Justified Complaint

I just received an email from Land’s End. It tells me they have three types of pants that I need for fall. But the only one of them that have been treated with chemicals to be “wrinkle resistant” are jeans. So what do people do who are allergic to those wrinkle preventing chemicals do?

Like me. Horrible skin eruptions. Inflamed. Irritating. Painful even.

And Land’s End isn’t alone. Eddie Bauer.  L. L. Bean. More.

Do they just not care about losing business? I have bought from Land’s End since they first burst on the marketplace. Similarly for the others. Used to have good stuff. Didn’t make me sick.

Now it does. So I just make do with wearing old stuff. Or buying from reputable stores who stand behind their good eye-to-eye.

I wonder if the Repuslians are aware of this? Next year is an election year and seniors are a principal demographic for them. If we go to the polls scratching how likely are we to vote for them?

The World Wonders.

Hot Pockets

Ice cream day. Haven’t been in a blogging mood. Too much between the ears. Working too hard on new book.

Noted article [Link] that Hewlett-Packard has reintroduced a dress code for its nerds. Good idea IMHO. Shows that the company has decided to say good riddance to Carly and try to turn itself around after she turned it to sewage. I hope it works.

Evidently one of her mistakes was to let the nerds dress for comfort. Very ANTI-HP. Back when I was in graduate schule and there were HP employees in the graduate pool, they were always dressed well. Not suits but definitely not scruffy jeans and ratty t-shirts. Not that I dressed that way in those days. Do now some but only to express my disrespect for the establishment.

Problem is that (1) nerds want to dress for comfort and don’t really care about impressing customers, but (2) most customers are bogs and they think a well dressed nerd is just impossible to understand while a ratty dressed one is scum and trash, not the salvation of civilization.

Hence HP will run off the creative and be left with the weak who will be a lot easier to fire when they go under.

Rotten Apple

Mundane day. Yuck. The air that flows and glows, at least in the infrared. Off to gym and a sparse population. The A/C almost felt comforting. The podcast was even enjoyable, a bit on the erosion of human rights and the rise of human trafficing. 

But the crowning bit was a flash on the television that 0.92 of all cellular telephone profits go to Fruit.


And they have only a minuscule fraction of the marketplace.

I am uncertain of how to feel about iPhone users. Do I pity them for stupidity or hate them for being dirty evil?

Toil and Trouble but no Bubble

Ice Cream day. Finally got to the park for constitutional. Looks as if the conscript parents of Greater Metropolitan Arab have decided that photon emitters are unnecessary in the park. Quite dark. This is amusing because they went to great expense to install same last year.

Such is the nature of governance in Greater Metropolitan Arab. And probably all of Amerika.

And the podcast was crap. Completely. Noise to center my disgust. It was a new one and it was so bad that I will not even mention its name lest some illiterate fool be led, erroneously, to listen to it and discorporate himself (herself) in disgust and angst.

There. That’s my good deed for the day. Such as it is.

I read an article yesterday.[Link] It details how bubble plastic is dead. The company that manufactures it is replacing it with some new concoction that does not “pop”.

Somehow the world is a much worse place now. Innocence has taken another death blow.

I weep for humanity.

Sweet Death

More sky falleth. And again no constitutional. And it is fake Independence Day, the anniversary of when the Congress actually got up the gumption to tell the mob that the Declaration was signed and we were all officially traitors. 

And it actually worked. The tyrant was evicted. And new tyrants grew. Which leads us to the question if we are any better off that we would have been absent the rebellion? Somehow I doubt that will get debated today.

Another thing not to be debated is the evil of “sugar drinks”. I have railed against Fructose previously, but now I see a new study [Link] that is more general and actually goes far enough to enumerate discorporations.

Death by Sugar. 


Fit thing to consider today when we should be contemplating what tyranny to abolish next, hopefully with few firing parties. 

Nothing claims to be more Southron than soda pop. The Southron way of death.

Well, one among many. 

I need a cup of coffee.

More Oppression

Thor’s day and an end to gym for the week. Quite vacant this morning and the podcast was passable, an episode of the British Ubuntu podcast. Nothing worth remembering but nothing outright boring either. The only notable thing was a bunch of bitchin’ about the lack of HW for Linux.

I have to agree with this. Every Linux box I have is repurposed. (I don’t count Android slabs as actually Linux any more than MS-DOS counted as CPM.) And after ten or fifteen such I have only had one, a Dell Lapbox, where the wireless didn’t work adequately. 

But I do rather dislike people who say they are going to have a client for Linux and then renege. Case in point. The MacKicgan company, which does NERD LaTeX SW, advertised for several years that its next version of the basic client would support Winders, Apple, and LINUX! Now it’s out and NO LINUX SUPPORT.

I do love prevaricative corporations. 

Anyway, MacKichan, no upgrade by this fellow. Unless you change your mind. And I intend to make you notable for your perfidy.

I will continue to run my old version on an XP box suitably divorced from the internet.

So much for excellence in NERD software.

Not with a Bang

I got to see how the country is discorporating this morning.

I went to MalWart early. At least for MalWart in Greater Metropolitan Arab. I had a list with four things on it, all foodstuffs. I had to go to ten different places to find two of the four. 0.5 That’s all. And that’s the rot.

Why not the rest? I can think of several reasons. One is that MalWart is a sham. It pretends to be a “super” store but actually it is a slightly large store with too much diversity. So only part of the density of states is present. That means limited selection. Only what they have. And don’t ask because they won’t know or care or get. 

The second is that MalWart is a paradigm of modern corporations. The retailers only stock things that sell enough. If a product doesn’t generate enough cash flow, it gets dropped. If a product doesn’t sell enough to retailers then the manufacturer quits making the product.

And we, the citizens, are left in want amidst what should be the greatest plenty in the history of humans.

If you like something and not enough other people in your town do, you won’t be able to get it. If you like something new and not enough other people around the country do, you won’t be able to get it.

That’s how the world ends. Not with a boom, or even a whimper, but with merchants saying you can’t have what you want because they can’t make enough profit on it.

What kind of capitalism is that?