Modern Totalitarianics

Horrendous morning. Had to skip gym. FD SCP had to have some medical testing that involved deconsciousnessing chemicals and hence the presence of a “responsible adult.” Yes, laughter and contortions on the floor are called for. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to sample Scant City Memorial’s cafeteria fare and come away once more convinced that the primary reason that people either die or recover in hospital is the food. Getting away from it, that is. 

And be bullied by the medicalist personnel. Some of whom, clearly selected their career for domination highs. It was all I could do not to laugh in their faces at the absurdity of their anal-retentive obedience demands. Instead I just ignored them without direct confrontation. In today’s Fascist environment in the Yankee republic there is no telling what constabulary or legal oppression may ensue.

On which azimuth, I noted a bemusing article [Link] about how an acalculate bog on an airplane flight created havoc over a GEEK on the flight doing maths. The passengers and the airline took an expensive time hit but the bog was truncheoned for being stupid and histrionically insecure, at least verbally. 

The bemusing is that the Geek in question was an economist and if the maths had been observed by a NERD we might surely have known that the Geek was indeed a maths terrorist.

We may only hope that the bog was sufficiently intimidated and chastised by their absence of judgment as to refrain from reproduction.

Encryption Skylark

Well it appears the Yankee government’s Federal Bureau of Intimidation was pulled back their bloody nub. Two questions – mostly unanswerable – remain: will they learn from the experience; and is the alternate hack anything more than maskarovka?

As to the first, the probable (expected value but definitely NOT expected) answer is NO. Or, at least, very little. And the second isn’t worth much effort absent any data to indicate it isn’t. 

I had to listen to a instrumentality serf drone on this morning about the legal system could not exist with any “warrantless segment”. This begs the question of whether the legal system exists any more other than as a tool for oppression and enslavement? It has always had a component of this, after all the primary reason for its existence is control of the population outside the instrumentality. But lately, it seems that the supposed protections of the individual and citizen are only accorded to the false citizen that are organizations.

Which puts us in mind of the third law of thermodynamics: you can’t get out of the game. And in this case, the game is rigged by those who shouldn’t be able to.

So a warrantless segment? Definitely a good idea.

Fourth Thought

Still puny. Last day of anti-microbials. Still under the weather and feeling far less than cured. Likely one of the “benefits” of being senior.

While on the weather azimuth, yuck returneth. The weather beavers are busy fortelling great horrors for next week. May be another bunker period.

The time has given me opportunity to reflect on the political situation – among other things. As a result it seems we have to give the prevarication prize to the former FLOTUS for claiming she won in Iowa and the Capitalist Tyrant for claiming the election was stolen from him by the Canadian Gray. 

Are any of these candidates honorable and honest enough to serve in the office sought? Doesn’t look at all so.

The only good thing seems to be that the Christianist Jihadist has dropped out. Maybe there is a secular component after all?

How long has it been since the nation had an actual statesman?

Political Health

This gladdens my sentiment. [Link]

It gladdens me greatly that the government health service in Wales has 20K boxes still running WXP. Of course you have to live in Alibam to feel so, After all, we don’t have 20K health boxes in the whole state. And the council of thieves is reducing the number as fast as they can.

Dead citizens are good voters!

And the guvnuh is a physician!

Semi-liquid Stupidity

Freya’s day. Not a pleasant start. Muggish. The weather beaver was saying something last evening about rain but he was highly incoherent, probably trying to say too much in too little time. But the air was not refreshing in the park. And the creek bed was unwetted.

So I had plenty of time to reflect on the failures of modern society/civilization. I have decided to entertain the hypothesis that one of the minor but weighty problems is stercus pumps. I speak in particular of the pumps incorporated into the containers of semi-liquids sold by corporations. Mostly lotions and soaps. There are two aspects of the problem.

The first is good product with horrible, ineffective pumps. This mostly applies to soaps. I have repeatedly purchased liquid soaps made by “organic” (that’s organic in the contemporary hippie sense, not the scientific sense of containing carbon atoms in the molecules. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Stupid Bogs with Causes!) manufacturers and packaged in containers with pumps that flat DO NOT work. These are easily repackaged into a container with a good pump and the value of the product realized without frustration and alienation.

The second is fair product in annoying containers. The pumps are acceptable except for the frustration and alienation. This primarily applies to lotions packaged in asymmetrical, usually ovate, containers. The pumps on these containers can be turned OFF and ON and the ON position is at a pi/4 angle to the semi-major and semi-minor axes of the ovoid. This means that the container has to be rotated on the using surface and not only takes up more room but disrupts the regularity of arrangement. Sadly these semi-liquids cannot easily be recontained so I have been switching to lotion packaged in cylindrical containers. As a rules the lotions are not as effective but the containers are not annoying.

Which brings us to the role of annoyance in the collapse of civilization. It is hard to be creative if one is annoyed. Mad works, so does happy, but not irritated and disgusted. It is also hard to work on fixing things under such circumstances. If one’s petty annoyances cannot be fixed then real problems are quite out of reach.

Hence, the whimper that ends it all.

Muntgum Prevarication

I notice the Guvnuh has once more proven himself to speak inaccurately. He has lately proclaimed the need to maintain services for the citizens (this needs to be emphasized? says more about the evils of politicians than any perception of duty, I suspect.) And now he has defunded Planned Parenthood in Alibam.

What a schmuck! What a ligner!

And this guy is supposed to be a physician? So much for doing no harm!