Only Pits among the Cherries

Harrumph! Today is the real anniversary of the birthday of POTUS001. Celebrate by going out an starting a war with the French.

I have read several things lately about how Amerikan science is sagging. At gym this morning I listened to two SCIENCE podcasts and they were definitely sagging. The only bright spot was a podcast from the Guardian that had some delightful discussion on scientific pessimism.

It strikes that the reason Amerikan science is sagging is because the country is falling apart. Domestic political discussions seem to be based solely on money, nothing else counts. So while we mumble about quality of life and liberty in other countries the only thing we can discuss in our own domestic rebellion against tyranny in Wisconsin is money.

By the same token we have a science system that is also broken with its besottment with money. If you don’t do the research or the analysis or the understanding unless its paid for, it isn’t science, it’s industry.

And we need to get off our pretend that science is academic. Education is dead in this country at least in terms of producing adults with an education. As a business it is second on campus only to football.

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a vacuum implosion of pure consumerism.

I should put quotes on part of that paraphrase but I am not sure how to do so properly, not that that isn’t what I am writing about.

We seem to be long past the point where the parasites outnumber the hosts. The problem is that the parasites think they are the hosts. At least in Amerika.

I think I need to find a new gym and just listen to music for a few weeks. This is beginning to feel like Camelot right after Arthur was killed.

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