I can’t feel my nose

A most challenging morning thus far. The temperature is in the 30’s (degF) this morning for the first time since last winter, and the weather beavers are foretelling that tomorrow we may be below the phase change from liquid to solid dihydrogen oxide.

I was off this morning, trying to take my constitutional in the park but I became rather chilled and had to abandon the effort about half-way through. I fear Antarctica is not for me.

Similarly, I note [Link] that the new iPhun 5C is not selling at all well. In fact, it appears to be a bomb or whatever the bogs are calling a failed product this week. That is singularly unintriguing however. What is intriguing is that the reason (?) cited is that the phone is so “cheap” and slime moldish that

“You can’t use the iPhone 5C to make your friends feel bad about themselves”

There is a certain fit to this argument. After all, Apple has established itself as being an elitist product and has developed a rather vacuous clientele – in the main – that have (or are willing to spend) overmuch money for questionable functionality and seem – again, in the main – to lack adequate mental faculties. This represents a rather considerable fraction of bogs and some geeks, who display symptoms of a disease that may be best characterized as hurtful and me-ish. Think ‘valley girl’ but absent the genderism.

I have to admit that I do not fully comprehend the Apple phenomena. I suspect it is like swimming; it cannot be comprehended unless one does it. Successfully. More appropriately, the same can be said for urinary tract infections and that may be a more valid analogy. But it does raise the question of whether the Apple infection can be cured short of nuking the Apple campus?

On a related note, I found an article [Link] – rather splashy and misleading – about some work by Jawgah Tech wonks who had determined that the bladder evacuation time of mammals has a mean of 21 seconds. The catch is: plus or minus 13 seconds. A fact unmentioned in the article. I had to go to ArXiV to read the actual paper, which is only an extended abstract. Dull, but somehow it seems to counterpoint the Apple iPhun thing.

I have to admit to conducting some personal experiments after finding this article. Mostly when FD SCP is out of the area. The 21 seconds seems to be right on for normal daily urinations, but I have found that some urinations greatly exceed the findings of the learned Oglethorpians. Morning urinations upon arising from slumber are considerably longer, greater than a minute in all cases. And urinations after motoring to/from Huntsville are over 40 seconds. I wonder if I should contact the authors? I wonder if I should contact Apple?Of course I should only do the latter if it would make them feel bad.

Not that I consider Apple a friend. Friends have to be human, ofter all, which is something that bogs evidently don’t understand these days. But anyone who is in the business of hurting humans, even bogs, needs to feel bad about it.

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