Day of Joy and Merry???????

Freya’s day. And the observance of the holiday of Christmas. Highly conflicted. So far as I can tell by library research, the actual birthday of Joshua ben Joseph was sometime in March. So the old saw, often attributed to the Nazis, of the early organizational church taking over the Winter Solstice, with all the benefits thereby. 

Good philosophy, evil organization.

But what does the day matter? Isn’t it the social aspects?

Of course part of the conflict is the commercialization. Which grew out of the social aspects. The gift giving and cards and drunken brawls and such. So we are programmed from childhood to associate this day with the greatest benefice of loot for the calendar year. Even bigger than birthday anniversary loot. Exceeded only by graduation loot (maybe) and marriage loot (shared and too often, then days, lost)

So the spirit is often smothered in the materialism and consumerism and other pseudo-religions.

Not that there isn’t a great deal of pseudo to organized religion. But not going there.

The other aspect is stress. Not sure why having merriment has become stressful but it has. Too much planning and effort and control and regimentation and civilization. Very NAZI. Especially by parents.

And even as adults we can’t escape it. For a variety of reasons.

So I took solice in a couple of cartoons. First: [Link]

My higher family gathering was yesterday and the lower family gathering is tomorrow. So today I can avoid all family but FD SCP. And I have a large bottle of hard cider laid on for the afternoon. And maybe even a beer or so? Why? Because you can’t ethanolize if you are traveling or around bible thumpers and religionist terrorists. 

The second: [Link]

expresses a stress that I thought was a curse of being a INTRO NERD STEM. Instead it is part of life. Of how you try quite hard to do the loot thing well, especially for the SO, and it flops. Not occasionally. Consistently. Repeatedly. Regularly. Like the desired state of defecation.

And it’s common enough that some kitsch cartoonist can make humor of it. So “damn the torpedoes. full steam ahead.”

Do hunter-gatherers do this? And is the problem with gifting whether it gets discarded the next move? How long has this been around? Is it in our genes? Or just in out most basic society?


Demodex Delight

It being the season of merry, not thankfulness – we did that one last month – or piety or worshipfulness – that got done away with centuries ago, probably as a groundswell to take back solstice from the religionist fascisms that stole it for their own exaltation, I wanted to comment on something that makes me merry.

I refer specifically to Demodex folliculorum, which is a rather neat litlle beastie that makes home and hearth on facial hair follicles. Yours, and mine, in particular. This is a rather odd looking fellow,

What appears to be a rather long tail is actually a stercus sack. This beastie only defecates once in its life. It grows to adulthood and stores all of its feces in that sack. Eventually the sack gets as full as it can be and bursts, releasing all of the feces at once. And, killing the beastie in the process.

What makes me merry is that this is the only animal I know of who makes humans look good. 

It also gives rather a nice viewpoint on all of the holidays of the season: christmas, festivus, kwanza, solstice, newtonmas….

It’s also a nice thought to consider that these things live on our faces and we never see them. 

Be merry!

All Hallows Wisdom


I have found that the best T.OR.T “treat” is a can past its use-by date. It’s heavy and the parents won’t let the bairns eat them so all you do is incentivize them not to bother with your house. 


Today is rather unusual. It is a dual holiday, at least here in Alibam. The state holiday is the birthday anniversary of Robert E. Lee; the Yankee government holiday is the birthday anniversary of Martin L. King. And somehow I find this not only not conflicting but also comforting.

I should offer at this point that this blot will not be very nice, offering, in the words of the Kingston Trio, something to offend almost everyone. So if you like to use either of the “R” words you may want to go on at this point and do something less harmful to your metabolism.

In my way of thinking, there are substantial similarities between Lee and King. Both were leaders in conflict, and the conflict was not without its righteousness. And both, so far as I can tell amidst all the serving rhetoric were men of integrity and principle. Also, both clearly were born and hence had a birthday. That latter is a poor attempt at humor.

I would also offer the opinion that both of these men aided the cause of liberty in Amerika. If anything, King was enabled by Lee, a consequence of history and the arrow of time, not any genetic superiority. Had Lee not refused Scott’s offer to command the Union armies, the war would likely not have lasted long enough for manumission to become a political necessity. Did Lee know this? Almost certainly not. But we can estimate it now.

So I shall take time today to reflect on how much both of these men contributed to the well being of Amerika.


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SCP’s Conjecture # ?

National Child’s Day?

For any society, the capacity of its members (humans) for holidays is a constant. The more holidays, the less attention paid to any one of them. Get enough of them and the result is indistinguishable from no holidays at all.

Also, why stores are going to be open on Thanksgiving.

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Foul Fuss

Back edge of week in. Not shivering. Got my morning constitutional on stationary bicycle. Coward. Craven. ORF. Didn’t really want to get up this morning except that bed and body had become inimical.

It thus seems a worthy time to take up a matter I have been contemplating for some time, this antipathy – hatred? – of breaching the walls of the holy day (????????) of Thanksgiving.[Link]

I have read that Thanksgiving is THE GREAT AMERIKAN HOLIDAY, even bigger (?) than Winter Solstice/Newtonmas/Quanza/Chanukah/Christianist Calendar Diddling. At least emotionally? Certainly not financially. The amount of money blown by the citizenry on the hothouse custom of gift giving – an inherently wasteful activity – is amazing. And nerds and geeks seem to not be immune. But this murmerage is about Thanksgiving.

This is one of those mythical things. Thanksgiving is supposed to be about the (European) settling (conquest) of Nawth Amerika, of peaceful engorgement, and maybe even giving noble savages gifts not (?) impregnated with European disease microbes that have scant immunity to. It quite ignores that the primary reason the European hippies were able to establish a foothold on the land was because of earlier European visitations that had left microbes behind. And being hippies they couldn’t even feed themselves without help from the locals. And from what I can read the feast was more about control and morale than anything else with the visiting natives providing more than they received. (But that seems inherent to gift giving?)

I have never liked Thanksgiving. What purpose does the Thankfulness serve other than assuaging guilt? Not that we Amerikans don;t have tons of guilt. It permeates out lives: how we raise our children; our marriages; and our workplaces. And I shan’t even mention government nor organized religion in any further depth. As a child Thanksgiving meant decamping to my parents’ home town with a bounty of food that suffered greatly from the transport and dealing with too many people of too little common interest and civility in a too small house. Once I got grown it meant motoring to my parents’ home and partaking of the same cooking and various digestive analgesics. And unwelcome socialization. My best thanksgivings were the ones at the Campus of the Boneyard where I didn’t have to socialize.

So why the grrr brrr about stores being open? I used to have a hard enough time finding counter-agents to Thanksgiving cooking that I had to either remember to purchase preemptively or suffer. It was even worse on the rare occasions when I was fortunate enough to be TDY on Thanksgiving and finding a food store. Not that I would necessarily want to work in those stores, which has nothing to do with the day but with the business. One of the reasons I went STEM was because I hated business. And from what I can tell, so do most of humanity.

I am told that there are families where the gathering is positive. Evidently it is a bog/extro thing. The only thing I can recall enjoying about Thanksgiving was left over turkey with Miracle Whup on sliced bread and that was a day after thing. I once I discovered turkey rolls in the grocery the whole need for the observation of the holiday went away. Sadly, the turkey roll seems to have disappeared, probably as part of a bog/extro plot?

Anyway, I will endeavor to be quiet and dutiful amidst the discomfort and social torture. But only because of being outnumbered.

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