Student Foodery

OK, while I’m on the subject of college experience, I noticed this article [Link] this morning via IO9, I believe. All I make these days in a coffee maker is coffee, but since I have spent some effort in finding a ‘good enough’ coffee maker I have several that don’t pass the “unh” or ‘so-what’ tests back in the combination laundry/network closet. [1]

The article is a list, with brief instructions, of foods you can prepare in a coffee maker – the gurgle-drip kind. The one that caught the IO9 attention span, and mine, quite frankly, was preparing oatmeal. The ‘recipes’ are a bit involved for me but they do take me back to my days as a student in college. And since I have already bored the planet with my reminiscences as a TA, I can propagate the boredom further by thinking about student fooding.

Campus of the Black Warrior:
     First two years in dorm, did not drink coffee, appliances verboten by the administration. Sophomore year hid a dinky Sears and Roebuck couple cubic foot refrigerator under the bed spread. First use the bed spread had when my parents were not visiting/inspecting. Built jig for clothes iron (permitted by genderist equality, such as it was) to prepare toasted cheese sandwiches freshman year/rainy weekends sophomore year. Heated cans of Castlebury’s pulled pork BBQ under hot water tap – steam heated – for weekend lunch. Had meal contract at big dorm (across the street) cafeteria for Monday breakfast through Sunday lunch. Food digestible but bland and repetitive.
     Second two years in apartment. Had real kitchen and roommates. Carefully select foodstuffs not liked by roommates. Eat lots of sandwiches with strange fillings. Still don’t drink coffee but do drink sweet tea.

Campus of the Boneyard:
     Live in trailer – cheaper than dorm! Still don’t drink coffee except at seminars. Lots of seminars, some you get tested on. Breakfast is cosmetically damaged instant oatmeal. Boil water on gas stove in old fashioned whistler. Boil more water than need so have really hot water for shaving. Sit in front of open door oven while water boils to try and thaw out. Lunch is toast made from week old bread shmeared with IGA peanut butter out of five gallon tub sneaked into lab to be stirred. Dinner is cosmetically damaged Banquet TV dinner.

Campus of the Tennessee:
     Live in apartment midway between work and campus. Still only drink coffee at work. Go by computer center  on campus before work, go to work, go to campus for class, work on simulations at computer center, go home for a few hours of sleep. Food (breakfast and lunch) eaten in cafeteria at work, supper at fast food sty between work and campus. Cook ‘gorp’ – macaroni and cheese box, can of cream of fungi soup, half pack of hot dogs sliced – on weekend. One fixing lasts two days in and around doing problems for courses and working on simulation.

Right after doctorate conferred, bought first microwave oven, a demilitarized air defense radar made by Raytheon. Been effete and cosmopolitan ever since.

[1]  Don’t ask. Just chalk this combination down to a compromise among myself, FD SCP, and the architect. And no, it is not excessively hot nor humid in there since FD SCP only does laundry one day per week and we move bits around all week long.

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