Suicidal Denial

Freya’s Day again! Happily the air temperature was high enough for me to assay a constitutional in the park. Marginal between enjoyable and miserable. Sputtering fall of dihydrogen oxide. Moderately brisk wind, enough to get under my ear covers and ping the nerves. And my nose was running. 

That latter is not at all exceptional. My nose runs in winters. No, not exercising but leaking copious quantities of thin fluid. I should trow a sample in a mass spectrometer and get a grasp of what it is but somehow that never seems to be possible when I become aware of the actuality. More interested in buffering the flood.

Speaking of buffering the flood. I ran across an article [Link] about the problem with driver-less cars and jobs for motor vehicle people.  The article is written by a grad student so it isn’t horribly compromised by “professional” journalism. 

It’s also only part of the total problem. That problem is what do we do with people when there are no meaningful (or payful) jobs for a significant fraction of the population? Say over 0.25 and probably more like 0.5. The uncertainty is because of the reaction of politicians. If they do nothing but shore up the finances of their capitalist oligarch donors then the larger fraction applies because of the collapse of the correlated jobs at third and higher tiers. If they are actually constructive and forward thinking it will be closer to the smaller.

The hidden fault is that when this many jobs crash, so do all of those capitalist oligarchs’ businesses as well. You can replace the workers with robots but you can’t live without customers. 

The driver-less motorcar (lorry) is one example. So are manufacturing jobs. And a lot of trained business jobs. So far all we have done about the approaching catastrophe is politicians mumbling about generating new jobs and ending unemployment benefits. 

I agree that most people prefer to have a job to living on the dole. Not everyone, mostly because the jobs have to have some degree and dimensions of satisfaction. The large employers of Amerika have forgotten or ignored this latter. 

When jobs are unavailable or unsatisfying, the traditional response is for people to turn to crime. If that’s the only way they can survive it takes on a morality that transcends the law. If it doesn’t work, then they turn to rebellion. 

Remember what happened to France. At least that episode produced the (arguably) most humans instrument of human discorporation, although it wasn’t all that appreciated by the aristocrats who were its clients. 

This is not a simple problem. It is complicated by the inertia of money grubbing. Climate change makes the situation worse. The longer we ignore it the less likely it is that the nation will survive.

Toxic Trousers

One day. Mundane. And schule is sessioning so the Internets will be less burdened. The gym was slightly up on educationalists but their noise level seems to scale as N^2 so the annoyance was moderate. And not many weight bouncers. The podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” about the funeral business was outright disgusting. Can we direct religionist terrorists to strike there?

This led to consideration of whether we are living too long. I am increasingly amenable to this conjecture. Too many of our problems are caused by too many old people who will not rid society of themselves. I remember reading a science fiction novel on this in my youth and the mental whackedness seemed distant and impossible. How naive I was.

Also to consideration of funerals. Very EXTRO things. In fact the whole funeral business is disgustingly EXTRO. Which sadly makes sense. INTROs are much more sensible about old meat.

Speaking of old meat I am also rather down on the current trend to coat trousers (and shirts?) with noxious chemicals and proclaim them “wrinkle free” and “no iron”. Does anyone other than insecure women iron any more? FD SCP irons cloth all the time but that’s a making not a wearing thing. She had to beat the fabric into submission or some such.

Anyway I have purchased – unknowing – wrinkle free trousers from both the Maine Guide Store and Dirt’s Boundary and both of them have made my lower extremities break out in nasty rash and sores. And no refund shy of litigation. Caveat Emptor! I will probably wait for a toxic rubbish pickup to dispose of them I fear that burning them will destroy the ozone layer or worse. And I am not about to stash them in a charity collection bin. 

They have quite a nice feel to them and are well constructed but if one maintains contact for more than five minutes or so a horrid burning sensation ensues and things go downhill from there. Perhaps these are popular with penitent catholics, the ones who purchase all of the hair shirts? 

Selah. Now is time to avoid using the roads for a couple of hours until the panic of starting morning is past. And then again this afternoon when the rotational parents descend again from their psychotic olympus.

I wonder how many of those children have been bought new schule pants that are treated with these toxic chemicals? I know that the weeks prior to schule were a time for my parents to decide what new clothes I should have. My opinion was irrelevant. And some of the trousers were noxious then too. 

Bag Flop

Ran across this cartoon: [Link]

this morning.

This is why I insist on wheeling my buggy to the motorcar myself. So the bagger won’t see me dynamically rebagging as I put the groceries in the boot of the motorcar.

Bagging groceries is a lost art. They don’t seem to understand the four quadrant system: hot; cold; soft; hard. 

Internet Value 4

Another middling night, above the phase change temperature, and hence this morning to ablutions and the bicycle. Now back to the internet.

I am not sure there is much left. In its original form, the internet was supposed to be a means of communication and data exchange among creative STEMs. That, of course, is a minor positive in that there are other ways of doing the same. Admittedly there is a convenience to email and file transfers that makes that minor positive rock solid.

Sadly however, the internet has been corrupted with so many unSTEM, uncreative people that it is almost impossible to move STEM data about any more, so that minor positive has been largely eroded by kitsch and gibble. I suppose that if one evicted all those parasites then the utility of the internet could be restored but I suspect that is an idealistic pipe dream that sublimates in the fierce glare of actuality and irreversible social thermodynamics.

In that illumination, it is clear that the internet lacks any real value. Sadly, it will not dissolve away but continue as the money leech of capitalist oligarchs and those who would destroy the species for a profit, the kind of people Stalin talked about who sold rope. And in this context the efforts of FOSS and EFF and such like are nothing more than speed bumps on the road to extinction. But it is notable that lemmings to not discorporate in place but run great distances before plunging.