Two on

Lovely morning. Frawg Straggler of a storm, to quote Andy Griffin (sp?) Sparse at gym and the podcasts were passable if not useful. But they’re not supposed to be. Just diverting in a non-damaging way. 

I did get to listen to some rhetoric from AFGE that was disappointingly mild. But then those who work for the Yankee government quickly learn they can only be punished, not rewarded, by the organization. You do bad, you get punished. You do good, you get punished. And if you last long enough to retire, you really get punished.

But like democracy, it’s the worse sort of organization except all others. Bad as it is, it’s better than working for a greedy corporation. And yes, I do know that is redundant.

Who says Hobbes was wrong? He just forgot about organizations and thus was overly simplistic and optimistic.

Anyway, not much I can find in news worth commenting. Maybe it’s my mind frame? Probably. Selah.

Entitlement and Tolerance

Thor’s day and sparse in gym. Listened to an episode of “The Linux Luddites” that actually had some potentially useful data embedded, not just blather. But I still had attention span-time enough to think on the matter of entitlement and tolerance.

Item: A group of christianists held a “biblical marriage” rally at the county courthouse over the weekend. Heavily covered in the newspaper (lots of free advertising for religionist organizations) and local television (‘look at the dinosaur brains in the next county over”.) Since they were supposedly peaceful (doubtful) they probably were no worse than the usual nonsense going through on US-431,

Item: Big story on the FaceScroll about some muslim woman who caused a row on airplane because she wanted her own, unopened, can of body rot soda. (So much for the validity of religionist dietary restrictions!) 

It occurred to me that both of these are relgionist entitlements. And that’s ok so long as your entitlement doesn’t penalize me. In any way.

But when it allows religionists like these to be intolerant of others and deny them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it crosses the line from entitlement to harassment or persecution. And that infringes my entitlement to be neither harassed nor persecuted. 

In some cases, it’s a hate crime. 

So how do we get our stercus together and find the right way to permit (e.g.,) religionists to enjoy their entitlements without destroying my entitlements?

Tolerance isn’t easy and especially for people who have sinfully repressed their intelligence.

Not with a Bang

I got to see how the country is discorporating this morning.

I went to MalWart early. At least for MalWart in Greater Metropolitan Arab. I had a list with four things on it, all foodstuffs. I had to go to ten different places to find two of the four. 0.5 That’s all. And that’s the rot.

Why not the rest? I can think of several reasons. One is that MalWart is a sham. It pretends to be a “super” store but actually it is a slightly large store with too much diversity. So only part of the density of states is present. That means limited selection. Only what they have. And don’t ask because they won’t know or care or get. 

The second is that MalWart is a paradigm of modern corporations. The retailers only stock things that sell enough. If a product doesn’t generate enough cash flow, it gets dropped. If a product doesn’t sell enough to retailers then the manufacturer quits making the product.

And we, the citizens, are left in want amidst what should be the greatest plenty in the history of humans.

If you like something and not enough other people in your town do, you won’t be able to get it. If you like something new and not enough other people around the country do, you won’t be able to get it.

That’s how the world ends. Not with a boom, or even a whimper, but with merchants saying you can’t have what you want because they can’t make enough profit on it.

What kind of capitalism is that?

Ringed In

Saturn’s day. Homebound. Freya’s day was a loss. Too much sensation inertia. Only marginally better today. The only distraction was having to do this thermal soak or that rinse every few minutes. So the best I could do in and around was try not to get too depressed by FD SCP’s choices on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver.

No hard objects hurled. Nor digestive contents. Although both were a challenge. I have reaffirmed my hypothesis, based on observation, that all commercials are prevarications. Sometimes being in the throes of pain analgesics helps one discern other threads, most of which are equally prevaricative. 

The amazing part is that we continue to spend money on the falsehoods. Even the nerds who are rational enough to know better. It seems that the availability of not-falsehood goods is zero, at least here in the hinterland. Nothing that may be purchased is what it is claimed. We are  just money pawns in a shill game of advertising maskarovka

As a result, I am actually glad I am stationary. That way I do not expend my substance on this pre-landfillage. 

But I do rather feel like the Army of the Tennessee made a battle in my mouth. I can honestly say I ache from head to toe. 

Sorta Back

The indisposition seems to be abating a bit. At least to the point where the low level ache compromises most rationality. And since this is rather a plague of seniorness, it gave me occasion to consider the nature of the contemporary the-best-things-in-life-can’t-be-bought.

That seems a strange paen in this golden age of capitalism but the weakness of mass production is that what isn’t manufactured isn’t available. 

Case in point: I have a Pacific Coronetta mug

that I greatly enjoy. I use it every day that I am not traveling or attending a coffee conference. It’s a stainless steel double walled Dewar mug that lets me misplace my cuppa and it not equilibrate thermally too rapidly.Sadly it is getting a bit old and worn and sadly the company doesn’t make this model any more. So when it dies it will become refuse.

That’s the epitome of the modern production paradigm. Lots of stuff produced but if it doesn’t sell well enough most of it is transitory. Some gets discontinued just to offer new items. 

Sometimes this seems the opposite of civilization.