Atomic Astonishments

Hectic day yesterday and now the weather beavers are imposing precipitation on us. How’s that for blaming the messenger? One of my colleagues, Current Density Magnetic Inductance, sent me an article [Link] yesterday that details – poorly, it is in a bog rag – some work at U New South Wales – do they have the same hideously unpronounceable place names except perhaps in an argot of Aboriginal and Welsh? – where they constructed a transistor with a single Phosphorus atom as the central core.

This is hailed as a Moore’s Law transcender. Sadly, it is at least the third such transcendence claim I have read in the media this calendar year. All for different pieces. And approcaches. And all laboratory experimental rigs nowhere near manufacturable. So don’t put off buy a new computer for better processing. Unless you don;t want to get stuck with MegaHard’s new security insecurity that makes the system much more likely to break.

On a more pleasing note, researchers at the Italian National Institut of Nuclear Physics have managed to generate (grow?) a hydrogen nucleus with one proton, four neutrons, and a Lambda particle. And it only took them 49 years! I will have to admit that I am going to have to get a new book on nuklear physicks and study up on this because when I last took a course, as a senior in undergraduate shule, I learned that you couldn’t stuff that many other particles (neutrally charged, of course) in a hydrogen nucleus. The poor wee bumpkin would get a belly ache and evacuate. Of course this one does that but after the interminable period of 1E-10 seconds. That’s almost as long as the attention span of a bog not viewing pornography or meaningless athletic competitions.

But it’s probably not very good for making CPUs. Can’t play much of a game of free cell in that time.