may be some actual evil here. Since ThunderBird is a mainstay of the market it seems reasonable that the FOSS community may take it up and do wonders, once more proving how inept the IT SW industry really is. So is this actually altruism in action? The World Wonders.

And doubts. Mozilla may not be as evil as Canonical or MegaHard but it definitely is an organization on the dark side.

Not that I like Star Wars metaphors. Mostly because I disapprove of those who support slavery. But since this is a slavery thing it seems fitting.


Not Ice but Closer

Air temperature lower, but the path less wetted and the dihydrogen oxide level in Shoal Creek down by 0.5. So a marginal walk.

Getting close to the time when I will have to pack it in until spring and content myself with stationary bicycling in my study. Which is not as conducive to cogitation for some reason. Why is it that walking in the outdoors is that way? Is our intelligence linked somehow to the expanse of Nature?

Nothing in the news has impinged on my thought processes. Perhaps it is the horror of the POTUS candidate posturing?

I feel like Diogenes. Are there no honest men any more? Surely none are seeking the office.

Rain and Cheese

It rained while I slumbered. Did the weather beaver mention that? I don’t recall that he did. They seem to be doing a rather poor job this last week or so. Is this a foretelling of the disaster this winter will be?

But I went to park and executed my constitutional, carefully treading the wet leaves on the wet path and cursing a city government that waste electric potential difference funds on religionist lighting display that do as little to illuminate the walking path as the religionist organizations illuminate the path of life. Yes, we have reached the time of year when the city government is most wasteful and bigoted.

This led me to consider the nature of organized schules. They were terrible in my day and so far as I can discern they have only worsened since. The hypothesis that they are responsible for what is wrong with the young and society is unavoidable. Violence and ignorance ridden, reeking with the cancer of incompetence, how can we stagger on? Clearly in spite of. 

How have organizations become the evil that preys on humanity?

On the positive side, which is depressingly TOO SMALL these days, I note an article [Link] attributing the elucidation of the ideal toasted cheese sandwich to the American Chemical Society. A welcome report even if blatantly untrustworthy. The ACS is a profession society and does not do research on its own except about the profession. Certainly not about junk food.

Yes, sad as it is, the toasted cheese sandwich is junk food and along many azimuths. It is, nonetheless, one of the best of the junk foods in terms of satisfaction, not least of which is that it cannot be successfully prepared by a chain restaurant. The toasted cheese sandwich is best prepared at home although a greasy spoon grill or diner can do a passable job. But not a chain. 

In fact, we may argue that any toasted cheese sandwich is better than almost anything offered by a chain restaurant. 

I personally am most inclined to toasted cheese sandwiches prepared on a clothes iron. That story is elsewhere in these annals.

I should acknowledge the article was called to my attention by my colleague, Magnetic Inductance Force. He tells me his favorite way of preparing toasted cheese sandwich involves a cast iron skillet and a propane torch. But he has a plasma cannon in his attic.

More Sensation and Measurement

Ice Cream Day. And it feels that way outside. When I left Castellum SCP for the park my thermometer read 41 degF. When I returned it read 39 degF. I am probably not going to tell my cardiologist I violated his guidance. And it wasn’t intentional or overt or even covert. I don’t have control of the temperature. FD SCP does, at least inside Castellum SCP, when the warmerizer is functioning properly, but I am not supposed to touch the thermostat. Or, evidently, since yesterday, watch her touch the thermostat. Evidently some observer effect there?

I was cold in park but thanks to a brisk pace – I think; for me – I was actually warm by the time I finished. Except my face. I think about wearing a face mask but when I do I get the itches. Regardless of material. 

Speaking of temperature, does light have a temperature. I can calculate one easily enough from the wavelength and a couple of fudgy factors aka constants of Nature. But does it actually have a temperature. My conjecture right now is NO, but I haven’t thought that out. Not in fullness, that is. Part of the consideration is whether light is an ensemble unto itself or is it part of a greater ensemble? Clearly I can see stuff so the light is interacting with me, so it has to be part of the ensemble I am in so then I can ask if it is in equilibrium with me?

For that matter, am I in equilibrium? Clearly that seems to be NO. So do I have a temperature? 

It may be time to study stat mech again.

On which azimuth, I ran across an article [Link] that the El Nino (non-equilibrium) will make this winter particularly miserable. There are two aspects to this: First,

and second,

It’s hard to pick out Greater Metropolitan Arab on these maps. The state boundaries are there but pretty much contrasted out of observability. But I think we’re in the >33% band on temperature and on the edge of that band on precipitation. Which means a miserable winter.

Incidentally, cooler and warmer are perfectly good thermodynamic terms since they are comparatives. Cool and warm aren’t since they are sensations. Cool also has other meanings, often associated with leather biker jackets, I believe. Drier and wetter are similar except that we need to qualify that wet refers to amound of dihydrogen oxide and not the phenomenon of wetting. 

Anyway, we can loom forward to low temperatures and lots more snow and ice. And probably electric potential failures and all the pipe problems that entails. May be time to move to Venus?

On the positive side, I see [Link] that the Yankee government justicer system has ruled that Gooey’s copying of books is not a violation of copyright. This makes the book guild rather unhappy although I can’t quite see why. In most cases the book in question isn’t available for purchase so the service is not denying the greedy capitalist book oligarchs any pictures of discorporate euro-american politicians. And it is, much as I hate to say anything nice about Gooey, a public service. In fact, in some instances it improves the oligarch’s cash flow since some people do POD for a material copy of the out-of-print book.

It seems rather strange to live in an information age and have people demanding to control information unto denial of access. Is that the new treason? How should it be handled? How about being locked away in a sensory deprivation chamber until they relent? Or discorporate, whichever comes first.

Not that I can read any of those books when the electric potential difference is zero. But it is nice when society gets to strike back at the forces of evil. 

Down Far

Gak! How I dislike this stuff. I am not yet sure which is worse, snow or ice. At least from an inconvenience standpoint. Low temperatures rather a rectal pain, to say nothing of stressor of the psyche. 

Rose. Exercised. Toilet. Exited Castellum SCP to wheel recycle bin to the verge. Walked the abutting roads. Only ice was in verge puddles. Temperature fell another degF while I was outside. Time to move to Mercury?

I find myself singularly lacking in desire to blog this morning. Perhaps better later. 

Food Stupidity

Two day. Threat of thunderstorms. Solid dihydrogen oxide tomorrow. What was that series Harry Harrison wrote? Death World? Seems like we have created our own.

On which azimuth I think I have a conjecture as to why all (?) politicians are climate change denialists. Could it be guilt? Do politicians know they are the cause? 

At least I got to gym this morning. It was nicely sparse and the podcasts, science episodes, were diverting if not entirely engaging. But I was struck by one about some fellow who did a linguistic analysis of restaurant reviews. After one got past the jargon and pseudo-science one was struck by the apparentcy that Amerikans are whacked when it comes to food.

I have long muttered that a diet is not something you do for a period of time to reduce one’s weight but one’s lifetime regime of eating. I don’t expect to change the way the bogs prattle but I do have a fair collection of ears from the effort. But what I am muttering about today is different.

As I listened to the podcast I kept hearing the adjectives “good” and “bad” referred to food. Bad seemed to be rather subjective with maybe a small objective component associated with medicalism. Otherwise it was not organic, sustainable, …..

Stercus Tauri.

Food is what we eat that is digestible to provide energy to run our bodies. Plain and simple. Good food is food that does this well, even – maybe – lapping over into feeling. Bad food is food that detracts from providing energy to the body. If food makes us sick and we use a bunch of energy countering it, then that was bad food. 

Doesn’t matter if it isn’t organic or sustainable or whatever. If the body gets energy out of it without flummoxing the body, then it ain’t bad. And since food that damages the body, even if it takes decades, detracts from that energy intake, medicalist demerits may be valid. If they are backed up by something more than procedural opinions. Quite frankly, medical experiment statistics are the sort of thing college stats profs use to demonstrate how NOT to do stats. Or design experiments. But that’s another blot.

Waiting for the weather.