Toil and Trouble but no Bubble

Ice Cream day. Finally got to the park for constitutional. Looks as if the conscript parents of Greater Metropolitan Arab have decided that photon emitters are unnecessary in the park. Quite dark. This is amusing because they went to great expense to install same last year.

Such is the nature of governance in Greater Metropolitan Arab. And probably all of Amerika.

And the podcast was crap. Completely. Noise to center my disgust. It was a new one and it was so bad that I will not even mention its name lest some illiterate fool be led, erroneously, to listen to it and discorporate himself (herself) in disgust and angst.

There. That’s my good deed for the day. Such as it is.

I read an article yesterday.[Link] It details how bubble plastic is dead. The company that manufactures it is replacing it with some new concoction that does not “pop”.

Somehow the world is a much worse place now. Innocence has taken another death blow.

I weep for humanity.

Sweet Death

More sky falleth. And again no constitutional. And it is fake Independence Day, the anniversary of when the Congress actually got up the gumption to tell the mob that the Declaration was signed and we were all officially traitors. 

And it actually worked. The tyrant was evicted. And new tyrants grew. Which leads us to the question if we are any better off that we would have been absent the rebellion? Somehow I doubt that will get debated today.

Another thing not to be debated is the evil of “sugar drinks”. I have railed against Fructose previously, but now I see a new study [Link] that is more general and actually goes far enough to enumerate discorporations.

Death by Sugar. 


Fit thing to consider today when we should be contemplating what tyranny to abolish next, hopefully with few firing parties. 

Nothing claims to be more Southron than soda pop. The Southron way of death.

Well, one among many. 

I need a cup of coffee.

More Oppression

Thor’s day and an end to gym for the week. Quite vacant this morning and the podcast was passable, an episode of the British Ubuntu podcast. Nothing worth remembering but nothing outright boring either. The only notable thing was a bunch of bitchin’ about the lack of HW for Linux.

I have to agree with this. Every Linux box I have is repurposed. (I don’t count Android slabs as actually Linux any more than MS-DOS counted as CPM.) And after ten or fifteen such I have only had one, a Dell Lapbox, where the wireless didn’t work adequately. 

But I do rather dislike people who say they are going to have a client for Linux and then renege. Case in point. The MacKicgan company, which does NERD LaTeX SW, advertised for several years that its next version of the basic client would support Winders, Apple, and LINUX! Now it’s out and NO LINUX SUPPORT.

I do love prevaricative corporations. 

Anyway, MacKichan, no upgrade by this fellow. Unless you change your mind. And I intend to make you notable for your perfidy.

I will continue to run my old version on an XP box suitably divorced from the internet.

So much for excellence in NERD software.

Not with a Bang

I got to see how the country is discorporating this morning.

I went to MalWart early. At least for MalWart in Greater Metropolitan Arab. I had a list with four things on it, all foodstuffs. I had to go to ten different places to find two of the four. 0.5 That’s all. And that’s the rot.

Why not the rest? I can think of several reasons. One is that MalWart is a sham. It pretends to be a “super” store but actually it is a slightly large store with too much diversity. So only part of the density of states is present. That means limited selection. Only what they have. And don’t ask because they won’t know or care or get. 

The second is that MalWart is a paradigm of modern corporations. The retailers only stock things that sell enough. If a product doesn’t generate enough cash flow, it gets dropped. If a product doesn’t sell enough to retailers then the manufacturer quits making the product.

And we, the citizens, are left in want amidst what should be the greatest plenty in the history of humans.

If you like something and not enough other people in your town do, you won’t be able to get it. If you like something new and not enough other people around the country do, you won’t be able to get it.

That’s how the world ends. Not with a boom, or even a whimper, but with merchants saying you can’t have what you want because they can’t make enough profit on it.

What kind of capitalism is that?

Murder by Management

The wrath of the weather beavers has returned. Horrible storms, which I missed or decayed faster than predicted. But no constitutional, so I am discontent even if it is not winter.

One of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, sent me link [Link] to this cartoon:

which rather illustrates a geek (nerd?) paradigm I was unsure still existed. 

As I have previously described in my youth we didn’t have calculators, we had slide rules. The day of the calculator did not dawn until, I believe, 1971 when Hewlett Packard (a very nice nerd hardware company until ruined by the likes of Carly Fiorina!) introduced the worlds first nerd calculator that would fit in pocket, the HP-35. 

Of course this calculator was not something that a teenage geek (nerd) would carry since its price was about two months of graduate student teaching assistant (TA) pay. So one could only buy such a thing in summer when one could live in a tent and scrounge food instead of buying food and paying rent. But cheaper calculators were to be introduced and today most geek calculators have prices o($100). 

The phenomena was the same. The idea was that guys who carried maths crunchers, whether slide rules or calculators, couldn’t get dates because no self-respecting high schule/college girl (sic) would date them. This was more fable than fact. The actuality is that most geeks (nerds) were impractical in their expectations and too insecure and fearful of rejection to even ask. 

What I had wondered was if girls (sic) were more assertive these days. Evidently not or this cartoon would not work. What I do know is that the wonders of the Reverse Polish Notation calculator have ebbed enormously. Part of this is due to the industry and conniving of Texas Instruments who have set themselves to be the calculator company of high schule students and Hewlett Packard has been destroyed by false managers. Yes, they still make a few calculators but they are as urine useless as their computers. This is a matter for Kaddish. The emperor is dead and all we have is chaos.

On the other hand, I had wondered if the era of the smart (sic) cellular telephone had done in the geek (nerd) calculator. I have several HP emulators on my cellular telephone and they do well enough for on-the-fly crunching. And when I need to really crunch I can haul out my HP-35. And weep at the glory that was once Hewlett Packard.

Ice but no Cream

Ice Cream Day. Again the air temperature is below the solidification of dihydrogen oxide. So no constitutional in the park. But I did assay a spin (?) on the stationary recumbent while listening to much of the rest of that episode of “The Pen Addict”. Not a particularly useful episode but at least they didn’t blather on ala “fan boy” about small notebooks.

This is not to say that I do not have my preferences about notebooks but small notebooks are more for short memoranda (memory aides), rather akin to Tweets but of value and purpose, rather than real notes. To me a real notebook is basically 8.5 x 11 in^2 where I can actually develop maths and problems of interest. Alas, one cannot carry such in trouser or shirt pocket so there is a place in life for small notebooks, especially when FD SCP proclaims that I can’t drag a real notebook along since that means I will be more interested in doing work than attending to her.

Speaking of notes, it seems time to clean up a few tabs. First, I note an article [Link] entitled “Who Cares If Antivirus Works, As Long As It’s Low-Key”. Yes, this is an anti-virus article and hence one is moved to ask why a Linuxite cares about AV? Answer (simple) is that I don’t want to be a disease vector. So I have AV on my boxes. But I do have them scheduled to scan while I am somnolent. So I suppose I do care about loss of performance. 

The author’s natter is this. That people seem to care more about unintrusiveness than effectiveness. I have to question this. They have AV do they not. And presumably they use it? And so what if it is only two nines effective? Arguing effectiveness on almost all AV programs is like arguing effectiveness on children’s sanitary wipes. The microbes are gonna be back in an hour or so even if the kids are shut up in a clean room, which they aren’t. What counts is getting to herd immunity. It’s the same argument that vaccines don’t have to be 1.0 but everyone needs to vaccinate to keep everyone secure. It’s a social thing and a good one, possibly unlike social media.

So why my natter? Well I admit I don’t expect journalists to comprehend basic maths – differential equations and stability theory – but I do expect them to not be too superstitious either. Which this polemic is dangerously close to. Save that stercus for whatever day your sect observes as shabbat. And spare me the nonsense. 

On a related azimuth, I also noted an article [Link] for a surficant that reduces adhesion. It’s billed as a way to coat the inside of squeeze bottles so you can get all the contents out. Nice try. May work ok for Newtonian liquids but how about non-Newtonians and semi-liquids? Also no mention of health effects? But it did occur that one could  use this to make fleece linings of jackets more friendly. I have a raincoat I purchased from the Maine Guide Store. Impossible to easily and conveniently get one’s arms in or out of the fleece lines sleeves. In fact, this coat is an archetype of poor design. Which may be indicative of dementia among the management of the corporation. No wrinkle pants is another. Perhaps if they ingested this surficant it would improve the blood flow to their brains and reverse some of their madness?

Soda Rot

It is hard to write that gym week is over, since I only made it to gym twice this week. Temperature deficit syndrome, I fear. And the weather beavers are already crowing about the depredations we shall experience next week. Perhaps it is time to invest in a cave?

Of course on the bright side I did miss all the nastiness of the educationalists and weight bouncers at the gym.

Speaking of nastiness, Marshall county’s champion of tent erection, Mr. Ain’t Worthy, wrote a positively evil letter to the probate judge denouncing him for following the law. And the editor of the local rag saw fit to publish this piece of filth. On the positive side, I now have a greater understanding of the saying:

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not themselves.”

Mr. Ain’t Worthy certainly seems to be a paragon of the idea that the primary threat to the nation is Christian Terrorism and political parties. 

On the other positive side, at least young impressionable people don’t read newspapers any more.

On the azimuth of evil, I noted an article [Link] about work at Johns Hopkins U that indicates that sodas with cola in them are linked to cancer. We have to wonder given, obesity, stupidity, and now cancer why the soda industry is allowed to poison the electorate. The answer is probably politicians and religionists?

I have to admit that while I did not drink much soda in my youth, I now enjoy it in my seniority. Maybe one bottle of artisanal soda every month or so. And no Fructose. It goes immediately to fat. And I only drink it late in the day when my mental capacity has been about used up. And since cancer is also caused by defects, it seems a reasonable risk. 

On the other hand, we have no good data that indicates that politicians or religionists cause cancer. But we can suspect it.