E,I,E,I Oh!

Into week out and things are already dreary. Not weather-wise, that was yesterday. And while we got missed by the ice-rain we didn’t get missed by the water-rain. But the dreary is more a matter of absence than presence. Simply put, the vacuum can be less than entertaining.

On which azimuth, I note some work at U Minnesota on the decision making processes of extroverts and introverts. Unfortunately, the extrovertist predominance managed to omit any results on introverts in the article.[Link] This was one of those psychological studies that has to do with metrics that often escape reason. In this case it had to do with the choice between an immediate and a deferred “reward”. According to the journalism, extroverts prefer immediate rewards. We have to wonder if the opposite is the situation with introverts. But that information got lost?

I have to also wonder if the experiments were poorly posed. Many things that are rewards for extroverts are punishments for introverts, like celebrations or parties. Money also has a different meaning for introverts than for extroverts. Again the privacy versus party thing.

On what may be a more humorous note, a psychology study in Sweden of students of different disciplines found that [Link]

“engineering students cared nothing for other human beings’ feelings and had few of their own.”

The journalism is less clear here. Its language is rather tongue-in-cheek, referring to the study being performed by a trick cyclist using a well-established questionaire. More pertinently, one has to wonder if this is any more than a humor article. After all, it is well documented – at least as well as the questionaire? – that STEMS tend to be introverts and are rather intense in their studies. Introverts express emotion differently than extroverts so the questionnaire may be mis-posed? But we still have this wonder that the whole thing is some sort of hoax? Perhaps perpetuated by some extrovertist organization such as a fraternity? Do the Swedes have fraternities?

Anyway, once more we have indication that introverts are different from extroverts and are persecuted by them.

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