Things I HATE about the Internet 1

I buy stuff on-line. Almost everyone does. Except maybe the luddites and the very senior ORF who don’t computer. And the merchants I buy from know what I bought obviously.

So why do they send me advertisements for products that aren’t available in my size?

Point in case: Amazing this morning sent me an eMail advertisement of shoes similar to some I have bought previous. They know my size, which happens to be a Narrow. Of the six shoe variants offered in the advertisement, NONE are made in Narrow width.

To plagiarize Laugh-In, Amazing gets the Fickle Finger of Stupidity award for the week. 

One step closer to the Junk folder.

Reflections of Failed Mediocrity

Five Day and shuck of gym. I am experimenting with extending my visits to five per week and this has been the first full week of that number. The only down was my lack of adequate podcast planning. Today was ad hoc and a bit sad.

Otherwise, I note that this has been a wonderful for corporate terrorism. Largely in the cellular telephone environment. Specifically:

  1. Samsung has successfully deployed a million Improvised Pyrotechnic Devices (IPDs aha Fire Bombs) making them the most successful terrorist organization yet and bringing new meaning of second rate to Al Quaida and ISI?; and
  2. Apple has introduced a tepid telephone that offers to replace a $5 pair of ear buds with a $160 pair of earbuds. Makes the monopolists of the Nineteenth century look humanitarian.

Elsewhere, the nation remains bent on rapidly Making Amerika A Failure, mostly through idiotic politics.

On to the daily misery!

It’s in the Jungle, isn’t it?

Listening to gabble about Amazon – the corporation, not the river – being a stressful place to work. Management denies; workers proclaim. 

Management always lies.

Labor lies almost as much.

Neither trustworthy?

But I do know that I would never work there. Simply put, I can’t see any reason to find anything worth while in trying to sell stuff to people. May be a necessity but it’s not uplifting. Good employment for Bogs who can’t do anything worth while.

In Praise of Stupid?

What do you call an organization that shoots itself in the foot with a thermonuclear device?


How did they do this?

By discontinuing the Abode Acrobat Reader for Linux.

Yes, Linux is a small part of the total market. Maybe only as much as 0.5. But it is the growing part. Apple is essentially static; MegaHard is shrinking. 

No one debates the value of the PDF. But Adobe has now surrendered control of the PDF to the FOSS community, specifically the folks who write the Linux clients that read and write PDF. By removing their support to Linux of their vision of the file format they force Linux users to use other clients that create and read and manipulate the files. 

And if the few, the increasingly few, who use other OS don’t comply with what the FOSS community does, the universality of the PDF is gone. And the people who use PDF can’t afford that. 

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. 

Pruning evil

I am not an advocate of the “Great Man Theory”. But when I noticed in my daily eMail from the Encyclopedia Britannica folks that today is the anniversary of the birth of Sam Walton, it occurred to me to consider whether, if this man had not been born, the world would be a better place today?

The simplistic answer is a resounding YES. But that ignores the possibility that human society is robust and someone else could have started (the equivalent of) MalWart and that apparat might be more evil. It might also be less evil.

Since we can’t go back and conduct the experiment, it seems to be one of those gedanken experiments that are not very useful.

Of course, as Feynman observed, we may not be digging in quite far enough.

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Roger Ramjet Lives!

Yesterday, in galloping Webia, I ran across an article [Link] cited on another blog that I could not resist. It seems a resident of the Floridas, William Golladay took exception to a fellow in queue at MalWart. The key thing here is that it was one of those 20-items-or-less queues and the fellow in question had 22.

Well, it seems that Mr. Golladay took exception to this, righteously, and the MalWart cashier ignored the matter. So Mr. Golladay initiated a bit of buggy bumping to express his righteous displeasure. Perhaps I should also mention that the fellow in question was one of those people who are not actually handicapped but use the electric buggies anyway.

As such things do the matter escalated with the MalWart minions striving mightily to maintain their false tyranny. It is well known that queuing at MalWart is somewhere between a joke and a ruptured hemorrhoid, the queuing time often exceeding the shopping time by as much as fifty per centum. And then to fail to enforce their own item limits? The rot and tyranny that is MalWart is evident.

As expected, the MalWart minions had the patriot arrested and charged with all manner of crimes that will surely shorten his life span, but will not prevent us from appreciating his courage and patriotism. And the evil that is MalWart.

If ever there was a just candidate for the Presidential Medal of Freedom it is William Galloday. Is there any hope this will occur. NAY! Not with a partisan evil in the office of chief executive. Party polarity is, I suspect, irrelevant here. Only a real Amerikan would have the integrity and chutzpah to recognize another. So Mr. Galloday shall have to have to be be satisfied with the unjust torture of an evil system and the admiration of his peers.

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