The Linux Reich?

As I was wandering about Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill last day, the question occurred to me “has Canonical become the new MegaHard?”

There seems to be a certain strength to this idea. Their management has clearly failed. They have staked the corporate future on abandoning old customers for potential new customers. They have introduced major products that have been rejected in disgust by old and new customers.

The parallels are a bit disturbing.

MegaHard has always been a totalitarian organization masquerading as egalitarian. That is not surprising. It is, after all, the model of the modern information organization. But Canonical is supposed to be part of FOSS. And it isn’t.

Greatest disillusionment since Hitler proved to not be progressive?

I have to admit to being rather disturbed.I have been reading linux critique article and a great ideological war seems to be brewing. On the one hand are the patriots of FOSS who advocate, among other things, that Ubuntu needs to be forked to save it. The model of course is Libre Offfice, the fork that saved Open Office by destroying it. Although I have to admit that Libre Office is better than OO could have been.

On the other hand are those who are Linux conquistadors and no amount of tyranny is too much if one user can be tempted away from the abomination that is Winders. I am unsure whether to call these people fascists or evangelists but for now we can label them as professional journalists working for semi-covert advertisers. Generallu untrustworthy as well as more than marginally incompetent.

And meanwhile Canonical is making noises that Ubuntu transcends Linux, which is one more indication of a totalitarian ideology.

I keep reflecting on the old saw “The Tree of Liberty must from time to time be watered with the blood of patriots.” I fear that there are many patriots who are willing.

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Sundae Slush

Sunday again. Hard friz last night here in Nawth Alibam. Probably lots of fender benders up in Huntsville, Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill, and even worse. Excellent conditions for Nawth (?) Alibam bogs to practice their game of ‘driving as fast as they can on slippery roads in the theory that faster means shorter risk time‘. Oh well, we can only hope that they haven’t reproduced yet; that way not only are the genes removed from the pool but they don’t leave destitute orphans.

Despite my efforts yesterday, my queue of accumulated RSS feed articles has not diminished. Evidently the winter is a bit of the opposite of August and rather good nerdish stuff accumulates faster over the weekend. Or perhaps it is just a sign of the continued decay of the newspapers and editors are having to publish less celebrity trash and government propaganda and more attention gathering science stuff just from availability and absence of mediasts?

Anyway, I note an article [Link] in the Washington Post about research by the National Wildlife Federation that indicates that global climate change is more heat in the environment (atmosphere) which increases the variance of weather conditions, which in turn influenced the severity of this winter. Hence, contrary to what all the bogs have been prattling, especially the corporate and political types, global warming has made for bad winter weather! This is very close to my own estimation of the situation based on back-of-the-envelope calculations but I am not completely convinced given the inherent political nature of the organization. They are, after all, a greedy pseudo-charity and since they can’t argue for rescuing wildlife in Haiti they have to make an argument for rescuing starving wildlife from the disaster of climate change.

I should be happy to donate to them if they would go around making the bogs who are loudly declaiming that global warming is a conspiracy proven by the severe winter cease their declamations. To paraphrase Mr. Jefferson, if you wouldn’t burden me with your ignorance of science I won’t trouble you with my greater but incomplete knowledge of it. And that especially goes for the former deputy vice president one administration removed.

On which note, I ran across a poll on a web page on Extreme Tech. [Link] The poll has to do with the new Apple tablet (I shall refrain from using its appellation since there seems to be some justicer action ongoing,) and I reproduce the result as of my observation here:

I find myself a member of the largest group courtesy of the ministrations of a former Yankee army general officer. The only thing nice I can say about Apple is that their systems are an improvement over dumb terminals for ASCII email over a 300 baud telephone line. And while I think an eTablet (ePad?) would be a useful thing I am not going to pay Apple prices and use a tyrannical OS.

Also, Clark’s dictum aside I have a fundamental problem with any corporate oligarchy that tells me technological is magical. The burden of proof is on you and distasteful propaganda is inadequate if odious.

Next, genetic dating research indicates that homo neandertalensis went extinct 39 KYA. [Link] The question now adds the complication of why neandertals on the iberian peninsula were able to resist sapiens for 5KY after the disappearance of neandertals in the rest of europe? The theory that global warming caused the growth of protective forests makes sense only if neandertals collectively developed a strategy of establishing a buffer zone by pulling back into a defensible homeland? So if they are less hardy than depicted previously could they also be smarter too?

Speaking of smarter, it appears that the Yankee congress is natural after all, in fact, they seem to be fractal in nature. [Link] That’s fractal, not fractional or fractured, although those terms do seem to be accurate as well as applicable. At least we have not had to witness any members caning (beating with a walking stick or cane) other members as used to happen. Or is CSPAN censoring the members’ brawls?

Along which lines I was taken with a line in the article,

There is a difference between sandpiles and congress however. Once a representative has signed, he or she cannot do it again and so take no further part in the process. Any further pressure on them is simply dissipated. So representatives cannot topple more than once, unlike sand grains which can keep on toppling as the pile gets bigger.

I suspect the difference becomes less if we associate an avalanche in sand with a bill in congress. Or is that association too nekulturny? You’ll have to read the article to get the serious deprecations of our elected thieves legislators.