Evil About

Seven Day. Still. And FRAWGGY! One of those Frawgs that all you can see is most of the light from your head lamp scattered back into your eyes and some streaming particles in the flux. Distracting and distressing. Makes walking unsure. Especially for ORF. 

But on the smooth spots I mused on the evil that is the Internet. Mostly the access part, About how the poor don;t have access and the rich seem to only use it to stream video and suck money. Which probably – combined – accounts for the paltry good that is of and on the internet? Certainly if the Roinek Battle Flag wavers and the Religionist Terrorists had more presence there would be more evil and hence less good. 

So the question is whether the corporationist monopoly on internet access is itself inherently evil. It sure isn’t good. But it is unclear if government provision would be better in any real way?

Life was better before.

Sundae is a good day to plumb evil, there is so much about then. And all of it our own doing.

Marketplace Evils

Four day. Last of gym. Sparse and the podcast, an episode of “Linux Luddites” was passable if not sparkling. The most engaging part was a discussion of the apparent heat death of the computer marketplace. Evidently sales of all computer devices – desk and lap boxes, slablets, phones, … – are stagnant. 

What was not discussed is whether this is one more incidence of a logistic curve situation being confused with its early, positive exponential behavior? 

This is not new. It has happened many times that I have observed. Motorcars, houses, clothes, foodstuffs. What is uncertain is what form the attempts to keep the marketplace percolating will take. 

Which leads me to an article [Link] I ran across yesterday when I was in Huntsville and purchased a newspaper to obtain my weekly supply of crossword puzzles. A minor thing, those puzzles, but they make what is depressingly labeled as national network news programming less painful when I share time with FD SCP.

The title of this article is “Abortions down in Alabama: Tough laws close clinics, cut numbers” and it purports to report on how abortions are decreased in density in Alibam.

What it actually is, is an exaltation of domestic and governmental/religious terrorism. One of the primary reasons that abortions are down in Alibam is because the politico/religious bigoted office holders have done everything to prevent abortions short of standing up pregnant women in front of firing parties.

And I suspect they would like to but vaguely realize that would lose them their successes.

What is not said is that for many years it is much easier for pregnant women to go elsewhere for abortions and they do so. But not measuring such permits the office holders to ignore how evil and failing they are.

Sadly this reduces to another instance of the economic discrimination that has always been characteristic of the old Confederacy and is still rampant in Alibam today.

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not themselves.”

Sadly a lot of political/religious terrorists are empowered in Alibam and there is no indication they will be deprived of their freedom to hurt and harm.

Evasion and Avoidance

One day. Back to gym. Sparse. Quite sparse. Sagging podcast episode. Second part of a CBC “Best of Ideas” on the unhealthyness and practices of the processed food environment. 

I have to admit to ambivalence. Dislike Fructose so I avoid it when possible. Nasty stuff. Makes too much fat. Damned by chemistry. But there are some things I do like. But I don;t worry much. I Am, after all, ORF, and besides, if I like something that is a sure indication that the manufacturer will change or discontinue its manufacture. So they are their own worse enemy for people who want consistency.

I had occasion this weekend to transport my mother to her church for a group meal. I dislike such transportations. When I arrived and got her and her pots inside the building I was regaled with little-old-lady questions that came down to “why don’t you attend church?” I dislike this not because of the answer but because of the displeasure it causes my mother who has long since abandoned any effort to comprehend her children.

My answer is simply that there is sufficient disinclination. More simply, there seems to be no positive benefit to attending church.

First of all, church is patently an EXTRO environment that has no real interest in welcoming or accepting INTROs. 

Second, it is not Christian. I have read the bible and several studies and observed the people who attend church. In effect, none practice Christianity. 

In fact, my observations indicate that those who do not attend church are closer to Christian tenets in their actions and behavior than are those who do.

So I am unable to see any merit in attending.

But I can’t tell little-old-ladies this. In fact, I haven’t found very many Christianists that I can. So I ignore or elide the question.

Mumbo Downo

One day, and back to gym. Still a bit below where I should like but recovery under way. Moderate density of people; the regular educationalists and a couple of weight bouncers were back, probably because spring desession is over. The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” about two men who found each other in the Iran-Iraq Wat. It was not successful on many azimuths but it helped divert attention.

Yesterday was the Christianist Easter, the organizational appropriation of vernal equinox and Passover. As such, it seems fitting to mention an article [Link] dealing with the decreased religiosity of Amerika. I should like to attribute this to rational thinking but I am too much of a cynic to do so.

The tone of the article is quite civilized and its theme captured with a quote:

“Americans today are also less likely to believe that the Bible is divinely inspired with 22% of respondents agreeing with the statement that the Bible  “is an ancient book of fables, legends, history, and moral precepts recorded by men” compared to the 14% who agreed with this in 1984 (a 57% increase).”

although I though the percentage was unnecessary and distracting. Other numbers are similar: decrease in church attendance/membership; decrease in non doubters; …

The only thing amazing about all this is the furor raised by the churchites over how their religion is “under attack”. Since when is desertion an “attack”? Apparently these people are uncomfortable with being American; unable to accept what freedom means.  But then, the removal of freedom is what most religions are about.

Mundane Failures

Yes, it is Mundane Day but the nature of the failure are also mundane as in real.

First, the Huntsville weather beavers failed deep poo. Predicted low this morning 23 degF. Actual temperature as of ywo minutes ago on local Arab weather measurement station: 17 degF. I call that inadequate pony.

The Yankee government’s National Weather Service forecast was, I believe, 16 degF.

Indicative of where we put our trust? 

Second, I went to gym this morning. Roads clear and I wasted a bit of petrol keeping the car habitable. Scant population. Many people at home congratulating themselves on their canniness. 

The failure was the podcast. An episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas”.  Talk by some muslim academic on Nature. Actually a brag session on his religion. Very definitely off the deep end. All sorts of claims of rightness. 

If this is a moderate, then there may be something to the notion that all mulsims are terrorists. I don’t like that notion. It bothers me. But if some guy comes up to me and says: “my religion is right and you and all you do and think are wrong and you have to do what I tell you to do and think”, then I am not going to acquiesce quietly. 

Evangelism is terrorism and what this guy was sprouting was extreme evangelism and whackedness. Nonsense. At odds with observed reality.

So CBC failed. No pony at all. Just poo.

Hope that’s the end of it for the day. But I doubt it.

Neandertals and Nincompoops

Ice Cream day. And despite my hatred for the persistent misuse of the word literal –

Literal Lit”er*al (l[i^]t”[~e]r*al), a. [F. lit[‘e]ral, litt[‘e]ral, L. litteralis, literalis, fr. littera, litera, a  letter. See Letter.]   1. According to the letter or verbal expression; real; not figurative or metaphorical; as, the literal meaning of a phrase.      [1913 Webster] 

– today and the next few days will be close, closer, at least, that what most of the bogs mean when they use the word. 

The organizational stress of yesterday’s rainfall was cancelled, but not before its approach played merry ned with my sinuses and teeth. Too often that ache is the worse part of the weather disaster trumpeted but  unfulfilled by the weather beavers. 

Evidently their predictions of wind speed and intensity proved to be overoptimistic. I use “optimistic” because it has become evident that the weather beavers have been “crying wolf!” to increase their dwell time and hence revenues. This is sad. Now they have reduced themselves to the level of journalists and can no longer be trusted.

It seems, according to the Max Planck Institut, [Link] that allergy problems such as these can be blamed on miscegenation. Seems we got some disease resistance/protection and allegies from Neandertals. 

This brings up the intriguing question of whether those late comers from Africa do not suffer from allergies? You know, the ones who are pure Sapiens, unlike the rest of us mongrels. 

Along that vein, a study by wonks at Carnegie-Mellon U [Link] indicates – by claim – that outgroup violence – themism violence – does not arise from religion belief. Does this indicate that evangelism – and its muslim equivalent – are organizational in origin? Answers unforthcoming again.

It is becoming increasingly evident as we complete one-sixth of the twenty-first century that its great challenge may be whether we succumb to the tyranny of religion slavery?

Increasingly, all religions seem to be deciding that their existence is incompatible with both other religions and self-determination – to include democratic government.

I hear every day here in the old confederacy from some christianist thumper that his denomination is under attack. Indicatively, this attack is blamed on those who want to determine what they believe and that – almost certainly – isn’t his flavor of superstition rather on the other denominations who want to destroy his and absorb its adherents involuntarily. If it were not so horrible it would be entertaining given the conflict’s Darwinian nature. 

And Hobbesian? 

Another time I am glad to be a senior. Despite my neandertal DNA.