ORF Trek

The fiftieth anniversary of “Star Trek” is upon us.[Link] As is the fiftieth anniversary of my being a college freshman. 

Start Trek was one of two television programs my “band” watched each week. Calling it a “band” was optimistic because we seldom numbered ten, much less twenty-five. But we were a group of nerds and geeks beset by a Greek EXTRO society and instrumentality so the bonds were fairly tight.

Mostly we were entering freshmen and majoring in STEM stuffs. And a few chose not to default to the ground state of residing in dorm. SO twice a week we formed up after third meal (which was often only second for several of us who were late sleepers or had stiff schedules,) and walked off campus to two of our number’s apartment to watch, respectively, “Start Trek” and “Laugh In”. Both of these had great impact on me over the years. I still find almost no humor comparable to R&M – sometimes Monty Python – and all the later Treks are inferior to the original.

And that has nothing to do with the captain character.

What Laugh In taught me was to be critical and cynical and disrespectful of the establishment. 

What Star Trek taught me was to strive for the unattainable. Star Trek was about making the universe fit for everyone, not just the wealthy and powerful and beautiful. Equity, not Evolution. And definitely not government. 

But organization was necessary despite its evils.

But only worthy of loyalty when it was not being evil. This was the Vietnam era after all. 

We are further than ever from that ideal. The amazing thing is that it could be thought of and a television program made about it. 

It’s one of the things that make me glad to be ORF. 

The young today are pretty sure they’re serfs. And not doing very much about it. So Star Trek stays a fantasy. 

Podcast Poo

One day. Back to gym. A bit atypical. I listened to the last half of “Linux Luddites” episode # 82 [Link] instead of an episode of “Best of Ideas”. I rationalize this based on the absurd Canadian imitation of British holiday durations. 

Anyway, one of the speakers made the announcement that he sometimes did not use a box on a given day because he could do what was needed on his cellular telephone.

I mentally upchucked at that point.

The model of the cellular telephone is the Star Trek communicator, not the Mote In God’s Eye handputer. 

Handputers do not work. I know. I have owned a couple going back to the late ’70’s. They are nice toys with limited, but more than a calculator, functionality. But they aren’t boxes.

Nor is a slablet. In fact, it’s a mediocre communicator.

If I think what I do on both box and slablet, it comes down to email. And none of the email apps available – that I have tried – are more than 10 dB less than Thunderbird. I can maybe read email on my slablet. In practice, what I can do is ‘hawg’ the inbox so that when I get back to the box I don’t have to get rid of the trash as much. 

But that’s about it. I can’t do spreadsheets or write code or compose articles or any of the other things I do on a box. Because the screen is too small, the I/O is too poor, and keying is one atom up from impossible. And it’s slow. Horribly slow. And no floating point math processor. And I can’t imagine trying to graph stuff on the slablet. Heck, it will barely work as a conventional phone.

So please quit telling me that I can do box work with a slablet. It’s a social lie. Quit or I shall dose your coffee with Phenolthalein. And be done with you for a while. Not that I expect you are capable of learning. From the experience or otherwise.

Sadistic Jail

Kentucky wins the Repulsian (Crazy Cruel Branch) Award of the week for sending an AfricanAmerican criminal into court sans coulots.

While this is an indication of the sadism in Kentucky jails – and the occasional (rare) mercy of Kentucky justicers for rectifying the evil, at least in this one instance, it is still an indication of what is woring in Amerika these days.

And Kentucky is evidently a hotbed of this wrongness.

Failure of Governance

Six day. Warmerness is foretold by the weather beavers. And the fall of dihydrogen oxide. But I was able to sally forth this morning for a bit of walk.

Of late my arising has been too early to permit my use of the park, so I have made do with the streets. A less than pleasing alternative, I fear. No dogs, but I have been soaked by several water wasters inundating their lawns and – mostly – the street. I am considering publishing pictures of the houses of these evil people who waste good potable water during a drought. Obviously staunch Repulsians.

I was reflecting this morning on the poor situation of Bernie Sanders. He knows, I am sure, he is the better candidate, the better humans, and would have been the better president. But forced to abandon his efforts lest a greater evil occupy the oval office.

The man who should have been President.

Like Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.

And no, I am not a socialist. But I think he would have accomplished much to help this country, most of his failures precluded by the opposition of the usual suspects of Congress.

Instead, we shall be assured of an evil toady in the President’s Mansion. The only question is which one and what evils will be delt upon the American people?

Weeping is now appropriate for the disaster that our nation has become.

Fascist Follies 2

So now the Repulsians have a Slate: Frump and Penny; a billionaire and a man named for the least amount of money; two sociopaths: an egomaniac and a bigot. Sort of humorous in a galgenhumor way.

This just goes to demonstrate tha Repulsians are no more conservatives than Democruds are progressives. They both are myrmidons of capitalists, the only difference is who they do proskynesis to.