Pre-Turkey Porn II

Last year I did a blot about the pornographic nature of Thanksgiving. Since then this has become one of my ‘hit’ blots largely, I understand, because the country of Turkey has some association with what is boggishly thought of as porn and hence a certain frequency as a Gooey search. I rather expect the sentiment to persist this year so to prime all those folks who would not, under almost any conceivable circumstance, ever read this blog, I want to pre-condition the situation with a suitable graphic.

This 3.2 kg turkey component was acquired Wednesday during my foodstuff shopping in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. I am unsure why I acquired this a week early other than FD SCP may be exercising some insecurity over whether the commodity would be available next week. And while one may construct a Spam Lamb for New Year’s, Radar permitting, the same cannot be said for turkey. And I am not at all ready for another Tofurkey. Their luncheon meat substitute is acceptable but their ersatz turkey is too ersatz and too little turkey. Of course, bogs who live in cities may not know the difference.

My pre-thanksgiving project for today, specifically, is to construct some garlic bread. No not the kind where you suspend the garlic in butter or oil and slather on slices of already baked bread to toast in oven. This project is bread with garlic as a inherent component. Film at Eleven.

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Obligatory Dinosaur Day Message – Belated – One Each

It seems that in the relief of not having to go to anyone’s house and partake of their cooking, or even endure relatives (have to do that this morning,) I inadvertantly missed the expected ‘what I am thankful for’ blot.


I am thankful for not having to go to other people’s houses, partake of their cookage, make socially nice, and exchange irrelevant and boring conversation.

I am thankful that I can think. That may sound a bit whacked but I lost a very considerable capacity to do so in the aftermath of the physicians mucking with my corpus following heart attack. Evidently the anesthetic they used had a very detrimental and long lasting effect on my cognitive faculties. Of course, this is only something that a nerd would be thankful for as bogs are thankful that they cannot and do not.