Well and Truly Done!

I noted yesterday that a fellow in Kentucky had downed one of those nuisance, personal drones with his scattergun. Have to say that he has my offer of kudos. Well and Truly Done! Such activities are definitely, despite John Brunner, beyond propriety and should be disciplined with proper disrespect for “private” property. 

If it leaves your possession or ground, it isn’t properly your private property any more.

I rather doubt he will fare well with the justicers. Probably be executed by the courts for using his rights. 

Today is too much about serfdom and not democracy.

Hot Pockets

Ice cream day. Haven’t been in a blogging mood. Too much between the ears. Working too hard on new book.

Noted article [Link] that Hewlett-Packard has reintroduced a dress code for its nerds. Good idea IMHO. Shows that the company has decided to say good riddance to Carly and try to turn itself around after she turned it to sewage. I hope it works.

Evidently one of her mistakes was to let the nerds dress for comfort. Very ANTI-HP. Back when I was in graduate schule and there were HP employees in the graduate pool, they were always dressed well. Not suits but definitely not scruffy jeans and ratty t-shirts. Not that I dressed that way in those days. Do now some but only to express my disrespect for the establishment.

Problem is that (1) nerds want to dress for comfort and don’t really care about impressing customers, but (2) most customers are bogs and they think a well dressed nerd is just impossible to understand while a ratty dressed one is scum and trash, not the salvation of civilization.

Hence HP will run off the creative and be left with the weak who will be a lot easier to fire when they go under.

Ten Tyranny

Just ran across this article [Link] on Lifehacker. Seems that Winders X updates will be mandatory. Not only that, they get pushed and installed when MegaHard wants. No delays, no deferments.

Suddenly Linux looks a WHOLE BUNCH better, doesn’t it?

Like the advantages of freedom over slavery? Or democracy over dictatorship?

In Praise of Summer

Not a happy morning. Temperature too high. Not much breeze. The constitutional was at best mediocre. The podcast was not 10 dB within that good. And the park cats were out in large numbers.

This is one of those day when I suspect I have died and no one has bothered to tell me. It’s not that it feels particularly bad. No worse than usual. Just that nothing feels good.

That seems to be the nature of modern life. Perhaps it is how life always has been. Mediocre and banal on the edge of hurt. When it doesn’t actually cross over.

I should be working. I want to be working. But nastiness keeps getting in the way. Mostly relatives. The involuntary kind. The kind who think that the only things important are what they care about. And anyone who disagrees is wrong. Nasty, evil wrong.

No wonder the GEN Y avoid their families. Bad medicine. Parasites. Antiquarian obstructions.

Makes one envy orphans.

Hilarious Prevarication

Listening to a clip of a Louisiana politician’s speech and hearing the words “Science based” and “Louisiana” used in the same sentence and positively.

Science based? In Louisiana? Don’t they mean Creationist propaganda based? 

It is getting to the point where the only scientists in the old Confederacy who will admit where they work are those in Federal laboratories.

I wonder when those states are going to be thrown out of the Union?