Fat Monday

Mundane day again. Fall portends, evidently. If one can consider high ’80’s degF Fallish. Gym was sparse this morning. Very few educationalists and weight bouncers. Not sure why.

The podcast episode, one of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” had to do with the North American overeating epidemic. Blame for this one went to overzealous Capitalism and the campaign against fat. Seems all the fat in foods was replaced with sugar. Which just moves the fat into the body.

One of the bits that caught my attention was a claim that of all the household chores, cooking is the most pleasing. From the context of the housekeeper, that is. I devoted some cognitive cycles to this and have a conjecture. Most household chores (all?) produce no product. It’s rather like grass mowing, which I have previously discussed. You work hard at something and have nothing to show for it and hence no satisfaction. Cooking produces a product, at least if you do it right, which sets it apart from the other chores that do away with product, at least in the main.

What didn’t get mentioned was that the processed, packaged foodstuff debacle is also responsible for the demise of marriage. If one entertains Wrangham’s thesis that marriage is primarily about cooking to entice the man to stay around to raise the children then when he is no longer dependent on she for cooking, and in many cases she can’t cook, then there is no reason to stay in the marriage. Hence 0.5 of all childholds is singleton in parent. 

I also ran across an article [Link] that argues that the internet makes us think we are smarter than we actually are. I could not resist sharing a quote:

“We show that searching the internet for explanatory knowledge creates an illusion whereby people mistake access to information for their own personal understanding of the information. Evidence from nine experiments shows that searching for information online leads to an increase in self-assessed knowledge as people mistakenly think they have more knowledge ‘in the head’.”

I sometimes think my problem is that I think (know?) what is on the web page is inaccurate and what is in my head is more accurate.

The internet, to me, is access to misinformation.

So is this blog. Be Mundane!

Free? Survival!

Yesterday I noted an article [Link] about how MegaHard can give away upgrades to WindersX absent payment to individuals. When asked MegaHard poo-pooed that revenue from individuals was negligible.

I beg to differ.

MegaHard is running scared. The last few releases of Winders have alienated a lot of users. Those who can afford to have moved to Apple. Others have moved to Linux either in its actual incarnation or its heretical incarnation of Android or Chrome. They have in effect lost the server marketplace, or so I am told.

But they have to have those individual users. Otherwise the cost of organizations using Winders goes up because their users are not getting skills at home. Also, if their customers switch to something else, the organization now has a business mismatch. They need to be compatible with customers or they will not be dealt with.

Yes, the corporate/government base is large but the individual base is larger. And therein lies control of infospace.

Semi-liquid Stupidity

Freya’s day. Not a pleasant start. Muggish. The weather beaver was saying something last evening about rain but he was highly incoherent, probably trying to say too much in too little time. But the air was not refreshing in the park. And the creek bed was unwetted.

So I had plenty of time to reflect on the failures of modern society/civilization. I have decided to entertain the hypothesis that one of the minor but weighty problems is stercus pumps. I speak in particular of the pumps incorporated into the containers of semi-liquids sold by corporations. Mostly lotions and soaps. There are two aspects of the problem.

The first is good product with horrible, ineffective pumps. This mostly applies to soaps. I have repeatedly purchased liquid soaps made by “organic” (that’s organic in the contemporary hippie sense, not the scientific sense of containing carbon atoms in the molecules. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Stupid Bogs with Causes!) manufacturers and packaged in containers with pumps that flat DO NOT work. These are easily repackaged into a container with a good pump and the value of the product realized without frustration and alienation.

The second is fair product in annoying containers. The pumps are acceptable except for the frustration and alienation. This primarily applies to lotions packaged in asymmetrical, usually ovate, containers. The pumps on these containers can be turned OFF and ON and the ON position is at a pi/4 angle to the semi-major and semi-minor axes of the ovoid. This means that the container has to be rotated on the using surface and not only takes up more room but disrupts the regularity of arrangement. Sadly these semi-liquids cannot easily be recontained so I have been switching to lotion packaged in cylindrical containers. As a rules the lotions are not as effective but the containers are not annoying.

Which brings us to the role of annoyance in the collapse of civilization. It is hard to be creative if one is annoyed. Mad works, so does happy, but not irritated and disgusted. It is also hard to work on fixing things under such circumstances. If one’s petty annoyances cannot be fixed then real problems are quite out of reach.

Hence, the whimper that ends it all.

Bag Flop

Ran across this cartoon: [Link]

this morning.

This is why I insist on wheeling my buggy to the motorcar myself. So the bagger won’t see me dynamically rebagging as I put the groceries in the boot of the motorcar.

Bagging groceries is a lost art. They don’t seem to understand the four quadrant system: hot; cold; soft; hard. 

Justified Complaint

I just received an email from Land’s End. It tells me they have three types of pants that I need for fall. But the only one of them that have been treated with chemicals to be “wrinkle resistant” are jeans. So what do people do who are allergic to those wrinkle preventing chemicals do?

Like me. Horrible skin eruptions. Inflamed. Irritating. Painful even.

And Land’s End isn’t alone. Eddie Bauer.  L. L. Bean. More.

Do they just not care about losing business? I have bought from Land’s End since they first burst on the marketplace. Similarly for the others. Used to have good stuff. Didn’t make me sick.

Now it does. So I just make do with wearing old stuff. Or buying from reputable stores who stand behind their good eye-to-eye.

I wonder if the Repuslians are aware of this? Next year is an election year and seniors are a principal demographic for them. If we go to the polls scratching how likely are we to vote for them?

The World Wonders.

Hot Pockets

Ice cream day. Haven’t been in a blogging mood. Too much between the ears. Working too hard on new book.

Noted article [Link] that Hewlett-Packard has reintroduced a dress code for its nerds. Good idea IMHO. Shows that the company has decided to say good riddance to Carly and try to turn itself around after she turned it to sewage. I hope it works.

Evidently one of her mistakes was to let the nerds dress for comfort. Very ANTI-HP. Back when I was in graduate schule and there were HP employees in the graduate pool, they were always dressed well. Not suits but definitely not scruffy jeans and ratty t-shirts. Not that I dressed that way in those days. Do now some but only to express my disrespect for the establishment.

Problem is that (1) nerds want to dress for comfort and don’t really care about impressing customers, but (2) most customers are bogs and they think a well dressed nerd is just impossible to understand while a ratty dressed one is scum and trash, not the salvation of civilization.

Hence HP will run off the creative and be left with the weak who will be a lot easier to fire when they go under.

Rotten Apple

Mundane day. Yuck. The air that flows and glows, at least in the infrared. Off to gym and a sparse population. The A/C almost felt comforting. The podcast was even enjoyable, a bit on the erosion of human rights and the rise of human trafficing. 

But the crowning bit was a flash on the television that 0.92 of all cellular telephone profits go to Fruit.


And they have only a minuscule fraction of the marketplace.

I am uncertain of how to feel about iPhone users. Do I pity them for stupidity or hate them for being dirty evil?