Scout Monopoly?

Not much garrumphing today. Gym is over for the week and next week will be short courtesy of the holy day on Mundane day. So I shall have to extend my walking alternative one day and be cheated of a bit of money by the gym administration. Such fraudulence is common with these folks, they keep taking off on any holiday they can. Evidently the idea that a gym is supposed to be available 24/7 is alien to their sense of greed.

That’s one of the reasons I rather enjoy my walks in the park. The only thing I get reminded of organizationally is the incompetence of the city (?????????????) government of Greater Metropolitan Arab and how decrepit and haphazard the place is kept. The only real negative is the spider webs and the yahoos speeding on nearby Arad Thompson road with nary a police presence. In my short constitutional period I often count ten speeders which rather makes me wonder why this safety hazard is so studiously ignored?

On a more nasty tone, I see that the boy scouts of Amerika are harassing a start up effort, the Hacker Scouts, on some trumped up contention that they – the bsa – “own” the term scouts. Stercus Tauri! Someone should tell the Girl Scouts and sic some militant feminists on their sorry fundaments.

I have to admit that I was a cub and boy scout when I was a bairn and even then the whole thing was dated and withering. And it seems to have further withered, stuck in some kind of arch conservatism of Victorian ethos instilled by Baden Powell. And they have the chutzpah to assert that they own the word scout. Perhaps they need a visitation from the Yankee army and marines? That would be less painful, I suspect, than from the Girl Scouts.

And they have chosen to pick on an new organization that is everything good that they are not. Contemporary, engaging, active, and relevant. And by all indications, effective. So someone needs to give them a good bracing and explain about sharing, especially with those who do things better than you do. Perhaps you can learn from them.

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