Food Evil

Whew. Days are strange. Have to wear sweater in morning and then shuck when the air temperature heads back up into the ’90’s. Ah!, the JOYS of GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!

Spent much of yesterday in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. After her visit with the Oculus Quackus had to brave Manhattan level lunch time traffic while exploring. If it hadn’t been so stressful I might of died from boredom.

After ran across an article [Link] entitled “Kids Joining ‘School Lunch Advisory Councils’ to Deal With Michelle Obama’s Rules” about how the Administration is enlisting schule kids to police their companions’ eating.

Lunch Nazis. Or worse, reminds me of the Self-Criticism Committees the Russian and Chinese Communists were so fond of. Home grown committees of zealots who called their neighbors in to confess to their sins. And be chastised and harassed and even punished. Some got sent to concentration camps.

Evil. Tyranny. Amerika.

It occurred that they will populate these councils with the popular, cool kids to “self-criticize” the unpopular, uncool, ordinary kids just for being unpopular, uncool, and ordinary. Kids who need some comfort food. Need some psychologal comfort period. 

One more evil of organization.

Enough to really smoke my ire.

And probably slanted against the INTROs as well. More EXTRO harassment and beatings condoned by the schule instrumentality. Let’s kill the INTROs because NO ONE CARES!

Let’s make Auschwitz out of every public schule!

I know the waste is up with the new dietary rules. Understandable. And not the right way to induce the kids to eat right. They eat like they do at home. Any major deviation is not gonna work

What I would like to see is the stats before and after on kids bringing lunch. That was how we responded to disliked cafeteria practices. 

Another reason I am glad I am ORF. Bad enough with the Medical Nazis without dedicated food Nazis.


It seems the EU is showing its failure in public.[Link]

An EU citizen litigated the manufacturer of his new computer for not distinguishing the price of HW and SW. The court ended up beating on him in the most mealy-mouthed organizationist way,but I rather doted on a statement:

“the model of computer is not marketed without pre-installed software and that he is therefore free to choose another model of computer, of another brand, with similar technical specifications and sold without software, the ability of that consumer to make an informed transactional decision was appreciably impaired,”

In my visualization of the Cosmic All, I have to ask whether any other computers at that store are sold without SW? And if not, which is the universal with rare exception, why is that not a crime?

Back during the Cold War it was joked that people in Yugoslavia had freedom of choice. If they wanted to buy soap – no computers in stores then – they could choose to buy the national brand or not buy. 

Apparently the Europeans, as well as we Amerikans, live in Corporate Yugoslavia.

Towers dropped from Ball

One Day. Back to gym. CBC’s “Best of Ideas” podcast. Episode about “Single Personality Disorder” and the DSM.

Almost immediate failure of credibility.

The talking head – a psychiatrist? – who built the program and interacted with the host, blew her credibility early on by using Galileo Galilei’s house arrest as an example. Not that it may not be such but she claimed the reason for the house arrest was Galileo espousing a “NEW” idea. 

Emphasis on the NEW part.

And it is generally accepted these days to be absolutely inaccurate. 

The story is also pretty involved. As any emergence of human society has to be. And historians fail knowing they will, perhaps the only discipline other than scientists who know so ab initio.

A reasonable starting point is Bruno. The guy who was excommunicated and then burned to death by the Church of Rome. In those days this was variously seen as right and proper or horribly cruel. In actuality it is how organizations naturally behave if there are no controls on them.

And the Church of Rome had few controls on it in those days. And not many in these.

And Bruno said things the church didn’t want said. And he alienated all the other organizations that could protect him – governments and religionist organizations alike.

So he got cooked for disobeying.

Similarly for Galileo. Except that by this time the church had gotten a bit more careful. Mainly because the other organizations had gotten a bit more powerful.

So they charged him with saying things he wasn’t authorized to say. 

Not that what he said was wrong, mind you, but that he didn’t have permission to say them. 

And they locked him up for that.

And we still have this today. Edward Snowden, e.g.

But his incarceration – Galileo’s – wasn’t for what he said but that he said without permission.

Logics of Sundae

For once – things have been hectic lately – cycling through the cartoon folder. Ran across [Link]

which has an intriguing logic degeneracy. Not that I can fault the cartoonist for building it so. This one isn’t in keeping with the tenor of the strip.

The logic leads equally well to being a Deist.

 But the really gathering one [Link] is

which took me back to my own days of being drug off to a department store (yes that was a LONG time ago) and later a young men’s store for schule attire.

The azimuth of the distress was different but the effect was similar. I hated (!!!!!) this activity. I might have hidden from it entirely except for two factors. First, as much as I didn’t have any “fashion” sense, I didn;t trust my mother not to dress me like someone who would get walloped every day at recess. And second, more importantly, the trauma was so great that it actually made going back to schule less painful. 

Which is saying something for in INTRO.

Federal Failures

Five day. And everything has been a bit hectic this week. Which will have to stretch a bit yet before expounding. . So I will limit myself to article bashing this morning.

First, a lovely article [Link] entitled “I’m Warning You, Don’t Read this Article. It’s a Federal Crime!” This article is about how a Yankee government justicer has decided that accessing web pages and sharing passwords may be a Yankee government crime.

This is a wonderful ruling. In principle it means that no one can ever use the internet again. 

So much for the UN declaring that access to internet is a basic human right. (Of course, the Repulsians deny that the UN exists, much like global climate change and any form of science.)

The ramifications of this are rather intriguing. I have an ISP. And that ISP has allowed me to pick a password which implies that it permits me access to it’s part of the internet. But what about the rest of the internet. And who is culpable, myself or the ISP who falsely gave me permission to access the rest of the internet? 

I could ask the same of Gooey and Amazing, just as a couple of examples.

Sounds like a new form of fascist oppression, at least at first thought.

Second, an article [Link] entitled “How did classified information get into those Hillary Clinton emails?” which is an attempt by an academic – possibly a Hillary fanboi? – to weasel word HRC out of having committed felony.

It doesn’t matter if someone sends you a classified email. You are still responsible for safeguarding it properly. Not knowing what you are doing, which has been a LONG TIME characteristic of HRC first recognized by the IT community with her Firefox debacle, is no excuse. Mishandle classified and you get a trip to Kansas.

So when is this cover up, elitist, Stercus Tauri going to cease and HRC get a striped set of pajamas?