Seven Day. Park was crowded with youth this morning. Much babble. Distracting. No silence to permit cogitation. So walking done I raided the box at the Postal Orifice and returned home.

There to muse a bit on the news [Link] that homo neandertalensis were cannibal. At least in one incidence. The assumption of representation of the mode in individual samples is questionable but unavoidable.

We have known that earlier human species were cannibal. But it had seemed that with neandertalensis the practice had ceased.

In a primitive environment, there is no real reason not to be cannibal. It’s easy meat. No knowledge of the transmission of disease. We just find it nasty because we have been programmed to think so. There is argument the aversion is instinctual but the data are inconclusive.

One of the reasons we are averse to the idea is the moral burden of thinking we may have pushed our predecessors into extinction by eating them. Not fair, of course. Also a waste of good meat.

Word States

The weather beavers were a bit pessimistic – air temperature this morning on arising was at the bottom limit of my external exercise range and up a bit by the time I had laved and attired my corpus so I was off to park for constitutional.

First of all, I was pleased I didn’t assay yesterday. By the time I finished my rounds of the trail my face was quite uncomfortable. And my efforts to muffle the lower part of my face only resulted in discomfort and eyeglass fogging, which given the sad state of the smoothness of the trail paving, would have sent me to hospital shortly.

But otherwise the experience was most enjoyable. Nature was about. The noisome canine of Friday was absent, or, at least silent, and I had occasion to actually think.

My thoughts were on the matter of entropy in language, Amerikan English in particular. Even that has entropy since most of the humans resident on the American continents speak Spanish, or at least American variants thereof. Also Portugese, Fremch, and Canadian English which seems rather akin to British (?) English to Amerikans but more like Amerikan English to the English. Or so I am assured by both Canadians and English humans.

This musing began as I considered that I had attired myself with cloths. or in an entropic sense, clothed myself. Of course cloth is a noun while clothe is a verb but they seem to have the same root since both are associated with a substance. The Oxford English Dictionary is rather unhelpful on the matter, merely blaming the mess on the Scandinavians. 

Of course, I was concerned that the cloths I clothed myself in be appropriate although in a thermodynamic rather than an appearance sense. Hence more entropy.

Also, I came to reflect on the differences (and entropy) of the words wear and ware. I was wear(ing) clothes and the clothes are wear so the word can be both noun and verb, another entropic form, and is a homonym of ware hence a third entropic form. Ware, of course, is similar, meaning either a metal utensil or a warning of danger. These seem to have a common root since the production of metal objects normally requires a considerable increase of their heat (temperature) even as far as a phase change and hence of considerable potential for damaging humans.

This, of course, brought me to the term “boo-boo”, which is not in my dictionary, but indicates either a minor superficial damage to a human or the deplorable mental state of an adult human miscommunicating with a human infant who has trivially been damaged. I believe it also indicates a form of error which is effectively identical to the latter.

Hence realizing the extent of my facial discomfort, I returned to Castellum SCP to increase my own quantity of heat.

Cartoonist Fail

Ran across this cartoon: [Link]

this morning and though about the quantity of stercus required to compromise humor. This cartoon clearly has more than sufficient. Robbie is clearly superior to any cellular telephone. Any telephone. 

Example: Robbie can not only cook the food but synthesize it as well. And make whisky. Well, whiskey, that we know of. But probably whisky. 

My phone doesn’t even phone most of the time.

Dies Vis

The day of stress has arrived. But after yesterday it seems refreshing, at least at this slack moment. After yesterday I have no doubts that I am an Intro; the crowding of family repast and the house social after were as exhausting as a day of cap trooper training. To say nothing of the time wasted. Not that I am likely to have accomplished anything with it but perhaps I might have and certainly I did not with this.

I am not against family. It can be abided and even, occasionally, joyful, but any large gathering immediately puts intros in bunker mode and all ones energy is dedicated to not shivering in abject rejection.

I did run across this cartoon: [Link]

the other day and I was taken by it. It is inaccurate but that is in keeping with an almost uneducated adolescent. Assuming the cartoonist isn’t also so deficient, which is a holiday gift.

A Neatist technically is one who is against disorder and for false order, which is not quite the same as portrayed here but probably beyond the comprehension of many bogs. There are, in this case, two types of order: room order and mental order. The sum of the two is approximately a constant although the constant depends on the individual.

What intelligent, rational people do is to maximize mind order and thereby minimize room order. What unintelligent, maybe ration, people do is maximize room order. This is especially the instance with parents who have lost comprehension of the nature of mind order of adolescents. That memory gets eroded by too much socio-economic reality. Only those who can rise above this morass can identify with all stages of mind order.

And simply put, they’re both "wrong" because the adolescent’s grasp of order is incomplete and will remain so absent the right education, which is becoming increasingly rare.

The problem is acerbated by emotionally engaging containers. Which tends to prove "das ding an sich". Holiday Humor. Sadly isn’t punday. Selah.

Blind Vision

Lower temperature this morning. Coupled with last gym day of the week due to the craven staff taking a holy day tomorrow instead of supporting their customers. And they wonder why we aren’t nicer to them? Also, the podcast, an episode of the CBC "Quirks and Quarks" was befouled with too much space rubbish. Much of which was incomprehensible because modern academic diversity means the majority of faculty can’t speak intelligible English. Even Amerikan English.

I didn’t notice outbound but inbound I noticed, happily, that the guvmint of Greater Metropolitan Arab finally got around to re-striping Arad Thompson Road. They repaved the road, with enormous inconvenience during the middle of daylight three months ago. And then left it sit, a grave risk to all except those who drive over-sized pickup trucks whose lamps are permanently stuck in bright mode. Apparently their bake sale of Marijuana brownies netted enough money to but the necessary buckets of paint? That is, there were enough brownies not eaten by the town’s conscript real estate agents parents to actually make some income.

Evidently they finally decided the third busiest road in Greater Metropolitan Arab was a great negative in terms of attracting new residents which are the only kind the city council cares about. Established residents are nothing but tax cows to be milked until dead and then sold for fertilizer or per food.

Of course part of this could be that the street maintenance employees have been dedicated to the temporary installation of seasonal lights (Christmas primarily since Greater Metropolitan Arab is a sink hole of protestant evangelistic prejudice,) that have no evident value except to impede traffic and enrich the Arab Electron Uncooperative. We cannot fault those road maintenance folks for not eliminating danger and peril since they were politically directed to the more important task of adorning green sward and telephone poles with wire frame angels, wreaths, and crèches. Never mind the safety of the citizenry, they already reside here and their biers will be well lit.

Despite this morass of political and religionist dementia, the employees of the municipality are, by in large, good folk who would be doing the right stuff if not for their elected masters’ delusions and dementia. At least we can hope it is that and not some repodenialist conspiracy to re-establish chattel slavery and a fascist regime? I am surprised there have been no brags about the absence of Ferguson-style demonstrations, but then the minuscule african-american community is probably smart enough to stay out of sight.

Enough! This has gone beyond an attempt to relieve some of the holy day angst and agony with humor. The best we can say is that at least we have a striped street.

Out Takes

No falling. Dihydrogen oxide, that is. Almost pleasant in park. And trying a bit of variation in podcasts. Since it is the back side of week out and I have been receiving rather a bit of cartoons lately it seems meet to dispose of some.

First, this one [Link]

from Magnetic Inductance Flux. This one rather struck me as how almost all humans operate. But the second thing was that all the leading-up bad habits were things that we have “bought” into. They only hurt us if we let them by our bad practices. We don’t have to consume (unhealthy) process foods; we can minimize or negate their intake. But we don’t and thereby we become co-conspirators with the manufacturers and sellers. So the primary difference between these things and the furrin group is that we don’t have to cooperate. So does that justify response? Seems so, at least from Augustine’s point of view. Definitely a just war. 

I was rather taken by this one: [Link]

because its all about life. Life, so far as I can tell, is a chain of glitches. You get over most of them; some modify your existence; and eventually one of them kills you. But several intriguing questions are promised: if glitches are discrete, what are their mechanics?; and do they accumulate to a catastrophe and if so, what is its landscape? These are both maths questions so for those of you who think algebra is something never used after high schule, please calmly shut down your computer and run terrified – shrieking at the top of your lungs – out of your room and into the street where the constabulary can assist you to the nearest fool farm. 

The next: [Link]

struck me with the obvious association of puffed wheat cereal. I recall a period with all manner of commercials about the wheat being shot from guns, which was rather a conceit, which is what Halloween is these days. I have never consumed puffed wheat cereal although I did consume puffed rice cereal as a bairn, especially in the form of cookies formed of a mixture of margarine, marshmallow puff, and the cereal. This was the ’50’s after all when modern was more important than healthy – see the first cartoon – and probably the origin of most of our consumer habits today I have not consumed cereal since adolescence when Lactase ceased to be secreted by my corpus, which makes me the rare non-mutant in Amerikan society.

Lastly, this cartoon: [Link]

which is a classic of a bygone age but still captures the social and physiological reality of television. Selah. One cannot improve on this relative perfection.

Proceed forth to pseudo-shabbat services – or not – as one desires. Or not. 

This must be a Weird Saturn’s day. The rings are askew? or Askew? Yes, bad pun. Or punal pun?

Anyway, I was reviewing the morning web sites and ran across an article [Link] on io9 that presented me this picture

which gave me all sorts of thoughts about horrible movies and horrible art based on them. But I visited the cited web site and ran across this [Link]

The picture is of some wire frame “art” of Feynman diagrams made by Edward Tufte. Tufte is, of course, the righteous archenemy of powerpoint. And every nerd on Tellus knows what Feynman diagrams are, is not what they do. But I never associated them before with paper napkin holders. Which is what these look like. 

Feynman and paper napkins. I can see the association. He liked a good time and much good nerdery has first been written on a napkin – or table cloth. See George O. Smith’s “Venus Equilateral” on the intellectual property niceties of napkin inscriptions.

But somehow it struck my amusement neurons that Tufte, the master of vistual presentation, would be doing paper napkin holders.