Prime Flop

Think Cow Flop. Also known as Cow Pattie. A cake of cow stercus. Exceeds Sturgeon’s rule. 1.0 crap. Except for microbial and maggot impurities. Leave it alone and it’s innocuous. Touch it and get covered with flies and their offspring. Stomp on it and you get covered with a stench that makes a skunk gag.

That’s Amazing and MalWart yesterday. And I successfully did no more than poke the former. And discovered among all their marvelous (?) offerings nothing I would purchase. In the few – very few – cases when an offering was of interest, the price was too high. In the one case of an item on my wish list, the price on wish list was less than the sale price. 

So I baked off and swept the maggots off my hands. And I never even tried MalWart. Their stuff is always too expensive. Not only are they slave keepers, they’re greedy too. Very Amerikan.

And I noted that NASA made it to Pluto. I keep thinking that when the craft left Pluto was still a planet. After all, it wanders doesn’t it? So it’s a planetes. But you can’t see it without a real telescope so why bother. That which we cannot see does not exist. Except during religious services. 

Anyway it’s a goodly accomplishment for an engineering project. But it doesn’t impress me as much as the LHC coming up with a pentaquark. Horrible name. How about if a hadron is a triquark than a haveron is a pentaquark? Or is that too Friday? 

Anyway, an F– to the media for coverage. I had to go through a half-dozen press articles to find out which quarks were involved. And none of them got around to actually telling me whether it’s a Fermion or not. So another flop.

And the weather. And climate denial. Air is too hot for me. And it’s all because of humans. Mostly politicians. What we need is a president who doesn’t make more than a hundred K a year. None of these millionaires and billionaires. The idea that a 1% rick guy can run the country better is somewhere between delusion and insanity. 

And the podcast was urine ugly. 


Cinema of Nonsense

Lots of grrr brrr over the Sony hack and the movie theater chains punching out.

First, the hack may be news but it’s more-of-the-same. Computer security in the Yankee republic is a joke. If we’re going to get upset about a hack, get upset about Target, not Sony.

Second, I hear that we have lost this cyberwar. Good! We lost a war over a movie? And not a very good one from what I have seen. So don’t cry over bombs in the sand. But do learn and improve so we can win the next. Russel Weigley told us all about it. It’s an American thing. Let’s make sure we keep it.

Second Day Seconds

The situation is deteriorating. Temperature situation that is. Which is not enjoying or whatever the word is for improving my outlook. Also the day of horror is approaching and the anticipation is grinding me down. Is there a country anywhere that has no holidays? Nor bogs, nor religionists, nor worthless political office holders? I doubt it. Just because the majority of humanity are bogs. So much for the wisdom of calling ourselves "sapiens".

I have come to the conjecture that the primary punishment for intelligence is that we consistently misuse it. We know that humans have an evil side and are greedy and mean and nasty and instead of trying to find effective ways of dealing with that we invented religion and government and law. All metastable failures. And that evidently is the best that we can do because we don’t seem able to even try to do better. Perhaps going quietly into the night would be the best thing?

Perhaps Black Friday is the better side of Thanksgiving? And the commercial aspect of Christmas?

And I’m not about to get into l’affaire Ferguson.

City Cess Pit

Strange morning. Arose. Performed Ablutions. Attired. Motored to park for constitutional. Encountered a rather amusing, distracting, annoying haze. I don’t think it was quite a fog. Not quite thick enough. Visibility too great. But the salient characteristic of this haze was that the droplets were visible. Vary large. Easily seen, intrusive even, in the beam of my headlamp. And that distraction meant I stumbled rather more than a bit.

The podcast was the same episode of “Linux Luddites” but this morning the continued discussion of “The UNIX Hates Guide” brought to mind that the government of Greater Metropolitan Arab is bankrupt. No, not monetarily although that would not surprise me. No, the bankruptcy is moral and ethical. 

Simply put the government of Arab provides too many circuses and not enough services. And what few services they do provide are largely stuck in the 1950’s. The only information vectors are newspaper and radio. No responsive web site. They have one but its only purpose is advertising Arab. Queries seem to be ignored. And no announcements are posted. No text alerts. They have a loud speaker system that is only used to bad weather, has an error rate of 0.9 or higher, and is completely unintelligible. Rather like the Bill Cosby bus station shtick. 

They make grand announcements of paving roads and then do not. The city council is packed with real estate agents whose only interest is sales and hence the only citizens they are concerned for are those who do not live here yet. Service agencies are unresponsive largely because their heads are relatives of elected politicians. Many services are contracted out to contractors who do not bother to perform, nor seem to be held accountable. Like most governments in Alibam, the Arab city government is largely dedicated to collecting money from the poor and giving it to the rich. Hood Robin, if you will.

When I moved here the government was corrupt but the services were good, all performed by city employees. That has ceased. The schules were good with a solid local ethic. That has ceased. The town was run by the old families and while it was not democracy, it was effective. Now it is still not democracy but it is not effective. 

And I have little doubt it will get worse.