Invigorating Uplift

The other day I ran across this cartoon [Link]

and was taken by how well it captures the idea of scientists.

This stands at the difference between a calling and an avocation. True, to the extent that the term may be used, scientists are those who obtain uplift and invigoration from their profession, again, insofar as that term may be misused.

This tends to explain much of the alienation between nerds and bogs. Too many, most even, bogs work so they may do other things and find neither satisfying, much less invigorating. And knowing no better exists they mistrust scientists who do get more from their work than just pictures of dead politicians to exchange for consumer stuff. But those who do recognize that there is more are saddened and perhaps enraged.

Of course there are folks who get science degrees and do scientist work who are not uplifted and invigorated, who do not take satisfaction. They can perhaps be thought of as bog scientists, not to be confused with scientists who study bogs, either the mucky ground kind or the mucky (?) human kind, but scientists who are bogs.

And there may be bogs who are uplifted and invigorated by their work, and when I find one I shall report.