Stupidity Tolls

We are now well and truly into the weekend, and the recuperation continues. Not as rapidly as I should wish but positive (?) at least. Since I have been a bit distracted this week, the tabs are not as cluttered as usual but even with the abomination and travesty that is Firefox 4, there are a few and I shall assay a subset of those this morning here in the wasteland of the weekend.

First, I note an article about a shul in Chicago that does not permit brown bag. [Link] The excuse given for this tyranny is the shibboleth Obesity, that what children will bring from home will be bad food and so it is forbidden, unless they have some medical or other condition that may invoke attorneys, and the students are all issue institutional foods. If the reportage is to be credited, much of this goes uneaten and discarded, so at least we may rest assured that the students are not obese. They may be starving, they will perform poorly in class, but bureaucracy is served.

In my day, the issue was whether all students got something to eat, not if it was bad or too much. This is another reason I am glad that I am no longer young. There is too little rationality in the shuls today, too much blind obedience to rules even when it breaks things. Is this the modern theocracy?

We were not permitted soda pop in our brown bags or steel boxes but if we decanted it into vacuum flasks no notice was taken. I always wondered if the loss of carbonation was the redeeming factor or just some respect for not asking too hard questions? As I recall, I seemed to always get sweet tea – this is the old Confederacy after all – or Hawaiian Punch, a new thing in those days and no questions asked about sugar and obesity. Soda pop was something you got on Saturdays at the movies, not something you drank every day. I recall I had cousins who got soda pop every day and never finished college or had regular employment in later years and I wondered if this was the result of too much parental permissiveness?

I recall I did not really like shul lunches. When I attended Lincoln elementary I recall they had the most wonderful cornbread on Fridays, but also the most terrible tasting pinto beans (vegetarian lunch as a Protestant sop to the church of Rome) and a clean-your-tray policy, so the situation was definitely conflicted. In high shul I found the cafeteria food unseasoned and tasteless, except for sugar, and hence fell back on the bag route.

In college this was not practical, and the tray line was a true selection rather than a ration issue so I came to abide institutional food for the nonce as a necessity. But I still have a dread of certain chains of cafeterias to this day. Morrison’s is poison and bitters but Luby’s is to be sought out.

Nonetheless, I find this dictat of the shul to be overweening; my HARA response is that if you demand that, then let us argue it in court with bar surrogates. But I suspect that most parents just breathe a sigh of relief at being relieved of one more thing of parental responsibly. How long until the social engineers force us to surrender our children and most of our income to crèches? Stalin would be envious.

Next, there is the matter of cowboy poets. [Link] This needs little dignifcation. While I do not care for the poetry itself, I do intensely dislike the waste of the taxpayers time by politicians arguing about scarlet fish. In conclusion, I advocate once more that politicians be banned from holding public office; indeed, that anyone be banned from serving more that one term of political office in their lifetime – until everyone has had a turn. The great evil of the nation today is political parties.

And lastly, I turn my attention once more to the scouts. [Link] Charges have been placed that the boy and girl scouts are genderist. Duhhhhhhhhhh! This is ore for social correctness engineers? Last I noticed the scouts were designed genderist – you have the boy scouts for children of the male configuration and girl scouts for children of the female configuration. That seems genderized to me. So do not now come out and say that the programs of activity are different. If you start out acknowledging that the children should be segregated on the basis of plumbing and glands and even mind functionality, then don;t start bleating about differential activities. The bridge is crossed and you can’t go back without paying the stupidity toll.