Sorta Back

The indisposition seems to be abating a bit. At least to the point where the low level ache compromises most rationality. And since this is rather a plague of seniorness, it gave me occasion to consider the nature of the contemporary the-best-things-in-life-can’t-be-bought.

That seems a strange paen in this golden age of capitalism but the weakness of mass production is that what isn’t manufactured isn’t available. 

Case in point: I have a Pacific Coronetta mug

that I greatly enjoy. I use it every day that I am not traveling or attending a coffee conference. It’s a stainless steel double walled Dewar mug that lets me misplace my cuppa and it not equilibrate thermally too rapidly.Sadly it is getting a bit old and worn and sadly the company doesn’t make this model any more. So when it dies it will become refuse.

That’s the epitome of the modern production paradigm. Lots of stuff produced but if it doesn’t sell well enough most of it is transitory. Some gets discontinued just to offer new items. 

Sometimes this seems the opposite of civilization.

No Hackencruz

Saturn’s day. Higher air temperature than yesterday. Amazing collection of caravans in the park. Most of parking lot blocked off with orange cones so I had to hike in to the trail. The whole thing rather reminded me of the Berlin segment of the Indiana Jones Grail Quest movie. Even had what passes for book burning: smokers and peanut roasting devices. Not many goosesteppers in evidence but they are only early risers when they are practicing theo-fascism?

I noticed the face scroll was loaded with all sorts of grr brr about the Texas theo-fascism incident. Great polarity! The demodenialists were bemoaning the execution of thems while the reprodenialists were trumpeting the whupping of terrorists. Sometimes I think the only difference among religionists is their weapons of choice. Almost all of them seem to be engaged in ‘be us or be dead”. 

My struggles against the waywardness of upgrade seem to be on a smooth path. Everything is working well so far and I have had no problems installing the clients I need. Only problem is remembering names. Of clients, that is. My experiment with Debian itself is concluded for now. Too many burnt fingers. Not that I am satisfied with any distribution right now but that is a set of thoughts that seems worth exploring further.

Evidently we are in a news vacancy. Or I am not bending attention span that way. Not sure which yet. 

And I am definitely going o stay away from the park until tomorrow morning. Politicians are much more irritating than pollen.

Bemoaning Parties

Woden’s day. Nasty morning in gym. Too many weight bouncer bullies. But I did get a useful tidbit from the podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Quirks and Quarks”. Seems that male praying mantis have two brains: one in the head and the other in the genitals. So they can continue reproductive activity while their mate is eating them.

Ran across an article this morning bemoaning England’s large (?) number of political parties and the mess that makes forming coalition governments. Moaning is relative. What about when you only have two parties and they represent less than half of the electorate. Not a democracy, right? That’s Amerika.

And the Evil

While we’re in the good-bad mode, I noticed an article in Slate. [Link] They give Alibam first place (for the week) in working to enslave women. Not surprising. Except that normally this sort of thing would be an ordered list of the states on how they uphold civil rights. The list would have Alibam and Missip battling for last place.

I suspect the state got this because of the activity of the Council of Thieves to reduce women to chattels by abolishing their right to choice. 

TheoFascism is the excuse, I suspect.


Propagation of Ignorance

Spitting again this morning. The constitutional was almost pleasant. The podcast drones on, at most moderately diverting but not really engaging. The only real attention grabber is the points of obvious ignorance. Sometimes it is amusing just to listen in on what bogs talk about. Not for long, mind, but for a while. A little while. About sixteen or so minutes usually.

I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

not long ago and I grabbed it because it epitomizes my experience with on-line courses. Not much better than a blank screen. I know the GEN Y like (?) them but I do not. Every one I have taken has proven to be a BAD teacher. And not in the slang way of good. I mean no learning. 

This is a problem when they are certification courses. I have told the tale of the credit card training course that was supposed to take an hour and took eight because it had irrelevant information relative the certification exam. This is one of the reasons people break rules. They aren’t taught well, if at all. And don’t get me off on politicians and constables and physical quantities. No state legislature has any idea of what speed is.

And while I’m on the azimuth, I noted yesterday [Link] that the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, another one of those things politicians do NOT understand and underfund dangerously) has found an aircraft carrier – Great Patriotic War version – that was used in nuclear tests post-war in the Pacific and then sunk by the Yankee Navy because they couldn’t figure out what to do with it.

Seriously? That’s what you do? Sink glow-in-the-dark ships and wait for Godzilla to trash Tokyo? Makes me wonder why the Neandertals died out. Much have been from disgust?


Mundane day and week in. Hopefully better than last week. And the week out. It started fairly well. The gym was sparse. the weight bouncers sparser, and the podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas”, dealt with Wikipedia. I found I already knew quite a lot but it was good to have an integrated refresher.

Evidently, most of the national versions are much less contentious than the American version. And despite the contention it is very productive and effective. So the question arises:

Why is Wikipedia so effective and the Yankee Congress NOT?

I suspect the answer is the fraction of politicians in the contributing population. Congress, obviously, is 1.0 politicians while in Wikipedia the politician fraction is < 0.01. As is, however, contributions from politicians, and their myrmidons, are generally the most contentious. And consume the most arbitration and editorial resources.

So why haven’t we done something to remedy this cancer? The World Wonders.

Perhaps if we structured the legislature as a Wiki we could get more – and Better! – done. 

One of the greatest worries of the founding fathers was that government needed inertia lest mob rule ensue and laws and such oscillate wildly and destructively. But doesn’t Wikipedia have inertia? So far as I can see it does.